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I've been a little busy if it wasn't obvious, and I still probably won't have free time until tomorrow earliest
I mean Purple's feelings are their own and totally valid, despite my hopes everyone can stick with it. For me, I've been waiting for others but also holding myself back since Random and I were kinda pulling ahead while others didn't have many options for interactions. Like I said, I enjoy everyone's characters but Eve's personality has led to actively avoiding her more energetic companions. I also do not want to force things in a direction it wouldn't naturally progress, so maybe moving on to the next scene wouldn't hurt?
Well, no clue what the future holds but I'm here and interested now, don't care if it's large group or as little as 2 others
Don't fret, Cloud, Eve's internal bitchiness aside I need you to know I like Yumi. I mean I like everyone, really. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself, I think you're doing just fine. That said I'll also accept whatever you feel you need to do, trust me I understand issues like you're talking about.

And yeah, Random, I kinda feel the same. Don't want anyone to feel like I'm stealing the show, I've just been having fun. I just wanted to make check in and see how y'all were doing
We alive?

jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (jk)
'Still, things could be worse. The girls could be in her class.'

Ah, that beautiful moment when a person realizes just how screwed they really are. This made my morning
I suppose but being the edgemarquis is a special position
Is this a good change?
Glad to hear you got your things sorted, Purple. But I'm sad to see Weeb go as well. I really hope you and your loved ones health gets better, and maybe one day you can hop back in with us
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