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The Status Bar is the new Persistent World RP
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April 23rd can't come soon enough
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@Gentlemanvaultboy @Lugubrious @Delta44 Should we work together on a collab post?
I'd like to get in on this too if it isn't too much trouble
When am I gonna be able to get back into this?
The Scrapyard is after the Ancient Gardens, right?
@Stern Algorithm That was pretty short but I guess it couldn't really be helped
@Archmage MC I’ll make it work
Say hello to an expert in the art of murdering things, the famous assassin droid HK-47.

Again let me know if I need to add more on anything.

With the last of the goblins dead and out of their way. He turned his attention back to Zer0 and the Courier, the latter of whom was still looking for the perpetrator who had thrown the bomb earlier. Just then, the same laughter heard from before when the first bomb hit happened again. Death scouted the top of the canyon with his eyes but found no one. What he did see, however, was more bombs being lobbed down towards them again. Soon, it became too much to deal with and they would most definitely be overwhelmed if they didn’t do something.

Using his agility, Death managed to navigate through the hail of bombs for the most part and seemed to be getting close to the other side of the canyon. All seemed like it was going well until he caught the sound of a beep to his side. He wasn’t able to move away from the blast zone in time and the invisible bomb went off, the blast sent Death crashing into the wall of the canyon, stunning him for a few seconds. He was able to get his bearings quickly enough to avoid another bomb going off in close proximity to him, dashing forward, attempting to get to the other side of the canyon again. Back on his way, he tripped another invisible mine, using his Death Grip, he latched onto the canyon wall and pulled himself in a way that propelled him forwards and away from the blast.

Up ahead, Death saw that a small group of these goblins had successfully made it to the other end without being blown to bits by the onslaught of bombs. Not wanting to waste any more time killing these things, he weaved passed them, only barely avoiding some of their attacks.Out of sight of those goblins, he thought to himself for a short while. Death had decided that he must leave the others and find his Horseman brothers. Although hesitant at first about leaving, he quickly pushed those thoughts aside and went on his own way, leaving the group he had been with only briefly behind.
Ok, Death is now out of the RP. I'll get to work on another character to replace him.
I'm gonna get a post out soon for Death leaving the group to go on his own and then I'll work on creating a character to replace him
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