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Sage was repulsed by how many sins this guy committed within the short time she listened to his drivel. She narrowed her eyes and lifted her finger, ready to give him a piece of her mind.

Suddenly, however, the tall intruder from before appeared, falling on top of both of them before she could get a word out. The luxury ball she was holding that held her prized Tsareena flew out of her hand onto the ground. Before she could grab it, the girl swiped it right in front of her! She rattled off some ridiculous nonsense and took off quickly.

Despite the fact that this disgusting boy had done so much, this girl had trespassed against her not once, but twice. She had no time to waste with this weirdo, she had to chase after her to get back her Pokemon. Who did she think she was? Grey eyes blinked back angry tears.
“Hey!” Sage yelled, pulling her hair quickly back into a ponytail. She ran after the thief, shouting, “That’s my Pokemon! Come back you treacherous monster!” 

Great. So many things wrong today, and if her beautiful dress got even a little dirty, she was suing. Both of them.
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Sage was livid. Her eyes narrowed as she crossed her arms. 
“I simply will not do it, Jasper. You know how I feel about cargo pants!”
Jasper, her bodyguard/agent sighed, taking a seat next to her on the highly-decorated sofa. 
“I know, dear, but remember what your fans will think. This is a brand new design, and you have such a great relationship with the store-“
“You mean my PARENTS’ store?” She pursed her lips and let out an exasperated sigh. “Look, Jasper, I need some air, yanno? Give me five.” 
Patting down her knee length, frilly red dress, she stood up and stormed out of the set, waltzing through the Pharmacy that was blocked off from the plebeians that adored her. She smiled and waved at the crowd, blowing a kiss and winking at her followers. She felt her ego rise as usual, filling the void.

She was about to leave through the emergency exit to get some fresh air when suddenly she saw someone barreling through the masses. Sage’s eyes widened when she saw the tall brazen girl pushing her people to the side. She stepped in front of her, blocking her path.
“Oh, it’s so nice to have one of my fans get through the barriers! I’ll give you a special photograph, please come with me!~” She grinned and waved at the jealous fans.

Sage pulled this mysterious, obnoxious tall girl into the hallway alcove and began her storm.
“Um, I don’t know who you think you are ma’am, but you need to leave. This is off-limits for my photoshoot” 

Jasper caught up with her in the alcove, knowing full well what kind of ruckus she would start. Already infuriated, she forced a smile before her guardian could say anything to her. “Oh, Jasper! Please take care of my number-one fan who made it through the crowd just for me! I was just leaving.”…not without twisting her face into a scowl at the intruder.

She flounced out of the emergency exit, forgetting her annoyances. How dare they ask her to wear pants for this photoshoot? She did not care how much they wanted her to. She could probably convince them to let her wear her dresses… like she always did. She tiptoed down the stairs and slammed the back door of the very tall department store. Finally Sage could take a breath. She breathed in slowly, looking up at the bright sun. I am the most beautiful person in the world. I get paid to just get my photo taken! Ahh, think about how much my fans will love me after this photoshoot… Her mind continued to flood with such thoughts until she felt someone run into her. She gasped, ripped from her narcissistic thoughts.

 Filled with rage, she turned around to face a very dirty young man. Disgusted, she flippantly waved her hands at him, “Um, EXCUSE me? Can I HELP you?”

In lol 7 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
adrien is awesome tho
L is currently just sketching
In lol 7 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
im gonna kill u
In lol 7 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In lol 7 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Name: Sage Orr

Age: 20

Biography: Raised by the owners of the Goldenrod Department Store, Sage has grown up neglected. Her parents were always too busy taking trips, having business meetings, and creating new merchandise for the store to pay her any mind. She got her start modeling for the Department Store itself (her parents forced her at first) before her career took off, and now she models around the regions, but has to come back to Goldenrod regularly for photoshoots.

Personality: Sage enjoys her lonely life of luxury. Since she hit 18, she has been able to travel the regions as a professional model. She enjoys the attention of her fans, and loves being recognized in public. She also loves battling with trainers, because it gives her opportunities to be photographed. Having loads of money from her career, she easily gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. Her agents/bodyguards, Jasper and Madison, find her new jobs while also making sure she is safe, as she is a celebrity. She does find them overbearing, and gets frustrated with their hovering. Her patience is thin, and she expects life to come to her easily. If not, she will lose it until her needs are met.

Appearance: A whopping 5”4’, and very thin. She has long, thick, white-blonde hair that goes down to almost her thighs. Grey eyes. She looks like a little doll, and is very fashionable. Sage does not go out in public without her hair done, make-up applied and accessories worn. She loves frilly dresses and refuses to leave the house (or hotel) without wearing one.

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