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Are sprinkles just edible confetti?
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If you put confetti in a salt shaker and then sprinkled it over spaghetti what would it be called


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Hello! I'm Jade (obviously) and my hobbies include eating spaghetti!

...And not much else.

Oh! I love roleplay, so please please please send me PMs if you're interested in some kind of 1x1 rp with me! I can only do FxF if romance is your goal, but I love roleplay without that too! I require nice grammar, capitalization, and punctuation, and a can-do attitude is recommended! :D

Also spaghetti.

I'm 19 at this point, so smut is a-ok as long as it's private! And doesn't include spaghetti! That's just gross.


So yeah! PM me! Or don't! Is k!

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Oh God, she is... totally going to be late.

Normally, Kuroko wouldn't mind in the slightest, but her first day? Well, she still doesn't care that much, but she should've eaten faster, or something! She can only skirt by with her outfit if she's an otherwise stellar student! Not that she ever has been... but the school owes her, and it owes her a hell of a lot, so she can be late one day!

Kuroko blinks when her phone chimes, but doesn't stop walking. She slips past the growing crowds on the streets and pulls out her phone, reading the message left by @Sola with a growing grin.

Hello, Koumori-san? It's Kotone. I wanted to make sure I put in your number in correctly.

Yes! Perfect, one friend made! Now if she could get some in her year, that'd be fantastic! She arrives at the school, later than most, and swiftly hops her way inside while typing up a message back.

You got it, Tachibana-san! Hey, which class are you in? I'm in 2-C, so I might pass your class some days!

Sending the message with a smile, Kuroko pulls herself up the stairs to the second-year classrooms, finding her way to class 2-C, remarkably not that late. There aren't many seats, so Kuroko takes one near the back. She feels bad sitting in front of people when she's so tall, and with hair that is basically designed to take up space.

She slips into her spot and plops down her bookbag, sighing happily and relaxing. Totally made it on time.
Still no takerssssssss

"I... I have to get going. I'll talk to you later!"

Kuroko blinks, watching the brunette quickly leave the table. She sighs, leaning back and running a hand through her golden locks before pushing herself to her feet. An hour until class and still panicked about being late, huh? Yeah... definitely not like her little sister. Kuroko chuckles, pushing in her chair politely and carefully tossing her phone between her hands. Either Kotone was just pretending to type in her number, or she just made a new friend. Either way, it was worth the effort!


Most things are.

Kuroko shrugs to herself with a gentle grin, pulling her phone back out again as she walks out the door.

I'm heading to class, sis! (* ^ ω ^)
Good! You better not be late!

I won't be! ( >д<)
Yeah yeah. Send me a picture when you get there!

Okaaaay. I love you! ♡
Love you too, little sis

Kuroko chuckles, pocketing her phone and shaking her head as she slowly strolls to school. She can take her time.

"Hah! I always know a first year when I see one! Mainly 'cause I was one last year," Kuroko explains. This brunette, Tachibana Kotone, apparently, was so much like her sister in some ways... but Kuroko narrows her eyes. Not all ways, not judging by the self-doubtful look in her eyes. She's about average height, with the most average hair color and eye color. She has a pretty name, though. Maybe she plays harp? That's certainly something to ask! Kuroko smiles, and-


Kuroko pauses, glancing at the disturbance as everyone in the restaurant does. Geesh. Even she's not THAT loud! Most of the time! Laughing, Kuroko smoothly slips into a seat just across from Kotone, digging her phone out from between her breasts and typing on it. "Aaaaaanyway, if you have any questions about anything other than, like, maths and stuff, text me. My number is..."

As Kuroko rattles off her phone number, the hamster that's supposed to be turning the wheel in her head wakes up and starts to wonder if giving her number immediately is overbearing and not at all smart. Then again, overbearing and not at all smart is, like, her middle names, or something. So whatever!
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Kuroko pops a small chunk of her riceball into her mouth, just after dipping it in an egg yolk. Not bad, actually, and healthy too! Probably! She grins as she carefully jabs her chopsticks into the now slightly smaller riceball, looking around the restaurant. Since she'd entered, three more people baring the Fukushima Uesugi Senior High uniform had taken seats. One in particular, though, caught her attention.

The blonde smiles excitedly and finishes up her meal swiftly, kicking her feet and humming to some random song stuck in her head. Her lilac eyes slowly scan the room before she trains them on the newest arrival. Specifically the adorable brunette that seems just a bit too out of her element. "Cute..." Kuroko mutters under her breath, reminded of her younger sister and chuckling. If this girl is anything like Hirako, then... maybe some introductions are in order, since she knows her sister'd never take the first step.

"Good morning, I'm Koumori Kuroko, second year.... No, too formal... Hi, I'm Kuroko... Hm..." Kuroko mutters to herself, tapping the tip of her nose with her chopstick. Eh, she'll wing it! Kuroko pays the bill quickly, her movements practiced and graceful. Her blonde mane bobs with each step as she slides her way to Kotone's table, leaning onto it with one hand.

"Saw you staring! You look like a first year, am I right? I'm Koumori Kuroko, yoroshiku!" The blonde greets with far too much bounce and vigor, grinning brighter than the sun. One wouldn't assume from her appearance, but she's more than fluent in Japanese, so much so that it seems her first language. Since it is.


A blonde mane stirs in bed, revealing a tired lilac eye staring out into the room. It's small, styled after western culture with countless movie posters strewn messily across the walls. There are a few anime posters, of course, but nothing special, and as the tired blonde rolls out of bed, her alarm goes off. She'd woken up a single minute early. Kuroko sits up, looking bleakly at the shadow she cast from the sunlight piercing through her curtains. Tired and delirious, Kuroko starts making shadow puppets with her hands and feet, slowly waking up. This is pretty normal.

First day back at school, already... Kuroko yawns, rubbing her eyes and pushing herself onto her hands and knees, then onto her feet. She begins meticulous getting ready - as always - and after nearly two hours, she had finally bathed, shaved, brushed, styled, and put on her uniform. Now all that was left to do is her hair... which had been brushed, but needed to be perfect. PERFECT. She coats it in countless sprays, brushing and styling it until there isn't a split end or knot to be found. She smiles into her mirror and pulls down her uniform's top a bit, sticking her cellphone in her cleavage and hopping out of the bathroom.

She lives in an apartment, and not a nice one either. She slowly slinks out of her room, then over to her younger sister's room. She takes a deep breath, putting her hands around her mouth...



Kuroko snickers, hopping to the tiny living room and scooping up her bag, then slipping on her shoes. She walks out, swiftly locking the door behind her and taking the elevator down. She gleefully steps out of her apartment complex, and skips down the street, her looks dragging attention from all she passes by, just how she likes it. She approaches the restaurant of choice, something she had driven past days earlier and found interesting. Some family restaurant, or something. Shrugging her shoulders, Kuroko walks inside and finds a booth quickly, ordering herself some rice balls, pancakes, and even a rather noteworthy amount of eggs. A boxer, she needs her protein, apparently.
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