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Thanks. Maybe more will join now.

Is the red text color I chose for Daphne hard to read? If so I’ll change it.
Paitent Portfolio (Villans)
Name: Daphne & Zinnia Dent

Parents: Two-face and Poison Ivy

Age: 16

Alias: BellaDonna


Why they were put in Arkham: Killing several corrupt business men and politicians/Daphne’s actions

Major Ability:
Immune to poison

Minor Ability:
Plant control

A bit of chemistry
Extensive knowledge of poisons

Daphne is an intelligent seductress who is good at reading people. Zinnia, on the other hand, is kind and caring, and can seem a bit naive.

Bio: Daphne and Zinnia are two people sharing one body. Zinnia is normally in control, but Daphne will take over when she falls asleep or feels threatened. They spend most of their time outside, where Zinnia likes to help the ground keepers.

Weapon of choice: Poisons.
I have a character that I would really like to play.

I am open to ideas, or have a few of my own if anyone is interested in roleplaying
Sorry about my activity this past week
Momoe nodded. “Yeah. We don’t want to chance breaking something.” she said looking at the engine machinery that filled the rest of the room.

Back up on the deck, Sara was staring at the building in the middle of the dock. She had seen a group go into the building, but they hadn’t come back out yet. She didn’t know that it was the top floor of the tower. ”I think we should check out that building when we are done with the ship.” She said turning back to Topher
”Nice to meet you, Daehwi.” Momoe said with a smile. ”Sounds good to me.” She said following him to the stairs. When he turned back to see if the others wanted to join them she turned as well. ”We might find something interesting.”

Sara didn’t respond to Daehwi’s question or Momoe’s statement. Movement on the dock had caught her attention, and she was focused on watching the activity.
Hi everyone. I’m Mia, and I’m very interested in doing a roleplay about travelers.

Mature content and romance are fine
No smut
We can do either MxF or FxF since I prefer to play female.
I always try to post as much as I can, but I usually only get about a paragraph.
Please be able to post at least 3-4 times a week.
The genre can be modern, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. whatever fits the idea we are going with.
If you are interested please pm me.
I look forward to hearing your ideas, or I do have one of my own.
No problem.
This is just a bump reminder.
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