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Slow, apparently...
Khoran, despite his appearance, was no noble. A lifetime of living on the streets and avoiding trouble guided his almost snakelike shimmy to the side, but it was pure anger at such an attack on a defenseless woman that spurred his brutal snap-kick to the man's crotch. Even a con-man has his standards.

"Cowardly rats!"
I really don't want to read through several pages and a few walls of text, so could someone provide a quick summary of what happened while I was gone? I'd go through it myself, but I don't really have the time.
I have returned! I am terribly sorry about my absence; my workload got completely out of hand and something had to go. Am I too late to rejoin?
We can always turn it into a 1x1 if nobody else is still involved.
"Damn! Luma Max Ignis!"

A blazing light pulses in the archer's face, hopefully blinding him temporarily. The aristocratic voice and bearing are gone, and now a second dagger is in Khoran's other hand as he attempts to fight his way over to the downed woman.

Noah nods to the officer and stands, remaining within arm's reach of Gwen at all times and taking her hand once they get settled in the ambulance. As it drives, he looks out of the window with a frown, remaining silent the whole way.
So... is anyone else going to post?
Hades smiled as he watched, leaving soundlessly a moment later when Alpha lies down to rest. When she wakes up, there is food next to her and a skeleton standing nearby holding various bits of grooming equipment. There's a note in its ribcage:

I am unsure as to whether or not you need or want grooming, but the skeleton will provide it if you ask. I apologise if this is offensive to you, but I prefer to cover all the bases.

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