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Current If a friend is persistently trying to use you to get in with your ex, is it time to find a new friend?
5 days ago
I hate getting into random conversations with people but I still feel bad when my socially awkward responses make them stop trying
10 days ago
Not all heroes wear capes. Some are upperclassmen who let you bum a ride so you don't have to walk uphill half a mile from the nearest grocery store
13 days ago
Is it masochistic to like eating French fries when they're piping hot?
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Bop it!


I suppose I actually ought to try to write a half-decent bio, for those who might be interested in RPing with me to check out, so hey. I'm Grav. College student who gets sick at the drop of a hat and notorious overachiever. Hope you enjoy your stay on this half-assed profile.

My posting capability ranges from Casual on a typical day to well into Advanced on a great day. I enjoy RPGs but sometimes find it difficult to write timely replies, due to the fact I just started college and the curriculum is far more rigorous than I'd anticipated, but I'll always try my best to stay in contact with my RP partners, and won't abandon an RP without saying something first. Fantasy (high, low, urban, medieval, etc), horror/suspense, and noir are genres I adore, and I'm trying to learn how to write for sci-fi, though I'm quite new to it. While there's generally nothing cooler than an engaging original plot, I'm also generally down for an RP based of a pre-existing game, book, or other piece of media as long as it's interesting and I have some experience with it.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent ○ Assassin's Creed ○ Baldur's Gate ○ Bioshock ○ Borderlands 2 (have yet to play the first) ○ Dishonored ○ Elder Scrolls ○ Fallout (Esp New Vegas) ○ Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning ○ L.A. Noire ○ Mass Effect ○ Pathologic ○ Shovel Knight ○ Subnautica ○ The Witcher ○ Tyranny


A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin ○ Discworld - Terry Pratchett (Fair warning, just started this series) ○ Kings of the Wyld - Nicholas Eames ○ Sandman Slim - Richard Kadrey ○ The Kingkiller Chronicle - Patrick Rothfuss ○ The Watchers - Neil Spring

Credit to @Redthorn Anvil for the awesome header and avatar!

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That's good to know! Hopefully we'll just get the time to work on it soon.
Yeah, that's a very fair point hahaha
Well, that's a relief! I'm glad I didn't just forget how he acted lol
Same holy shit

Also isn't it just great to forget how to write a character good lord I hate taking breaks from RPs because dam I just kinda lose their exact mindset
Nil frowned slightly at Elle’s downplaying of her own importance - she was the Dragonborn of all things, why would she withhold that from the woman? That was hardly like being daedric spawn; in fact, she was well set up to be revered rather than reviled by the inhabitants of the city. Not using that to her advantage massively perplexed him, and it was a bit irksome seeing as he felt it held less urgency and punch than what she actually went with. But maybe it would be enough. He doubted it, but he supposed she had tried, in a way.

The woman’s response started just like he expected, with her giving Elle a bemused smile. “Is that so? I hope you know what you’re fixing to get yourselves into - that’d be a task better suited for the Dragonborn.”

Nil would’ve grinned at her oblivious statement had he not also been annoyed with how they were being dismissed, but she continued, “Nevertheless, I’ll see what I can do about getting it done in the next few days. Again, I have other clients I need to fill orders for first, but if you’re that determined to fight dragons, I’ll try to get you decent armor so you’re not as good as lizard food.”

While he wasn’t surprised to hear this response, he had to actively fight the urge to physically threaten the woman with immolation if she didn’t get to it now, because damn it, he was important and his companion was now as well, and the baubles and potstickers these other customers had ordered could wait. He wouldn’t get refused like this back where he had an actual presence - in fact, he’d never even had to ask for armor, as his old suit had been near impenetrable and fitted precisely to him. But, instead of causing a scene, he held his tongue, not particularly wanting to bring down the entire whiterun guard on his head as he was definitely not equipped to do so. That didn’t mean he was happy about the result of this outing, though.

“Very well,” he ground out, practically exuding vexation as he spoke, “I trust it will be of exceptionally good quality when I return to retrieve it.”

“Yeah, yeah,” the blacksmith returned, seeming quite finished with the conversation herself.

Turning away from the store, Nil stalked back off into the marketplace, muttering some very unkind things about the blacksmith and where she could put her other customers as he walked.
Dang I miss this lol. Whenever we both get a break I vote we collab post the shit out of the next section of the story. I just hope we've got notes somewhere on what we were gonna do
Ah,I feel. Everything I'm involved in likes to try and conflict with each other and its kind of insane
Right? And adding flu season and catching who knows what to the equation hasn't helped either. I do work, then sleep three hours, then do a bit more. It's turned me into a literal sloth I stg
Damn, u rite. Also holy crap since when was it actually difficult to find time to make posts I used to not be able to simply because I was uninspired or just unhappy but this is a new level of dumb
I feel. School is slowly but surely turning me into a bitter misanthrope who just wants to own lizards and cats and not bother with people. Life is easier when you're just worrying about what you need to do than be concerned with the intricacies of other people's feelings and perceptions of you.
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