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Hey...I am terribly sorry about this, but due to school, I dont think Ill be able to keep up with the RP. Finals week is starting, and college is kind of brutal...Feel free to take over my character or kill him as you see fit
Reggie inspected the letter carefully. It had the official seal of the Company. That meant that, unfortunately, the Orc was with them. Ricardo went past him, letter in hand. Reignald nodded when he saw the letter and turned to Malkai.

"Alright, seems like your papers are in order. Welcome to the..err..Virtuous Company." Reignald was starting to get frustrated. Between the drunken dancing, the singing and the playing, the place resembled more of a bar than it did a military elite unit. There was also the whole business with the panicked sailors, the vice capatin naming, and the itnernal quarreling between the members of the party. He should've known since the tavern that this was not going to be an easy group. Reignald turned to Fiers who had started playing the lute. Alya had taken to play her own melody, and Malkai was dancing spasmodically around the dock. Elsie suddenly spoke up.

"Why are the juniors talking about Vice-Captain Hartwine? Is there something I've not been told?"

“Really bard? Are you trying to say you, of all people, somehow managed to miss what’s got to be the biggest ego-stroke in recent memory?”

Reignald made a slight hand gesture signaling Elsie to let him speak.

"Yes, Hartwine. You have been named Vice captain. Which means that a) You take orders from me. b) This men are now your responsibility. You are an official of the Virtuous Company" Reignal started raising his voice to put it above the sound of the lute. "So will you start acting like it?"

No more Sir Reignald the nice. He smiled at Alya and softly pointed at her flute "Just one second." He then cleared his throat and raised his voice, trying to get everyones attention.

Gentlemen, may I have your attention please?

To my understanding everyone is at the docks already

I'll be posting reactions in a lil while

Reignald let go of Fiers' shoulder. He would have to talk to him about his antics later. Besides, he was not in charge of wahtever panic he spread across the sailors. His only interest where the men of the company. Speaking of which...

The old knight diverted his attention towards the new arrival, one "Malkie". He emanated a stench of alcohol, and spoke like he had had his fair share. Or maybe it was an accent. If it was, it was quite a thick one. At least, so he hoped. He had enough with enebriated characters for the day, and it was barely noon.

Reignald had never dealt personally with an ork. Not that it mattered much. As long as he could swing a sword and take care of himself, whether he was human or not didnt bother him. No, what bothered him was the fact that he knew his type. Rowdy, insubordinate, and loudmouthed. He had his hands full with the bard already, and now he had a partner. Reignald did his best to hide the frustration in his face.

"Reignald, pleased to meet you, "Malkie"" He extended a hand to greet the ork. "I assume that you brought your letter?" He asked. Not having met him in the tavern, Reignald wanted to make sure he was with them. Wouldnt want to jeopardize the operation by letting on the wrong man. He diverted his attention for a second when Rosha approached. She was, as always, not talking much, so the soldier decided to just let her be for now. He had been completely obvlivious to the savolin's presence, distracted by the issue with Fiers and the new member of the party.

Reignald put the letter down on the desk of his small room at the Inn after he was done reading it, a small candle flickering. He had received the ltter from the oldman, via courier, very early in the morning. His ol military customs had not left him, and he was up before sunrise. A habit that since he came home, he had been looking to get rid off, but, at least now turned out of some use.

“Captain, eh?”

He smiled a bit. This was not going to be an easy task. The group was a bit too heterogeneous from a military standpoint. They all had very strong tempers. And Fiers was vice captain. Reignald couldn’t help but feel a tinge of pride. Maybe that is what the bard needed. A bit of responsibility, to set him straight. And if not, now that he was officially a commander officer again, he could apply some “disciplinary measures”. With a bit of training, he could turn the roudiest man into a soldier, and he hoped to do that on Fiers. Hell, given the time, he hoped to turn the whole squad into the most efficient in the Company.

He stood p from the desk and walked towards his crate at the foot of the bed. If he was to make it to the docks, he had to start getting ready. Piece by piece, he assembled his armor upon his body, a ritual he had done a million times before. The cold steel never failed to wake him up. Was it the chilling touch against his skin? Or perhaps something else? He fastened the hilt of his sword against his waist, and he pulled out “Lullaby” from its sheath. Another military habit, he had been taught to always inspect his sword first before heading into battle. If there were any imperfections, he could catch them before they were allowed to cause problems in the battlefield. Lullaby was in good condition. No chips or dents, just a few scracthes. Reignald lookd at his reflection on its blade. It was getting old, and so was he. He looked away from his reflection. Those eyes. He had never liked those eyes. He sheathed it back and headed out the door with heavy, armored steps.

The saline air and the ocean breeze, the clamoring of sailors as they loaded ship and the cries of seagulls. It had been a while since he had been to port. And years since he had even set foot on a ship. He muttered a quick prayer under his breath. In his youth he had been prone to seasickness, and since age was not doing him any favors… He would go to Elsie for that later.

R’ornn and Fiers were already at the docks. Reignald let out a sigh. Yes, of course Fiers was already there. Who else could be responsible of the panicked lady that just ran past him, begging him to protect her from the pirates. This was going to be a long day.

"Now, where's the person in charge of this venture? So I can go give him a firm boot in the arse for allowing mayhem and chaos to spread through the ranks?"

Reignald put an ironclad hand on the bards shoulder, standing behind him.

“That would be me.” He answered in a stern voice.
Thanks! Oh and it's alright, you didn't come off as a dick
It alright, sorry if I came off as being mad, and it's ok, I don't mind hide's database to be limited to the basics. I think it would actually be a great chance for his character arch, rediscovering who he was, and regaining knowledge
I'll keep that in mind! I think a way to work around that would be that, given hide's war damage, most of his database would be either corrupted or plain inaccesible. That way it won't come off as op, since he wouldn't know everything there is, and it won't interfere with your character's motivation. Also, it'll give me a chance to learn about the world
I'll keep that in mind! I think a way to work around that would be that, given hide's war damage, most of his database would be either corrupted or plain inaccesible. That way it won't come off as op, since he wouldn't know everything there is
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