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That's fine. It's sci-fi, so I think it's possible.

According to some light research, Wookies are physiologically unable to speak English so you would need a translator. Alternatively, you could have a device that could translate for you. Perhaps something attached to the neck or near the mouth that translates the Wookie language to fhe listener.

When I made the factions, I imagined the New Jedi Order to be the smallest and least powerful. It is just a handful of apprentices and knights along with Luke Skywalker. A far cry from the old Order. So, I believe so yeah. And yes, Yavin Iv is both the capital of the New Republic and where the temple of the New Jedi Order is located.

@Guy of Z

I prefer it if everyone plays their own original characters. I'll be playing all the other already existing characters from the Expanded Universe or Canon.


Personally, I've never seen a Rodian or an Ewok OC in a Star War RP before. But, if you can make it work I'd like to see it.

@Guy of Z

Sounds good. Just make a character sheet using the template and I'll take a look.


It has only been three months since the Battle of Endor. Unlike in the EU, Mara Jade is able to find Luke Skywalker sooner and she tries to kill him. He defeats her, but offers to help her find redemption. After failing to kill Luke, she feels directionless and Luke has given her the freedom to do as she pleases, something she couldn't prior under the Emperor (at least, to the extent she can now).

Eduard had made his own little spot near a boulder on one of the corners of the spacious cave. There, he set up a sleeping bag and a small lamp to read a book for later. When he spotted Dorran, he stood up and walked over to him.

"Dorran? Do you have a moment?" Said Eduard, placing his hands in his pockets.

Dorran was sitting cross legged at his bedroll going over his weapons when he heard Eduard approach. "Ah, the good doctor. What ails you, friend?" the chief asked as he set his heavy mace to the side.

"When I arrived in Kalla, there was someone I encountered who um..." Eduard paused for a moment, thinking how to phrase his question properly. "-who caught my eye, I suppose. Blonde hair, green eyes, thin atheletic frame and fine embroidened clothes. He seems to he in his early 20's. Do you know him?"

"Aye, that'd be the tailor, Aerex. Young scrawny fella, but a master tailor. A big help ta lady Valia as well, seems ta keep a special order of silks for her and her girls. He's not from Kalla, as you cold probably tell, but he earns his keep all the same. Good lad," Dorran said, trying to give a brief description of him. "He took Juliana as his apprentice as well, helped her greatly. Not quite the sight you would expect runnin' around in this desert, eh?" he laughed.

"Do you know where he's from?"
Eduard was doing his best to keep his real intentions hidden. Sure, he had known Dorran for years, but, this was something he preferred to keep to himself.

"Hmmm...," Dorran had to think back a bit, but the memory came to him. "I think I remember him sayin he was from Trantis, that great lake below Salna. Odd though, struck me more of a Portean when I met him."

"Me too. His clothes seemed inspired by Portean designs. What he was wearing reminded me of what I used to wear way back in the day when I was his age." Eduard smiled briefly, seemingly recalling some fond memory of the past. A rare sight for the usually 'grumpy' Eduard.
"Anyway, do you know anything else abou him?"

"Can't say i do, I know from others that he is trustworthy and enjoys his work, that's about it. What's all this interest about? Needin' a new suit, eh?" Dorran laughed. Suits were an oddity to him, but he knew people in Portea were big fans of them. Nothing but a hinderance and extra heat in his own personal opinion.

"Yes. I wanted to know if he was trustworthy. He is clearly skilled but I wanted to see what kind of reputation he had."
An outright lie, but it was best that Eduard kept his real intentions a secret.

"Well yes. I've had rather some awful experiences with other tailors. This time, I want to make sure I have the right person."
Another lie. Though this one was more obvious than the last.

Dorran waved his hand from side to side, dismissing Eduard's overly cautiousness as he set his weapon down and leaned back, head resting on a makeshift pillow of bundled cloth, using his blanket to rest his head on instead of getting under it. "The lad is fine. Odd time to be worrying about a suit though, should focus on tomorrow, and get some rest," Dorran said as he propped one leg on another and shut his eyes with a big sigh. "For all we know, they could be out there waiting for us already."

"Yeah." Eduard fidgeted with his fingers for a moment before turning around walking away to his corner.

Eduard settled down in his makeshift sleeping bag, setting his head down against a small pillow near the rock. Before closing his eyes, all he could think about was the tailor, Aerex. He felt like a young man again. Chasing after guys his own age when he was in medical school. But, at this point in his life perhaps he was getting too old to be falling for men younger than he was. Still, even when he tried to convince himself otherwise he couldn't get over Aerex' looks. Maybe... he could give it a shot.


All of your apps have been approved. Please place them on the character tab.
<Snipped quote by Honesty Crow>\

Giveth me a day or two and I should be able to toss a couple bios your way.

Sounds good. I look forward to seeing them.
Question: Can I have my main character lead Rogue Squadron, or would you prefer that Wedge Antilles still be leading it at this time?

And if I can't use it, is Red Squadron fine?

I have a suggestion. You could be a part of Rogue Squadron. Perhaps you may have an opportunity to succeed Wedge as the leader of Rogue Squadron. How's that?

Question, do Y'all need some evil force users Besides Jerec?

Let me know what you guys need, if no to villainous force users, I've got an a pair of OC's in mind, but I'm fine tailoring my stuff to meet the GM's needs. The Ja'Karr order is interesting too

Right now, the Imperial Remnant is lacking members. Though, right now all the new characters are Force-sensitive. So, perhaps having a non-Force Sensitive character would be cool.
When Neev got to work on Aerex, Juliana stayed right by her employer's side. She never would have thought that Aerex was a Grusk. Though, this explained why he never wanted her around after closing time. Perhaps he was using some kind of spell to hide his features? Who knows? Juliana was just a young Kalla girl who got picked up from the street by Aerex. She stood there, not knowing what to do or what to say. Despite her best attempts Aerex never opened up about himself. He was a very private man, but he never became defensive. In fact, he was fair and gentle. Aerex always asked if she was short on anything and he went out of his way to make sure she lived well. Now she felt guilty. He had left his shop behind just to go and make sure she was okay. And now, she didn't even know if he was going to make it. Juliana, with tears in her eyes, tried to comfort Aerex as best she could. She held on to his hand, and gently caressed his head. It was all she could do. His hands had strange markings glowing blue streaks that ran from the forearm down the wrist to the top of the fingers. And, to make the situation worse, he looked like he could barely breathe and he also seemed to be catching a fever. Was he even going to make it?

On his end, Aerex could barely hold himself together. He was sobbing and struggling against the pain. There was a piercing pain in the lower part of his chest that made it difficult to breathe. A similar pain was also coming from his shoulder, which was probably dislocated. He thought he would pass out any minute now. Despite it all, there wasn't a bit of regret. Even when he felt like he was going to die right there, Aerex would jump to help Juliana again. However, that wasn't the only thing in his mind. He could hear the female healer speak over him. The simple spell he used to conceal his race had been broken. What did they think? What would Juliana think? Kalla was known for its acceptance of other races, but the Grusk didn't exactly have a good reputation to begin with. All he could hope was that they thought the same of Grusk as they did Beastmen. Glancing to the side, he saw Juliana holding on to one of his shaky hands with tears in her face. She shouldn't need to see him like this. Aerex knew she always cared, but he always kept her out of his past. Now, he was beggining to regret it. He felt ashamed for making their friendship so one-sided. Now that there was the possibility that he could die, what would she think of him then?
1. He started having doubts when he was ordered to kill a whole lot of children when the Empire found a group trying to rebuild the Jedi Order. Jaed did it, but started to doubt whether he was still doing the right thing.

2. He didn’t join the New Republic or New Jedi Order, because of guilt. He doesn’t see himself as worthy of being a Jedi anymore. So, he fell in with criminals because that’s how he sees himself, and they pay good money for force sensitive muscle.

I’ll get to writing up a Force/Skill matrix up tonight.

But, he joined the Empire so he wouldn't be killed. Did he believe the Empire was a force for good and then change his mind? Or, was he blinded by the Dark Side and this massacre opened his eyes?
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