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Current Chemotherapy is almost done, and once the nausea passes I'm hoping to get back into some advanced roleplay! Hopefully. Very hopefully. >.>
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What do singing fish need when they just aren't very good? Autotuna!
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Are sprinkles just edible confetti?
1 yr ago
If you put confetti in a salt shaker and then sprinkled it over spaghetti what would it be called


Whoop whoop!

Hello! I'm Jade (obviously) and my hobbies include eating spaghetti!

...And not much else.

Oh! I love roleplay, so please please please send me PMs if you're interested in some kind of 1x1 rp with me! I can only do FxF if romance is your goal, but I love roleplay without that too! I require nice grammar, capitalization, and punctuation, and a can-do attitude is recommended! :D

Also spaghetti.

I'm 19 at this point, so smut is a-ok as long as it's private! And doesn't include spaghetti! That's just gross.


So yeah! PM me! Or don't! Is k!

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Captain Wolf Montgomery hadn't told her much about her partner.

For some reason it seemed he was almost hesitant for them to be introduced. He was hesitant about a lot of things, the old man, but Damocles was something else. Maybe he knew she'd hate him, regardless of what he did. She hated most people the Captain forced her to be with. Actually... no, she hated every single one. She also hated anyone the Captain DIDN'T force on her. The little woman that organized the evidence locker that tried to make friends, or that new cop, Molly something, who tried to act tough and finally make a scene about how she needed to stop being so rude.

Ellen spat in her face and walked away, if she can remember correctly.

The blonde smirked at the memory, the only time she might actually look happy. Anyone who knew her - anyone who has been in LIBRA's 13th precinct for more than a month - knew it was anything but a happy expression. More like a momentary chink in her armor, a predatory smile for when she is recalling causing pain, or about to cause more.

Captain Wolf Montgomery hadn't told her much about her partner. Not what he looked like, or even his first name. She'd overheard talk, of course, about how he had recently arrived. A detective from California, from some other big city, who moved here for some unknown reason. Apparently he's already well established, and Ellen could respect that, if she could feel respect for anyone.

Which she can't.

Still, what worried Ellen more was that some people felt the same way about him as they felt about her. He was disliked, or at least avoided, by some of the officers after he arrived. She hadn't met him yet, given she'd spent the morning in her apartment, studying the case's details rather than heading to the precinct like normal. She'd been intent on learning everything she could before she got there, just so she wouldn't have to research anything later. As such, she'd be meeting her partner in the field.

As she'd established, though, he wasn't here, and that was fine. Her emerald eyes skirted the frozen body once more. Petrified may have been a better word, and the victim's clothing had survived, as well as his belongings. Had he been searched yet? Likely so, but-

Emerald eyes darted upwards as a voice called her name, but there was no time for her to react before arms were thrown around her. Time seemed to stop, for just the slightest moment, as she caught her footing and held her arms rigidly to her sides. Her eyes were wide, and a few nearby officers went completely silent at the sight. You could hear a pin drop from three exhibits away.

Captain Wolf Montgomery hadn't told her much about this man. Was that because he knew Ellen would strangle him, and didn't want to get too attached?

Ellen watched the slightly taller man as he pulled away, completely silent and unblinking. Her fists weren't clenched, her jaw was loose, one could almost mistake her for calm. Batman-ese. This was to be her partner? She looked down at the body when it was pointed to, then looked right back up at her partner. Her... partner. Slowly, she took Damocles's hand and removed it from her shoulder, her knuckles turning white as she gripped his hand with the kind of strength one gives when they are currently dangling from a cliff.

"Don't ever touch me again," she stated simply, her voice quiet and eerily calm. Those would be her only words to the man as she released him, her eyes returning to the body at her feet. She crouched down, reaching into her coat and taking some gloves out, slipping them on without the satisfying snap. She'd search the body herself.

Captain Wolf Montgomery hadn't told her much about her partner, because she did not have one.
Weird. Right.

Like this world wasn't weird, like this existence wasn't a total lie.

Detective Ellen Lockhart was not a mountain of a woman by any stretch, dwarfed by her driver. That wasn't to say she was a normal woman, either, and were anyone else driving she'd have likely towered over them. Not the captain, though, a giant couldn't hope to tower over that man. Instead, Ellen grunted up at him and opened the door, stepping out and slamming the door behind her without a word. Play nice with the other kids, right, because that's all most of these idiots were. Children, innocent to the real world and busying themselves on the playground with unimportant gossip.

Ellen shoved her hands into her pockets, wearing a black longcoat left open in the front, its black leather fluttering inches from the ground beneath her as she approached the yellow tape. Beneath that she wore a more traditional raven black dress shirt, buttoned up to the very top button and tucked into her equally black dress pants. So what if she likes black, it's thinning, and anyone who wants to comment on it can stuff it. A badge, the same as the captain's, hung from her belt, mere inches from a holstered handgun, and allowed her quick and easy entry past the small blockade that had been erected in front of the museum.

A murder, that's all that had been reported. A murder and a theft, obviously, but the murder was the important part. Ellen stepped over the tape and into the museum, looking around in disinterest as officers she didn't recognize were turned away and officers she did became more and more common. A guard was murdered attempting to apprehend a thief, and that's that. What the news was told, whether he was stabbed or beaten, doesn't really matter. The guard wasn't ever found, merely an exact replica made of stone, its leg shattered and face carved into a look of abstract horror. Given that a bust of Medusa was what ended up stolen, it's not exactly difficult to imagine what happened, when you know what she knows.

Greek history was never her strong suit, frankly, and when Ellen entered the busiest exhibit, little yellow signs marking every few feet of the marble flooring, all she could do was give a blank stare towards the grand sculptures and artworks. Battles, gods, weapons, none of it really mattered, because all of it was real. There was no metaphor, no grandeur, no awe of the unknown. Gods existed, many still do, and she's sure every single one of them is a shitty person. What was she supposed to feel, then, knowing this? A man had been murdered, a life extinguished, and by something fantastical.

Frankly, it was annoying to know what she knew, to do what she did, but this was her first real case since she got to this forsaken city. Her first time in years where she could spend time out in the field, discovering these things instead of transcribing the reports of idiots for a living. Why did it all feel so... false?

Her emerald eyes finally landed on the main event, the frozen guard, but she paused before she approached. Where was her 'partner' in this room? She hadn't actually been given a description, but she'd assume he'd be investigating the body. Apparently... not. She sighed to herself, a hot breath escaping her as heavy black boots carried her to the scene. Doesn't really matter, she would just do this herself.

Like always.
I'm very interested, and I'd like to reserve the time domain, if possible! I will look into a CS ASAP

EDIT: Time is not available apparently, dang. Worth a shot!
Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm interested, for sure! I do enjoy worldbuilding and brainstorming quite a bit, so I'm totally up for discord discussions! I'm still reeling from chemotherapy right now, so I'm not in the best shape to roleplay, but I can still chat and worldbuild while I recover, if you'll have me!

Oh God, she is... totally going to be late.

Normally, Kuroko wouldn't mind in the slightest, but her first day? Well, she still doesn't care that much, but she should've eaten faster, or something! She can only skirt by with her outfit if she's an otherwise stellar student! Not that she ever has been... but the school owes her, and it owes her a hell of a lot, so she can be late one day!

Kuroko blinks when her phone chimes, but doesn't stop walking. She slips past the growing crowds on the streets and pulls out her phone, reading the message left by @Sola with a growing grin.

Hello, Koumori-san? It's Kotone. I wanted to make sure I put in your number in correctly.

Yes! Perfect, one friend made! Now if she could get some in her year, that'd be fantastic! She arrives at the school, later than most, and swiftly hops her way inside while typing up a message back.

You got it, Tachibana-san! Hey, which class are you in? I'm in 2-C, so I might pass your class some days!

Sending the message with a smile, Kuroko pulls herself up the stairs to the second-year classrooms, finding her way to class 2-C, remarkably not that late. There aren't many seats, so Kuroko takes one near the back. She feels bad sitting in front of people when she's so tall, and with hair that is basically designed to take up space.

She slips into her spot and plops down her bookbag, sighing happily and relaxing. Totally made it on time.
Still no takerssssssss

"I... I have to get going. I'll talk to you later!"

Kuroko blinks, watching the brunette quickly leave the table. She sighs, leaning back and running a hand through her golden locks before pushing herself to her feet. An hour until class and still panicked about being late, huh? Yeah... definitely not like her little sister. Kuroko chuckles, pushing in her chair politely and carefully tossing her phone between her hands. Either Kotone was just pretending to type in her number, or she just made a new friend. Either way, it was worth the effort!


Most things are.

Kuroko shrugs to herself with a gentle grin, pulling her phone back out again as she walks out the door.

I'm heading to class, sis! (* ^ ω ^)
Good! You better not be late!

I won't be! ( >д<)
Yeah yeah. Send me a picture when you get there!

Okaaaay. I love you! ♡
Love you too, little sis

Kuroko chuckles, pocketing her phone and shaking her head as she slowly strolls to school. She can take her time.

"Hah! I always know a first year when I see one! Mainly 'cause I was one last year," Kuroko explains. This brunette, Tachibana Kotone, apparently, was so much like her sister in some ways... but Kuroko narrows her eyes. Not all ways, not judging by the self-doubtful look in her eyes. She's about average height, with the most average hair color and eye color. She has a pretty name, though. Maybe she plays harp? That's certainly something to ask! Kuroko smiles, and-


Kuroko pauses, glancing at the disturbance as everyone in the restaurant does. Geesh. Even she's not THAT loud! Most of the time! Laughing, Kuroko smoothly slips into a seat just across from Kotone, digging her phone out from between her breasts and typing on it. "Aaaaaanyway, if you have any questions about anything other than, like, maths and stuff, text me. My number is..."

As Kuroko rattles off her phone number, the hamster that's supposed to be turning the wheel in her head wakes up and starts to wonder if giving her number immediately is overbearing and not at all smart. Then again, overbearing and not at all smart is, like, her middle names, or something. So whatever!
An Aveo is a mini-car it's not a full-size car,
7'7 is tame to what people are in real life some basketball measure to 8'5
I caught Ikenaga I was just to fix it's midnight where I am

But I'll fix it

The tallest person alive in the entire world is 8 foot 2.


Kuroko pops a small chunk of her riceball into her mouth, just after dipping it in an egg yolk. Not bad, actually, and healthy too! Probably! She grins as she carefully jabs her chopsticks into the now slightly smaller riceball, looking around the restaurant. Since she'd entered, three more people baring the Fukushima Uesugi Senior High uniform had taken seats. One in particular, though, caught her attention.

The blonde smiles excitedly and finishes up her meal swiftly, kicking her feet and humming to some random song stuck in her head. Her lilac eyes slowly scan the room before she trains them on the newest arrival. Specifically the adorable brunette that seems just a bit too out of her element. "Cute..." Kuroko mutters under her breath, reminded of her younger sister and chuckling. If this girl is anything like Hirako, then... maybe some introductions are in order, since she knows her sister'd never take the first step.

"Good morning, I'm Koumori Kuroko, second year.... No, too formal... Hi, I'm Kuroko... Hm..." Kuroko mutters to herself, tapping the tip of her nose with her chopstick. Eh, she'll wing it! Kuroko pays the bill quickly, her movements practiced and graceful. Her blonde mane bobs with each step as she slides her way to Kotone's table, leaning onto it with one hand.

"Saw you staring! You look like a first year, am I right? I'm Koumori Kuroko, yoroshiku!" The blonde greets with far too much bounce and vigor, grinning brighter than the sun. One wouldn't assume from her appearance, but she's more than fluent in Japanese, so much so that it seems her first language. Since it is.
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