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The Murvick invasion has become too big of a problem for just one country.

Provst, a well-known country in the north of Haal, is reputable for their peoples' ability to purify and manipulate water. They have been entrenched in a war with your county for what seems like centuries; your country has no clean water, and the Provstians refuse to give your people aid. It stems from the death of their beloved Crown Prince who, five years prior, died under suspicious circumstances when your dignitaries were invited to discuss country relations and recompense for services rendered. Since then, Provst has neglected to send any nobles to help with purifying water, leading to a war between the two countries. Provst is happy to continue the fighting until a new threat looms on their borders.

King Looen of Provst gives the gift of his daughter to your country's King/Crown Prince, along with promises of keeping your people alive with potable water. The trade is that your country's army, who is renown for their strength and numbers, assist Provst in fighting this new threat. The Murvicks, a race of creatures somewhere between elves and goblins, have become a bigger problem than you care to admit.

Your country wouldn't even think of this offer as more than a slap in the face, given how many of your citizens have died senselessly. The problem? Trouble looms at your borders as well, and one you are sure you won't be able to fight on your own. Nations from the south, east, and west have decided they want your land for their own, and your armies - although well-known - have suffered due to the lack of sanitary water. You accept the offer of the Provstian's sole princess, bound to you by an unbreakable promise: marriage.

Provst will send aid immediately, but what happens when they learn of attacks on their princess when she arrives? You don't know the culprit, and keeping the spoiled princess alive is a task that requires both your full-time commitment and attention. When these threats reach you, you have to wonder if it is a rebellion, another nation, or the Murvicks.

Is it worth it to keep this princess alive, and at what cost?

If you've made it through that plotter and you're interested, please PM me!
There are a few ways this roleplay can go, and I think I'd like to explore that with someone who can further this along.
I'm looking for a slow-burn romance between these characters with a focus on the plot
Multiple characters will be required.
I'll only accept one person for this. That being said, I'd like to make sure you can match my writing.
A writing sample would be much appreciated.
Please PM with any interest or questions xxx

Greer | 21+ | Female | EST

Fantasy | Medieval | Modern | Slice of Life

MxF Pref | Multiple Characters | LBGTQ+ | Equal Opportunity

Knight x Princess | 2nd in command x Boss's daughter


Hey, guys! Above you'll find the major points in my roleplay search. I don't have many plots in mind but do have some starting points... hence the collaborative writing. I'm looking for 18+ partners willing to engage in the above concepts, especially a MxF pairing with option for doubling of your choice. Hit me up if you think we can get something together!
I'm Greer.

not new to roleplaying in the slightest, just new to the site. You'll likely find me making a one x one search soon.

See ya around (;
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