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Hi all! Welcome in; thanks for clickin' on my humble interest check!

First: About Me!

I'm a freshman at an undisclosed university. That means that not only am I barelyyy sane by this point in the semester, but I also stay pretty busy with my life off the internet. Does that keep me from making an interest check on a site that will likely have me hooked instantly? Of course not.

However, it does mean that I'm looking for something a little more laid back. I am still searching for one or two partners at an advanced or high-casual level that want to chill out, write, chat OOC, and don't mind slow replies (probably once a week or so, at the fastest. But hey, I may surprise myself with some secret posting speed, should I be especially inspired).

Speaking of inspiration, here's what I'm on the hunt for:

Historical fiction; you either love it, or you hate it. I personally love it. I'm looking to use inspiration from real-life past events, historical accuracy (with a touch of artistic license), and exciting, interesting characters to bring some stories to life. I like romance in my stories too, and also get excited when people are willing to take on multiple characters.

I am ok with mature content, just let me know what your rules are on that beforehand! I won't do anything too outlandish, but for the most part I'm all good. Don't hesitate to tell me if you want to stay fully clear of something that might come up in a particular plot, please! I tend to write pretty graphically, so if you have any particular triggers (again, that might become relevant to a story if I'm not told beforehand) you gotta let me know! I will do the same if something starts to bother me.

Below, I'm going to list some settings that I would really like to use as jumping-off points. As a reminder, once again, I'm really only looking for partners that can write some pretty hefty posts at a laid-back rate. Additionally, I'm looking for romance, intrigue, and some excitement from my partner (a.k.a willingness to chat about our plot OOC).

To hit one last note before I list my ideas, I strive for realism in my stories. To me, this means that if used, reference photos will be realistic, if not a real photo. It also means that in order for us to really enjoy ourselves, a fair degree of historical accuracy must be employed. That doesn't mean you need extensive knowledge right off the bat-- part of the fun is learning! Be willing to do some research on stuff you don't know about yet (gosh, if you couldn't tell I was a nerd already, research sounds fun to me)!

Part 2: The Ideas!

At Last: The Goodbye!
That's all I'll list for now! If there's something your craving that you think I'd like, PM me (I likely won't be responding on this thread, so PM me to chat about anything in this thread). I'd also potentially be down for a small PM group, so if that sounds like something you'd be interested in, let me know!

As one, final side note- I'm a super visual person. I'm not that good of an artist, but I may draw some stuff from our writings. I also enjoy making playlists and sending songs that inspire me and remind me of our story, so if that sounds like something you'd like, hit me up!

Until we meet again!
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