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I shall never forget Sigurd. He made us happy when he... He um... He was very...

Alright honest? I dunno shit about him, but he was prolly cool.
I can already see how this ends.

Uva von Einzbern
Ryuudou Temple

”Ah that item? Very well.”

Reacting to Youzai’s voice, she dug out a stone from her outfit, what looked like it should have been used in some sort of construction actually. As if she had actually gone and stolen a stone from a well or building. Which wasn’t entirely inaccurate. The stone in question was the catalyst she used to summon her servant, so it very likely came from somewhere to relate to them, and due to the status most heroic spirits had it was safe to say it was from somewhere famous, as she would want a truly strong hero.

Looking at the tree, she seemed to be taking a moment to think as she moved to get under the temple, taking a bit of a walk around wouldn’t be able to be avoided.

“Lancer. I am delivering this to our allies. Alert me immediately if anything happens. I may take longer to return, I am interested in seeing this process... Sir Saizou, my apologies for running off while you are making food. I shall take a share when I return if you shall allow me.”

Walking away, she made her way to where she could get under the temple, and she assumed into Casters workshop to deliver the Catalyst she summoned with to him. Calling out as she walked, she rose her voice as to be sure she would be heard.

“Excuse me! I am here now, with the Catalyst! If you would not mind me watching after you take this that is! If so I shall retreat and return to the surface with the others!”

The only reason she spoke loudly was because she wasn’t sure of the exact distance she would need to go inside, and because she wasn’t sure how well Youzai could hear. She figured Caster’s hearing was fine though. And under her breathe she was muttering about how she didn’t quite get how much help a Well Stone would be.

@Berserk Gene
D1 - P2
Uva von Einzbern
Ryuudou Temple

“... It was quite uneventful was it not?" Posing the question to not only her servant, but to those who would be arriving, Uva had a smile on her face as she had already finished her work and thus was now just waiting. Part of the day had already passed yet nothing had happened. A very... Odd first day for the way. Atleast that was from her end. The temple truly had been kind of boring, but she preferred that to the idea of the fight suddenly starting without warning.

She somewhat wanted to give off the impression that she knew they'd make it here as she posed the question. That being said if she screwed up her timing it wasn't too big a loss. Uva did want to talk with her servant more as well, so as long as she was still there the line should work out just fine.

“Mayhaps we should do something to pass the time? Such as a small game." The girl had relaxed enough that she was no longer worried about being alert, as her servant probably was and she could maintain her focus on her surroundings even while doing something that seemed extremely pointless during the war. "Or share findings if there were any..."

If anything she was actually just a little starved for some conversation. While she could deal with the silence and lack of people, having them around did bring up an urge to make conversation in her. And she'd already learned ignoring her urges all the time isn't always the way to go.
Not bad, just patiently waiting
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Uva von Einzbern
Ryuudou Temple

“… Your loyalty… That is indeed relieving, but I would still prefer we have a good partnership. We can only go so far if it is just loyalty. I would like us to garner an understanding of each other after all. And it is not the same as a scribe, but that is interesting to know.”

Thinking of how to react to the bit about her name, she just nodded her head as she stared at the Servant, and then at the Command Seals burned into her hand. Leaning back against the wooden frame of the temple, she almost let a sigh escape. It was a bit more than she expected still. The whole situation.

“Since we have this chance, how about something like this then? If you have any questions about me or the Einzbern family I shall happily answer them. And you answer any questions I have in return? I would rather it be shared happily and willingly than forced after all.”

Uva was making it clear, not just to her Servant but to herself, that she meant what she said. She wanted an equal partnership with her Servant, not just unconditional loyalty to her, a Magus she’d never met until she’d been summoned. Along with her words, she rose an arm and held out her palm to the woman she summoned, as a gesture rather than actually asking for her hand. The other arm was kept down though for some reason, as she kept at her task.

“Not just limited to myself or my family though. Anything else I may be able to answer is good too. That being said I am not the most well versed in the world so that may not work actually, if you want knowledge on things that may be considered more exotic or helpful to the masses at times.”
To be fair, being a Doll is cool.
D1 - P1
Uva von Einzbern
Ryuudou Temple

“Do not get too comfortable if you are not going to stay alert. Not that I am saying you would slip up like that. I am just reminding you, as a precaution.”

Speaking from the spot she had settled into, the front of the temple itself where she was leaning against the wood, she spoke up to let her voice carry over to where her servant was. Her expression spoke of caution while looking at the ground, but her tone gave the feeling of assurance in the fact she herself was preparing. It was an odd combination to be sure.

And despite her cautionary message, she seemed to be getting a bit comfortable herself. Though she was also setting up a bounded field, having already figured out how she wanted to do so. It was a very basic one, for detecting when those enter it and to control the area’s mana. While she would like to be more careful about it, it was the fact the mountain was an amazing location that kept her from thinking they needed more defenses.

“I apologize if that came off as rude as well. I would like to not offend you by assuming you need warnings or would let your guard slip. Or would you say I can place such confidence in your skills it would not matter if we let our guard down?”

Looking up at Lancer(Ruler), Uva pushed the hair that was over going her shoulder to the front back behind her. Her smile beamed, as she was still elated by the fact that not only did her summoning succeed, but she had managed to get away with obtaining a Servant outside the norms. Thus, victory shouldn’t be too far away, so long as the servant would work with her.

“… Ah if I am talking too much, I can stop as well. I would not like to distract you. Nor would I want to annoy you. I simply thought it would be a good idea to converse with you as we shall be working together for the coming weeks. A good partnership would be further strengthened by us sharing our thoughts and talking after all. But if that is not to your preference, I can give up on it.”

Smile dropping a bit, Uva held up her arms without halting her work, as to back up her claim physically as well, waving them in front of her. A gesture she was sure meant that it wasn’t that big a deal. She was still smiling though, as her thoughts didn’t seem to reflect in those odd red eyes. Just an odd emptiness, as she was holding things in to make sure Lancer(Ruler) didn’t get upset at her. Especially since she had been speaking without actually waiting for an answer.
@Over Illusion Alright all changes made. I forgot about saying the thing with Prana and Healing sorry about that. Made sure it's explained in there. I was trying to be careful with the alchemy and the Magic Circuit stuff was just a tad confusing but that information helps a lot.
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