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If she was being completely honest, Nia was still in awe about this whole magic-is-real, being-a-witch thing. She'd actually had to pinch herself a handful of times already, just to reassure herself- this was real. She wasn't dreaming.

She'd always known there was something different about her- well, aside from her general difference. How things would happen around her, with weird and inexplicable reasons. How her hair would grow inches overnight every time she was forced to cut it, how she would land feather-light no matter how high the fall, that sort of thing. It just never really occurred to her that the reason was that she was an actual honest-to-goodness witch!

Nia had only been there a day, but she had already fallen in love with the towering ceilings, the talking paintings, the huge house tables (and all that food!), the thought-provoking questions she had to answer to get into her dormitory. There were suits of armor all around the school, she'd heard rumors of a poltergeist, had actually seen the large, ghostly-white tentacle of the Giant Squid on her journey over the lake the previous night. Apparently there were even unicorns in the magical forest on the grounds! (Which, apparently, all students were forbidden from entering- really, what an unimaginative name, The Forbidden Forest. There was absoltely no way she was going to honor a lazy title like that. Plus, a far cry from her old school the teachers were cool, the classes awesome - there was even a class completely about how to turn things into other things!

(The only disappointment, honestly, was that students aren't allowed to use magic under-age when they were at home. There had been a fabulous five minutes where Nia had just disregarded it as another school rule there to be broken, until a senior Ravenclaw corrected her. It was actually an international law that could get her expelled- or worse, sent to prison!)

Which lead to Nia's second visit to the library today, hunting down a book on magical law, just to cover her bases. Imagining trying to explain why she had been arrested for sneezing and turning auntie Asri's tunic green! ....Again.

As she managed to locate and borrow the book that seemed correct, she overheard some faint mumbling. Stopping in her tracks, she leaned toward the source of the sound, wedging herself closer to the towering book-case to shield herself from view.

"...Hospital wing..." "...Study room...." " ...In Merlin's name..."

"S'cuse me!" She heard herself blurt, stepping out from behind the bookcase and locking eyes with the nearest speaker, who turned out to be a Ravenclaw, and at least two years older than her. "What's going on in the study room and something about the hospital wing?"

Slightly taken aback by her sudden appearance and loudness in the overall hush of the library, the boy she'd locked eyes with relaxed slightly when she put her hands behind her back and nodded to show that she had begun to listen.

"Some first-years are having a study group in the study room two floors below, on the other side of the castle. First years in any sort of numbers practicing spells are bound to get dangerous. I'd stay away from there for now if I were you."

"It's going on now?" She confirmed, barely waiting for him to nod before crowing "Thanks!" and bolting from the library, jewelry clanking, toward the staircase.

It had always been easy for her to make friends, even with her quick temper and her tendency to flit from subject to subject. Though for some reason, her roommates seemed to be annoyed by her- maybe she was too loud? Maybe they just weren't used to her yet. It was probably because they were shy, she reasoned, assuring herself they would warm up in time. Everyone eventually did.

In the meantime, however, Hogwarts was bound to get lonely once its newness wore off. So that meant she needed to make some friends. Naturally, this seemed to be the perfect opportunity - a study group would at least hint at other first-years that were as interested in learning as much about the magical world as quickly as possible as she was, and hopefully not a bunch of- well- nerds.

Her enduring enthrallment with Hogwarts had dimmed a little bit when she had learned that the house she had been sorted into was generally viewed as "the nerd house". True, she did love to read, and when something struck her interest, she wanted to know the subject inside and out immediately, but that didn't mean she was a nerd- a stuck-up, pretentious, condescending buttface. However she had bounced back when the third-year she had sat next to at breakfast had assured her that a sizeable portion of Ravenclaws were like her- and a few of them even had abysmal grades.

Mere feet from the study room, Nia found herself stopping short, as though an invisible hand had grabbed her by the braid and yanked her backward. "You only have one chance for a first impression," she remembered her mother saying vividly,"so make sure it's a good one!"

Quickly she patted herself down, ensuring her robes were not tucked into her underwear at the back, that her tie was straight, her skirt not riding up, that there was nothing in her teeth, or anything embarrassing like that!

Nia stepped through the already-open door, an excited smile spreading lopsidedly over her lips, and scanned the room.
There was an array of students in an almost-even assortment of different-colored ties - though counting her, there was a majority of blue ties. Not surprising, if she were to buy into House stereotypes! Mostly everyone seemed nice enough, however, time would certainly tell. But she was here to meet friends, not pass judgements on people who'd done her no wrong yet; the boy sprawled over a desk looking very contrived and self-possessed, or the blonde girl trying to shrink into the ground, or the- almost commanding squeaky redhead -why, any of them could be her next very best friend.

Hoping for tact and probably missing the mark, Nia stepped a few inches closer to the blonde girl, softening her smile to what she hoped was a warm, nurturing one before snapping back to her usual grin and waving energetically at the group at large, bangles jingling aggressively.

"Heard there's a study group! Room for one more-oops!" Magical Laws, Statutes and By-Laws, 1697 Edition, which she had been clutching in her waving hand, had slipped from her grasp and flown through the air. Vaulting a desk, she barely managed to catch it by the tips of her fingers- never mind the fact that she had slammed the back of her head into another desk. Seemingly unworried by the throbbing pain in the back of her head, she popped back up, tucking the book into her satchel. "Room for one more? I'm Nia, by the way!"
Niamh "Nia" Vaswani

blood status:
Muggle born

12 | August 31 | Virgo

Trans girl

Nia is a very optimistic, spontaneous and impulsive kid. She's excitable, outgoing, and able to turn any problem into a fun game. She makes friends easily and when she's not running off on her own little fancy she can bend and go with the flow of someone else's idea (granted that it's interesting enough to catch her attention!). She's very much a daydreamer and can drift off into her own world at times. She loves to read, and her tastes can be eclectic- she loves the fantasy genre, but also harbors a strange interest for modern historical nonfiction and random autobiographies. She can be a tad obsessive at times - she has a natural love for learning, and when a particular subject strikes her fancy she'll days or even weeks searching for as much information as possible until she's satisfied and decides there's nothing more for her to learn.

Nia lives with her mum, auntie Asri, and five-year-old brother Dru. Her father left without much warning when she was about seven, not long before Dru was born. From what she tries not to remember, he said something about the "weird stuff" happening around her, that he "couldn't deal with that sh-". She tries not to think about that, really!

A far cry from her departed father, her mum and auntie are absolutely thrilled about this whole magic thing- even if they are a little bit bemused. They've told her about 19 times since she got her letter that they're very proud of her and want to yell about it from the rooftops- even though they can't, obviously, because of the whole it's a secret, thing. All three of them are watching little Dru very closely to see if he exhibits any sort of magical behavior.

Before her letter came she had no stalwart idea of what she wanted to do, or see, or be. Ideas crossed her mind from time to time. Maybe something exciting, like a zookeeper, who got paid to play around with all those huge animals, or an artist, or a boxer - an astronaut- a writer- there was so much she could be.

Since visiting Diagon Alley she'd tracked down as much information about wizarding careers as possible and is researching those avidly - when she's not reading about the curriculum at Hogwarts.

Nia loves clothes - bright, flowy skirts, chunky-knit sweaters, scarves, hairclips, bangles - she basically jingles wherever she goes because she has so much jewelry on. She thinks jingles are a happy sound, even if it annoys everyone around her.

Being raised in an urban surrounding, she's equal parts intrigued and repulsed by nature. She'll coo and coax home a stray cat that's crawling with fleas and missing an eye, but shrieks at any sort of flying bug- even a moth.

(The aforementioned cat was secretly nursed back to health in her closet until auntie Asri found him. When she tried to release the cat, Nia threw such a tantrum that the power in the entire apartment building went off. It didn't come back until the kitty returned. Now he and Niamh are inseparable.)

Despite her girly attire, she's very energetic and is always coming home with rips in her skirts and twigs in her hair from trying to climb the one tree still standing in the nearby park. (When challenged on her impractical dress sense, she points out that shorts don't have nearly the same range of motion as skirts do.) She'd almost have the personality of a tomboy- but would punch you in the face if she heard you say that.

Her palms and knees are constantly skinned from trying to perfect a cartwheel. She's the embodiment of aggressively cares about you. Quick to punch, but quicker to kiss the bruise better.

If asked to define herself, she'd say she's a big sister to everyone- even if they're older or literally bigger (however unlikely that may be) than she. She cares deeply, defends wholeheartedly, and wishes she could be a guiding light rather than a spitfire. She'd say she has a good judge of character - she likes pretty much everyone she comes across, but when she dislikes someone, there's a very good reason for that. (Even if she's not entirely sure what that IS, just yet.) Above anything she's strong-willed and confident- you have to be, when the man of the house is five.

Nia has blue-black hair that hangs straight and tangled when not tied back into a plaited knot by her mother. Her deep-set eyes are a deep warm black, her brown skin dotted with random pockmarks and scars from her many mishaps. Her jaw is slightly square, and her nose is slightly hooked, with a small stud in her left nostril. Her mouth is full and seems to set in a permanent smile. Her frame is tall and gangly, with none of the usual remnants of baby-fat girls her age usually have. Altogether she seems as though she's grown 2 feet overnight, and is just starting to get used to it now.

She normally dresses in bright flowy skirts of thin, heavily patterned material, or tights worn instead of pants, with a plain blouse or tank-top. She wears strappy sandals, innumerable gold and silver bracelets that jingle whenever she moves, and a scarf that seems to migrate; one second a belt, another a shawl, then around her head.

Her prized outfit is the purple-and-gold sari that her mother promised would be hers, midway through her ninth year. She hasn't worn it yet- it doesn't quite fit yet. But she loves to look at it, and is allowed to keep it in her closet. It's the very first pretty thing her mother had promised her.

wand material:
Spruce | 12 inches | Unicorn Hair | Somewhat rigid

An impenetrable darkness. Vague whispering in your ear, that gets closer and closer each second.

  • Unknown to Nia (or her mother), her father was a Squib who had left the magical world, sick of still being seen as a second-class citizen. He married a muggle woman, had a child, and cut off all contact with his family. When their child began exhibiting magical behavior, he left, unable to deal with the feelings of inadequacy and jealousy. He has not tried to contact the family since.
  • As she does not know of her father's parentage, she and her family assume she is Muggle-born, when she is in fact a half-blood.
  • Makkā is a cuddly and possessive little tomcat and is absolutely coming. He looks like this.
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