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The nature of my job takes me away for days at a time, but the contract is coming to an end and my availability should be stabilizing over the next couple months.

I probably write two to three paragraphs. Well, we'll see. I doubt I have the stamina for particularly long posts right now though.


Q: Why the old account with zero posts?
A: I was around during the old Guild but had stopped roleplaying by the time the Guild was rebooted, so I only registered to claim my old username. But now, two years later, I'm trying to get back into writing again.

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(I'm male)

I'm down for anything. Looking to get back into roleplaying. Looking to 1x1 with women in case things go that direction. I'm down with mature content of all forms.

I can commit to at least one post per day.

I don't need much planning beyond what will satisfy you. I'm willing to jump into anything except fandoms since I probably haven't seen/read the source material. You can always ask, though!

If you want to RP, the fastest way to start is to send me a few short scenario ideas and let me pick one.
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