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Hey, I happen to prefer PMs too. Also, I like playing a lot of different characters. I get bored playing just one because it makes the world we build feel too small. D:

I actually have this sci-fi alienish (except it's also a lot of humans??) plot that I wanted to try out if you're interested. Also, feel free to tell me about whatever plots you really want to do.
Warning you in case this is a dealbreaker for you, Master/Slave is just something I really don't like, though. I'm fine with playing with power dynamics to some extent, but Master/Slave just really makes me uncomfortable. If you're fine with leaving that sort of pairing out (unless it's so messed up that it's not meant to be even remotely alluring), then I think we'll get along considering our respective needs as roleplayers.
Jenn said
Hi there! I'm doing well; how about you?

I've been alright. If you ever want to start up another 1x1 with me, feel free, alright? Otherwise, have a nice day. :) I hope you find some great partners.
Hey, how are you doing? ^___^
Hey, I really liked your site! That must have taken some effort to put together. -gifts you with magic sprinkles- I prefer PM roleplays though, is that alright with you?
For context: I prefer playing tons of different kinds of characters: dudes, gals, straight people, gay people, POC, white people, fantasy races, whatever. I like diversity and all that. Won't force you to do that, it's just what I tend to do.
Hmm, are you open to trying something out over PM? I tend to like both male and female roles, playing multiple of both in roleplays. In general, I like roleplay stuff where a lot of characters can be incorporated to make it feel more like a world, you know?
Heyo! I only really do PM roleplays too. >__< Threads I always just forget about! I tend toward Advanced/High-Casual, so one-liners should not be an issue. Your ideas sound great, so maybe we could work something out, yes?
Hello! I play a multitude of different sorts of characters, and I do love fantasy. With this in mind, I'm sure we could work something out. I tend to prefer PMs though. If that's not a dealbreaker, then hit me up. ^___^
Hey, looking over your requirements, I assume we would make a good match. I only really do 1x1's in private since there's a hell of a lot more freedom that way content-wise. Furthermore, I typically do a lot of fantasy roleplays, so there's that.
Hey! I just wanted to say "Thank you." As much as I play certain kinds of characters, I really think the whole "I only do females/males" thing is essentially an excuse not to improve. As much as I'll respect someone's wishes and not force them into one role or another, it still irks me a little. I'm all about constantly improving, so it personally feels very defeatist. I like playing all sorts of characters, though I lean more toward human-like characters.

I prefer PM or email or something along those lines for roleplays. Do you mind? It's just easier for me to keep up with it that way.
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