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Anyone wanna help me with my craving?
Still open!

Plot revamped!
Sent you a PM!
I'm really craving this particular plot, so let me entise you with what I have in mind.

The time period is a Modern Day, set in the Pokemon World.

Team Black has Pokémon dreams to take over the world and lands of Azlos. Team Black's Scientists have created an Impregnation Machine (IM), to create any and all Pokémon Eggs that Team Black desires. The Team Black Leaders are ruthless and fearless and will do anything to gain control over the lands of Azlos and the Pokémon World around them. Team Blackkidnaps a young woman whom they Brands as their Breeder. 

The Impregnation Machine (IM), is programmed with the desired Egg/s by the Team Black Scientists and injects the Created Embryo via a precision needle into the Breeder's naval and into the womb to develop into an Egg/s to be Birthed when they are fully developed. Twice a week, to help the Pokémon Egg/s develop faster, the Breeder is injected with a Serum that's the consistency of a thick slime / goo by the Impregnation Machine (IM), the gooy Serum Solution is injected the same way into the naval by the Impregnation Machine (IM), or personally by one of the Team Black's Scientists.

MC Will be their EGG Birther.

Looking for someone to play as Team Black.
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