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In The Great Alliance 31 Mar 2017 21:31 Forum: Free Roleplay
i dont know if we should.
Im talking about a unique power...maybe taught by the previous ruler, or herited by blood, idk.
In The Great Alliance 31 Mar 2017 21:21 Forum: Free Roleplay
Im seriously thinking about allowing a unique power for every ruler...but I dont kno if I should...
In The Great Alliance 31 Mar 2017 0:06 Forum: Free Roleplay
Amaranta could not hold her laugh, the girl was so funny the Empress had to let go of her glass of wine before droped it.

"No worries, no worries~ There is no need to keep formalities when talking to me"

She had to admit she was a bit jealous of the Ata`Halian`s energetic personality, maybe she was getting old? She shook her head taking that thought off of her mind and continued smiling.

"Well, some members of theny alliance have not arrived yet..."
In The Great Alliance 30 Mar 2017 23:53 Forum: Free Roleplay

Sorry to keep you waiting. Accepted
In The Great Alliance 26 Mar 2017 21:43 Forum: Free Roleplay
IF the player is not online during the turn the nex player will be allowed to post.
In The Great Alliance 26 Mar 2017 21:34 Forum: Free Roleplay
Amaranta was eating quietly, not causing the slightliest sound when cutting the mean nor drinking the strong wine the Monks produced themselvs with unknown techniques, she felt a a person entering the room, by the cadence of the footsteps she could tell it was an old person and by the fragance she could tell it was Gioberto, Amaranta's old friend and her mentor, as she considered him a wise man used to look for his advice often, only ignoring them during the terrible "Endless Week".

"it is so nice to see you here old man, I was wondering if you would come. I insisted in meeting in Tolebrada so you would not have to make such effort but well...neutrality..."

She would have continued talking but a sudden "Hello" interrupted her, she turned her head over her riight shoulder and looked at the Ata'Halian, she was obviusly younger than energetic.

"Hello my dear, by such wonderful furs I would tell you are from Ata'Halne, am I wrong?"

She asked with a soft smile before watched someone else entering the room and sitting beside her mentor, she just waited for the man to introduce himself witht the same smile she saluted Kasa.
In The Great Alliance 26 Mar 2017 19:20 Forum: Free Roleplay
Im sorry, there is so much I want to write but my phone gets on my nerves
In The Great Alliance 26 Mar 2017 19:00 Forum: Free Roleplay

It was the Year 432 of the Fifth Er, the sun was starting to rise again over the conflictive Nirn, conflicts that seemed to be far away for those who lived on the top of Karraze Mountains, a holy place for many.

A camp of 10 people could be seen on one of the many paths that led to the top, the so called "Paths to Heavens". The group was not moving as 9 of them were on their knees praying to the rising sun, touching the cold ground with their foreheads.
A female covered in a fur coat just like the other 9 was sitting on a rock just watching the others in silence, it seemed she did not share the same religious believes. Once the men, obviously soldiers, stood up the female used her spear to help herself stand up. They continued their march without saying a word as no one was really in the mood, they had lost 3 days hiding in a cave due to a storm, they were hungry and just wanted a warm bed to sleep in.

Once they arrived to the huge crimson gates of the Monastery the soldiers started pushing each other playfuly.

"Empress! Empress! We have arrived!"
The newie cried in joy, Amaranta just nodded to him and the approached the gates which were open by the monks inside.

"You have not changed at all since I was here 3 years ago
The Empress said jokingly to the monks, all dressing in yellow robes with their long gray beards and shaved heads.
The soldiers were guided to a room the escorts, Amaranta was left alone on a huge dinning room with food and wine.
In The Great Alliance 26 Mar 2017 11:50 Forum: Free Roleplay
Alrigty then.

I will start as soon as possible
In The Great Alliance 25 Mar 2017 21:33 Forum: Free Roleplay

<Snipped quote by IronWill>

Perhaps there's a small group of monks in the mountains or something. Maybe they'll mediate the meeting.

Yup. Im open to suggestions
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