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Current That one person who takes up three seats on the bus :/
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Why do penguins have knees?
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One of the most bittersweet things in life is getting that final juicebox but it has no straw
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My bloodstream is currently 99% caffeine
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Fun Fact: Killer whales are actually dolphins


Oh look, it’s a bio.

Maybe someday I’ll put something useful here, but
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Ilyssa had listened carefully to Saito’s speech, filing the information he stated for later. The proof of his abilities was enough to reel her in, even if only for a short while. She was still sceptical that she, out of all people, would be able to fight these evil phenomena, but she chose to take his word for it. It wasn’t like she was just going to stand by while others got hurt.

The explanation ended, she eyed the stack of talismans on the desk. A drop of her blood, huh? Without looking if anyone else was moving forward, Ilyssa stood from her spot, walking to take a talisman. Shuffling through the stack, she found the one with her name written on it. Flipping it over, she read a small paragraph about her ancestry, nothing she wasn’t familiar with.

Onibi, also known as demon flames, are small blue flames that possess the ability to drain the life force from any living creature who happens to fall in their path. Onibi usually are created out of the dead bodies of humans and animals, though it is not known what process causes onibi to develop at some times and not others. Intense grudge and malice from one living person towards some other thing is also able to create onibi. Onibi are usually found more often during rainy seasons. Some Onibi have the ability to take on the form of a small bird.

She gingerly reached out a hand and grabbed a needle. She slowly raised a finger to the needle, a million thoughts racing through her mind. What if this was a scam? They might be trying to curse her, for all she knew. Yes, the guy had neat powers, but what if hers involved her exploding? She backed away from the others, in case that was the case. Deciding to ignore the rest of her worries, she quickly pricked her finger, pressing the pad to the center of the talisman, holding it up to her chest as directed. At first, nothing seemed to happen. Then she felt a small tug inside of her, like someone was pulling on her ribs. A tingling began to spread through her, starting from the area where the talisman was resting and spreading out to the rest of her body. It wasn’t pleasant, itchy really, but she didn’t move her hands from the talisman.

The tingling finally reached her hands, which began to shift temperature quickly. One second warm, the other freezing, then back to normal, and lo and behold, a small blue flame flickered in her palm. She gazed at it in wonder, letting it spread over one arm, then shift to the other. A grin slowly began to show, her distrust of the club fading. She looked at the president, giving him a genuine smile.

“Looks like you’ve got another believer. I’m ready to help out, if you truly think I can”
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Ilyssa takes a small step backward, startled by the girl’s sudden appearance.
“Thank you. Well, I came here in search for a better life. If that involves helping others, I’ll gladly do so. Right now however, I’m searching for a place to stay the night.” She began to walk towards the town, just veering off course to grab her luggage. Right before she left, she seemed to have a thought, turning back to the purple haired lady.
“If I may ask, what is your name?”

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