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Pleasantly surprised by her companion's graceful win, Margo gave a small applause once the battle was over and the two exchanged words. Indigo even attempted to push his win off to luck--which maybe it was--but it was obvious that he was learning to be a better trainer. At least, to her it was obvious.

Crowne seemed a little disheartened about not battling but she insisted he go ahead and watch to learn a thing or two. The Wartortle happily made rounds around Indy's pokemon, giving them happy little chortles of encouragement as they panted and attempted to catch their breath.

Margo smiled warmly at Indy as he turned back at her as Ronaldo went on his way, clasping her hands behind her back as he rejoined her. "Good job, Indigo. You guys really looked like you were cooperating together," She gave him a wink, almost quick enough that it went unnoticed, before they began to make their way to Jimmal once again. It wasn't long before the two of them decided to stop and camp for the night.


Margaret looked around the large city, buildings towering over them ominously. It was a bit jarring to be in such a big industrial city, she was beginning to realize. It was like when she went to Castelia City to catch a boat and leave Unova in the first place--it was much scarier when she was on her own. A quick glance at Indigo made her feel a little better, Crowne looking up at her excitedly on her other side. Margo leaned down and took her Wartortle's chubby hands in her own and whispered a few words to him before recalling him to his pokeball, a slight pout scribbled on his face.

"Well... That was quite a walk, huh? My legs were sore when I woke up, but it feels like it's going to be worse tomorrow." Scanning their surroundings, Margo stopped on the nearby pokemon center, jerking a thumb in its direction. "How about we go wash up real quick. I can smell you from a mile away." She snickered, skipping her way towards the center with an indignant Indigo in tow, making their way inside and going towards their complimentary rooms upstairs.

Margaret took a long shower--probably longer than she realized--and laid down on the comfy bed. She let herself relish in the soft mattress for an extra twenty minutes before finally making her departure and sitting at the cafe downstairs. She put her chin in her hand and tapped her fingers against her cheek as she waited for Indigo to rejoin her.

"Aren't you signed up already? Today's the last day! The starting rounds are tomorrow! Leah, you're such a scatter-brain."

"Whaaa? I thought it was next weekend!"

"It's the last Friday of the month, c'mon, you know the festival always falls on that day."

"Maybe contests aren't for me, I can't seem to keep all the dates and locations straight in my head..."

Margo's interest was piqued at the mention of a festival but it was extinguished at the thought of a contest. She liked to watch them on television but the idea of doing one herself was terrifying--stage fright didn't even begin to describe it.

Indigo joined her after a few more minutes and she gave a quick wave to make sure he saw her at the table.
"Hey, so, what do you want to do? Those girls over there were talking about a contest happening tomorrow... That's something you're into, isn't it?" Sometimes Margo pretended she didn't remember things about people, just to save her the embarrassment when they didn't remember things about herself. But she was beginning to learn that people found it sort of endearing when she mentioned something they had told her months prior. Still though, the look of detached interest stayed on her face as she watched Indigo's reaction to her suggestion.

While she wasn't planning on participating herself, perhaps she could be a point of reassurance for Indy during the contest tomorrow--if he did happen to join in the festivities. Perhaps she could find something to occupy her time for today in the mean time. That book seemed like a good place to start, and with Jimmal being the 'spiritual capitol,' maybe she'd find something useful towards finding the meaning to this blank book.
Yay, I love that idea! Then I'll go ahead and make my post and have them getting into Jimmal and getting washed up and then maybe overhear some people talking about the contest starting tomorrow?

Then Indy and Margo can part--maybe Margo can come during the contest and cheer Indy on but for today she's not going to sign up for hte contest as well so she can go do... something else :P

If that's good, we'll go with that~
Yea I was hoping that we could go to like a festival thing going on or something? Like maybe they have a festival in a park to kind of get in touch with their inner spiritual self along with their pokemon and maybe they can look at the book a bit there?

OR maybe the festival is a ruse for something bad going on and Indy and Margo could get caught up in it. (they could get separated for a short time, that could be interesting?) I have part of a response written out but I want to know what time it is / where we should go next :)
Indigo shivered. As the day's light dropped, so did the temperature of the mountain face they were currently traveling on. Remembering he had a fire pokemon, he clicked the release button on Hawka's pokeball.

Normally coming out with a screech and her claws extended, Hawka's pose was much more relaxed as she saw there was no battle to best. The heat from her body radiated around her and Indigo motioned for Margo to closer.

"At least it'll be a little warmer... We may need to camp soon." He glanced up at the sky. Margo gave a quick thank you, smiling at Indy's kind gesture. "The stars don't pop out as much when you're in the city. I think my first night as a trainer, I camped out at Muzin Beach and noticed that too."

"Yeah, I get that," Margo replied, pulling a frayed thread on the end of her sweater sleeve. Thinking back to her first day of her journey brought up a lot of feelings she wasn't sure how to address."Unova's full of really big cities, and you have to go out far to catch the stars sometimes. I camped out at Muzin Beach my first night, too!"

"Really? I guess that makes sense. I mean, the first thing you do when you get your pokemon is go to the beach and have fun." Indigo was silent. "That's where I got Hero from. From the forest that goes to Muzin, I mean. He tried to protect me from an angry Rattata." Indigo laughed, but it sounded empty.

"Oh, don't worry, I'm sure you'll find Hero..." Margo tried to think of what to say, but words were failing her. She glanced at Indigo sympathetically, her brows knitting together.

"Oh no, no, don't worry about it," Indigo said quickly. "I didn't mean to get all down-"

"No, you're okay!" Margo waved her hands. "It's good to talk about your feelings. Makes it easier to get through them." She realized she should probably take some of her own advice, but let that thought slip out of her mind carelessly.

"Thanks," Indigo replied, feeling grateful. Margo was an easy person to talk to. "Say, about earlier with that Ho-oh and book..."

But just as they tried to talk the events previous, a figure seemed to be coming up the mountain. A large, threatening figure coming up too quickly for Indigo's liking. Hawka tensed, growling, looking up at Indigo and back at the hulking shadow that was heading their way.

"What is that?!" He looked at Margo frantically, the ordeal at Pewter flashing through his mind. Was something coming after them, sent by the robbers from before? Or was it just a wild pokemon? Margaret was quick to grab her own pokeball and release Crowne, the Wartortle popping out of his shell dramatically in the air before landing with a cloud of dust from the trail. The pokemon glanced around, looking for Margo and giving her a stubby thumbs up before turning his attention towards the mysterious figure barreling towards his trainer.

Indy squinted through the darkness before remembering Mimzy. "Wait, I can get Mimzy to see it for us!"

Mimzy came out with a perfectly timed hop, but there was hardly any time for praise. "Mimzy, Foresight!"

Mimzy's eyes glowed an ethereal blue before unleashing a wave of light. The illuminating energy washed over everything before them, revealing some pokemon hiding in their area, but the figure was too far away to be identified.

Would it be too late if they waited until it got closer? Indigo thought.

Margo wasn't wasting any moments either. "Crowne! Get a Water Pulse Ready!"

"Get ready guys..." He braced himself.

"HEY, KIDS, OUT OF THE WAY!" The shadowy figured shouted from a ways away. As the figure came closer, Mimzy's Foresight revealed a man riding a Boufflant, a feathery and small Hoothoot fluttering in front. "I've got some mail to take care of-!" He raised a saddlebag, lumpy with letters and packages, as if to prove his point. But some of the contents spilled suddenly. A few boxes and an envelope drifted out. "Woah- Oh no!"

"We gotta help him," Margo was gone without even a blink of hesitation. She managed to catch the fluttering envelope while Hawka, Mimzy, Indigo, and Crowne, divebombed for the packages. Just as the man on the Bouffalant was stepping off his trusty pokemon, Indy and Margo were there with the mail.

"Sorry about that," Margo took the lead in conversation. "It was so dark and-- we just didn't know what was coming up the mountain. We thought it might have been some wild pokemon or something after us..." She shrugged, offering a sheepish smile. Indigo nodded. "I'm Margo, and this is Indigo..."
Margo exchanged the same look at Indigo, not quite sure she was seeing the same thing as him. Why were the pages all blank? Were they written in some sort of ink that wasn't visible to the naked eye? She bristled at Indigo's question, not sure if that could have anything to do with this but something sent a shock through her nerves at the idea. Asking her what they should do next, the teen quirked her mouth. I mean... what should they do next?

Thankfully, Indy had a brilliant idea and thus she gave a quick affirmative nod as she put the book into her backpack delicately--taking extra care to push some of the extra things she had in it to the side to protect it. Following Indy's lead, she smiled politely at the grumpy-looking librarian as he turned around and looked them over.

Following his gaze, Margo stared at the tree as he spoke about its history, holding her backpack straps. By the time he was done and Margo looked at him once more, the man's frown was still plastered on his face. Glancing in Indigo's direction, she made a face that said 'sheesh.'

But the two left the library, and began to ponder what to do next. She peeked over Indigo's shoulder as he searched the map on his pokedex. She couldn't say she wasn't surprised that Indigo wanted to walk ten hours to Jimmal, but maybe he was full of surprises to learn about.

"Sounds like a plan to meeee~" She sung the last word, drawing it out a bit as she took the sandwich offered to her. Margo was ready to scold Indy for not remembering what the old man said about the bag, but apparently he was also a better listener than she thought. "Yea, sure, I'm ready to not feel my legs for the next couple days," Giving a nonchalant shrug, Margo took a bite of her sandwich and began to make her way towards Jimmal, Winding Path taunting the two trainers before they even started.
Hey you guys. Thanks for being patient, my reply is going to take an extra couple days, I'm incredibly sorry about this.
I'll try my best to get something up within the next few days.
Again, I'm so sorry.
Margo felt incredibly at peace as they wandered the floors of the library. It was like the Nacrene City library... almost, dare she admit it, better.

Her fingers danced across the spines of the books as they slowly made their way through, occasionally stopping to glance through some of the old pages. It was a little strange to be walking through here with Indy and not Dan but she tried not to dwell on it-- it was strange in general considering she would always go to her own local library by herself. Rarely did she have friends come with her unless it was a school project. It felt... nice to have someone accompany her to this safe place.

The time passed a lot quicker than she realized, and by the time they were at the top, Margo was delighted to look over the railing at the floors below them. "I think I would live here if I could," Margaret sighed dreamily, placing her elbows on the railing and resting her chin in her hands. She closed her eyes for a moment and inhaled the library air once more, the smell of the old books intoxicating.

However, her pause was shortlived as she heard creaking and cracking, like a tree giving way to a gust of wing. And, much like what came to mind, a branch from the grand tree growing in the library was reaching out to them and blossoming before their eyes. She hastily jumped back from the railing, more out of surprise than anything, and looked at Indy in disbelief, wondering if he was seeing what she was. With the book now revealed within this blooming flower, Margo shot another skeptical look at Indy before realizing one of them should probably take it before the branch decided to snatch it back-- she would jump off this floor if it suddenly decided they weren't chosen ones due to hesitance.

She cautiously took a step forward and picked up the book with dainty hands, careful to not touch the flower if she could help it. Bringing the book to her chest, she didn't take her eyes from the branch, returning to Indy's side and presenting the book before the two of them. "Don't see that in every library either, hm?" Margo still didn't take her eyes from this magic tree before the teens.
Margaret nodded at Indy's soft exclamation at the beauty of the library. She put her hands into her backpack straps, tugging them slightly to keep a hold of herself. "This is pretty neat.." She murmured in agreement, staring at the large tree springing out from the library. She wondered how many pokemon called that majestic tree their home. It was more picturesque than any place they had been, in her opinion, and even pulled up the camera on her pokedex to take a quick picture or two for reference.

The teen didn't bother return Indigo's look until she felt his eyes on her, glancing his way and giving a shrug of indifference to his suggestion. "That would be good, hm?" She smiled at the librarian before leaning slightly to the side, looking around the woman at the tree again.

It really was almost magical, the smell of the old books and the serenity of the silence held within its wall.
Perfect so now Indy can reply in response to Margo along with the legendary pokemon encounter~

Margo flinched at the whistle and she flinched again as Pawpaw came bounding out from the thick forest, her hair blowing past her shoulders and her eyes screwed shut. She chanced one eye open and watched Zvi whisper something to the dragon. She was glad she was on Pawpaw's good side as they all climbed aboard and began their departure from Cloud Temple.

But then something strange started happening, the sky brightening as the clouds seemed to part ways for something's arrival. The teen squinted, wondering if she had seen something fly down from the hole in the sky or if she was imagining things--based on Zvi's excited command to the Drampa, perhaps she wasn't the only one. And so they flew to the top of Cloud Temple once more and were met with the back of a majestic-looking bird pokemon.

It was a brilliant crimson color, its feathers glimmering in the sunlight that shone down upon it like a spotlight--the pokemon looked like it was sitting atop its throne in all its glory. Its tail feathers were a vibrant yellow, fading into an almost blinding white color at the tips. The colors on the bird reminded Margo of a campfire she had sat around with her family at one time or another, feeling herself starting to get choked up by this mythical pokemon. She fumbled around with her backpack as she continued staring at the bird, pulling out her pokedex hurriedly, as if she was going to miss this opportunity. Bringing the red square out and attempting to take a picture to get an entry on the pokemon, she sucked in a breath as the bird suddenly turned around.

Margo's hands dropped, unable to bring herself to look at the bird with anything other than her eyes. The fierce animosity in the bird's eyes was palpable, feeling as if their eye contact was never going to break. But then, it started to fly away from the kids, Margo feeling an overwhelming sense of panic as it started to leave. For a brief moment, Margo felt like she was floundering, like she couldn't survive if she wasn't going to be around this bird. Thankfully Zvi was more focused on following the bird than she would have first thought, quickly launching himself into action and asking Pawpaw to follow the beast.

Margo wrapped her arms gingerly around Zvi like he requested, immediately tightening her grip once Pawpaw began to gain altitude, chasing after Ho-Oh with much more gusto than she had given him credit for. Despite her fear, the teen left her eyes open, looking up at the beautiful rainbow overhead, that panic from before washing away at the serene colors above them. She felt like she was at peace now.

By the time Ho-Oh had lost the teens, Margo was deep in thought with their sighting of the legendary pokemon. She put her pokedex back in her backpack and with a little help getting down from Indy, she said her goodbyes to Zvi and Pawpaw, not many words coming from her in reference to the legendary pokemon. She felt like she would taint the memory if she talked about it so soon, not sure if she really wanted to share her feelings about it right away; Margo was selfish and wished to think on it a bit more for herself first.

As the pair made their way to Zanna town with Zvi's directions, they spent most of their walk in silence. Margo felt as if the two were just getting to know each other all over again now that Dan was gone, unsure of if she should say something about it or not. It was too fresh of a wound, she supposed, but every once in a while she looked over at Indy curiously, wondering if she could find something to say to him that might make him feel better, or perhaps if she should just distract him with her own musings. It was all up in the air for the time being.

However, after an hour of hiking, the duo made it to Zanna Town with all their limbs attached--although Margo felt as if her legs might fall off. "Man, I think after I'm done hiking around this region I'm going to be a body builder," The teen whined her words but secretly thought that having the legs of a kick boxer might be pretty sweet. She took a look around the new town they'd be staying at and looked at Indy expectantly. "So where to, first?"
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