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Quitting soon for peace of mind. This place is fine, I just don't have it in me to stick around.

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blargh it's short but I'm trying to get back into writing at least! I'm a lil out of practice to be honest
Fine by me! Tbh I care less for canonical accuracy in the ES universe now than ever before lol if we just did our own thing I wouldn't mind XD
It's ok! I understand! Looking shit up for reference can be lame sometimes lol. But yoooo we back at it!
I'm so excited this is so good already and it's only gonna get better!
Sounds good to me my dude!
Oof, I am c o n f l i c t e d. Cos like on one hand collabs are super useful, but we might not need them 100% of the time? Idk should we play it by ear/try both and see what works best? Idk man I am bad at decisions and just wanna do what is easiest for us and also allows for the best plot cohesion
TBHHH. Like at this point do we go back to posting normally? X,D I mean it's often easier to collab for big events, so.
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