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The snake was dying. It was nearing the end of its strength and Sef could feel its struggles through the spear growing weaker and weaker. She gritted her teeth and waited, keeping the pressure on the spot where her blade pierced its torso.

Her mouth fell open when a burning coal flew through the air and slid right down the snake's throat. "What are you doing?" she yelled, horrified. An earsplitting sound tore through the small space and she cringed. The creature was screaming, an unnaturally high pitched sound of agony.

Sef redoubled her efforts to ram the spear home and in the process twisted it upwards, trying to find its heart and kill it quicker. "Why would you do that?" she demanded angrily.
In Heliotropic 5 yrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
And that was how Sef learned that her new companion wasn't particularly good in a fight. Seeing him leap into the arms of death without so much as a blade to his name, she reacted instinctively. One of her feet shot out and kicked at the back of his legs, knocking them out from underneath him. Rolling into the next movement, she pushed herself upright and made a grab for the spear still stuck in the struggling snake.

With her momentum lending her extra strength she took a hold of the end and thrust it home, hoping to overpower the injured snake and keep its wicked claws away from her with the length of the spear between them.
In Heliotropic 5 yrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Adrenalin surged through Sef's body, heightening her senses and making every moment seem to drag on for an age. She smirked in satisfaction when the spear hit home, but wasted no time on self-congratulation. With her primary weapon out of reach she went for the knife at her belt - used just minutes ago to kill and gut a fish.

Pulled out of its sheath, she raised it up only to have it knocked out of her grip by a hard, jarring blow. The snake had lunged at her even quicker than she'd expected it to and for a second fear gripped at her chest. She was weaponless.

Weaponless but not alone, however. She became aware of Joachim next to her, blocking a blow from the snake with his blackened arm.
In Heliotropic 5 yrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
A frown of bewilderment broke through the tension and surprise on Sef's face. For a brief second she forgot all about the snake and the danger and she could do nothing but stare at Joachim as if he'd sprouted a second head. He wanted her to watch his back? No, no. He wanted her to watch his back while he leapt into battle in defense of her - her things.

Really. Really?

The frown deepened. That wouldn't do.

"You watch mine," she said with a certain huffy tone and lunged forward past him. Not giving her next move a great deal of thought, she simply did what seemed like the best idea under the circumstances. She defended it by reminding herself that a plan was better than no plan.

Using her bare hand she snatched up a glowing piece of burning coal and tossed it into the snake's face. It was out of her hand too quickly for her to feel the pain - yet. A split second later the tip of her spear shot out through the air at the underbelly of the snake.
In Heliotropic 5 yrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
"No," Sef said through gritted teeth. She'd done as thorough of an inspection of the cave as she could before she settled in, and not even Dessa had seemed to smell anything amiss before she wandered off into the ocean. Where had this thing been hiding?

As with most animals, any sudden movements were a bad idea so she remained crouched with her spear raised in front of her, ready to thrust up if it lunged at her. "Are they poisonous?" she asked, slowly turning so her back was to the exit. If given a choice she preferred to retreat rather than engage.
In Heliotropic 5 yrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Sef watched the other ranger closely. She had some idea where he was going with this, and wondered how she felt about it. Yes, of course it made sense. They were heading into unknown territory and, like fledgeling rangers, it was safer to have someone there to learn with you.

But she was interrupted by the sound of company. Her hand found her spear and she pulled herself into a crouched position. It definitely wasn't Dessa - she wouldn't fit into such a small space. Because of the odd way the cave echoed it was difficult to tell from which direction it came.
In Heliotropic 5 yrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Sef's low, not very happy laugh echoed through the cave and down its tunnels. She shook her head and smiled bitterly. "Then my father's father must have been exaggerating too, because he told the same stories when he'd had too much spirits. Said he saw drawings by his great-grandfather showing beasts bigger than houses that flew through the air and snatched people from the ground."

She threw a twig into the fire with a little more force than it required and seemed annoyed. "Of course that's where we're going. Of course."
In Heliotropic 5 yrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Sef sat down on a thin but surprisingly springy blanket that doubled as her bed, pillow and heat. Dessa was a big animal and carried her weight well, but they had to travel as light as possible. She wasn't made for travel over long distances and extra weight tired her out even quicker. Stretching out with her back to the cave wall, she let her bare toes warm by the fire. The bottom of her leggings were wet from the trip up to the cave entrance.

"I believe we have," she said eventually. "I've seen no one else on the road and Dessa and I took the quickest route here." Playing with the metal bracelet encircling her left wrist, she shrugged. "This is the furthest I've ever been out. By all the stories told by my elders and theirs, what we're looking for waits further south still, beyond the long mountains."
In Heliotropic 5 yrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
"And I know who you are," Sef replied without looking up. Skewering the fish, she made a makeshift grill from bigger sticks and let it roast over the fire. A mouthwatering smell immediately filled the small space and her stomach growled hungrily. They'd been traveling hard for the last few days and there was little time to stop and hunt, hence what she'd hoped would be a quick stop at the outpost.

Moving around picking up slimy fish guts and washing her hands with water from a small metal container which stood by the entrance, she continued; "You accepted the elder's task as well, yes? That's why you're out here on the edge of it all?"
In Heliotropic 5 yrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
It wouldn't have been hard for them to find Sef, but Dessa was nowhere in sight. The smell of something burning wafted up from the shoreline, winding a trail right down to the water's edge. The entrance to the cave the Ranger had spoken of would have been impossible to find in the dark but for the faint glow of firelight filtering out to reflect on the waves. They crashed against a low cliff which rose up out of the sandy beach, and inside of it lay the cave system. One would have to get a little wet to reach them, but it was a reasonably safe spot to spend the night.

Inside the entrance was a low, narrow tunnel which made a sharp right before it widened out into a larger alcove with tunnels leading in two more directions. Sef sat in the center of it and tended to a small fire. A large, finned creature sat next to her, already gutted and prepared for cooking.
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