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Current That's going in my folder of trolley problem memes. Nothing sums me up better than that.
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Hello, metal husband!
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Tip to toe, this is a Bart.
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"A tall dirty chai latte with soy milk, please."
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'I feel the color in my cheeks rising again. I must be the color of The Communist Manifesto.' -- E. L. James
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You can call me Jacobite, J, or Jax. I'm a free-wheeling biromantic, which isn't quite as catchy as plain old bisexual, but the jist of it is the same: I like lads as well as ladies, and anything in between. Most of the characters I make are queer. Usually they are not monosexual, because at its core roleplaying is a self-indulgent hobby limiting them to one romantic option stifles my enjoyment. Don't be too surprised if they are gender non-conforming, too. That's really the only area in which my personal life infringes upon my writing - except perhaps a few Scotticisms you might find here and there. Is it any surprise I come from Tumblr?

"You can call me pretentious, and believe me, many have tried."

But in the end, I'm not here to further my goals of turning the world into a multi-culti matriarchy or to endlessly shitpost in the status bar about the misunderstanding of futhorc and futhark runes in mainstream culture. No, I'm here to roleplay. I've seen Free, I've seen Casual, and I've seen Advanced, and I think I'm going to stick with the safe middle because the people there are way more chill. People who nitpick over non-standard grammar and questionable spelling annoy me, because even forum roleplaying (to me) is not about writing, it's about socialising. Put down the thesaurus and the red marker! Find a friend!

(But so help me god, if I see one more example of meta-gaming or OOC salt being dragged into the IC - or vice versa - I'm going to scream, and it won't be pretty. My voice will break.)


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The North Wind was far more extravagant than any other ship Zephyrus had ever been on, as a passenger or otherwise. The thought of captaining it left him a neurotic wreck, not because he was worried about doing badly –– there wasn't enough time in the day for thoughts like those –– but instead at the idea of accidentally rubbing off the gold paint, chipping the railings, or leaving scuff marks on the deck. Even for a ship on a long-term voyage, it had more space than it ought to have had reserved for a myriad of different purposes. What kind of vessel had a private library? It might have been more of a nook than a room, but it existed! And the crew quarters were more akin to rooms on a cruise-liner, so large they were! Hardly the hammocks that had them crammed in like sardines that he remembered.

(Speaking of, his own personal quarters had too much finery. He'd have to find a new purpose for the rich scarlet curtains and the incense burner on his end-table. Zephyrus had a sneaking suspicion that literally made his nose itch: it seemed more akin to Baleinese preferences than his own austere tastes.)

The first one on board was Rahab'in al-Somail-Dokar–something. Zephyrus hadn't been present when he applied, but he knew enough about him to pick him out of a crowd. An air of wealth wafted up the gangplank and past the captain as the second Chaleurian to grace The North Wind's deck stepped on board, possessions in tow.

"You wouldn't think it to look at it, but these are the best conditions for what we're doing," Zephyrus told Rahab with a grin, which didn't fade even as his windswept bangs flopped into his eyes. "Here, why don't you set those down? Unless they're light enough to be blown away, that is. We have other supplies to take on board, and it'll certainly be easier to get things settled in if you have an extra pair of hands to help you out."

The captain knew just where he could find such help. Cupping his hands to his mouth to ensure his voice wouldn't be lost in the squalls, Zephyrus called out to the crow's nest, where he knew a certain navigator could be found. "Deimos! Want to give us a hand down here?" Much quieter, and as an aside to Rahab, he continued, "I don't doubt that they can direct you to the library if you ask nicely. I'm told that the Madame put some interesting scrolls in there." And with that, Zephyrus clapped him on the back, hoping that it wouldn't unsteady the man enough to drop all of his things.

There were pressing issues to attend to. The dockworkers were already preparing crates of their supplies: perishables and all sorts of other essentials for the maintainance of a ship that were cheaper to order in Albayza than Baleine. He might have Godomar sign for them––he seemed like the sort to be thorough when it came to checking every box on paperwork––and then, after all the others had arrived, they could set off. We could be out of here within the hour, Zephyrus mused as he moved to help attach ropes to a crate of dried foodstuffs to bring it up the gangplank.

Casting a glance towards the other ships on the docks, the sooner the better. Flags and sails as far as the eye could see. Smugglers and Ichiren Pirates and merchants docked alongside Imperial Navy, but it was the ones whose colours he couldn't identify that worried him.
Exam tomorrow for me, hence my absence this weekend; I'm going to have a Zephyrus post up tomorrow(-ish), which won't particularly push forward the plot but will start off some actual interactions. I know that @Sylph is also working towards finals at the moment.

@Everyone: if you could have your characters on board the ship by your next posts (whenever they may be, as there isn't a particular posting order), we can have them set-off. @Counter Coup, @ThirdHourIII, @Solo, @fishguy - ie. those who haven't been around, just let me know if you're still here! A gentle poke.

Sorry! Yes, we're full - totally slipped my mind to change the status.

@Sodomite, @Counter Coup, @fishguy, @nightmare eyes, @Solo, @Iuniper, @ThirdHourIII, @Raches – pretty much everyone that isn't @Angel Eyes –– looking for some posts from you guys by the end of the weekend? Had quite a while to do an intro, which I tend to be more lenient in waiting for. :)
@fishguy That's fine - I can extend it til Friday of next week, if you'd like? @nightmare eyes has also asked for an extension.

I'll be posting tomorrow. I might take some liberties in moving your characters out of the way, if it turns out to be necessary (and if you'll allow it, though it'll be nothing intrusive.) I'll check with you first, though, before I do anything - no matter how small.
@Grim Fandango


Tentatively interested.

Formatting looks like dogshit at present, but that will change. Maybe.
@fishguy & @nightmare eyes - quick reminder that you've got a day(-ish) left to post~ If you need an extension, let me know.

(Pst, nice post @murdoc!)


The island of Albayza landed solely outside of The Archipelago's sphere of influence; an independent territory first discovered by the great explorer himself. Cumulus wrote that on its highest peaks, one could see waterfalls glittering with gold, but if such a thing was ever true, greedy hands must have whittled it all away over the decades and centuries. Whatever wealth the island promised ended up in the hands of the few, not the many. The only settlement on the island, Albayza City, was built around the crumbling stonework of the ancient ruins that survived the heat and humidity of the rainforest, while great palaces and towers of new construction could be seen on the cliffs overlooking the dirt paths walked by the common people.

Though its architecture was in tatters, it was not accurate to say that the city looked poor. It held the same flair for vibrancy that other mercantile towns had, only ramped up to never-before-seen levels. From noon-to-night, The Plaza – a formal name for one of the most bustling marketplaces in the Known World – was packed. Spices and silks, secret textbooks and exquisite antique swords were some of the goods displayed with cutthroat price tags at wooden stalls; and if one dared to venture down a tempting alleyway, they might find the more alluring (and illegal) goods.

There were many reasons why Madame Le Fèvre chose Albayza as the staging point for her expedition. For one, it was easy to procure the necessary supplies for an airship without the red tape of Baleine's customs house. Several crates of supplies were being held at the docks, earmarked for an airship that was yet to arrive. It was also both easy to get to Albayza as a passenger aboard any merchant ship for the crew-to-be, and their wealthy benefactor's connections had secured accommodation for them for as long as they needed to wait for The North Wind.

And finally, the ultimate reason why The North Wind was to set off from this island instead of somewhere closer to home was plain to see for anyone who so much as glanced at the horizon. No matter how clear the day might have been, in the distance the skies faded from serene aquamarine to a dark, churning grey. That swirling mass of electrical energy was the source of the frequent tropical storms that struck the island, and the folly of far too many crews who were foolish enough to underestimate it. Albayza was the last port of call for those seeking to cross The Calamity.

For: @Solo, @Angel Eyes, @Iuniper, @ThirdHourIII, @Raches, and @Sylph.

In letters from Madame Le Fèvre sent out over a month ago, the successful applicants were both informed of their confirmed place on the expedition and instructed to report to the Albayza City docks by a certain date – today's date – at noon. If any of the crew arrived on the island early (be it days or weeks before they were due to set off) they would have been put up free of charge in L'Hôtel d'Albi, an establishment owned by a friend of the Madame's and known for its gaudy floral decor. It is no surprise that the owner spent his time boasting loudly about the presence of the crew and their mission, as who in their right mind would give up free advertisement?

Anyone who found their own accommodation would perhaps have had a less intrusive experience.

For those on an extended stay, they might have noticed some undue and possibly unwanted attention, though very little of it would have been negative. Something as simple as children stopping and staring on the streets, shyly approaching to ask questions (as prompted by equally-curious parents) would have been a near-daily occurrence. The expedition was famous before it even set out.

On the day of reckoning, an area of the docks was sectioned off for The North Wind and crew, mostly because of the small crowd of nosy busy-bodies who gathered to watch the spectacle unfold. It seemed like they were only the particularly dedicated few, because conditions are not friendly on Albayza during the rainy season. In the space of one morning, a storm rolled in in towards The Calamity. It hit the island with hot summer rain showers and a wind brisk enough to pull one right off the edge of the walkway and into the abyss.

The locals might have been accustomed to it, but it didn't mean everyone was. It was a good thing someone had built railings to hold onto while they waited for The North Wind. The ship's arrival was approaching 'fashionably late'.

For: @Sodomite, @Counter Coup, @fishguy, @nightmare eyes, and @Jacobite.

It was necessary to pick up certain crew-members first, before docking at Albayza to begin the first stretch of the journey. The North Wind has been run by a skeleton crew of four for the last fortnight as they picked up the finishing touches on the ship from islands in and out of The Ichiren Dynasty. That the captain decided to use their planned route as a test drive –– taking a detour directly through a storm on the way –– was his own prerogative. At the very least, it was reassuring to know that a tiny spell of bad weather could not so much as rock it, though it surely wouldn't compare to sailing through The Calamity.

Despite the slight divergence from Madame Le Fèvre's itinerary, the newly-minted airship had achieved everything it needed to do, mostly on time. Leaving Baleine, the captain already had on board both Deimos, who was provided with maps, charts, journals, logs, and an array of expensive (and likely unnecessary) navigational tools, and Godomar, because a first voyage would not be complete without a First Mate.

A stop-over in Gekkō produced the final member of their skeleton crew, Khun. One moment the captain was running errands and saying goodbye to some old friends, and the next he was returning to the airship with "their cabin boy". Zephyr was firm in his belief that one more mouth to feed wouldn't make a difference to the expedition's supplies, especially since it would just be them until they made port in Albayza a few days later.

Normally, it took more than four to man all the functions of the ship, and indeed many of the more technical aspects (like the thrusters) were too complex to deal with when they were missing a few extra pairs of hands. The North Wind, however, was the pinnacle of airship technology. Guiding her into the designated space in city's docks was almost automatic. She glided into place with so little effort, slowing down until the dockworkers were able to hold her in place with anchoring chains.

Just in time.

The North Wind stood in great contrast to the other docked ships. Some of them flew the colours of the empire, red and orange, while others preferred pirate-black. Their ship did not have any such flag, being unaffiliated with The Archipelago or The Ichiren Dynasty or any other group. Her glossy bow, gold-painted decorations and sails that looked like the fins of mythical sea serpents were eye-catching enough, and all of those were features that could be put down to the Madame's eccentricities. 'Sailing in style,' as she often crowed.

It was just a shame Madame Le Fèvre was unable to join them on the expedition –– an urgent meeting with a daimyō in The Ichiren Dynasty could not be avoided. Zephyrus did wonder how they made it through that expanse peacefully on a ship like theirs.

With a thud, a wide, sturdy gangplank slid down to bridge the gap between the walkway and the airship. Captain Zephyr stood at the top of it, smile overly-enthusiastic as he waved them on board. "Now those are some faces I recognise," he called out loudly as he stood to the side to let the crew on, but ready to reach out in case any of them stumbled. It would be unfortunate if any of them fell off the edge now, before they'd even officially set off. "We're not too late, are we?"
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