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Everyone needs an Agrippa, just learned about this guy in serious detail, and I would give my left nut for one


Hey there, I assume you want to know about me so here it is...

The name is gowia (g-ow-ee-ah) or Alex. Or anything else you come up with, I have heard many different names in my life.

I am a 22 year old male, and as such I almost always play male characters.

I am a Brit born and bred and so that is my lingo, I use British words and love my slang, and if I don't seem to make sense I may simply be using English idioms that you don't get.

I enjoy all sorts of things, I am an avid football (Soccer) player and supporter, political activist (I try to be less active here since this down time, but if you are interested in my views please ask), adore music, and adore a good story. I am also studying -and in love with- history. So you will always get a decent plot or conversation out of me on that subject.

If there is anything else you need to ask, feel free too. I swear I don't bite...much.

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Tentative interest ^^ If I may suggest, however, geographically that is a vast area and fue to tech and story telling etc. Fallout has done better on a much more local level. Only because nations on a scale that is international in fallout are going to be pretty complex and vast.
I would honestly say this is dead. Sorry to say.
I'm certainly still about ^^
Rupert Sullam III

Rupert found his seat early, alongside other members of the New Balruban Front, to settle the matters of the judiciary promptly. He carried with him a briefcase filled with a stack of papers on a number of different ideas and some notes to be used in his speaking for the party. Swiftly enough the room soon filled with the other members of the conference, amidst the rising racket of hundreds of voices Rupert too sought to converse with those around him on potential points of order before finally the speaker called to open discussion on the judiciary of the new constitution. There had been lengthy discussion within Rupert's own party on this matter, making it something of a cause for great division, and they had finally come to a majority over the position that would be adopted. Standing to speak on the matter first, Rupert allowed the room to fall into relative quiet before opening.

"It is vital, in any modern and liberal nation and this day and age, that a government - as well as the citizens it represents - be held accountable to the laws of the nation. There are, however, numerous problems that arise to challenge true just law. I begin with the criminality of the individual, for if we were to allow the power to invest judges to rest in a single individual then they would be beholden to he, and he alone. Any of you with half a brain could rightly see the risks this carries of allowing for awful misuse of the rule of law to suit the nefarious desires of someone unfit to rule." Rupert would raise his hands, challenging to meet the gaze of all those sat around on the front benches.

"We cannot ignore the opposite, however, in the form of a trial by the masses. A court placed entirely within the hands of the populace, made up of men at the whims of popular support, creates a group who will be bent time and time again by necessity of re-election over the truth of justice. When the lives of our citizens hang in the balance I will be ashamed if this conference finds it at all feasible to hand over power of the courts to the voting masses, allowing for manipulation and popularism to abuse the most sacred of governmental pillars. Accountability. This is why it is impossible to consider any other option than a system in which our supreme judges are selected by the legislature. As representatives of the people, as well as politicians of some repute, we will enjoy some of the protection from the need to popularise the judiciary system, as well as safety from the horrors of an individual becoming above the very laws they are sworn to maintain." Rupert lent forwards, his arms resting as he smiled charmingly.

"Gentlemen, you must understand that what I speak is the truth, I thank you for your time." And, with that, Rupert returned to his seat, immediately conferring with the team around him before the next speaker were to rise and take their turn.
Rupert Sullam III

A familiar face sat around the first rows of the constitutional congress, flanked by other members of the New Balruban Front, as he listened intently to the chorus of voices bringing to bare their opinion on the future of their legislative branch. To his own disdain the room was full of all manner of beings from a plethora of backgrounds, many he deemed unnecessary for the formation of a constitution. Despite the vital role of the armed services, the military had no place in the administration of government in his mind and numerous others in the room had done little more than sit around whilst patriots such as himself had campaigned tirelessly.

It was then that a man he recognised, one Elliot Webb, spoke on the matter. Concise, and too the point, there was a slight guffaw from from those around Rupert. Even the party leader could not help himself from a gentle chortle at the remark. Seizing upon a break in the sound, Rupert stood and waited with his hands raised as a slow hush fell and one of the comparatively elder statesmen begin his position on the matter.

"Whilst I respect the effort, the blood, and the expertise of the General Webb, I think I can speak for a majority here when I say our nation has only just escaped the dominance of one global power. Many of you know me, know my passion, built over decades of pushing for independence, and you will all know I would sooner die than give this finally sovereign nation over to another global power. We should not be looking outwards, but instead turn inwards to soothe and heal this fragile new country and the citizens who now desire peace." Rupert paused, allowing for those who supported his sentiment to make themselves known across the room.

"The world has only recently emerged from a conflict brought about by extreme ideology, and it seems in the coming years that it will soon become embroiled in another. Do we really want to dive head first back into such an affair? I say no! This country will require two houses in its legislature, to better represent the will of the people and protect them from the danger of extremists. With the first house elected directly by the people, and having the second selected. By protecting one of these houses with selection, rather than election, we will insure that the corruption and interference rampant in other countries can be expunged from our own. BY working in the tandem we will balance the short and long term needs of the people for the betterment of the nation." He gestured vaguely in the direction of the the Balruban flag.

"This is the right answer for the people, and the one that all members of the New Balruban Front will be supporting in their loudest voices." At that, a chorus of cheers and approval erupted from the members of the party, taken up by those around the room who also shared that particular view. Rupert sat, pleased with himself, and smiled as he peered around to hear what other voices might have to say.

The New Balruban Front.

And will sort out my stuff after making dinner

Competition and liberty please!
Could I sneak an application in now?

EDIT: I got a application ready for perusal ^^

By definition stone age tribes really shouldn't be 'permanently settled', nor farming, or any form of metal working :L. Like, the whole defining characteristic of the beginning of the bronze age is the establishment of permanent settlements (Coming from the development of farming and husbandry that made a nomadic lifestyle obsolete since you could have access to those resources without moving) and the ability to begin working more technically with basic ores to produce hardier tools.

Also, post is up, made a brief reference to a nasty happening you are welcome to play off @Irredeemable of being responsible for and we can look at a future collab from there :)
The Narthskr: Descent From the Mountain

The gentle glow of campfires ebbed from within the doorways of the huts sprawled in a rough circle around the central point of the plateau. Within each clans settled down for their evening meals and put younger offspring to an early night, in a futile attempt to offset complaints of tiredness the following day. Despite the faces of rock that were still visible around the camp, the exposure of the site meant blustering gales hit the tents regularly and from time to time men emerged to strap down the pelts and hides that acted as shield to the people sheltering inside. They only planned to stay the night, having already scavenged the barest of resources from nearby, and tomorrow would begin trudging down the well remembered mountain paths to the next site - one much closer to the forests - where the collection of what they needed could begin in earnest. They had had to avoid one of the paths of the previous year, it had been submerged in a deluge of spring water coming down the mountains, and so were at least a day behind the schedule they tried to keep. No one spoke of this, of course, but they all knew and were silently chastising themselves and those around them for this delay.

In one of the huts a man lay sprawled out on a mat, his body covered in the thick tresses of a fur that acted as his blanket, attempting to absorb as much of the diminishing warmth his fire could provide. His efforts were in vain, however, as the slowly squirming form of his two sleeping sons, who were put to bed closer to the bright embers, caught a majority of the coveted heat. He watched them affectionately, ensuring they did not roll so far over as to risk being burned. Meanwhile, his partner fussed over the sealing of a small beaker which carried some seeds the family intended to eat the following night. She was prone to bouts of anxiety and the man had long since become immune to her night time awakenings, panic stricken, over the state of some mundane utensil and its location in their tent. At least, that is what he told her.

"Hari." He murmured, gently, so as to not wake their children. "Come rest, you will need your energy in the morning. We have many steps to go, and time when we wake to check everything is secure." A quiet sigh met his instruction, followed by a continued effort of checking.

"If it's not all properly stored we might lose some on the journey." She retorted, icily. "And the last time that happened you had to go hungry for two days. We cannot afford that again if you are to bring back enough for the cold seasons."

"And, does it look like it has been closed properly?"


"Then come sleep!"
The man chuckled as he spoke, adjusting the covering he used to allow her space to slide in front of him and share his warmth. Protest seemed to melt then and, with a final adjustment of the beaker, Hari lay down with her partner. They both wore the same clothes they had when they left the winter camp and, despite a quite pungent odour, they had been kept in relative warmth and comfort so far.

When are your brothers to return, Storvi?" Hari asked her partner. "They've been gone since we finished setting up." The man paused, chewing his lip slowly as heavy lidded eyes started to make their final descent.

"Mmm, they took the girls and went to see Halga and the rest of her clan. I imagine they are still eating. They have many more mouths to feed."

"And many more hands to work."
Hari said, slowly, as she seemed to drift into the same semi-sleep state of her partner.

"It's true, but Luka and Lars will be old enough to come on the hunt soon. Then there will be enough when I am too old to hunt, and you are too old to work. We might even take to hosting others like Halga does." Hari scoffed with a gentle shudder, settling into a soft snore that indicated she had very quickly fallen asleep. Storvi stroked his partner's hair affectionately, before cursing his brothers for staying out later. They would likely wake up the whole tent and he did not look forward to three belligerent members of his family rudely awoken.

His brothers were still young, as were their partners, and still enjoyed a life with relatively less responsibility than he and Hari. In time, however, they would have children and be required to settle down for the good of the clan, as well as their offspring. As the head of his clan, Storvi had a right to attend the meeting of the elders the following night but, as he lay awake and wondering, he knew he would decline the offer again. He had barely passed twenty winters now, whereas some of the elders had surpassed the archaic point of forty, and he felt inferior to the wisdom they had. In time, when his children had children, he might feel more confident sitting in council. But for now, his place was in the wild with the other men of the tribe, to provide for that very family and ensure their survival through the next winter.

Simple need to survive was not all that plagued Storvi's mind, however, as a stranger had arrived at the tribe a few days ago. He had been babbling and close to death when found, only managing a few incoherent sounds. But, the intention was clear, that something quite violent and terrible had befallen his people. How far he had come they could not tell, and it was remote that the same thing might fall upon the Narthskr. Even so, he was concerned for what lay lurking in the night.
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