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Does that mean that regardless of what dialog or choices we make, the outcome will fundamentally stay the same?

Of course not, the die rolls are in no way rigged or altered to achieve the outcome we want.

Liak'ykam's natural luck is the reason she gets 20's every time.
Still has higher charisma than the rest of the party
Lol could not resist the opportunity for her to be racist through the Force

Liak'ykam closed her eyes and took a deep breath in. It felt, she thought, as if many moons had passed between opening her eyes and closing them, but she knew that with age, her mind and heart would often play tricks on her. Sometimes, at night, waking or sleeping, she could still hear them, feel Wrrl'arra's warmth against her, or even -

She blinked and chuckled. How her mind wandered these days. Although she had to say, it seemed to wander where it needed to go. She listened closely, hearing the roar and thrum of the engine room around her, but above, she heard the tension of the two little hairless ones - the poor one felt so uncomfortable, which softened Liak'ykam's heart. She would have to work quite hard to help the ugly bald one find a mate, especially with as little confidence as she had, but Liak'ykam was confident it could be done. The other one - equally hairless, but taller, which made her lack of hair all the more noticeable and alarming - was a bit ruder, but seemed to be in closer with the Captain, so she supposed she would stay away from him. People were very jealous of their authority, Liak'ykam had found, and in her experience, a smile and silence tended to appease them more than anything else. Truthfully, the smile was not even forced - it felt nice to be of some use to someone again, and while the machinery and data feeds of the engine were entirely foreign to the Wookiee, she felt as if she had done her task ably, which pleased her.

The little many-armed one turned to look at her. Zek, she thought. His name was Zek. Not a bad name. Too short, and not anyting that told Liak'ykam of his heritage or what his role was, but it sounded nice enough. He was another one who would need some help - he had seemed quite bitter, Liak'ykam thought. Nothing a good home-cooked meal couldn't fix. Once the ship was up and going - a prospect that admittedly made Liak'ykam nervous, as she had only taken one flight previously in her entire life - she would go find the mess hall or whatever the Captain had called it and prepare everyone something. But then the little one surprised her - he said something that was really quite nice.

"Oh, thank you, Engineer Zek," her translator warbled, finding discernible words through Liak'ykam's bright and happy chortles. "I am just glad not to be a nuisance. I really feel more out of place than a NO TRANSLATION FOUND in a NO TRANSLATION FOUND here, but with your directions it all seemed quite simple. If you don't need me, I might go walk around a bit. Old legs need stretching, you know." she gave him what she hoped was a pleasing smile and grabbed her walking stick, leaving for the area where Captain Varen Kray had addressed them. She sat down in one of the seats and laid her staff across her lap, then realized it was perhaps rude - doing so took up the entire bench. She opted to lay it upright in the seat next to her in easy reach. Truth be told, she did not need the staff to walk by any means - the Wookiee was wizened, but not feeble - but it was a comfort of home, which she missed already. The air in here was stale, everything cold and steel. She closed her eyes for a moment and simply listened, hearing the thrum of the Trandoshan alone in the cockpit (if he dances to music, perhaps he is not completely like his brothers and sisters), of Zek handling the machinery (He is no different from the vibrocutter or torches he uses - completely assured of his singular purpose, well-tuned and focused), of the Captain Varen Kray wherever he had gone, the tension between the two hairless ones on the other side of the ship (dangerous for sisters to turn against one another so early - perhaps they both vie for the affection of the Captain? Or perhaps it is something else. They should know the importance of blood standing with blood, but they are young).

Liak'ykam opened her eyes, having not even noticed that she had not inhaled or exhaled in two or three minutes. She sighed (a noise that was gentle to her ears, but prompted the whirring of the translator as it attempted to decide if that was just breathing or some complex, guttural eloquence of the Wookiee people) and waited. Soon they would be off, and she could find some task to busy herself with. Cleaning what little gear she had brought with her - (indeed, Liak'ykam had also heard the bag from the Shadowlands, stowed discreetly in her quarters, she could hear it whispering, something subtler and fouller than what she had heard from any of the others - though she had heard an echo of it in the little hairless one), or even cooking, or perhaps seeing if any of her new crewmates shared an appreciation for riddles.
Liak'ykam does not smash with hammers, but rather reunite the spirit-child of the claw hammer with the earth-mother of whatever the most fragile part of the engine is
Liak'ykam will go after Zek'ha does something, as I feel like she can't do much other than do old lady stuff and reminisce on the good ol' days at the current moment.

Also roll 13 for computer use what up bitches
Well I'll need a few days to get back into the swing of writing fortune cookie bullshit everyday but I think I could manage.

I will be travelling frequently in the next few months, but will be able to post at least twice a week.
Your true family is the RP.

Liak'ykam tilted her head slightly as Zek made a comment along the lines of "tucking in the Wookiee". Her after-market translator, which struggled quite significantly with idioms, simply whirred aimlessly for a few moments before conveying the words literally. She did not understand how this many-handed one planned on bringing bedsheets up to her chin, particularly given as there were no beds that she had seen in their quarters, and Liak'ykam did not sleep with bedsheets anyways. Liak'ykam simply assumed, as with most things, it was a cultural difference she was ignorant about, and gave Zek a polite smile and head nod as he said so. Their compassion is strange, but these ones are not devoid of kindness.

Her confusion was short-lived as the captain announced there would indeed be cooking - which was a far more pleasant alternative to whatever devilry nutripaste was. "Wonderful!" Liak'ykam said, absolutely beaming. The Wookiee generally prided herself on a degree of stoicism, but she could not contain a bit of childlike glee. Oh, it had been so many years since she had people to cook for. There was some satisfaction in cooking for oneself, of course, but it was really not the same. Spending time, coming up with new ways to prepare the same materials, the challenge of trying something new - there was really nothing like it. Many centuries ago, Liak'ykam had been the one carving and seasoning after the hunters brought in a kill. As the years had passed, she had been doing more and more of the former, and less and less of the latter. Many nights had been spent with a simple spit-roast over a fire, and no one to share it with. Liak'ykam believed firmly in the spiritual and communal value of a good meal, and was resolved to make sure that every other member of the Phoenix fully appreciated its value as well. Even the metal one, she was confident, could be somehow persuaded. Liak'ykam had not stopped to consider the palate differences between a Wookiee and a less metabolically-demanding species; likewise, it was questionable if Varen Kray had considered the amount of food required to keep even an old female Wookiee sustained. Liak'ykam eagerly began considering the first meals and the fun she could have with them. A grand feast, certainly - they would need something to celebrate their coming together, and get everything started off on a good note. I am glad to have a purpose on this ship, Liak'ykam thought happily. There had not been much to make me feel useful before, amidst all these wires and machines.

Her elation was slightly tempered by the captain's announcement that the laser cannon only worked sometimes. Liak'ykam had lived for a great many years with frequent forays into one of the more dangerous regions in the known galaxy. The idea of having a weapon one could not rely on was entirely foreign to her - indeed, the rugged survivalist skills necessary to avoid becoming prey in the Shadowlands had kept Liak'ykam in good shape and quite strong. She did not know why a captain would embark on a journey with a cannon that was not always functioning, but Liak'ykam was quickly accepting there were many nuances to interstellar travel she would not be familiar with. Perhaps these little ones are more trusting. It is good I am here, truly - I can keep them fed and keep them from missing anything obvious. Contented with her insight, Liak'ykam gave the Captain a reassuring nod, as if to tell him that even if his laser cannon failed, Liak'ykam would keep him safe.

The Captain then delved into an explanation of the more technical aspects of the Phoenix, which Liak'ykam pretended to listen to with all the courtesy she could muster. This was perhaps the first instance of Liak'ykam's foreign nature being a boon to her - it was doubtful any of them were familiar with the facial expressions and body language of a Wookiee, and as such Liak'ykam was hopefully able to mask utter boredom with a veneer of patience. Liak'ykam leaned on her walking stick and observed her companions. She felt a sense of comfort, but a vague sense of foreboding as well - something that was deeper rooted than the anxiety of such a jarring and new experience. Something more immediate - the feeling of being watched from the branches above, of a poisonous something crawling through the roots below. Liak'ykam tightened her fingers around the walking stick. It was not upon them yet. It was simply coming. She thought of the bag she had brought along with her.

Liak'ykam turned her attention back to Captain Varen Kray, who instructed her to help Zek with takeoff procedures. Liak'ykam was not sure what aid she could give him, beyond perhaps reaching things that were too high up for him to grasp. Still, she thought, everything had a purpose. There was always a way she could help. "I do not know much of starships," she told Vek simply. "So simply tell me what to do and I can help." Around them, she could feel the hum of the ship, but it seemed to resonate on a frequency beyond the physical - as the hyperdrive began to lurch and thrum with energy, so did the others on-board. Liak'ykam felt their anxiety, the fear, the doubt, the excitement. Different on all of them. Much to learn. Much to learn. Liak'ykam looked curiously at the machinery. She had always been an avid learner, but matters such as this did not really interest her. It seemed so dull and lifeless. Her bowcaster always fired the same way. It did not surprise her. There was no spark of life - no Force, though Liak'ykam was unfamiliar with the term - in machines. Still, she tried to keep an open mind, though she doubted she would be spending more time than was strictly necessary helping the many-handed one with his machines. She would leave the technology to the Trandoshan, the machine, and Zek. Helping the ugly blue one find a mate and, as of the last few minutes, keeping everyone well-fed, seemed to be the tasks best-suited to her skills. She vaguely recalled Captain Varen Kray implying that she would be needed for "security" on the journey, but she did not really understand why that would be the case - or why they would pick her for such a task. She was a fearsome fighter, sure, but she was weak amongst Wookiees. Liak'ykam did not think they would be fighting many enemies she was familiar with - no great beasts of Kashyyyk for her to tame or...

Liak'ykam remembered the others she had fought. It had been a long time. She breathed and forced her grip on her walking stick to loosen. She was in the tops of the trees, feeling the warm sun. She was not below, in the place of blood. But if the Phoenix found its way there, the Wookie remembered how to dance, and she had a few fights left in her.
Oh Dervish I can't wait for Zek and Liak'ykam to be roommates
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