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Makeen was about to assist Etor, but then Zarif shouted from across the corridor about doors and Makeen's focus shifted instantly. With the path cleared by Zarif and Siris, he swiftly caught up to the mounted merchant.

Makeen moves eight tiles to 24-11.

With the ziggurat entrance in view, Makeen rushed in going past Etor and his vanquished foe. "On your left!" Almost immediately he finally came across his first foe. "My time to shine." The yeek saw Makeen rushing at him and readied its bow. But, Makeen was much faster and full of energy. He stopped just within range and threw his knife before the blue monstrosity had a chance to notch his arrow. The yeek convulsed as the knife sank into its chest and then fell to ground with a resounding thump. "Now where's that treasure?"

Makeen moves six tiles to 24-19. Throws knife at Yeek Skirmisher #4 and kills it.

Makeen saw the stains of several slain Yeeks ahead. Rushing to the aid of Etor and Siris, he realized his assistance wasn't needed. As he approached, both his companions slayed their opponents. Causally flipping his knife, Makeen congratulated them on their work. "Good job guys. Guess the only ones left are in there."

Makeen moves six tiles to 21-22.

Makeen: Makeen saw an opening in the fallen wall ahead and sounds of battle. To the right he saw most of his party. 'Who could possibly be in the middle of that mess alone...' With quick feet he sprinted to help his comrade beyond the wall.

Makeen moves eight tiles to 15-22. Throwing knives equipped and ready.

Makeen: A small ruined village caught Makeen's eye. Diverting his approach slightly he scoped it out. Unfortunately, the place had been wiped clean of anything with value. His slight disappointment didn't last long as the sound of battle echoed from up ahead. Gripping his knives, Makeen continued his way to their objective.

Makeen moves six tiles to 10-25.

Makeen: 'As per usual the planning was pointless.' Makeen thought to himself, but smirked regardless. Off the script actions like this is why he's stuck with this group for so long. With the great pile of stone getting closer Makeen switched out his knife for a pair of throwing knives. 'Who knows what might pop out of nowhere.'

Makeen moves six tiles to 6-27.

Makeen: With the talk done, Makeen unsheathed a knife from a hidden pocket and began his way towards the ruins.

Makeen moves six tiles to 4-31.

Makeen: ‘Is this it?’ thought Makeen as the group approached the pile of ruins they were hired to explore. He was mid yawn while Ashur and their employer argued when the words “riches”, “vaults”, and “golden” washed away his boredom. Circling around the pack he scoped the scrubland ahead and stared at the wonderful pile of stones with renewed interest.

As the group discussed strategy, Makeen agreed with Iddin’s suggestions. “Sure, I’ll go with Etor and Ashur, but let me scope out the area ahead to see if I can find some hidden way to these promised riches.” Before Ashur could voice his concerns, Makeen responded, “Don’t worry. You know me, quiet and as fast as a desert mouse.”

Traveling Thief

-------STATISTICS------- -------MASTERIES-------
| VIT -- 17 | 55% | BLADES -- D (-5 Accuracy/-1 Might)
| MGT -- 3 | 35% | POLEARMS -- E (-15 Accuracy/-0 Might)
| SKI -- 5 | 50% | AXES/BLUNT -- E (-20 Accuracy/-0 Might)
| SPD -- 14 | 70% | BOWS/RANGED -- E (-20 Accuracy/-2 Might)
| SRT -- 2 | 30% | THEURGY -- D (-10 Accuracy/-1 Might)
| MND -- 1 | 20% | MYSTICISM -- N/A
| LUK -- 3 | 40% |

Secondary Statistics
ACC -- ??
AVO -- ??
WGT -- ??
RES -- ??
CRT -- ??
MVT -- 6+2

Locksmith: Can open non-magically sealed doors and chests without the required item.
Celerity: Movement +2.

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