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The Kitsune looked at her and smiled sweetly at her and nodded his head slowly "As I will always have your back as well. Sorry I was so hostile upon first meeting" he muses gently as aura glowed slightly a deep golden color.

The rest of the night seemed to drag on uneventful, merely the chatter of those awake and those asleep snoring away and resting up.
Toroak looked at her deeply and blinked his eyes "Really?" he asked tilting his head gently looking at her past her eyes and into her soul slightly knowing eyes where windows to souls which was his specialty.

Maya looked at Dante and sighed gently and tapped his forehead dropping him into a sleep and placed him on Vos bed and smirked gently "Sweet dreams you two bickering couple" snickered and leaves locking the door and letting that unfold in the morning as she walked back down the hallway and looking around and keeping tabs on everything. Her heels clicked on the ground as she went back to VT soul home and looked at it and sighed "Soon VT soon" she assured smiling before settling down against the wall in the main living area and slowly falling asleep her giant fiery red wings curled around her.
Torak looked at her slowly blinking his deep eyes and sighed gently "because I've grown attached to you , so my jealousy gets turned on with other guys around" he mutters gently looking away slightly.

Maya looked at him "I only have a idea of what she could be I don't have any solid evidence on anything" she shook her head "Dante get some rest"
Maya looked at Dante and shrugged her shoulders "Only a hunch really I don't have a solid lead yet about it but I might know" she said looking at the other.

Toroak looked at her slowly blinking his eyes "I wish I could tell you but I don't need any more tensions already" he mutters gently
Maya looked at Dante "You need to rest as well Dante your tired as well" said looking at the other concerned

Toroaksui shook his head "nah just us don't get along as we are two different personalities. Now its time for you to get some rest, your tired and you need it and don;t give me that I am not tired I wanna do some shit talk with me Or I will put you to sleep" he teased and half serious.
Maya looked at Dante and tilted her head "Do you not feel it?" she pondered confused looking at Vos and tilted her head, how strange. She blinked her eyes and scanned Vios slightly

Toroak tilted his head "Im always nice to you" he rolled his eyes amused "Unless you piss me off" he teased and looked at the ceiling "well when two guys are protective over one female tension will run high between them is all" he said looking back at her slowly.
Maya nodded as she walked in but the back of her neck hair stood up sharply suddenly feeling Vos ripple "the hell?"

Toroak stared at her "calm down everyone's fine" he assured Sarena as he sat there smiling
Maya and Toroak got Sarena to her room as Toroak stayed and smiled "Now can you please rest?" he asked amused stroking her hair gently. Maya smirked gently and shook her head and left the room as she went to go check on dante and Vos.

Maya managed to come into Vos room and looked at Dante "You definitely look like shit, and so does she, what happened here?" she asked tilting her head looking at the semi-destroyed room.

Samuel chuckled gently "I'll be fine don't worry about me" he muses to Bane shaking his head slowly.
Maya nodded her head and looked at Samuel and tilted her head "Hes thirsty hasn't dranl blood in over amonth" she said dismissing Samuel concern as she helped Sarena go to her room as Toroak raised an eyebrow "Risky Samuel to do that" As the vampire rolled his eyes gently at them dismissing their concern "I can go much longer"

Vos went back into a deep slumber and colledped into her own head back into her own memories. Her room slowly repairing itself.
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