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The Lifeblood

The Lifeblood stirred No, the Lifeblood recoiled. So much creative force, so much good, a natural ebb back was due.

Balance needed to be preserved in some form. These minds that had sprung from the Lifeblood were pure and newborn with only kind, constructive thoughts in mind. This imbalance lead to an amount up of negative energy building up and coalescing within the Lifeblood that was reaching a point where it would only be natural if this energy was expended; both to be able to mend the imbalance and preserve the future purity of the Lifeblood.

It took place in the midst of the still barren rock on the small island west of the main landmass. It started small, but gradually the Lifeblood dug away and deeper into the center of this island. The Lifeblood ripped deeper and deeper into the crust, removing the stone that it had previously brought into existence. A faint glow began to come from the hole, unlike the glow that came from the Bright One, this glow was sinister in its origin. At least, it felt sinister. Its sinister presence expanded further up, creeping up the hole and reaching the opening. At this point the Lifeblood had dug a hole very deep within the planet, to the point where the planet's own internal heat seeped into the hole, making it unbearably hot. On the surface, the island was now not much more than a fairly thin ring of land around the Hell Hole, and was enshrined in a light that came from deep below.

The Lifeblood started to retract, but it's correction was not completely finished. It also bestowed upon the island the living interpretations of the sinister ground light. From the Hell Hole the Lifeblood spawned branching, red plants that resembled dry coral reefs above the ground, the Hellicas. These plants were the largest plants of this ecosystem, covering all of the smaller plants known collectively as Hellgrass. Various rock-magmas critters scuttled around this new island, feeding on both the Hellgrass and each other.

Lastly, in a display of it's might, as well as to finish off the negative energy, the Lifeblood summoned forth a behemoth to inhabit this hole. The creature clawed its way into existence. It had twenty-four long, sturdy, flexible legs and a massive, deep maroon body with a thick armored hide. It had a head coming from the front, or what one would consider the front since the rest of the body was largely radial in symmetry; the head rested atop a thick neck and wore hundreds of eyes on each side of its strangely mammalian head. Thousands of huge, sharp teeth rested in its drooling mouth and a highly sensitive nose fit in just above. The entire colossal creature scuttled into the Hell Hole, which became its home. Just the sight of the creature would be enough to make any weak-minded mortal go mad with fear with the mere comparison between this monstrous horror and themselves. The creature needs little to no external food as it manifests most of its energy from the heat from the ground itself; however it will easily eat any living creature whenever it feels the appetite. This creature is henceforth known as the Gr'Tolkath, or the Guardian to the Gate of Hell, as mortals will call it.

The Lifeblood, satisfied in its balancing, retracts back into the recesses.

So applications are cut off for this? I would really like to join if at all possible.
@Skyrimosity The figures listed are their earnings for all years combined, not annually. Confused me at first too. Also yes the montgomery team is still available, That first post is a little outdated because the san Antonio team has been bought too. The reason they are hiring coaches is because they are just being run as npcs currently. Joining the discord would help a lot if you'd like to join.
The Rattlesnakes' Logo!
San Antonio Bullfrogs, of the PFL, re-branded as the Austin Rattlesnakes March 15, 2019
This morning University of Texas alum Darian Stone announced that he had recently finished negotiations to purchase the San Antonio Bullfrogs, a team in the new Professional Football League. On top of this he added that he was moving the team to Austin and re-branding the team as the "Austin Rattlesnakes". We have this quote from him:

" I believe Austin is a better choice for the start of this team, and for the future of the PFL as a whole. The PFL was started as a way to bring professional-level sports to College dominated cities, and Austin is one of the prime examples of this. While the Longhorns at UT have popularity all around the city, people in Austin have always had to root for professional teams from either Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio, being in between all three. I am hoping to give them a Professional team they can root for from their very own city. " - Darian Stone, Owner of the Austin Rattlesnakes

The Rattlesnakes are placed eighth in the draft order for the PFL's first draft, and Stone is two weeks behind other owners in the league to hire coaches. The nation looks to him to see what he can do with his limited resources, and see if his dream of a great Austin team can become a reality.
I'd love to be part of this! Still open to join as one of the other teams?
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