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As Rosie took control of the water barrel, Oleg disappeared back into his house, and returned alongside Svetlana, rolling another barrel towards the barn.
The rooftop bandit turned and saw Kesal as he climbed the ladder. He gave the elf a mischievous grin and hopped off the other side. His landing could be heard with a dull thud, and he appeared around the corner near the gate. Gascon threw his readied javelin, but missed his mark, and the bandit darted out the front gate.

Ana reacted quickly, tossing some rose petals from their side pouch, gesturing, and incanting. Mid-run the bandit collapsed on the dirt road in to a deep slumber.

Ana possessed by a moment of evil, or pity perhaps, attempted to finish off Odin with a bolt. The gods stayed their hand, however, seeming to slap the crossbow out of their hand and down to the wagon below.

Blood began to pool around the collapsed cloaked bandit, and flames overtook the door of the barn.

The house's front doors flew open, and Oleg stepped out, rolling a barrel ahead of him. "Smelled the fire, here, it's water!"

The bandit screeched as Odin's blade met its mark. Although he dealt a powerful blow, it seemed to inspire a new and deadly focus in his opponent. Odin saw a flash of the bandit's dagger one final time before the blade plunged into his stomach. White hot pain flooded his senses as he collapsed onto the roof, his blood beginning to stain the thatching beneath him. The bandit let loose an adrenaline-infused cackle and moved across the roof.

Here's the link. Join if you can, otherwise we'll figure out how to keep you in the loop on this website.
We can start with four and leave it open to two more, I'll adjust encounters accordingly. We okay with an ooc channel on discord to keep things moving along?
"All this bloodshed, only to have the place you're supposed to be protecting burn down around you!" The cloaked bandit laughed, a mad glint in his eye. He lashed out again with his dagger, but missed wildly.

Smoke is now billowing out of the barn door.

Odin took another swing, but missed yet again. A single tear ran down his cheek and early retirement crossed his mind. The rooftop bandit lashed out in response, his blade leaving a short gash across Odin's chest. More blood ran down his torso, but he was not fallen yet.

Kesal tried to hop off the wagon, but the wood proved too greasy. He fell face-first onto the ground beside the wagon. Fortunately the fall didn't cause any injury to his body, his pride however... He picked himself up and dusted himself off.

The bolt struck true, piercing the fleeing bandit's throat. She dropped to the ground with a sick thud, and began convulsing as blood poured out of either side of the wound.

After dodging the half-orc's chain, the cloaked bandit drew his dagger and lunged at his new opponent. But his attack missed too, striking the air just below Rosie's arm.

Odin jabbed at the rooftop bandit with his hunting knife, but the leather armor stopped the blade. The bandit heard the dying screams of his accomplices as they were slaughtered and, enraged, he thrust his short sword at Odin. The blade pierced the ranger's shoulder, and blood trickled down his arm. "Give up and I'll make your death quick!" He screamed, followed with a mad laugh.

The bandit that Rosie had tripped pushed herself back to her feet, but not without taking another lashing from the swashbuckler. She cried out in pain once more and, having also heard her allies’ deaths, decided she’d had enough of this ambush. She turned and ran towards the entrance of the palisade.

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