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Looking forward to being part of this. ^^

L E O N A R D ''L E N N Y'' F I A S C O M A L E 29 G O T H A M C I T Y
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"A good eraser removes clues as they're being made!"

Lenny Fiasco was, once upon a time, one of the most bright and promising students at Gotham Academy, right alongside his classmate, billionaire emo orphan Bruce Wayne. Lenny wanted to make sure, above all else, that he wasn't shown up by Bruce's cerebral prowess as both young men studied criminology and Chemistry religiously through their initial school years. For Lenny, it was imperative that any and all mistakes he made were erased before they were seen. It was an obsession to him. After Bruce's expulsion from the Academy, Lenny became cocky, overconfident and a huge asshole, leading to his longtime girlfriend, Celia Smith, to dump him. After that, Lenny became depressed and laxed in his studies, seeing to the point in continuing to try. His grades began a steady decline until he was sustaining a steady C- Average. Eventually, bored of school life and believing that he had learned all that he needed to, Fiasco dropped out mid-way his third year.

Spurned and disowned by his parents, Lenny drifted aimlessly for some time, drifting in and out of criminal gangs with seemingly no identity. That was, until the coming of The Batman and Robin duo. It was at its time that Gotham's criminal element experienced a boom, with every idiot with a theme in mind trying to become the next Joker or Penguin or Scarecrow. Among the Eggheads, Condiment Kings, Polka-Dot Men, and Zebra Men, Lenny decided to take on the visage of ''The Eraser'' Using his knowledge of chemicals, he create a helmet in the shape of the ferrule of a pencil, complete with a giant, pink, Vinyl eraser, treated with a special chemical liquid that could destroy all non living matter. Dressed in a yellow, pinstriped suit and sharp, pointed shoes filled with knockout gas, Lenny used his new gimmick to commit crimes, then erase the forensic evidence in order to cover his tracks. Outsmarting the cops and even The Bat, Fiasco's future felt secure, until, blaming Bruce Wayne for the loss of Celia, convinced that she had cheated on him with the Billionaire, The Eraser brought Wayne to his hideout, a reconstruction of their old Academy's annual Ice Festival. This proved to be his undoing, as Wayne would change into his then grey and blue batsuit in secret and Bring the villain to Justice. Fiasco was deemed to be not as high a risk as the Bat's other criminals and so was placed in Blackkgate Prison. There, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson visited him and gifted him with an Eraser, encouraging him to reform. For a while, Fiasco considered it, but, feeling insulted by the gift, refused. Two failed crime sprees later, Lenny Fiasco has become more and more embarrassed by his old non de plume. Nevertheless, Taskforce-X has need of it...

A B I L I T I E S:

The Eraser has no powers to speak of. Save for his hand-to-hand fighting skills as well as skills in criminology, grating him a keen eye for spying out evidence for him to dispose of. He also has good running legs because in Gotham, those as a necessity if you want to at least try to avoid the bat. Recently, he's taken up gymnastics and gunmanship as well. Works best with Automatics, especially Uzis.

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

Every iteration of Taskforce-X has some guy that's just too soft or comical to be there. The Silver Age joke villain that you know is either gonna die by the end of it, die before the mission starts, or is going to become darker and grittier if they actually manage to make it to the end. In James Gunn's new movie, that distinction belongs to Abner Krill, the Polka-Dot Man. Here it goes to The Eraser, Lenny Fisco. Another One Time villain that's made a few camos here and there, especially in the LEGO Batman Movie, but nothing major in comics.

My version of Lenny Fiasco is one that's significantly more self-aware than the rest of the Silver Age Dropouts like Egghead, Crazy Quilt, Penny Plunderer, etc. He recognizes how stupid his gimmick truly is and was at this point, looking back, and would gladly use his matter-destroying chemical in a new light. But at this point, his connection to his old gimmick is sort of symbiotic. Like he feels as if he can't survive without the yellow suit and helmet. His biggest hope is that he can somehow make himself more of a threat, retooling his ferrule helmet's compound to destroy the bodies of living beings. Hey, if Calendar Man can do it... And of that doesn't work? Maybe a stint at the vigilante life, maybe?

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

Aside from his garish tastes in dull yellow striped suits and thin, lanky body, The Eraser's only other distinguishing traits are his matter-destroying Eraser helmet and his pointed, weaponized shoes with the knockout gas inside the sharpened tips. Recently, Lenny has tried to update his wardrobe more by investing in a yellow leisure suit and black t-shirt combo and more inconspicuous looking shoes.

R E L A T I O N S H I P S:

TBA, but it'll probably be mixed.

That's fine. I'll figure out if we need to do a complimentary roster of NPCs to fill out the team as sheets roll in as well

Always best to be on the safe side, I suppose. Looking forward. ^^
I'm gonna put Pre-Crisis Turtle with the Rebirth version and see what I come up with. If that's OK.
I'm In. Not sure who to be yet though.

September 2001

In the year 2001, DC Comics recruited legendary Marvel Editor and Writer, Stan Lee, co-creator of most of the Iconic characters in the Marvel Universe, to reimagine the company's greatest characters as he might have created them during Marvel's heyday in the 1960s. To this end, Lee reimagined the members of the Justice League in the familiar Marvel style. Transforming them from Paragons of Virtue and ideals to look up to, into relatably flawed, but well-meaning heroes, trying their best to do the right thing despite their faults. Naturally, in the same vein as the MU, he also had the various members of his JLA grouped together in one city, Los Angeles.

Although the series turned out to be a somewhat mixed bag overall, the idea presented within has posed a question to some. What if the concept was reversed? What if Julius Schwartz, DC's legendary Silver Age editor, was brought in by Marvel to reimagine their greatest heroes in the style of the DC Universe? Turning these flawed, misunderstood and sometimes even outright vilified champions out of NYC, into Beloved and inspirational champions in a Universe that has its beginnings in the Summer of 1960, with the formation of this MU's Avengers team. In this world, Heroes are recognized as such by all but a stonehearted few.

The backgrounds, cities, names, costumes, faces may have changed, even the powers may have altered, just a little, but the familiar heroic monikers remain, as, in cities across the world Heroes emerge to fight the forces of darkness. But as a threat too large for any one hero to handle makes itself known, President Nick Fury sends out the call to bring a ground of these heroes to the White House. How many will come and how many will deal with the coming disaster in their own way, is up to you.

OK, so, this is what I've decided to settle on. This RP is basically a reverse of what Stan did with DC's biggest names in the early 00s, but reversed to fit the wider roster of Marvel.

I set in in 1960 since I really want to explore the more...Silver Agey aspects of superheroism and because that was the year the original Justice League came about. As mentioned before, the aim of the game is to take any Marvel hero, and try to imagine what they might have been had they been created under DC's style of writing during the Silver Age, complete with their own creatively named city to protect.

This game is gonna be casual, but anyone with a love of writing can join in if they want to ;P President Fury is gonna be an NPC for everyone to share, that way you can have him interact with all your heroes and keep the plot moving without worrying about the admin's say-so. I'll try to have a character app up soon. Hope to see ya there, true believers! ;)

Thank'#s for sayi8ng so. I'm just sorry that I missed out on being part of such a great looking game. Best of luck. :)
Sounds like a good deal. God and fate willing, I'll probably be able to put the posts in. ^^

EDIT: Never mind, I see you're full. :(
Man, This game looks like so much fun. Wish I could join. I'm having fun reading this. ^^
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