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Name:Jeanette "Jean" Evans
Age: 21
Country: Unknown
Bio: Everthing she remembers from her childhood is being abducted by pirates along with her mother to be sold as slaves, the only things she had at hand were pencils and papers and some old books so her mother taught her spanish while other slaves from other countires taught her english and french. It wasn`t until she was 16 when some Sans Frontières soldiers shot the pirates down, by that time her mother had already been sold as well as those who taught her other lenguages, she joined Sans Frontières with the hopes of finding her mother and the others.

Extra courses: First-aid course approved, is currently taking the advanced melee combat course
Any kind of info you want to add:
-She speaks three lenguages: Spanish, English, and French.
-Has taken 10 missions: 5 of elimination mission: 4/5 succesful
4 of rescue hostages mission 2/4 succesful
1 of escorting mission 1/1 succesful
Is this still open?

interesting does it go after a movie or a series ?

Based on Metal Gear Ssolid: Peace Walker

It all started with the foolish dream of a soldier about having his own mercenary company, with the founds he stole found during a dangerous mission he was able to get a old abandoned oil platform in the middle of the Tasman Sea and soon many deserters started to join this new company, they treated each other as family and their succesful missions started to catch the attention of many scientifics who were afraid of what their goverments would do if they didn't cooperate, this scientifics changed everyone's plans completly: Why to have a mercenary company when we can have our own country?. The scientifics managed to create platforms that could be used for agriculture and machines to purify the sea water making it drinkable, the final step was having nuclear energy, by that time thousands, not only militars but also civilians, had joined this knew country known as "Sans Frontières" or...terrorists by the C.I.A.

1-Main Platform: Where all the important desicions are taken by the Senate and The Chief.
2-City: A group of platforms in which houses, buildings, parks etc were built. Everyone lives in their own house.
3-Head Quarters: Where soldiers can be found if not training or doing something crazy
4-Training Platform: A group of platforms in which soldiers and recruits train, each of this platforms simulate different kind of terrain: deserts, mountains, forests, open fields, cities etc.
5-Agriculture fields: -Platforms were many kind of animals are rised and plants cultivated, the food is more than enough for everyone.
6-Nuclear Powe Plant Platform: Thanks to the guys working there we have electricity
7-Research and Development (R&D) Platform: This guys are in charge of creating and modifying weapons and equipment as well as taking care of the nuclear missiles and other things that could explode.

All personnel is trained to use:

-Close quarter combat (CQC), can also study a martial art.

_______Character Sheet________

(Anime, 3D pic)
Country (Optional. May be born in Sans Frontières)
Bio (Optional):
Knife (pic in hider)
Extra course:
Any kind of info you want to add:
Would I be able to submit a character?

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I'm guessing half of them are dead

Scott knew jumping off the roof with the motorbike was not a good idea
Im think of who or what the other 9 legends could be

Name: Scott Evans
Job: Janitor

Biography: Scott has been working as the janitor for 5 years, he is one of the "10 Extreme Legends" of the High School, he graduated with perfect grades and celebrated by running motorbike races on the High School's roof. He is a major in economics and psychology, oddly enough he did so just to please his parents as he never really wanted to leave the High School. Hebis always seen giving advice to students and even teachers.
He is really fond of movies, of any kind, without the Hig School finding out he built a small cinema with capacity for 5 people, which is hidden behind a locker in the janitor's room, often used with romantic intentions.

He is indeed a friendly person, however this easy going personality just masks his troublesome and lonely past, as he was abandoned when he was just a new born and picked up by a rich marriage that could not have children, he is very thankful with them but realized he did not want to be like them...that doesn't mean he can't get to school in a Harley Davidson or in a BMW (in which he takes young love birds on dates for free!)...His house is just in front of the beach.

Add in some more personality details and he's in!

Edited, could not think much else xD
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