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Vader’s Fist

Location: The City - Office Building

The stormtroopers of Vader’s Fist, each pair with their own designated section of the roof, made their move to take down these mysterious rebel forces.

The squad leader and the sixth trooper of the squad, TK-359, stayed where they were behind the cover of an air conditioning unit. Neither trooper spoke to each other but they knew the plan and would be ready to spring into action the moment they needed to.

”I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” TK-777 said to his partner as they were moving from cover to cover around the right side of the roof.

”You always have a bad feeling about everything, Coward.” TK-451 said in response, crouching down behind some nearby cover to avoid being seen by the enemy.

”Coward? Wha- Is that supposed to be a nickname or something?”

TK-451 gave a small shrug to Coward. ”It’s easier to give you a nickname rather than keep calling you by your number all the time. Oh, and it’s the name we call you behind your back.” He let out a little chuckle when he finished saying that last part.

”Well, that’s just great…” Coward was obviously a little annoyed at this new nickname he had been given but he did agree with what TK-451 was saying in regards to nicknames. ”Well, what should I call you?”

Now that’s a good question. I hadn’t actually thought of one for myself. Let’s see…” TK-451 thought to himself for a few moments about a nickname he could give himself before he noticed some movement. ”We’ll have to get back to this later. There’s movement up ahead, get ready.”

Coward nodded and gripped his blaster tightly, preparing himself for a fight.

TK-009, along with his partner TK-268, went around to the left side of the roof. However, one of them was getting a little antsy for some combat.

”Can’t we just rush forward and blast them already? I want some action!” TK-009 said, expressing his aggressive nature to his partner.

”If you want to get blasted to bits with whatever weird weapons these rebels have, be my guest.” The female voice of TK-268 replied in a sarcastic manner. She didn’t much care for the way TK-009 acted but letting him run in and die needlessly probably wasn’t a good way to go about things. ”Let’s just focus on staying alive for now. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of opportunities to blast these rebels later.”

”That’s no fun though!” 009 retorted, only to get an annoyed sigh from 268 as a response. ”Alright, fine! But you better save one of those rebels for me.”

”Yeah, I’ll be sure to-.” 268 started but was cut off when she noticed some movement. This was definitely the enemy making their move. She signalled to 009 and they both crouched down behind some nearby cover.

Vader silently watched as the mysterious silhouette slid down the side of the building, growing ever closer to the ground before he seemed to jump away from the wall and come to a rolling stop. From the looks of it, this individual was wearing some strange looking armour and weapons he had never seen before which was likely some new creation made by the rebels. And if that were to be true, then this man was his enemy.

The Sith Lord ignited his blood red lightsaber and moved into the stance of Form Five of lightsaber combat. He did not know what this armored rebel’s intentions were but the weapons this rebel was holding did little more than make him seem like a threat. So Vader would deal with this threat like he would do with any other and began walking towards his opponent, preparing himself for retaliation.
Vader’s Fist

Location: The City - Office Building

Some of the stormtroopers recoiled behind their cover as the grenade went off, obviously not expecting the explosion.

”What the- Are you crazy? That was insane!”

”Well, it worked, didn’t it?” The trooper who threw the grenade took a small peek over his cover and attempted to observe whatever he could through the smoke. ”That got them to stop shooting at us at least.”

”But that was-”

”Alright, it seems the enemy has stopped firing on us due to the grenade explosion. So, we are all going to split up into teams of two to cover more ground along this rooftop. TK-777 and TK-451, you two will be paired together and will go up the right side of the roof. Same thing with 009 and 268, you two will go toward the left side. Lastly, that leaves 359 and myself going up the middle. Does everyone understand that?”

The commander gets a shared nod and a “Yes Sir” from the rest of his squad, TK-777 being a slight bit more reluctant than the others. Once the orders were given and acknowledged, the appointed groups began moving out to their positions, slowly and carefully coming out from cover with blasters at the ready.

Meanwhile, Vader was still busy examining the vehicle that was the Warthog (though he doesn’t know that) when he heard the faint sound of an explosion from the top of the office building. What are those troopers doing up there? The Sith Lord wouldn’t get much time to wonder when he saw a figure jumping off and sliding down the side of the building. He could not believe that this was one of his troopers and identified this individual as an enemy and pulled out his lightsaber hilt, ready to ignite it once this figure reaches him.
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Vader’s Fist

Location: The City - Office Building

The troopers looked on at the pods when the hatches suddenly opened up and 5 soldiers stepped out, wearing armour that was just as unusual and weird looking as the one in green from before.

The stormtroopers watched in stunned silence as the soldiers that had just come out of the pods were conversing with each other before pointing weapons in their direction. The troopers readied themselves for a fight against these new combatants but immediately realised they no longer had the number advantage.

Once the fighting began, the stormtroopers quickly made their way behind different objects on the roof to use as makeshift cover. They didn’t know if these strange pod soldiers’ weapons could penetrate through their stormtrooper armor but they weren’t going to stand out in the open to find out.

”How the hell are we going to get out of this? Anyone got any ideas?” One of the troopers said, looking around at his squadmates.

”Just one, but I’m gonna need you to shut up for a second.” The more aggressive trooper than took off a fragmentation grenade from his belt and showed it to the others. ”Whaddya think, huh? This’ll send them running for sure!”

Without waiting for any sort of response or go ahead from any of his other squadmates, the trooper activated the grenade and threw it at the ODSTs all while shouting, ”Eat on this!”
Vader’s Fist

Location: The City - Office Building

The troopers continued firing at their target in the hopes of taking him down. However, they quickly realised that blaster shots didn’t seem to be effective, at least as far as they could tell. Before the stormtroopers could deal any real damage with their blasters, Chief had taken cover behind an air conditioning unit.

At this point, the commander had regained his previously shot away weapon and joined the others. Now, he and his men all slowly started moving towards the cover that their enemy had hid behind. As they creeped up on Chief’s cover, one of the troopers spotted something out of the corner of his eye and looked up to see five mysterious silhouettes dropping from the sky.

”Hey-hey! Look out!”

The rest of the squad’s attention was brought to the things falling from the sky. It looked like these objects were going to land directly on them and the troopers had to jump back out of the way.

Once the dust settled, the troopers would see the five objects were actually pods and it looked like there was a hatch that one could use to open them up. Did ithe pods have something within them?

”What the hell are those?”

Skulduggery Pleasant
Valkyrie Cain

Location - Snowy Forest

She hadn’t hit him but Valkyrie was still somewhat satisfied that she had at least managed to catch him off guard with her attack.

At that moment, Inosuke decided to initiate an attack of his own but Skulduggery saw this coming and held his hand out towards the masked man. The skull-faced detective flexed his fingers again and manipulated the air in order to push Inosuke away before he could land his attack.
Skulduggery Pleasant
Valkyrie Cain

Location - Snowy Forest

Skulduggery kept his gun aimed at the strange man, who he now knew as Inosuke Hasibira. He found the name a little strange but it wasn’t quite the weirdest he had heard in his time.

Valkyrie had picked herself up off the ground and stood beside Skulduggery. She was somewhat annoyed at being attacked for no reason, especially by some guy wearing a boar mask over his head.

”Are you going to shoot him?” Valkyrie quietly whispered to Skulduggery.

The Skeleton Detective turned to his partner upon hearing this question. ”Most likely not. Why, did you want to use that new power of yours?”

Valkyrie gave him a little nod and stepped forward towards Inosuke, white lighting beginning to crackle in her hands and without a second wasted, she shot the lighting out at their boar-masked attacker.

Toph Beifong

Location: Desert

Toph, as usual, was finding it rather difficult to move in this desert sand. She tried making it easier on herself by condensing the sand so he could walk on it without worrying about falling over.

Suddenly, she heard the noise of something landing in front of her followed by a voice. The voice did not sound like anyone she has heard before and her immediate reaction was to jump back and get into a fighting stance just in case things turned out bad. Though Toph knew that if things did turn into a fight, she would most certainly be at a disadvantage because of the current terrain.

”Who are you? Why do you sound like that?” Toph asked, confused on why whoever she was talking to squawked like a bird.

Vader’s Fist

Location: City - Office Building

Before the troopers could get close enough to Chief, the squad leader had his weapon shot out of his hands. The Commander noticed this hostile action and ordered his troops to open fire.

”Take him out!”

Blaster shots zoomed through the air as the stormtroopers tried to hit their enemy. They couldn’t quite get a clear shot on Chief by the way he was moving and soon enough, he had taken cover behind an air conditioning unit. The troopers recomposed themselves and slowly begun moving towards where they last saw their enemy.
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