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Current Are sprinkles just edible confetti?
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If you put confetti in a salt shaker and then sprinkled it over spaghetti what would it be called


Whoop whoop!

Hello! I'm Jade (obviously) and my hobbies include eating spaghetti!

...And not much else.

Oh! I love roleplay, so please please please send me PMs if you're interested in some kind of 1x1 rp with me! I can only do FxF if romance is your goal, but I love roleplay without that too! I require nice grammar, capitalization, and punctuation, and a can-do attitude is recommended! :D

Also spaghetti.

I'm 18, nearly 19 at this point, so smut is a-ok as long as it's private! And doesn't include spaghetti! That's just gross.


So yeah! PM me! Or don't! Is k!

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Stiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllll lookin'!
Velvet Steele, 20

Super Strength - Chicago, IL

The smell of chicken and dumplings filled the small apartment, from the old green couch with stead that gave no real support, to the tiny television set atop a box of Christmas decorations about to be opened. Tiny holiday lights hung over the single window, draped lazily across to look festive, and anime posters that would probably be considered embarrassing were taped to the dull cream-colored walls.

Velvet stepped out of the tiny kitchen with a long sigh, a steaming bowl of chicken and dumplings in her hands and a towel underneath to keep her hands from burning. She shuffled over to the couch and sank into it, an old wooden board stuck beneath the cushion to keep it from collapsing. Taking out the remote from between the cushions where it always seemed to fall, Velvet turned on the television.

She regretted it.

Velvet shakily put down her bowl onto the small black table beside the couch and put her hands over her mouth. Her life wasn't great, nowhere near perfect, but at least it had been hers. She sniffled and shook her head quickly, rubbing her eyes. As long as she didn't get into trouble, she was alright...

"...Right...?" She whispered into the suddenly silent, lonely apartment.
"She said to go down there, did she...?" Nyte muttered, looking to the boy and back at the hole. Indeed, she could see a light far down into the darkness, likely Sunny and the other. Shaking her head, Nyte tapped her helmet like she would tap her chin. "Here I thought she was sane, but... looking back on it now, what a fool I was."

Nyte nodded, stepping towards the boy and shuffling closer. She looked down at him and saw his arms held up at her. "You... want me to pick you up...?" She whispered sadly, and then nodded, putting her arms beneath his and lifting him up easily, pulling him into a comfortable hold that seemed natural.

As Laphicet looked into her helmet, Nyte gazed back, looking past him to the constantly shifting forest, the seemingly living trees, and the enormous violet flowers.

"I won't let you go," Nyte muttered with a firm nod, squeezing him gently before stepping foot off the edge and into the dark abyss below.
@Tenma Tendo Wonderful!!! If you ever give Nyte a reading, though, message me beforehand, since she's got things to hide ;3
Nyte looked down at Laphicet as he heard something Nyte had not. She resisted petting his head, then looked to Sunny, who apparently had the same idea as she had. She moved closer, but immediately froze and reached out to keep Laphicet back as a root grabbed her companion and pulled her down into the hole. The knight took a careful step forward, looking down the dark hole and keeping a gentle grip on Laphicet's shoulder should another root try to take him.

She dropped to one knee carefully at the mouth of the pit, wrapping her arm tight around Laphicet as he gripped her. Sunny called out, thankfully, and Nyte sighed, relieved. She looked to the boy beside her and patted his head once.

"They're alright, child, so let's take things slow. We should try to help from up here. I bet there are some vines or roots we could find around here long and strong enough to act as a rope!"

She gave a hearty thumbs up, despite doubting her own plan immediately. A living forest that seemed intent on killing them... Just another weekday for the knight, but probably rather scary for people who may actually hurt themselves falling.
I am no brute!!!!!!1!!!!11!1!! >:O
@Kidd I fixed it up a bit! I accidentally backspaced while not focused on my edit, and it made me lose all of my progress so I had to redo it xD
Aw geez, I need to fix up my character sheet to be like that o.O
Nyte loves those little pudgy cuties, so she wouldn't mind xD
Nyte sighed, a branch Sunny had pulled back suddenly smacking the knight in the face and nearly sending her helmet flying off. This was not the first time this had happened during their long trek through the carnivorous woods, and it would certainly not be the last. Her armor, much less angular than her previous set, did well not to catch on any of the hanging vines or curiously large flowers.

"I'm sure we'll find what we're looking for eventually," Nyte responded brightly, wagging her finger before a flitterdid tried to pry it from her gauntlet. "I'm just slightly worried about what exactly it may be that we find here."

She waved her hand lazily, spooking the pudgy little creature from trying to steal her fingers. It had been a long journey, of course, and all for an unknown object, but the sights had been wonderful, and having a goal in mind was surprisingly much nicer than endless wandering. As her companion called out, just as she had to her in the forests outside Occurro, Nyte spotted a tree that hadn't been there the last time she looked...

"I miss the birds," Nyte muttered sadly to herself, holding her palm out for a flutterdid to rest on. "I wonder why it is that birds don't like this place?"

Nyte froze for only a moment, watching her small buzzing friends fly away scared as the trees and ground shook from what must have been something very large falling over. She hoped whatever had fallen was okay! Nyte bolted after her companion, armor surprisingly quiet compared to her old, clanking set she wore previously, but she made sure Laphi did not fall behind.

"Holy moly," she muttered as Sunny came to an abrupt stop in front of a crevice. "Was that the noise...?"
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