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I've finally gotten everything unpacked and put away. I will be working on stuff for everyone I owe things to this week now that everything is finally settled.
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1 yr ago
New home at last!
1 yr ago
After two weeks of moving stuff and sleeping on an air mattress at my current (old) place, I'm finally officially leaving for my new place.
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Finally got a moving date. This Thursday is going to be fun.


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Hello, all. I'm not going to get super fancy with my interest thread, just gonna give a quick rundown of everything. I'm Hafthora, or Thora for short. 27, female, and an experienced role player who's been rp'ing since middle school. I tend to go from casual to advance with a paragraph minimum. When I'm really drawn into an rp, I can do upwards of several paragraphs. Sometimes it just depends on what my partner gives me. I do prefer to rp with other advanced players who can also output a few paragraphs. My schedule is pretty lax now so I have plenty of time to post.

Players need to be 18+. I'm currently searching for a male rp partner, but if you're a female who likes writing male characters, that's fine by me.

I like smut and dark story elements--sometimes I like the two mixed and sometimes I like straight smut with some story. I do not like fading to black. If you're messaging me about starting an rp, I hope you do so knowing that you'll be turned away if you like everything cutesy and 'clean'. For characters, while I prefer to play female, I am also open to playing male. I can also double up on characters of the same or different genders--whatever our story and personal tastes call for. Just tell me what you'd prefer to play and we can work something out.

Finally, on to genres/fandoms/pairings. Stars indicate interest. The more stars, the more interested I am in the subject.

Medieval fantasy*****
Modern fantasy***
Isekai (modern characters pulled into another world)*****

Legend of Zelda*****
Jim Henson's Labyrinth***** (or a similar concept)

Princess x knight/demon/assassin/thief/evil king or prince (kidnapped or unwanted arranged marriage for the last two)
Prince x (female) knight/demoness/assassin/thief/evil queen or princess (if you're into dominant females)
Mage x swordsman
Vampire x human
Demon(ess) x human
Priestess x demon
Master x slave
Werewolf x human
Other supernatural creatures (within reason)
OC Witcher x OC (Witcher)
Jareth (or OC king) x OC (Labyrinth)

I think that about covers everything. PM me if you're interested and tell me what you're looking for--whether it's on my list or not--and we'll see if we can work it out. If you're looking for something with smut--particularly something that wouldn't be considered 'vanilla'--then message me your lists of interests and I'll tell you if I'm up for it or not. No judging here. I'll just tell you if I'll do it or not and then we'll move on. One last thing. I prefer to rp over google docs, but will also rp over PMs or Discord. Just tell me which you prefer.

One last thing, please send me a small sample of your writing. I hate doing this, but being able to easily read and make sense of my partner's posts helps keep the hype going for me.
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