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27 May 2017 0:50
Current I wish I'd stop accidentally burning bridges with old acquaintances courtesy of my trash personality but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
22 May 2017 19:14
Stupid thing about full days of work - I get inspired at really inopportune times but when I get home, I'm too tired to write about it. Is this adulthood?
18 May 2017 18:33
I didn't realize how weirdly stressful and unsatisfying unpaid internships could be but. Well, here I am. Activity will be spotty until I get accustomed to my new (and horrible) schedule.
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25 Apr 2017 13:42
I think what makes humans 'human' is our tendency to think we can actually be profound.
24 Apr 2017 15:29
Anyone else ever get really invested when writing a character's history out and then end up with a miniature novel? 'Cause it keeps happening to me, and I don't know how to stop.


Hello there! I’m Graviloquence, or Grav, if you prefer. Welcome to my page. I live to write and make terrible jokes, and RPing is a great way for me to get my fill of the former of those two things. I suck at talking to people but I swear I'm friendly. I'm just bad at introductions. Which is probably very evident from this paragraph alone, actually. I've been on this site for about a year, but I've only really been active within the last couple of months. I look forward to continuing to be at this same level of activity, and as I'm slowly moving away from another site I've RPed on for about five years, that's likely going to be the case.

(Wow I'm still boring. This is still a work in progress.)

Stuff I Enjoy (That may or may not eventually be incorporated into RP/1x1 ideas):

Books: Homer’s Iliad and OdysseyThe Return of the King by E.B. White • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien • A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin • The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss • The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas • Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (and basically anything written by either of those authors) •

Video Games: The Elder Scrolls • Dishonored • Bloodborne • Assassin’s Creed • Dragon Age • The Witcher • Fallout • Shovel Knight

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@POOHEAD189 Goodness, I'm terribly sorry. I ended up getting an internship I apparently need in order to graduate that's basically added three hours onto the seven of my regular'school day', so I've been running around like a beheaded chicken and have barely written anything for any RP. <_< I'll try to have a skeleton of a CS up by the first week of June at the very least, if that's still a convenient time.
@gcold So sorry for the inactivity. Got an internship on top of finishing up school at the moment; won't really get any reprieve until June. If it's inconvenient to keep her around, I don't mind if you kill Bharzak off, but I would be glad to resume playing her in a couple weeks.
Indeed. And sorry for not posting yet; I've managed to be even less motivated and inspired this weekend than usual.
Was it two years ago? I think we started April of 2015. Not sure the exact day. Lord I feel old now lmaoooo.
I guess that could be considered character development! And us changing and improving as writers too maybe? I at least know we improved from page one haha
True that. I'm so out of practice lmao. Also I've missed writing for Nil but I'm so out of practice. Forgive me if he gets OOC especially as we're supposed to be trying to work him towards that friendship arc.
The demiprince, entirely unaware of the internal dilemma his traveling companion was currently facing, had all but ran down to the bosmer’s stall, feeling very much as if his stomach was trying to eat itself from his general lack of sustenance. It was nearing evening, and he’d just helped kill a dragon, which had to have contributed somewhat to his killer appetite. However, he knew it was likely he might not be able to afford both a serviceable suit of armor and enough food to fully satisfy him. But as his gaze fell upon the freshly sliced cuts of meat available to him as he came to a halt in front of the stall, Nilovas felt his resolve momentarily leave him, his heart clenching as he imagined taking the entire display for his own.

No. You stop that. It’s just not realistic, he told himself, shaking his head slightly as if attempting to clear it.

“Uhhh, can I… Help you with something?” The bosmer’s voice cut through Nilovas’ thoughts suddenly, the vendor seeming concerned as he raised an eyebrow at his very conflicted customer.

”Yes,” Nil hasened to reply, bringing his hands down on the wooden top shelf of the vendor’s stall, “Your steaks. Are they fresh?”

“If they weren’t, I wouldn’t be selling them. I caught the deer myself this morning…” the salesman replied, looking even more unnerved by the ferocity of the determined dedication burning in his potential buyer’s eyes.

“Good. I’ll take three.” He paused, something suddenly coming to mind. “Have you any already cooked?”

”Huh… I uh, I’m afraid not, but I’ll sell you three prime cuts of venison for just thirty-five septims!”

”That’s fair.” Nil removed the agreed-upon amount from his coinpurse as the bosmer wrapped up three sizable venison steaks in a thin canvas cloth, tying the bundle together with thin twine. He exchanged his money for what was soon to become his dinner gladly, a small voice at the back of his head bemoaning the fact that he’d spent thirty septims he could’ve saved to get better armor. He proceeded to tell said voice where it could stick its input and looked around for the small Breton instead, curious as to what she’d gotten up to - and even more eager to find out whereabouts he could set about preparing his recent purchase for consumption.
@POOHEAD189 Seriously thank you so much for being so understanding. I really appreciate your patience with me, and with any luck I will be in a place to start working on a character in a couple weeks. In the meantime, I will at the very least do my best to stay up to date with any new IC posts and characters.
@POOHEAD189 Terribly sorry for being so inactive in this thread, things have been unnecessarily hectic and dramatic in my immediate life and I'm not sure I would be able to have a decent CS written until early May at the latest. Unless I can join later it may be best for me to drop out in order to keep from holding you all back.
In Aleatorem Groditoris 9 Apr 2017 17:13 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Upon entering what were, at least, for the moment, her own quarters, the dunmeri mercenary finally allowed herself to relax, her stress beginning to melt away as she slid into a crudely carved pine chair, savory pie in hand. Too hungry to give any thought to manners, Venasa dug into it ravenously, the thick gravy base of the inside of the dish just warm enough to make it more than palatable. Pastry crumbs flaked onto her already stained leathers as she finished off the pie in a matter of a few minutes, disregarding the innkeep’s previous request as she brushed the remnants of her meal off her clothes and onto the floor before standing.

Still have to clean up my armor before I can call it a night, she remembered with a start, some of the tension returning to her shoulders at the thought. Why can't my marks show some courtesy and keep their filthy blood to themselves?

Now in a slightly better humor, Venasa stripped out of her leather armor with familiar celerity, her fingers flying as she unbuckled straps and removed each individual piece until she was left wearing nothing but a rather form-fitting, light black long sleeved silk shirt and leggings. She then exchanged these for a much looser, coarser grey tunic and dark brown breeches stored in the rude chest of drawers beside her surprisingly comfortable double bed. Gathering up her loose pieces of armor, she grabbed her waterskin, a bar of lye, and a rather grimy old cloth and began scrubbing at the blood that hadn't quite dried yet. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad investment to get some boiled leather pieces… it'd at least save me the trouble of having to clean this stuff so often. I've had this set so long it's starting to look more like suede than usable armor, the dunmer thought with a chuckle, sobering rather quickly as she continued, But it's going to take everything I have to get back to Morrowind. Not sure spending more time outside of my organization’s influence is worth a new set of armor, particularly when everything pays so shabbily.

By the time half an hour had passed, she had finished with her armor, having worked in contemplative and exhausted silence. Leaving her weathered garb to dry in haphazard places on the floor and strewn across her chair, the now even sleepier dunmer made her way over to the bed. She threw the near-threadbare covers back and didn't bother to draw them over herself, finding the night too hot to have any need of them. Venasa drifted off to sleep rather quickly afterwards, one hand at her side and the other under her pillow, her grip tight on the knife she slept with. She did this just in case of potential intruders, but felt rather certain that, with the way things had been going, she likely would never be pressed to use it while in Cyrodiil.

Little did she know how wrong her assumption would soon be proven.
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