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Isabella May
Hillview High

Isabella was now pretty convinced that shit was going down in Farmer's Hill.

The bugs may not have minded her, but she had seen what they did to Andrea and the wounds the other had. Hell, she'd helped fix Jordan. That night had passed slowly once she'd gotten him, her thin hands shaking and shaking and shaking until she could feel the sun start to rise outside her dorm window. She'd finished her fourth hot tea (which in most situations, Isabella would have considered pure blasphemy) and kept thinking it over. The shrieks, the deafening buzz of so many wings beating and flailing, the splintering of boards.

She'd loved it.

It'd been terrifying, she knew that, and so very dangerous, but there was a kind of energy to it that Isabella had not felt in a long time. She'd lost three hundred dollars in a game of poker once and never felt so alive the rest of the week. This was just a game, too, just much higher stakes.

A redbird pecked at her window and blinked at her. Isabella smiled at it. The bird chirped for a while before fluttering away.

She was hooked. There was something going on in this town, and she had to know what. Besides, she hadn't really planned on going to class too much anyways.


The path to the high school was dark, but Isabella did not mind. Her sandals fell quietly against the forest floor, and Isabella did not mind the occasional scratch of leaves or splash of a puddle. A few times she was pretty sure she saw a deer darting through the woods by them, but she didn't want to stop the group to look. The air was fresh and full, the shadows between it all just dark enough to hide some exhilarating terror. She hummed softly, mostly listening to the chatter. There were enough big personalities in the group without her making any waves - and truthfully, she was going to need to know everyone's name before she started any shit. Sharon seemed the most fiery of the group, but the others did not seem like pushovers either. Quietly, Isabella suspected that she would be playing peacemaker before this was all over. Lord knows one of them will start some fight right when this serial killer's trying to watch us. If all this news about a serial killer was was kinda cool. The terror of it was not lost on Isabella, but she'd always loved mysteries. Now they got to be in one.

The high school was dilapidated. Isabella figured twenty years ago it was probably nicer than any high school in her home town. Four stories. That's a lot of lockers. She smirked, wondering how many people came out here to make out, or just look for ghosts. Really not much different from what they were doing, although it seemed the ghosts they hunted were more real. As long as they all stayed together they should've been fine. People were throwing around wooden spears and stopping time and stuff. Once again, she just figured she'd stay out of the way. Isabella knew she, if you wanted to call them that, but she didn't really think they were that useful. Animals liked her, she reckoned (which was the most helpful back when all those bugs showed up, I guess), and she didn't get cold that easily. She didn't really expect to be stopping this serial killer by herself.

Isabella knelt to look at the graffiti, pulling her sundress a bit closer to her. She'd meant to change into jeans or something she could climb fences in, but she'd overslept. She puffed and blew some of her hair out of her face as she flicked her flashlight at it. After a minute or two, a few fireflies came and settled around the graffiti, glowing faintly.

"Spooky," Isabella said, standing back up and brushing some of the dirt off her knees. Paige - wait her name is Paige, right? Just don't mention her by name and you'll be fine. Shit can't these people wear nametags was cracking jokes, which Isabella took for a good sign. It was important to keep people's spirits up. "Heh. So we're totally going inside, right?"
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Isabella followed along with Brittney, who was her one real connection to this group. She'd smiled at Billy's insanity plea comment. Seemed about fitting. There probably wasn't going to be anything that weird here, anyway. She made a note to talk to him later and get to know someone other than Brittney a bit better. They'd bumped into each other while Isabella was moving in and hit it off. Isabella liked to think she had pretty good instincts for people, and she was sure she'd get the others to warm up to her sooner rather than later. After all, everybody went to college to meet other people. Granted, a haunted house was a kind of strange icebreaker event, but she figured it was better than the usual orientation activities people had to do. Isabella had run out of fun facts about herself.

"Oooh, creepy basement," Isabella said, looking around. This place was...musty. Isabella wrinkled up her nose and pulled her hair back into a knot. She figured they'd probably be getting on their hands and knees, crawling around, doing Scooby Doo stuff. She slid her shoes on, anticiipating some tetanus-ridden nails lying around. Although she supposed she didn't really need to worry about that - Isabella didn't get sick too often.

Brittney was staring at some marks on the ground while Isabella perused through this guy's stuff. "Worse than a yard sale in here," she muttered, looking through all of his crap. "How are we supposed to - "

There was a large, painful-sounding noise from upstairs and Isabella yelped, starting for a second. Were there earthquakes here? Were basements safe in earthquakes? Even if it was, were these shelves going to rain down a lifetime's worth of useless shit on her to kill her? Isabella had these thoughts run through her head before Brittany took off upstairs. Isabella stood there for a moment, gathering her wits. "Well, um, I'm coming too!" she said to no one in particular, moving up the stairs a bit slower than Brittany had. She was not afraid, per se, but she figured tripping and falling in a crisis situation was not going to help anyone. Also, the jury was still out on the earthquake situation, so holding onto the handrail was probably wise.

Isabella came up into the ground floor of the house and quickly took in the situation. There was a guy who was badly hurt - Cheryl, Isabella thought her name was? And there was some kind of monster that Brittany had crucified with a stick. Isabella blinked for a moment. This made more sense to her than it should have - even after moving away so young, she'd had strange dreams of this place, of things she couldn't name and could barely remember. Perhaps it was that, or the adrenaline, or the need to focus on what was happening and not the horrifying wrongness of what was going on, but Isabella took a deep breath and soldiered on. Isabella, somehow, felt like she could tell who was outside the house, and just barely feel something like a swarm coming towards them. These things, she decided, would wait until things were significantly less panicked to be resolved.

"I can help him," Isabella said, not really sure if anyone was listening. She wasn't a doctor, but she'd always been good at helping take care of people. Besides, if Brittney was throwing trees through people, Isabella sincerely doubted she was really going to contribute to any monster-slaying. Besides, if the unconscious girl was creating this problem (Isabella was catching bits and pieces of what was going on) she figured a calming presence might be more help than her getting in the way. Isabella scrambled over to Justin. Through one of the yet-to-be-barricaded windows, the light of the setting sun fell softly on them. Unconscious, he still appeared to be in a bit of pain. Isabella took deep breaths and pulled Justin's hair off his face and . "Yeah, this is probably the shittiest first school day I've ever had," she muttered. She glanced at the windows, which the group was hurriedly trying to patch up. Isabella did not feel the need to vocalize this, but it was not going to do any good. She could feel despair slithering up through her, from somewhere dark and far away. They will slip through the cracks. They always do. Isabella checked Justin's pulse. It felt a little steadier, and his skin felt warmer. That was good - it meant he wasn't going into shock, right? In fact, Isabella thought his neck was looking better too, but perhaps that was just her imagination. No, it wasn't. The deep bruises that had already begun to form were definitely receding. That was nice. That was good.

A lizard scrambled out of some forgotten corner of the house and to the narrowing sunbeam beside Isabella. "You should probably leave, buddy," Isabella said to him. He stared at her blankly. A hornet flew by and the lizard's tongue darted out and ensnared it in one quick motion.

Isabella blinked. "Actually, you can stay. Or bring friends." Isabella stroked Jutsin's hair a bit more, trying to project good vibes and not totally sure what else to do. In the stress of the situation, she did not notice it, but the Sigil across her back began to glow very faintly, and the air warmed up. What little sunlight was able to get into the house grew stronger and brighter, if only a bit.

"You're gonna be totally fine," Isabella said with forced cheerfulness. We are totally fucked.


here goes nothing

Isabella May did not have butterflies in her stomach, but she did have one in her hair. She glanced up around her sunglasses and frowned. "How'd you even get up there?" she muttered. She'd had the windows up the entire ride. Regardless, she figured he wasn't hurting anybody. Isabella took one hand off the wheel and folded her glasses up, tossing the cheap pair onto the passenger seat, where they fell next to a handbag, a Keurig she meant to bring into her dorm room and forgot, and a bag of ingredients she got to make cookies. She figured that would be a good icebreaker. Wait, were there ovens in the dorms?

Isabella glanced down at her phone, which she knew was dangerous, but the stupid old thing didn't really do voice commands that well, so she was navigating the (new) old-fashioned way. Brittany's instructions had been pretty clear, but Isabella had tendencies to get hopelessly lost. That being said, Farmer Hill did feel more familiar - she had not been back since her family had left when she was a little girl, but she had vague memories of the place. She was glad they were going close to the mountain - she'd dreamed of it, every now and again. Isabella hummed to herself, drumming her fingers on the steering wheel. This place was definitely different. She preferred her mountains to these ones, but she couldn't complain too much. She double-checked her phone and saw that she was getting close. That made her grin (unbeknownst to her, the butterfly on her head perked up as she did this, and the glare in the rearview mirror sharpened). She enjoyed making friends, and what better way to make friends than an adventure. Checking out a spooky haunted house? Rumors of a serial killer on the loose? She'd always remembered Farmer Hill having a bit of a creepy touch, so this was perfect. Isabella was already excited for Halloween. There were so many possibilities for costumes, and they probably had crazy good corn mazes and stuff here. Did they corn up here? Isabella sighed. She really should have Google'd this place a little more. She remembered the downtown area well - her dad had taken her to get ice cream a lot when she was a kid, but obviously the college was foreign to her, and this area - the almost-wilderness near the mountain - felt familiar, in some way.

Her phone buzzed to life and instructed her to turn out of the driveway that she had left from some forty-five minutes ago. She turned it off, recognizing where she was from Brittany's instructions now. Her car - a bulky, mid 2000s SUV that made up for in character what it lacked in sexiness, lumbered closer to the dude's house. Brittany had mentioned a few passing details - a diary, someone had gone missing, there'd been some kind of a fight. Isabella really had tried to focus on what she was saying...

The farmland on the drive was pretty and serene. Once or twice a cow had galloped - or whatever cows do, Isabella supposed - alongside the car for a bit, staring at her before getting tired and going back to grazing. Even the animals were friendly here! She had no worries about making friends - Isabella could talk to a brick wall and walk away knowing the family tree of the mason who built it.

Before she made the last turn to John Reid's house, Isabella May could've sworn that she felt the people there - that for a second, she had the briefest instinct of how many, the feel of them, like a blind man seeing a painting for only a split second - and then it was gone. She frowned. Maybe that butterfly had been flying through the wrong flowers before it settled on her head. Isabella's car rumbled up to the others, consuming roughly a half gallon of gasoline in the process, and she clambered out. She turned off the car and checked her appearance really quick. Only one chance to make a proper first impression, after all.

Well, true to form, she'd gotten here late, too. Bad enough she was registering after everybody else. It just made Isabella laugh - oh well. She had not been on time to anything her entire life. Isabella opened the door and clambered out, then remembered she'd taken her shoes off to drive. She grabbed them out of the floorboard, accepting that between the barefeet and the stubborn little butterfly in her hair, she had put herself pretty squarely into the "hippie" caste from day one. "Hey y'all," Isabella May said. "Sorry I'm late. I'm Isabella May." she looked around. One of the girls looked a little roughed-up. She'd get a cookie first once Isabella had time to bake them. " I heard we're checking out a haunted house or something?"
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Of course not, the die rolls are in no way rigged or altered to achieve the outcome we want.

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