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Mike the Bloodwolf said
I'm waiting for Jae to post before I post with Midnight Again.

I'll have to wait until the manager actually sends Jamie first.
I'll post tommorow. School is just so happening to take up all my time.
School is where I've been. I hate this time of year.

The Kuhmio thanked the manager before leaving his office. As she walked towards the elevator, her high heels clacked against the floor. She got to the elevator and pressed the 'up' button. The excitement showed on her face, she couldn't wait to see her new human! Perhaps if he was handsome enough, she would keep him instead of eating him. The black haired female stepped into the small area, pressing the number '20' as she leaned against the wall. Sapphire then rode up the elevator in silence, quitely listening to the cheery elevator music that played.

When she heard the 'ding' indicating that she was on the twentieth floor, she straighted before stepping out. Along the way she patted her dress down and brushed her dark hair behind her ears. She had to make herself look beautiful, more than she already was at least.

The nine-tailed Kuhmio stopped at her door and pulled out her key, unlocking it, she stepped inside. Only to hear that her human was trying to get out. "No you don't! Your mine," she called, shutting the door behind her. It locked automatically.

She walked into the living room, sliding her key back into her purse. Sapphire bent down in front of the cage, taking in the looks of her new human. He was decent looking, brown hair, beautiful eyes. He would do. "My name is Sapphire, what is yours?" she asked in a sweet tone, one of her nine tails curled around her thigh.


"Humans are the same way, girlie. The only thing I want from you is well, your entire being. I'm hoping that by the time we're done here I will have mastered the power to bring back humans. Then I can make you do what I want." The brunette necromancer grinned manically, his white teeth showing. "Braveness won't help you here, dear 'Beatrice'. This isn't where the Dauntless reside." he added, right before she yanked the needle from his hand. Then he watched as she injected the serum into herself. "Ah, thats a good human. Now you may be more.. willing to let me do my tests on you." Soon her body would become heavy, her movements lethargic. The best thing about it was that she would be completely awake! She could feel everything! Best thing!

Glancing back at his sister, his grin widened even more. "See? She did it herself. Brave little Tris Prior, doing brave little Dauntless things."

His sister stood, her eyes rolling. "You know I haven't read that book yet."


Devin opened the cage, grabbing the girl by her arm. He then proceeded to drag her up and out of her cage. He continued dragging her through the suite, until he threw her down on a metal table that was located in his 'bedroom'. He had moved everything around to resemble a research lab. He fastened the straps onto her arms and legs, making sure she couldn't move. "Now, hope you have no wounds. I haven't cleaned this table in ages." The metal table that she laid on did look unwashed. There was dried blood scattered all over the table, and it was rusty. Very rusty.

He walked over to a cart near the center of the room. On that cart were more serum-filled needles. "What now.. hmm"


A laugh came from the lips of Rodney, not Jamie, but Rodney. Rodney was the other personality of Jamie. The evil, decieving part. He enjoyed kicking puppies for fun. He was not aware there was another soul in the room (Derek). Another laugh came from the brunette.

"How the fuck did I get here? Huh, I'd like to see who put me here. I'd beat the living shit outta him." Rodney yelled, not keeping quiet like Jamie had. Rodney wanted answers, and he was going to get them.
Been busy, will try to get in a post today. Tommorow at the latest.
I got ninja'd :o

Lemme get to work on the other posts. Aaand respond to pm.

Devin just rolled his eyes. "Psh, nonsense. The book has been out for many years. Anyways, Stiff, where would have you gotten 'Beatrice' from. Please, if you ever do get out, not that you will, go to your local Wal-Mart and buy the damn book. Your irritating me." The necromancer walked over to the cage and kicked it. He absolutely hated the humans that talk back, but they were most fun to break. He would have to ask the Manager if he could have her body once she died, it would bring him joy forcing her soul back into her rotting corpse.

Devin crouched down in front of the metal cage. He pursed his lips, "Technically, we did not meet that way. I only asked of your name. I'm not the world's stupidest necromancer, I know enough about humans to know that they are stubborn creatures. This," he held up the syringe, "Is only for precaution." He paused once again. "Tired? You don't know tired. I was a slave, to humans. They had me working on the fields at the age of six. I worked all day. You don't know tired. I was whipped, quite often. I was harmed by humans. Now, I can only repay the favor.

"Limbs? You think I'll just show you a limb?" He laughed. "I am most certainly sure you will become squeamish once you have a decomposed rat nibbling away at your flesh. Or even a dead wolf, tearing your intestines from your body? Actually, I have done that to someone. A hunter, I'm sure he is a friend of yours." The necromancer stood, he then walked back over to the dining room. He sat the syringe on the table and bent over to pick up the box of dead animals. He carried it back over and sat it down in front of the cage. He too sat down.

"Let's see, who shall start nibbling at your flesh first? Remember, if you don't want this, you will have to let inject you with the serum." Devin grinned, his grin as wide as a skeleton. The brunette reached down and picked up a rat. First it was limp in his hand, then it began squeaking and moving around once he brought it back. Setting it down, he looked Kate straight in the eye and smiled.
xAsunaWolfx said
I love you Jae xD

I did pretty well on the post I guess? XD

xAsunaWolfx said
No, she/he got dem feels for that divergent. read our posts if you wanna get it xD

She^^ but yes. I have dem feels for divergent. divergent is one of dem things you just have to have feels for.

Jamie widened his eyes as he saw a hand go through the creature. It dissipated into nothing, how did she do that? Looking ahead of him, he saw the girl that the hand belonged to. She was trying to comfort him. "Y-yes, the voices. They never leave. Yes, I can do that. Blink twice before I judge what's real and what's not." He said in a low voice, taking in a deep breath. He closed his eyes and when he opened him, the girl was being pulled to whatever place they all went.

"No, wait! Shit!" He yelled, lurching forward. He reached out, trying to grab for her. But she was already gone. Now he was utterly alone, well except for the female and male nearby. But soon, the female left and it was only Jamie and the other male.

Jamie hit his head against the bars continuously, "Keep calm. Think of peace." Peace was him painting. Jamie was trembling now. Peace was-

Jamie stopped trembling. He stopped moving, period. Everything was blank. That is, until a even darker light came to his eyes. He wasn't Jamie no more, he was Rodney.


"Beatrice? Tris? So, I also assume your divergent too? Here to break the syste? Corupt order of things? " the brunette laughed. "So, Stiff, what's your real name? Just because I may be a necromancer, doesn't mean I don't read. If you'd like, you could call me 'Four' or even 'Peter'. I actually like Peter." He said, standing up once again. He laid his staff down on the couch and walked into the dining room, 'Tris' would still be able to see and hear him, somewhat. "I hope you know why your here," he continued on. "I'm going to use you as a specimen to experiment on. You see, I'm quite the mad scientist." He waved a hand to the dead body on his dining room table. Next to the table there was a box full of animal corpses, he had specifically brought them here for this moment. He had plans to use them, see how she would react to them.

Taking in a deep breath of the wonderful smell of rotting flesh, he moved into a corner. There he had set up various things he could use in a potion or spell, for example, a vampire fang, a tuft of lycan fur, a human eyeball or two, and the list could go on. Bending down, he pulled out a syringe that was filled with something that he, himself had created. Nothing lethal, it wouldn't kill 'Tris' but it would make her.. weak. Her movement's would become lethargic, her body heavy, nothing much. It'd only make it harder for her to escape. With a simple spell, he had made it.

Walking back into the living room, he held the syringe up. "I think you may know what this is. After all, you must have read that book. Now, if you'll ever so kindly extend your hand out of the cage so I could stick it into your vein, I would be a happy necromancer." Devin said in a cheerful tone. His sister behind him chuckled.

"As if she'd do that. You'll have to make her."


The Kuhmio smiled nd rushed inside, leaving the door open for Elijah. "Mr. Manager! I would love to have blood sent up to my room. For whenever I'm not munching on any of the male humans. I can pay upfront if need be." Sapphire said, lifting her purse. She unzipped it quickly and pulled out her wallet. Opening that up, she pulled around two hundred out. "I'd say two hundred would be enough for a month or two?" She asked, her golden eyes practically glowing.

She loved making visits to the Manager, he was always so kind and sweet to her. "Plus, Mr. Manager, I heard there were new humans? It'd be a shame not to ask, is there any boy's left? If so, please do send him up to my suite. I haven't had a playtoy in quite sometime."


Walking in afted the nine-tailed fox, Elijah looked straight ahead. Nodding towards his boss when he said to remind him of a job that he needed Elijah to do. Excitement ran through the vampire, oh how he enjoyed the jobs his boss gave him. Torturing was the best one, seeing humans and supernaturals alike scream in pain, it was exhilarating.

His hazel eyes looked over to Sapphire, all her nonsense was becoming quite annoying. She enjoyed flirting with any man, young or old. But, that was known with Kuhmio's and even Succubus. They were the whore's of the supernatural race.

Whenever she was done, Elijah took a step closer. "Yes, boss. I had came to see if you had a job for me to do." For some reason, he had forgotten what he had also came for. But, he merely left it forgotten.
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