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6 days ago
Current Woo, just got all the classes I wanted for next semester! 2018 is gonna be a good year.
11 days ago
I've been up all night because my roommate refuses to wear headphones to listen to their fucking abysmal music. It's 4 am. This is a regular occurence. Kill me.
15 days ago
Saw a guy at my college's convenience store buying eight bottles of diet coke. Is he ok
18 days ago
It's amazing how much better eating some smiley fries made my day.
20 days ago
November first and there's already Christmas lights and garlands out here. Thanks, American commercialism.


I suppose I actually ought to try to write a half-decent bio, for those who might be interested in RPing with me to check out, so hey. I'm Grav. College student who gets sick at the drop of a hat and notorious overachiever. Hope you enjoy your stay on this half-assed profile.

My posting capability ranges from Casual on a typical day to well into Advanced on a great day. I enjoy RPGs but sometimes find it difficult to write timely replies, due to the fact I just started college and the curriculum is far more rigorous than I'd anticipated, but I'll always try my best to stay in contact with my RP partners, and won't abandon an RP without saying something first. Fantasy (high, low, urban, medieval, etc), horror/suspense, and noir are genres I adore, and I'm trying to learn how to write for sci-fi, though I'm quite new to it. While there's generally nothing cooler than an engaging original plot, I'm also generally down for an RP based of a pre-existing game, book, or other piece of media as long as it's interesting and I have some experience with it.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent ○ Assassin's Creed ○ Baldur's Gate ○ Bioshock ○ Borderlands 2 (have yet to play the first) ○ Dishonored ○ Elder Scrolls ○ Fallout (Esp New Vegas) ○ Mass Effect ○ Pathologic ○ Shovel Knight ○ Subnautica ○ The Witcher ○ Tyranny


A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin ○ Discworld - Terry Pratchett (Fair warning, just started this series) ○ Kings of the Wyld - Nicholas Eames ○ Sandman Slim - Richard Kadrey ○ The Kingkiller Chronicle - Patrick Rothfuss ○ The Watchers - Neil Spring

Credit to @Redthorn Anvil for the awesome header and avatar!

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@TheMadAsshatter That's certainly allowed. I look forward to seeing your CS.
@TheMadAsshatter That's understandable. I'm glad to hear you're still interested in applying though!
@MegaOscarPwn We run a pretty tight ship around here, so I understand the stress.

... I'll show myself out.
Also before I forget. Schaft and I discussed CS, and this is where we are now:

@MegaOscarPwn, @DeadDrop, @Elgappa, you guys are good to post your CS' in the tab.

@ONL, if you make the changes Schaft suggested, you're accepted too.

In the meantime, I'll start working on a Discord server. Or at least try to, as my phone's on 9% battery. Cos I live on the edge
@MegaOscarPwn Honestly I don't even know why I do this to myself anymore. I seem to be incapable of being consise with my CS', haha.
Wow this took way too long and I'm incredibly sorry. College and GM-ing don't mix well but hey, at least I've learned something. Anyhow here's my CS:

Apologies for my inactivity, college is getting much more stressful as I draw nearer to break, and after that, finals. I'll try and get my CS up by this weekend; there's a never-ending amount of assignments currently piling up on my desk and I need to take care of those before I earn any more zeroes.
@Irredeemable That's fine, thanks for responding!
@BingTheWing No worries, thank you for letting me know!
Garbage Status Update:

Sorry for the complete lack of communication on my end, folks, had two tests last week and am in the process of starting a new job and setting up a summer internship. Presently, I have a good deal of my CS finished, just need to write out the personality and backstory, but that shouldn't take any longer than the end of this week.

Also, I'm taking this opportunity to tag people who expressed interest but I haven't heard from since. I'd be interested to hear at least about your progress with your CS, or if you decided this wasn't your thing:@Irredeemable @badguy28 @TheMadAsshatter @BingTheWing @Heat
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