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Current Well, I have entered the RPG world again. Things are still tough so it will be slow going for a while but I'm working myself back into it. Thank you ALL for your patience. <3
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1 yr ago
Sorry everyone. Things are a bit rough. I'll be back when I can. <3
1 yr ago
Sorry about the response time... I'm currently visiting with family I haven't seen in a long time and this summer is getting steadily harder for me... I'll do my best <3
1 yr ago
I was back... but now I'm in a slump and feeling pretty shitty. I'll reply when I can...
1 yr ago
GUYS I'M BACK. That was one exhausting vacation!


Hello Everyone!!! Let's just get right down to it!

~Dungeons & Dragons: this is my life currently. I am a student and have a part time job on campus. I started a tabletop roleplaying game club which meets twice every week to run campaigns. This is where my love for roleplaying began.

~Reading: will include favorite series below

~Writing: Unfortunately I have a hard time writing because I get bored describing things. I already know what is going to happen so I find writing it all out tedious. I love roleplay for this *exact* reason. I *don't* know what is going to happen. I can still have my character and play the way I want but I still get to be reactive and have surprises thrown at me. Plot twists in RP is what I LIVE for!

RP Interests: Here is the important stuff
I am most interested in 1x1 medieval fantasy roleplay. I have run many RPs for friends over message but I would really like to be able to sit back and be the player. I enjoy *every* aspect of roleplay. This includes romance and darker, more mature content. I don't really have any lines or veils so feel free to get gritty. The only restriction? Please make it tasteful. Don't torture my character repeatedly for no reason. I want to be able to use those sorts of things for development purposes. Also, I enjoy a good sex scene but I'm not here to just write erotica. I enjoy detail but let's also remember there is a larger story going on as well :-) Gore is fine. I am going into the medical field so anatomy fascinates me. Let's keep animal torturing to zero unless you have a really good reason. Also, bonus points if you can make me cry! Both tears of happiness and tears of sadness are appreciated.
NOTE: All of the mature content is optional. It does not have to be there as long as the story depth can be kept up without it :-)

I tend to RP while I do homework. It gives me a break and it makes me happy while I do it. This means that I will probably be getting on every day. Some days later than others but once I am on, I usually will be engaged and posting for multiple hours straight. I would love a partner who could keep up with that but I'm flexible.

Post Length:
I haven't been a part of an RP on here yet but I am willing to go into plenty of detail. My experience with RP has been over message so my posts there are usually dialogue with a short one or two sentence description but I want to be able to post longer responses. I am a very firm believer in quality over quantity. Sometimes I totally understand if you want to see how a character will react before you continue which leads to shorter posts. Let's at least give some dialogue and a few descriptions of what is going on so it's not too short but please do what feels right. Don't keep writing because you think there is a paragraph minimum because then the quality can fall. Let's be casual style but advanced storytellers!

If I have forgotten anything of importance, PM me! Now...

Favorite Book Series (in no particular order):
~The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind
~The Throne of Glass series by Sara J. Maas (not exactly looking for a fandom RP but something in this vein would be sweet!)
~The Queen of the Tearling series by Erika Johansen
~Inkheart series by Cornelia Funke
~The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini

Thanks for stopping by!

~~Hellish Hin

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From the Darkness

Salina ate her food relatively slowly, not because she wanted to savor the food but because she wanted to give people a chance to have their curiosity piqued by her presence. Now that Batharyn seemed to be settling down and didn't seem like he was going to head off to her room any time soon. That gave her time to set up a client base at least for the night.

As she ate, she reached up and pulled her hood down, letting her long silver hair tumble down the back of her black cloak. She discretely glanced around and saw a few of the patrons looking at her curiously which pleased her. When she had finished her meal she thanked the barkeep with a smile then wandered over and sat at a stool around the fire. She picked a younger man who was pretending like he wasn't looking at her but was making very obvious glances in her direction.

She sat across the room from him and didn't say a word but she also did not take her eyes off of him. He was embarrassed to find she had noticed him looking at her but even when he looked away, he could feel her piercing gaze on him. This was one of her many tricks to draw people in. She looked at them as if she knew them and it would either make people uncomfortable enough to confront her or curious enough to come talk to her. Either way, she got what she wanted. This man was no different. After about two minutes of her staring, he finally stood to approach her.
Into a Trap

The Noble Fight

The Quartered Isle

The Mechanical Wings of Change

The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Hawk's Flight

The Thief and the Guard

So I did an edit and a bump right before the fourth of july. Probably not the best idea so I did some more editing and here it is again!
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