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@Genkai Expressing my interest. I PMed you my Skype username as well.
To be determined
Marik said
Yeah, it really sounds like the title of a porno.

If CP is what first comes to your mind when you think of a father and son doing X, I'd consider going outside more.
To be completely frank, I sometimes even find reading other posts in RPs I'm in difficult. Whether or not I'm the GM of that RP is irrelevant, some people just have a verbose and drawn-out writing style that makes reading IC posts a chore and not particularly fun.

Also some people make bizarre stylistic choices in regards to their posts, like switching between point-of-view narratives, switching between past/present-tense and even switching languages mid-posts (protip: this is an English RP site, let's keep the posts in English unless otherwise specified.) All of this doesn't make their posts more "stylish" it just makes them more confusing and that much more irritating to read.

I suspect one of the reasons many RPs die, is because people are fed up with reading other posts.
Vortex said
Putin is a elitist bourgeoise capitalist dog and no comrade to the proletariate masses or the people of the world!

Elitist? How?

Last I checked Russia was a Christian nation, not a Jewish nation.
Lately, I have been thinking about how difficult it can be to keep stuff together within a communal structure. Putin has no problems keeping Russia together, because he's the best leader in the world right now bar none. He's the only one doing the right thing.

Putin is everyone's comrade.
Cpt Toellner said
Lay down the law, make sure they know who's in charge, never be flexible abound theatre students.

He's right.

Regimented discipline and structure is how it works in the "REAL WORLD.(TM)"
True Thanksgiving is actually in November.
I literally just finished the 2nd book, A Clash of Kings, after reading it for over a year.

Now about 1/10th of the way through A Storm of Swords.

I was one of the people who saw the HBO series before reading the books and it's surprising how much the HBO series saved George R.R. Martin's mediocre fantasy series.
Or unmotivated?

I say crazy, because I see plenty of homeless street artists (where most art majors end up) and art requires at least some dedication and discipline.
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