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Current Are sprinkles just edible confetti?
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If you put confetti in a salt shaker and then sprinkled it over spaghetti what would it be called


Whoop whoop!

Hello! I'm Jade (obviously) and my hobbies include eating spaghetti!

...And not much else.

Oh! I love roleplay, so please please please send me PMs if you're interested in some kind of 1x1 rp with me! I can only do FxF if romance is your goal, but I love roleplay without that too! I require nice grammar, capitalization, and punctuation, and a can-do attitude is recommended! :D

Also spaghetti.

I'm 19 at this point, so smut is a-ok as long as it's private! And doesn't include spaghetti! That's just gross.


So yeah! PM me! Or don't! Is k!

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I'll be going next, I've just been helping someone that lost their house move in and jazz, sorry about the wait
Update: Added a plot!
Nyte's metal boots touched the floor gently, and she set the child in her arms down. Looking into the dark, she spotted the stranger and waved as Sunny introduced the adventurer and new companion. "Hello there, I am Nyte the knight, spelled N-Y-T-E. It's absolutely wonderful to meet you!"

Putting her hands to her metaphorical hips, Nyte began following behind the little band that had formed, not minding the dark much at all and very easily navigating the crumbling stairs. Watching the boy take out yet another tarot card made Nyte sigh quietly to herself, but it was very interesting to see him start glowing a brilliant white. "Do not tire yourself out, child," she muttered, mostly to herself. As the dark cavern began to light up, Nyte looked to the drawings Sunny mentioned and rubbed her helmet thoughtfully.

"Hmmmm... I've heard paranoid wizards like to hole themselves in places! It could also be a prison for a massive monster that we've accidentally unearthed and have unleashed upon the world, resulting in the destruction of all life as we know it. I'd like to think it's the former!"
Bump! Reminder that I'll also accept your ideas for pairings and stuff!
Aw geezums, I was trying to keep up a turn order! Me > Sunny > Laphi > @LordofthePies!


But fiiiine, I'll post when I cannnnnn... No turn order is anarchy!
I don't actually know what else to post until there's an event to bring everyone together :o
Update: Changed up my two ideas!
Should I respond or are we waiting on Pies...? :o
Stiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllll lookin'!
Velvet Steele, 20

Super Strength - Chicago, IL

The smell of chicken and dumplings filled the small apartment, from the old green couch with stead that gave no real support, to the tiny television set atop a box of Christmas decorations about to be opened. Tiny holiday lights hung over the single window, draped lazily across to look festive, and anime posters that would probably be considered embarrassing were taped to the dull cream-colored walls.

Velvet stepped out of the tiny kitchen with a long sigh, a steaming bowl of chicken and dumplings in her hands and a towel underneath to keep her hands from burning. She shuffled over to the couch and sank into it, an old wooden board stuck beneath the cushion to keep it from collapsing. Taking out the remote from between the cushions where it always seemed to fall, Velvet turned on the television.

She regretted it.

Velvet shakily put down her bowl onto the small black table beside the couch and put her hands over her mouth. Her life wasn't great, nowhere near perfect, but at least it had been hers. She sniffled and shook her head quickly, rubbing her eyes. As long as she didn't get into trouble, she was alright...

"...Right...?" She whispered into the suddenly silent, lonely apartment.
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