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Hello, friend! I just messaged you in regards to a role play we had!
I'm in search of a male partner to roleplay with casually throughout the week. I would like casual to semi-advanced. I normally can turn our a few paragraphs but if I'm on a roll I can turn out more.

I’m over 18, I require you to be too.

I'm seeking a few different themes. Any of the following are what I'm wanting but I am open to more! If it has a “**” by it then I’m really craving that!

Demon Lord x Demon Hunter: Modern time with a sort of mafia twist or a medieval setting is fine too.
In this one I would be the Demon Hunter. There's a few different ways we can play that out. Let's talk it out.

Vampire x Human: I'm really thinking of a maybe Feudal Japan setting or even set in the 1800s. I like the sounds of a young woman being sent away by her family to be a ward of a Lord or something along those lines. You know.

Prince/King x Queen/Princess: This I have a whole idea behind. Basically our characters are kidnapped by a warring nation and they have to ally with one another to make it back.

Vampire Hunter D x OC: I have read many of the books and love the series! Would love to see a roleplay come out of this scenario!

Witch x Witch Hunter: Pretty self explanatory, really.

Egyptian Priestess x Egyptian God (or Roman, Greek)**

Those are just the ones that come to mind right now. If you have better ideas or want to expand on any of the other ideas, please don't hesitate to message me privately or even comment here.

Also, I'm all for blood, gore, death, and blood. Just no character abuse. But like, other characters that we can put in the roleplay. Screw those guys. To add, romance is not required but I won't say no to it either.
Super interested.
I am about this!
I’ve been looking in to a good role play and I’ve been wanting to do something with demons!
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