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20 days ago
Just finished writing so many thank you notes (roughly thirty) that I feel physically ill. I don't have enough gratitude towards anyone to ever go through this again.
25 days ago
Graduating from high school today. Both excited for and dreading whatever comes next.
27 days ago
Yoghurt betrayed me. Fuck sweet cream yoghurt and all its lies - it's neither sweet nor creamy, it just tastes like regret and suffering.
1 mo ago
I wish I'd stop accidentally burning bridges with old acquaintances courtesy of my trash personality but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1 mo ago
Stupid thing about full days of work - I get inspired at really inopportune times but when I get home, I'm too tired to write about it. Is this adulthood?


Hello there! I’m Graviloquence, or Grav, if you prefer. I live to write and make terrible jokes, and RPing is a great way for me to get my fill of the former of those two things - or both, when I'm particularly lucky. I enjoy making new friends so feel free to PM me just for the heck of it, and wouldn't mind discussing RP ideas.

(Why the hell did I try to edit my bio at midnight my time this is very unfinished and probably worse than before tf)

Stuff I Enjoy (That may or may not eventually be incorporated into RP/1x1 ideas):

Books: Homer’s Iliad and OdysseyThe Return of the King by E.B. White • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien • A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin • The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss • The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas • Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (and basically anything written by either of those authors) •

Video Games: The Elder Scrolls • Dishonored • Bloodborne • Assassin’s Creed • Dragon Age • The Witcher • Fallout • Shovel Knight

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Venasa of House Indoril



To Purchase
Loose parchment, 10 qty
Cured Venison
Regular strength fear poison, 3 qty
Hired Blade? (For return) - not enough coin
New boiled leather greaves (ideally brown)
Bergamot Seeds, 15 oz
Elven arrows, 20 qty
Light Armor Repair Manual
Potion of Water Breathing, 2 qty

Collab Post!

Venasa stirred slightly as she just barely caught the sound of her door swinging inwards – she’d locked that, hadn’t she? Had she really been so tired as to forget such a basic measure of safety? Slowly shaking sleep away, the assassin still remained as still as she could while she tried to assess the potential threat level of whomever had entered her quarters.

Fluidly, almost too naturally, Venasa coiled into a sitting position and quickly pulled herself into a crouch, her dagger glinting in the very dim light as she brought it out in front of her defensively, looking for the intruder. She had been expecting to deal with a thief, or maybe an unthinking patron, but the collected and unmistakably clothed man at the end of her room was the last thing she’d expected - or ever hoped - to see.

The robed assassin was scowling under his hood at the dunmer, though he didn’t speak right away. When he did speak, his voice was clearly displeased, but deceptively calm.

“You’ve caused me a great deal of trouble, Venasa.” Two of his fingers tapped against one folded arm.
“I’ll be honest. Nothing would please me more than you kill you and be rid of you.” His voice had turned into a growl.

Gods, they found me. How did they find me? the dunmer’s brain swirled with half-baked theories and confused conjectures as she started to fully comprehend her conversation. But maybe, just maybe they're not here because of the Tong. Safest to play dumb - as dumb as I can in this situation - unless given a reason to act otherwise.

“And why would that be?” Venasa replied, genuine confusion in her response as she did her best to mask her growing anxiety.

The robed assassin didn’t answer for a moment--in truth, the man was battling a flare of irritation, and he breathed deeply. When he did speak, his voice had become a low growl.
“I am here to give you a message, on the behalf of the Black Hand. You have recently killed an informant to the Dark Brotherhood, and the Black Hand demands…compensation. You will provide that compensation--with your life.” He paused.
“Or servitude.” He spat the last word as though it disgusted him.

Venasa’s eyebrows rose in confusion at the mention of the informant, genuine surprise visible in her eyes. That would be my luck. I killed one of their damn informants. “I was not aware of that. The count put a bounty on that camp and I cleared it. This is… very unexpected.”

However, the offer of ‘servitude’ he gave her was enough to stun the dunmer into silence. The fool is giving me the option to be inducted into the Brotherhood? By Mephala, this is quite the opportunity. I'd be a moron not to accept, but… Venasa wasn't a fool enough to think infiltrating this organization would be easy. Particularly if her actual organization likely didn't know she still drew breath. Not seeing much of a choice otherwise, though. Even if I managed to kill this guy without armor, which probably isn't likely, they'd send more.

Giving the assassin a confused look, she added slowly, “What makes you think I would be any sort of useful addition to your murder cult?”

The corner of the assassin’s mouth twitched in mock amusement. “I don’t. The circumstances of your violation are not important to me, be they accidental or intentional. I am merely the messenger--or the executioner. That is entirely up to you, but make your decision quickly, Venasa, for you are running out of time before my patience with you wears out.” The man’s tone grew more terse by the time he was finished speaking. It was obvious he was going to tell her nothing until she did in fact make that decision.

“Well, seeing as you've given me so very much to work with, I don't really think I have much of a choice. I suppose I'll work for the Brotherhood. Hail Sithis, and all that.” The dunmer replied flippantly, unfazed by the assassin’s visible frustration. In fact, she had to say she was close to amused by the current string of events. This might not be ideal, but she could make it worth her while as long as she played her cards right.


Whatever the assassin thought of her response was masked by his scowl, which seemed to be permanently affixed to his features.

“Then here is what you must do.” He recited to her a clearly well-rehearsed list of instructions. She was to travel to Cheydinhal, locate the abandoned house which sat up against the eastern wall, enter, and locate the Black Door. She was to recite the password, and there she should speak to either one of two people, whose names were Ocheeva and Vicente, for further instructions. He gave her no more details other than that, and when he was satisfied that Venasa knew what she was meant to do, the assassin left her as quietly as he’d arrived, becoming invisible once more.

As soon as she felt his presence abate, the now ’rogue’ assassin fell fell back onto her bed, exhaling loudly as she let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding.

Just what had she gotten herself into?
@POOHEAD189 Goodness, I'm terribly sorry. I ended up getting an internship I apparently need in order to graduate that's basically added three hours onto the seven of my regular'school day', so I've been running around like a beheaded chicken and have barely written anything for any RP. <_< I'll try to have a skeleton of a CS up by the first week of June at the very least, if that's still a convenient time.
@gcold So sorry for the inactivity. Got an internship on top of finishing up school at the moment; won't really get any reprieve until June. If it's inconvenient to keep her around, I don't mind if you kill Bharzak off, but I would be glad to resume playing her in a couple weeks.
Indeed. And sorry for not posting yet; I've managed to be even less motivated and inspired this weekend than usual.
Was it two years ago? I think we started April of 2015. Not sure the exact day. Lord I feel old now lmaoooo.
I guess that could be considered character development! And us changing and improving as writers too maybe? I at least know we improved from page one haha
True that. I'm so out of practice lmao. Also I've missed writing for Nil but I'm so out of practice. Forgive me if he gets OOC especially as we're supposed to be trying to work him towards that friendship arc.
The demiprince, entirely unaware of the internal dilemma his traveling companion was currently facing, had all but ran down to the bosmer’s stall, feeling very much as if his stomach was trying to eat itself from his general lack of sustenance. It was nearing evening, and he’d just helped kill a dragon, which had to have contributed somewhat to his killer appetite. However, he knew it was likely he might not be able to afford both a serviceable suit of armor and enough food to fully satisfy him. But as his gaze fell upon the freshly sliced cuts of meat available to him as he came to a halt in front of the stall, Nilovas felt his resolve momentarily leave him, his heart clenching as he imagined taking the entire display for his own.

No. You stop that. It’s just not realistic, he told himself, shaking his head slightly as if attempting to clear it.

“Uhhh, can I… Help you with something?” The bosmer’s voice cut through Nilovas’ thoughts suddenly, the vendor seeming concerned as he raised an eyebrow at his very conflicted customer.

”Yes,” Nil hasened to reply, bringing his hands down on the wooden top shelf of the vendor’s stall, “Your steaks. Are they fresh?”

“If they weren’t, I wouldn’t be selling them. I caught the deer myself this morning…” the salesman replied, looking even more unnerved by the ferocity of the determined dedication burning in his potential buyer’s eyes.

“Good. I’ll take three.” He paused, something suddenly coming to mind. “Have you any already cooked?”

”Huh… I uh, I’m afraid not, but I’ll sell you three prime cuts of venison for just thirty-five septims!”

”That’s fair.” Nil removed the agreed-upon amount from his coinpurse as the bosmer wrapped up three sizable venison steaks in a thin canvas cloth, tying the bundle together with thin twine. He exchanged his money for what was soon to become his dinner gladly, a small voice at the back of his head bemoaning the fact that he’d spent thirty septims he could’ve saved to get better armor. He proceeded to tell said voice where it could stick its input and looked around for the small Breton instead, curious as to what she’d gotten up to - and even more eager to find out whereabouts he could set about preparing his recent purchase for consumption.
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