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well did you expect from siding with Gabriel XD
He banished them and they are pretty much just travling the world . Azeral has been banished into hell where he can't ever leave
Chapter 2 Lion and a Lamb

It had been a year since Gabriel came to life and heaven was going back to normal. The male smiled as he actually didn't stay in heaven he went back to earth to repair it. Angels might not find humans worthy but he did.

So the great lion was on earth helping to rebuild it being now a wanderer and traveler it was hard for him to stay still.
"Not so fast little Azeral" he said smirking as he gave a roar that repaired her completely and blew azraeal away sharply as he snorted gently as he trotted up to her and turned back to normal form "You okay ?" he asked as Lucifer's daughter vanished as a few demons grabbed Azeral as Lucifer smiled softly as the demons nodded they wouldn;t kill Azeral but they would teach him a small lesson and then they where gone with Azeral and gabriel looked at her.
As they had started to leave heaven, something was across the bridge the only way to earth and standing now at the other side was Lucifer's daughter she withdrew a blade looking at Azeral "you shall not take her out of heaven" as nothign seemed to change , coming from the dense forest was the golden lion coming to stand by the daughter of Lucifer fangs bared deeply at Azeral slightly eyes narrowed. He was alive , course he was he was the trickster. The archangel lion looked at Azeral as his voice boomed loudly "release her now, there is nothing left for you" he said sharply , stepping forward
Michael eyes narrowed slightly at her with flames ignited in his eyes "No point your finger at lucifer he fell and then attacked afterward" he snapped sharply at her and looked at Azeral and nodded slowly "Yeah you can deal with her i need some asprin" he mutters turning and walked away.
The archangel looked at her wita soft and kind smile "never give up you got a warrior heart if you where any braver you would be a lioness" he muses before his body seemed to fade and in explosion of light he was gone, was he dead ?

Michael body exploded in light the dark and mean exsterior was gone and there now stood a brother of gabriel "no oh gabriel no no no" he yelled angrily stomping his foot . he looked at the female eyes blazed nwith rage "This would have never happened if you didn;t bring him into this war!" ghe shouted angrily.
Crimson blood seeped from the wound before he started to bleed badly rasping slightly. He felt the girl grip him a soft smile laced on her lips "its...its okay" he rasped weakly blood seeping.

Michael cried out in pain and sorrow a crack appeared on his features golden light came from the cracks
Gabriel looked over eyes glowed as his eyes made the glass fixed itself. They came to heaven his heart shattered seeing the two armies fighting along with Michael and Lucifer. He dashed forward and flew between them just as Micheal swung his sword for final bloe but instead of Lucifer getting hit the blade went through Gabriel who yelped.

"NOOOOO" Michael yelled as the two armies froze their fighting
Gabriel woke up after mid afternoon getting up his head throbbed and he took asprin and looked around slightly "Angels I sware" he sighed softly as he looked over and looked at her. He walked over and gave a soft smile "Tommrow is the day i can help stop the war"
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