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Ryan was only sort of starting to understand Brendon's dynamics. Scratch that - he knew his reactions to everything before they were actually intimate with each other. You could've called them best friends if they weren't at each other's throats constantly, actually, he knew him that well. He'd learned that, if you throw in a little bit of a personal attack, like, on his personality or something stupid like that while criticizing his musical ability, it totally knocked him down a rung. And then when he stopped doing that - actually, when he realized he hated doing that and he much preferred seeing Brendon's smile or the solitary little squint when he did - Ryan learned that when he looked at Brendon a certain way, vulnerable enough to show fondness for once, Brendon would look away because he couldn't take so much for too long and it was beyond precious. But Ryan had only halfway begun this practice of actually telling Brendon when something bothered him, and, apparently, backing it up by being imposing had the opposite effect he was going for. Which he should have expected, he supposed, because their 'relationship' of sorts stood on a foundation of malice.

And, honestly, now that he was actually talking to Brendon again, he was starting to forget why he was mad in the first place. What was a little time apart when Brendon was here now? And looking like that - slanted at such an angle Ryan could practically feel him under his fingertips already. Wait, hold on - he was still mad. Shit. Actually, that was a real fuckin’ good punishment for me. Please punish me more often. Ryan chewed his lip, uncertain and, unfortunately, incredibly attracted to the Devil himself right now, but he kept his hands in his pockets and a safe handful of inches away. The thing was, Brendon apparently still thought something was going to happen here, and Ryan was a tiny bit afraid of the repercussions when he realized he wasn't going to, in Brendon's words, 'get dicked down' within the next thirty minutes. Or, not even tonight, if Ryan's willpower held out. Sure, he was getting more sentimental these days, kept catching himself on the whole 'boyfriend' train of thought whenever his mind drifted to the idea of Brendon at all, but he was still irresistible in every other way. So.

Plus, he was too charming, made it very difficult to continue turning him down. For someone whose lyrics Ryan used to pretend to hate all the time, he really had a way with words. Ryan declined anyway, somehow, and after a pause Brendon looked like he knew exactly what was going on - whatever he was thinking about, he was wrong. That’s okay, baby, I’ll do whatever you ask me to. I’m just, uh. In the mood- for that. Ryan shook his head, but the more he talked about it the more Ryan was in the mood, too, that asshole, so he rolled his eyes again as obnoxiously as he could to brush it off before pulling Brendon closer to him, turning on the charm - not like he could really measure up to the competition, here. Though evidently it worked for him, when he was being vaguely intimidating. Brendon looked iffy only momentarily before he continued, knowing already that 'sorry's weren't their thing, and then he was staring, so. Things looked good so far.

Brendon looked at his feet and Ryan took that moment to break composure, grin off a very suppressed laugh, before biting his lip instead and going back to seriousness. I, uh- fuck. Okay. Ryan, I. Suddenly it was a little less funny. He rarely saw Brendon stumble like this, much less when he was talking directly to him, and. Weirdly, it was affecting. Yeah, they definitely still had a bizarre dynamic. He watched him struggle out the two words they never said to each other, fascinated. I’m sorry. I won’t- I won’t do anything like that again. Promise. Ryan's lips parted, a lot less intense looking, almost forgiving because Brendon was really, really never like this. Even if the remorse was fake, he was a convincing actor. For a second Ryan betrayed the unspoken 'not boyfriends' rule, smoothing his thumb adoringly over the tiny scar in his eyebrow, over his temple, his cheekbone; he let his fingers comb through his hair, easily, fluidly. What a dumbass. "You really thought," he said, a grin finding its way on his face again, all of his features lighting up.

Ryan moved away again, reaching out to tug Brendon's wrist and guide him away - an inch away from his impulse to hold his hand, truthfully. "You're adorable. But I'm in charge. How about Fight Club? Doesn't do the book justice, if you ask me." Okay, they'd seen it together before, and it was pretty much identical to the book. But he knew Ryan and all his peculiarities anyway. Plus, not like that would be the thing bothering Brendon, of all this.
As unexpected and messy as this proposal was, Ryan would be lying if he said it hadn't been on his mind anyway. He tended to jump the gun when it came to Brendon. They first met, he was immediately infatuated, offered him a job within the next, like, day. And then they were the closest of friends in no time, even entertaining a romantic aspect beneath the surface until Ryan finally made a move. Well. 'Finally' might be a leap, especially when they were technically boss/employee, but. In the time following, he was given new reasons to want Brendon around forever every single day, new reasons to marry him even when they were barely considered 'long term' - Ryan wasn't joking when he called him the 'love of his life,' stupid, sappy things like that, and shockingly, he was never afraid. Ryan had his doubts about everything, didn't just 'go with it' and rarely took chances, but Brendon was something he was so sure about. He matched every joke Ryan made, knew every quirk like it was his own, was generally about as perfect as it got. So. Yeah, he'd known for a while that he'd marry him.

Granted it would probably be more considerate to have clued Brendon in to that idea before popping the question, but. He seemed all right with the situation - more than all right. M-hm. Brendon's eyes were on his hands, intent, and Ryan just watched his face, the little nostalgic smile that betrayed him. God, yeah, he'd elope right now if he could, if he wasn't dying of embarrassment still. Oh yeah? "I'm thinking a date, initials, lyrics..." Brendon wasn't totally listening, pressing a gentle kiss to the back of his hand, and Ryan trailed off just as distractedly, lips parting slightly. "...Something like that." He bit his lip, so fucking enamoured, why weren't they married already? He gave Brendon his little placeholder, pleased with this trial ring of sorts, and Brendon's look when he turned back to him - god. He took Ryan's breath away. When they kissed Ryan could barely respond properly, that affected. I- I like that. I want people to know I’m yours. Ryan made a small, fond sound, lifting the hand he'd been studying to hold his chin briefly, delicately. "And I'm yours. In case it wasn't obvious."

Brendon pressed against him, totally evil, and Ryan's hands tightened around his waist, still keeping him close as he was able while they kissed. No headache, but I’m gonna fuckin’ hurt tomorrow. Ryan laughed genuinely, burying his face into Brendon's pillow-messy hair when he rested his forehead against his shoulder, breathing him in. "Sorry about that." He smiled softly, pulling away to give Brendon space when he lifted his head again. Well, now you’ve told me, I think I’ll have an idea. Dumbass. Ryan rolled his eyes, feeling wonderful with Brendon's laughter against his skin. Really, he wouldn't know the when, the where, the how - he had no damn idea. Maybe he didn't want another proposal, didn't need one, but he was gonna get one, 'cause. Well. Look at him. Brendon was the kind of guy that happened once in a lifetime, maybe less. He deserved something insane.

Whaddya mean, not fuckin’ tell anyone? That was- as I said- the best sex we’ve ever had. You proposed, like, right before you- Ryan cleared his throat, looking at him warningly, but a smile played on his lips. I need a shower. Anyway, if you think I’m not gonna tell anyone. Sorry, baby. I’m sure Spencer will be thrilled to know. I’ll tell him myself so he has time to calm down before he reaches you. "Oh my god," Ryan said, freeing a hand to shove over his face and drag aside. "If you tell Spencer, I will kill you, then myself." Ryan paused, sighing long-sufferingly. "I mean... if he doesn't do it first. He'll basically be your in-law." Ryan grinned, but seriously - poor Brendon. He had only halfway won over Spencer's approval. Or maybe Spencer will be so amused over the fact that Ryan popped the question just before that that he'll just laugh it all off and decide to fully accept Brendon.

Ryan watched him roll to the side, crash against the mattress, flopping onto his front and hiding away in his pillow, and grinned the whole way through. What a mess. Not to ruin your epic proposal dreams, but. You just did blow my mind. Thought that was pretty evident. You’re really something. Ryan bit his lip again, hesitant, and rolled onto his side, lazily running his knuckles down Brendon's back and planting his cheek in his other palm. He studied him for a moment, the way his muscles stretched taut with his arms folded under his head like that, very nearly rolling his eyes at how ridiculously infatuated he was with his now-fiance. After a pause he leaned over him, bracketing an arm around his pillow and kissing the side of his head before speaking close to his ear. "I could do better." He toyed with his hair for a second, grinning, then fell back to his side of the bed, biting his thumbnail thoughtfully and running his other hand through his hair, letting it settle there. "Guess I'll save it 'til the honeymoon, though."
In your way 22 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
They were getting better at not breaking one another's necks these days. Ryan had begun to pick up on more of Brendon's quirks – and that included his new quirks, even better – because of this new form of attention he had available to him, and instead of hating every cute little habit, he adored them. When he learned Brendon could accompany him somewhere and their sometimes conflicting separate band schedules had miraculously aligned, he became ecstatic. Hell, when he got a chance to talk about him, he didn't shut up. It was strange. Before, even in interviews, he'd been obvious; a journalist would ask about his relationship with Brendon, he'd clench his jaw and force out a 'we're friends' although they were, like, arch nemeses, and now he'd go on a tirade about how Brendon's new creative direction was good for him and how he was making the old band members proud and how he was a great friend. Yeah, when these tour interviews start getting traction, older fans will definitely have plenty of questions to ask about this one-eighty.

Anyway. Something happened a lot whenever Ryan kissed Brendon: he could almost fool himself into thinking, imagining, for a moment, that they were together, loving and sweet and unadulterated. They had some incredible chemistry, with a handful of things, and kissing, for them - when it wasn't full of angry fire like it often used to be, they looked, from a third party view, to be in love. Brendon sighed against his lips, and he almost forgot to be mad, nearly fucking forgave him when he grinned as if Ryan was kidding around about the movie. Well. Regardless of how loving they seemed, yes, Ryan was still pissed. So he continued being a little shit about it. If Brendon could get away with stringing him along, holding him by a leash, for that long, just on the off chance he'd get laid more satisfyingly, Ryan could damn sure get away with reacting fairly ridiculously. And he was only halfway done. Right now was followthrough time, 'cause Brendon tended to be too charming to not instantly forgive for, like, anything.

As Ryan backed up, Brendon flattened himself against the bus side even further, and Ryan suppressed the threatening smirk. Guess he got the lack of joke now. He watched him wipe his face, hang his body nonchalantly, generally act as if Ryan had thrown him for a genuine loop. Problem: Brendon knew his angles all too well. Ryan's gaze drifted along his silhouette, the easy slope of his waist in this position, the shape of his hips almost propping him up. 'kay, maybe what he did wasn't so bad. What’ll you do? Whatever that just was... Being scolded? Like a dog? I liked that. We get it. You're submissive, you're a bottom, whatever. Ryan raised his eyes to the sky, wondering if Brendon will ever get in trouble wth him and not get turned on because of it, Jesus Christ. "Clearly nothing is a good punishment for you." He shoved his hands in his pockets, shoulders pulled inward, and looked beyond annoyed.

Brendon laughed at his question, fading away eventually, and Ryan eyed him testily, waiting for the punchline. Are you serious? I just told you I wanted you to fuck me. Ryan swore he was blushing, feeling warm. Fucking Brendon. Always having some effect regardless of how stupid the circumstances were. "Are you serious? You thought being an asshole to me would work to accomplish that." He talked big for someone seriously attracted to said asshole. Like- Well, what can we watch while I’m sitting on your dick? Ryan's jaw halfway dropped. Brendon had gone from refusing him for days to this - all right. Honestly, Ryan thought he'd be stupid to turn anything at all down now, but what would that say to Brendon - just ignore me and I'll do what you want? "For starters, you won't be, so." He tilted his head, eyed Brendon curiously.

He stepped closer again, hooking his thumbs in Brendon's belt loops, pulling him in a little. "If you apologized, told me you wouldn't do anything like that again, maybe I'd forgive you." Ryan actually sort of grinned, entertained by the concept alone of Brendon - or either of them, really, admitting they were wrong to each other. So he dangled a prize. "I'd fuck you senseless if you did that for me." He suddenly looked serious, hiding his amusement quickly and letting his lips part slightly, anticipatorily. For real. He'd picked the worst person to be into.
As much as the situation sucked, Ryan considered, sometimes, how it might be if he'd stayed. Distance in itself put stress on their relationship - not world-ending, or anything, because they were that deeply connected, it didn't tear them apart like it would others. But he remembered the beginnings of their creative differences, and that was obvious once he'd been able to admit to himself that, yes, Brendon's right, they're going in different directions. They'd verge on this annoying form of arguing, almost correcting one another's opinions and trying to end it on an easy note by tacking on a pet name, or 'I love you,' or something. And then they'd find each other conjuring up ideas all alone, in the depths of the tour bus, not even taking up the ideas with one another but with the other third parties available in the band. It would have gotten much, much worse if they'd stayed how they were. This was... better, all things considered. It was fucking hell having to miss the person you'd chosen to spend your life with almost every night, but it was better than how they would've been.

Ryan watched him struggle with the coffee machine, wondering how his husband he missed so dearly could switch moods on so short a trigger. Well. It did make sense - he wasn't quite giving him any fairness. He knew how it looked; like he'd snubbed his husband's company in favor of Z's. He really was concerned for him, though, even if he knew Brendon wouldn't believe it for the world. When did Brendon even sleep when he wasn't home? He knew Brendon's shows went on past midnight more often than not, then he was too kind to dodge fans after the show when they'd waited literal hours to see him (even if Zack told him off every time), then he was too generous to not do something on social media, a live stream, what have you. And then he loved Ryan too much to leave him without a good night message, a recap of the night, a phone call, a FaceTime, anything. Brendon gave himself to other people too much to ever take the time to himself for something as basic as sleep. Or, from the looks of things, food, sometimes. Ryan had to practically make feasts every time he came home in an effort to coax him to normalcy.

I’m good, actually. Ryan frowned a little, watching him move away, and wrung his hands together for a moment before decisively shifting over to the coffee machine himself. While he spoke, he grabbed Brendon's typical mug of choice and poured him some anyway, tossed in sugar and their most ridiculous flavor of creamer, effectively a dessert drink rather than real coffee - pretty much Brendon's style. You know what I get even less of? Time with my husband. Ryan met his stare, watched him pick the sleeve of (his) sweatshirt, and slid the mug over to him silently. It’d be nice to prioritise that once in a while. "Brendon..." he trailed off, shaking his head. Really, he understood. He got it. But. If Brendon really thought he wasn't a priority, Ryan had no idea how to help him. That was so unbelievably far away from being true. He moved closer and Brendon automatically resisted him, turning away and studying their fruit bowl as if it was truly something to behold.

Ryan continued forward anyway, edging closer to him though all he could see was his back. If you missed me, you would’ve woken me up. Ignoring his past protests, Ryan wrapped an arm around Brendon, aligning them until his chest was pressed to Brendon's back and he could link his hands around his waist. He tucked his chin in Brendon's shoulder. "I miss you more than anything, and I love you more than life. Too much to let you deprive yourself of sleep any more than you already do." Ryan lifted a hand to hold the side of his head, turn his face towards him, feeling his forehead. "See, you feel better already. Tell me you didn't need a full night's sleep for once." He smiled softly, drifting aside until his hip was leaning against the counter, one hand on Brendon's lower back and the other comfortably in his sweatshirt pocket. "Forgive me and kiss me? It feels like it's been years." Realistically he last kissed him the night previous, or on the forehead this morning, but. Whatever.
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All of Brendon's deductions about him were, in fact, fairly spot-on. He took chances, and he generally got what he want, among other traits classically learned among people like him - and that was the thing, he wasn't always this way. He could recall being shy, insecure but critical and with a sharp mouth, this grouchy pianist who lashed out when rubbed the wrong way but had no real social skills to think of. It was funny; maybe this 'career path' was something meant to happen for him, a saving grace of sorts. He wondered whether fame - or at least the comfortable level of fame Brendon was at - made Brendon into a different person. He doubted it, truthfully. Brendon would've still had those looks and that talent before becoming famous, so there was no reason for him not to have a totally bigger-than-life personality. Ryan could be giving him too much credit, sure, but he just didn't seem the type to ever be quiet and meek, bowing to social convention. And he might be overthinking it all, but hey, Brendon piqued his interest.

He expected Brendon to have heard it all before, nothing he could say could move him, but he looked swept up by the flattery. Ryan made a mental note to do that as much as he could without it getting too corny. Not sure whether to be concerned. Ryan tilted his head curiously, watching his gaze drop to his lips and smirking helplessly. Are you that inexperienced that one man can set the standard for all others? We barely know eachother. Oh, please. Ryan laughed softly, running a thumb over his eyebrow as if they'd been lovers for the longest time, admiring the faintest scar running through. "I wouldn't call it inexperienced when you've set a gold standard already. A diamond in the rough," he replied easily, unquestionably, barely having to think about it. Too much? Probably. Usually Ryan didn't fall so fast. Admittedly he may be a little inexperienced - he didn't have much time for this sort of thing, much less actual relationships, but still. He could tell when he'd found something special. "I feel as if we've known each other longer, to tell you the truth." Even that sounded like a line.

Of course you would. So he's already getting predictable. Ryan supposed he had a poet's nature - talked a little strangely anyway. Or, well. If you were in his business, you'd laugh at the 'fruity' way he tended to draw out his sentences. He'd admit to basically being ready to bend to every will Brendon might impose over him, but Brendon himself was a little more obvious about the same, falling apart at the faintest kisses, chasing and protesting when the real one ended. Another minute, probably, and if he'd had more of his own drink, he'd probably be doing the exact same thing. There was, admittedly, not a lot of space to pick and choose your partner when you were like them - or if you were particularly discreet, like Ryan - but they fit together so easily, one would think it was a match tailored by, like. The gods. The gay gods. Ryan could've laughed if he wasn't already otherwise preoccupied.

Look who’s talking. Ryan laughed again, halfway breathless, and let his hands settle against the porcelain even as Brendon took his away, replace them over his hips. Unexpectedly, Brendon rutted against him, and the dizzying energy between them sent Ryan's jaw slack, lips slightly parted. Yeah, definitely a match. Okay, but- You’re real trouble, I’m guilty by association, now, y’see? I’m going down if you are. Ryan grinned, couldn't imagine a time where he'd looked this serenely happy. He felt the softest bite on his lower lip in their short kiss, leaning into it, deciding that, yes, he liked that move. "I'm not goin' down, sweetheart, but I appreciate that mindset. Partners in crime, we are." His grin still wasn't going away. Of course, darlin’. Darlin'. He was precious. Immediately upon hearing it, Ryan lifted a hand to one side of his face, kissed the opposite cheek affectionately, unbelievably charmed.

I’d say I’d take you in every room in my house but I hope you’d understand me saying I’d prefer it the other way around. Ryan cleared his throat, almost caught off guard, feeling hoarse. "I assumed as much," he replied playfully, lifting his eyebrows. "And I look forward to it. We aren't exactly in the most romantic place right now." Ryan was smiling when he shifted them over to where counter space was available, lifting Brendon effortlessly up onto it, fitting himself comfortably between his legs. "But we can make it work." He made a show of undoing the first few of Brendon's shirt buttons, splaying a hand over his sternum, simply exploring before his hand travelled back up to cradle the back of his neck. He pulled him in to kiss him again, slow, pulling barely an inch away to speak once he was breathless. "Have I told you already how stunning you are? I feel like I haven't." Call him extra, whatever, it was true.
You'd think, given the way they are now, that as soon as their relationship became anything more like 'lovers,' the problems had ended. Not true at all. Ryan had a habit of being afraid Brendon was unwilling to commit and might make fun of him if he was at all 'romantic' or even acted like they had a level of platonicism when they were around each other, or he was afraid that he might screw things up beyond belief, more than they'd been before, if he made a move, or he was afraid of. Well. Losing that stupid, unspoken, ongoing competition between them - and that fear lasted for a while, oddly enough, despite him not even wanting that competition after Seattle, when it felt like they'd broken a barrier. That habit translated into him running away after soft touches, or waking up in the mornings and leaving before he could be told to, or rushing kisses and looking around lightning quick to make sure they hadn't been caught. As usual, they didn't communicate, and therefore what was largely an effort not to push Brendon too far made him into the hugest asshole alive. It just looked like he was toying with him, using him and not caring, getting jealous for no reason when he brought around real romantic interests like, say, Ian. (Poor guy. To this day Ryan felt bad).

Now, Ryan clearly had no fear of that, wanted to put everything out in the open - of course, not that that was allowed, not when they were living completely different lives than they were before and now Brendon had 'rules' to abide by. Ryan certainly would follow them, but only when it was easy, probably, and only until he managed to get Brendon on his side somehow, which was unlikely but he was still going to hold out hope. If anything, he wanted to stay in contact after tour. It wasn't just the physical relationship he'd missed. His company, his conversations; Brendon was so wonderfully weird, and had the exact humor that Ryan could keep up with and throw back at him, and he became so passionate about some things if you got him on a roll that it was almost intriguing to observe as an outsider. His countenance in general, the air he carried about him, had an effect that Ryan felt like he needed back in his life - when very early on he thought it was something he couldn't stand, now it was a relief to feel again, a stress off his shoulders.

You never know. Ryan smiled fondly. He knew for sure. He'd never been so sure of anything in his life. Brendon was basically a missing half. His, if it wasn't too bold to claim as much. Ryan dropped his shirt, aware of the cold this far back in the venue, still warm this close to Brendon. Y’could’ve gone off me or something. Ryan studied him closely, wondering if he believed that bullshit, and obviously he didn't. Good - they were on the same page. Maybe it was just something about Brendon and he was talking up this 'deep connection' they were supposed to have; nobody 'went off' him. Whatever, Ryan chose to believe his story. He wondered, really, if Brendon had missed him too, the former frontman who practically bullied him through an album or two, then turned their relationship on its head with no prior warning except for vaguely wistful looks and lustful subtext. There was no reason to miss him. Cut out all the good parts, where they woke up in rays of sunlight coming through the window alongside one another, or in the dark nights in hotel rooms where they weren't really doing anything apart from watching a movie or just being in the other's company while they worked, or when they were vulnerable enough to whisper sweet nothing to one another, crammed in someone's bus bunk. Not even that could make up for the bad times, not yet.

It was all still there, under the surface, and Ryan could tell because an innocent comment made Brendon wary, ready to be mocked and throw it back at him like they used to so well. He was sated for half a second before pulling back, affronted, nd Ryan regarded him easily, much more lax. Maybe it’s a challenge for you. Just you wait, Rowe, you’ll feel me for days. Ryan laughed at the reference, shrugging breezily, like he was ready now to test the challenge in question. Kind of was. But they were moving frighteningly fast, even for them. He agreed to the rules, nonetheless, and offered up his own. softening the air even further by pressing more kisses to every inch of skin available. Sorry, it’s just me acting out. Ryan smiled against him, figuring as much. See, I’ve just missed you so much. Sure you have. It replayed in his head, how Brendon had no reason to, and he was almost sullen until Brendon was pressing his hips forward and Ryan forgot every single thought he'd ever had. He buried his face in his shoulder, catching his breath.

I really have missed you. Don’t be too jealous of Dallon, he’s too sweet for me anyway. Ryan paused, pulling his head back up to look at him more carefully, a tiny, fond smile gracing his features. So maybe he did miss him, too. Ryan paused to think, but it was hard - the most coherent he could get was entertaining fantasies, 'what if's, what if they'd stayed together, what if they'd made it work, what if he hadn't run away all the time. The scene became more innocuous the more he dwelled on it, more borderline romantic, and his hands settled on either side of Brendon's face, affectionate as ever. "I thought of you. All the time," he admitted earnestly, chewing his lip. As if he had anything to lose at this point. "Talking until three in the morning, when we had to get up at six. Exploring every new city. 'Soulmates' is a funny concept, I think, but I need you around, Bren."
What, about the constant boner? Oh, Christ. Brendon was self-aware before, he knew, but now that Ryan was openly confirming everything rather than vaguely flirting, well. He figured he was screwed. I know. "I would like to let the record show that I never used that exact verbage. My 'constant boner' is my business, Mr. Blake." Well. Was it, really, if Mr. Blake was sort of the cause behind it? Whatever. He clapped a hand over his face, almost mortified, while Brendon turned around to look through the haul, then took it away just to admire from afar, wondering how he'd become absolutely smitten with this total dork. Sure, the shopping was overkill, but for whatever reason, he needed to be the most generous person in existence first to even consider himself worthy of his time. So. He was only ninety-nine percent sure Brendon liked him back, after all.

Acting like he hated him would totally keep them safe from any backlash, though, he was certain of it. Sure it will. But then, like, Spencer’ll hate me even more, like, ‘dude, why does Ryan hate you now’, and I’ll be all ‘not a clue, homie’, and you’ll need a cover story about your sudden shift in attitude. God. Ryan was grinning so stupidly, he was that enamoured with him that this dumb tangent had him senseless. Too complicated, I say just stick with the staring. Ryan really was, looking the most comfortable he ever had in his life with his eyes far below where they should realistically be. "I'm happy with that," he returned lazily, settling in by crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back at the waist slightly. His gaze lifted to meet Brendon's when he glanced back, almost guilty when he instantly burst into a grin, shifting to pleased when he turned around to face him. Ha, funny. Ryan sucked his bottom lip between his teeth, already imagining kissing him. Sorta jumping the gun, there.

And he did accomplish those plans; for some reason, he wasn't sure this was the first time he'd ever kissed someone in the middle of them calling him a 'dumbass,' but he definitely enjoyed it most with Brendon. Brendon cradled either side of his jaw, and for the first time in a long time, Ryan slowed down, relaxed against him, felt at peace. His hand in Brendon's felt almost natural, like that was where it should be, and why had he waited so damn long to do this, since when was it not acceptable to just be doing this from the beginning, so forth. Maybe it was better to have built up to this point - it definitely felt like something akin to relief. Brendon's laugh was half against his lips and it was, quite possibly, the most wonderful feeling in the world, so much so that Ryan briefly broke out into a grin with him before they met for another hasty kiss.

What do you mean, getting through? Hand freed, Ryan welcomed himself to placing both hands in either of Brendon's back pockets, eyebrows raised right back at him. He was practically leaning in to Brendon hand at his jaw, such a warm gesture in itself that he couldn't help melting into it. I intend to take my time, sir. "Oooh, 'sir,'" he repeated, amused. "Call me a freak, but I'm into it." Ryan actually laughed, pulling him close by his very convenient hand placement, pressing their foreheads together and shutting his eyes. He planted another momentary kiss against Brendon's lips, a few seconds before he finally convinced himself to get a breath again. "This is cliché, but you really have no idea how much I've wanted to do this, like, since I met you. Though, not even my imagination could make this up." He lifted one hand to press against the middle of Brendon's bottom lip, pulling it into the slightest pout, like he was marking the target just before kissing him again.
Ryan was maybe slightly concerned that this may end up more of a conversation with Brendon than an actual grooming session for his dog. Truthfully, Ryan was one of the most on-task people who worked here - and now here was a threat to his productivity streak. Not that he particularly minded. Brendon was funny, a bit antsy and anxious, and admittedly cute this close up. In a room full of other kids, his personality could come off almost obnoxious, but Ryan was now convinced that that was only his outlook in school when he was perpetually annoyed anyway. Right now, he was charming as ever. Yeah, I’d rather stay. He can be a nuisance- can’t you, Bogart? Ryan's easy laugh came almost immediately, grinning at Brendon fondly at his use of the classic baby talk. He heard it from others and tended to rolled his eyes, but really. Brendon pulled it off.

Oh, I don’t doubt you’re good with dogs. Ryan smiled breezily, feeling very aware of the pawprint embroidered on his work shirt. Ridiculous. Otherwise I’d be concerned as to why you were working here. He shrugged. "Just wish I had one. My, uh..." Ryan paused, wondering why he'd even got as far as 'my' when usually he was all right at dodging the subject. He maintained a cheery smile regardless, just tilting his head to the side. "My dad doesn't want one." Well, it was true. For whatever reason his mind drifted, and he wondered what kind of family Brendon came from. He somewhat knew already - had heard all of the 'big Mormon family' stuff, something like five kids running around that house and all of them were religious. Which was funny, 'cause Brendon really didn't act like it. In fact, Ryan was pretty sure he'd also heard something about weed in correlation to little, innocent Brendon, but maybe that was wrong, too. He was just... interesting. If they ended up friends, Ryan wouldn't mind that. He’s just- disobedient, to, like, everyone, apart from me. Ryan nodded understandingly, was almost excited to prove him wrong on that, 'cause he did it ninety percent of the time with other patrons. It made sense, anyway; dogs caught on to vibes fast, and Brendon had such a good energy about him. Not that Ryan would say that weird shit out loud.

Maybe Brendon was self-conscious, but Ryan felt no qualms with complimenting his singing. It was incredible. This he was self-concious about saying out loud: that Brendon could be a star, looked like he was born to perform, deserved to be doing something more meaningful than high school band. No one else he'd observed in class, not even their instructor, was as good as him at any one of his given specialties. Ryan had seen him sing, seen him play the drums, seen him on the guitar and the bass, even on the piano. Plus a few of the wind instruments - but everyone got forced over there at least once, so. It didn't hold up to much. But he was good at it all. (And Ryan had witnessed firsthand Spencer grimacing at his drumming talent, because Spence was trying to practice on his own with some yard sale drum kit he'd found for cheaps and he was definitely not that skill level.) Anyway. Yeah. Maybe he'd tell Brendon all of that someday, but not right now, where even looking his direction seemed to take him off guard.

So are you. Ryan stopped, looked up from all the supplies he was laying out and curiously searched Brendon's face. It was... flattering, that he'd even listened, let alone liked it. Ryan barely ever sang, and it tended to only be to his immediate friend group, which was... well. Spencer, usually. Some new lyrics, poetry he'd written he was trying to make marketable, whatever, and he never thought he was particularly great but he could sort of carry a note and he wanted to work on it. And Spencer wasn't the type to go on with compliments about his abilities - plus his uploads on LiveJournal never got attention - so this, just three little words, was sweet. He finally smiled, genuine and honest, at Brendon. Thank you. "Thank you," Ryan returned, hesitating for a moment before continuing on to Bogart.

He’s a little bitch. Ryan laughed openly, shaking his head sportively before offering Bogart a treat. He watched Brendon mumbled something to Bogart, heard his name in there, and figured it was just something comforting to keep him from panicking. I enjoy it. Ryan waited. He'd seen him in there. Had to be something more - related aspirations, something. And, I’m not really good at anything else... Apparently not. Ryan looked almost affronted, like Brendon had told Ryan he wasn't good at anything else. "Don't say that," he said, groundingly, catching Brendon's gaze and holding it. "Even if it was true, you fucking kill in there, so. I mean, you're the best in the class. I'm not kidding. It wouldn't be the worst thing to 'only be good at.'" He cracked half a smile again, less serious looking. "I joined 'cause I thought it'd get me into a real band, somehow. I'm an idiot. So far I've got Spencer and he can only kind of play drums. You know him?"
Yeah, yeah, they hated each other, they took every opportunity to show it, but. Sometimes. Sometimes Ryan was afraid he'd gone a little too far. Of course, most peoples' 'too far' would quantify as a physical fight, something that would actually visibly hurt, but for someone like Ryan - shrimpy enough to have maybe a 10% chance of winning any given confrontation, intelligent enough to know exactly the most biting thing to say and which weak points to aim for when he was saying it - the psyche was a powerful battleground of choice. Brendon might take too long to come up with a comeback and he'd have divided feelings about that; joy that it'd struck true, worry that maybe Brendon was actually believing the bullshit. Worse, in the early days, Brendon didn't have responses for him, nothing that held up anyway. He didn't know Ryan, really, wasn't as comfortable being as cutting as he was right away, wasn't prepared for immediate backfire. He didn't want to make him... permanently insecure, or whatever, because the majority of - if not all the time - Ryan was just mad he couldn't accomplish what Brendon was. Fuck wanting and not wanting, though. If he was honest with himself, he knew he'd already made a fairly deep wound.

So, Ryan didn't care. Not out loud, not in actions, that is. But he sort of gave a shit whether or not Brendon really took anything to heart - Ryan himself didn't care what Brendon had to throw at him, he was self-aware, knew when something was true and when Brendon was pulling insults out of his ass just to keep the ball rolling. He watched closely, recently, just to be sure, because when he wasn't trying not to, Brendon tended to wear his expressions honestly, and. Really, Ryan didn't actually mean to hurt him. He never knew what to do with himself when he realized he'd struck a real nerve. Actually, the conversation usually ended there. Right now he could tell was just bullshit - incredibly surface-level for them, in fact, considering no one had analyzed the other's childhood and 'maybe that's why you are the way you are now' or 'look, I found a replacement for you,' so on.

Ryan kind of half-laughed at the sight of Brendon standing, arms crossed, looking slightly caught off guard, relished in it. He let his shoulders drop when his hand came back to him, relaxing as much as he could when he was, admittedly, fairly tense. Always was around Brendon. Oh, please. I could get them to pay me if I wanted to. You’re so sexually confused that you’d be first on my damn doorstep. Ryan watched him rub his arm, smirking. Maybe Brendon's words would've actually gotten to him if he didn't look a little too childish to be taken seriously at the moment. "Keep telling yourself that. It's cute that you hang on to such far-out dreams, though." He knew he was stupid to even respond, because obviously Brendon wasn't totally in the wrong. Maybe not first at his door, because Ryan had too much pride, and maybe not the doorstep. Maybe knocking at the side window, or something, with an excuse to get inside. He wasn't head over heels, like that exact verbage seemed to imply, he just checked Brendon out a little too frequently to be normal.

That’s right, motherfucker, take a good look. It’s all you’re ever gonna get. Die mad about it. Ryan actually laughed, full and genuine, and it would be almost like they were kidding around if there wasn't such a mean undertone to it. He shook his head at Brendon, nearly said something along the lines of 'you really think you're hot shit, huh,' but. As aforementioned. Apparently Ryan did too, at least subconsciously. So he couldn't say that without practically asking to be mocked for it. Don’t flatter yourself. And anyway- are you sure it’s a girlfriend? Ryan blinked, off his game suddenly. He thought Brendon didn't even pay attention to all of his complicated history. How many have you had before that poor girl you’re whisking along now with your sad damaged English dropout act? Ryan scoffed in the middle of his speech, loud and obnoxious, because fuck that, he didn't have an act, much less that. Still - he had to remind himself of where he was now to avoid overthinking it. Inner mantra and all - not an English dropout, a very brave pursuer of dreams, which have been achieved. So there.

I heard you’ve got some on the side. How about that? That true? "No," Ryan said immediately, almost protesting, and that was so boring, he could say something more, something to hurt right back, but he couldn't think of it. Maybe Keltie would like to know about Jac, and Helena, and... Ryan brought his hand up again to cup the side of Brendon's face, turn his head back to him from where he'd glanced to the bus, instantly cutting him off. "Shut the fuck up. What, do you keep a written record of it all? That a creepy hobby of yours, or are you just waiting for me to be available?" And they were so utterly high school that all he could feasibly do, all his subconscious could muster up, was to push at Brendon's shoulder, totally juvenile and annoying beyond belief.
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You'd think their main issue would be the fact that the foundation for whatever their relationship was now was something awful and mangled and toxic, but really, it was communication. If they didn't have that problem, Brendon would probably have expressed how bored he was in some way other than intentionally riling Ryan up. Truthfully they'd probably never said one honest thing to one another, except when Ryan became exhilerated learning how being genuine with Brendon made him react. That first night in Seattle, bringing all their subtext to the surface, for example; or sometimes when both of them became vulnerable, forgot how uncomfortable they were being casual with one another, and he'd let slip something affectionate or the offhanded 'baby' that he could catch a gentle smile in response just before Brendon glazed over it (and eventually Ryan did exactly the same). They were funny, that way. Except it wasn't that funny when you were part of all the irritating bullshit, experiencing it firsthand.

Ryan wasn't expecting to be the wrong one at any point in this conversation (he didn't in any conversation, for fuck's sake, but Brendon had just said 'just wanted you a little riled up for next time' when Ryan had missed him), but Brendon was suddenly looking at him defiantly and he backtracked, questioned himself. He rarely did that with Brendon, second-guessing his own words, but he was beginning to accept how completely wrong he was in the beginning of their 'friendship,' so he'd become more vigilant. In fact, he almost felt bad, watching Brendon's head drop, completely forgetting what started this confrontation for a moment. The- ‘precious fucking rules’- are for both of our benefits. You know that. We agreed. Don’t fucking pull that on me. Ryan paused, the anger in his gaze dying out, because, yeah, they agreed. Brendon hadn't given him much to agree to, but he knew, without Brendon having to say it, that not getting as attached as he was acting now was one of those rules. Unspoken. He recalled himself promising that he'd find some way around the rules, the 'only for this tour' that he figured he could win Brendon over on. Yeah, so he was being unfair. He only communicated his 'fine, fuck you, you win' through an unhappy expression, because of course his mouth couldn't form the words 'you win' in front of Brendon, or even pretend to compromise. Not in this state, anyway.

All he could actually bring himself to do was mess with Brendon, pressing him flush to the bus behind him, and for Christ's sake he had no idea what was going on around him he was so focused on getting Brendon back for this but he prayed no one could see them from this angle. Brendon, on the other hand, was only worried about maintaining his status of Most Annoying Bastard Alive. I dunno, darlin’, have you got it in you? It's like he prepares for this moments. It took everything in Ryan to just blow past that, ignore how much of an asshole the guy he was practically pining after was. He did it anyway, watching Brendon closely, and it appeared as though this worked for him, somehow. Ryan supposed it made sense. It's not like their constant fights before did anything to ween them off of the below-the-surface lust between the two of them, why should some level of aggression not do it for him now? Brendon was practically slack against the metal behind him, Ryan feeling his musces relax under the palm of his hand.

Brendon glanced over Ryan's shoulder and Ryan followed his gaze with a close eye, daring him to look back at him. I- I want you to fuck me. Ryan could have literally broken character then and there, burst into laughter at the fact that he'd not only actually said it but could barely maintain eye contact throughout the admission, but he held it together, simply smirking in response. But, uh, if you still wanna watch that movie... Ryan looked him over again, a soft, fond smile on his face while his eyes travelled from the ground beneath them, all the way back up to Brendon's eyeline. He shifted the hand at Brendon's jaw to crook behind his head, the one pinning him to the bus to settle on his lower back, and pulled him up closer for a kiss, long and punctuating. He hardly pulled away afterward, just rested his nose against Brendon's cheek and daintily tried to land more kisses against his skin. "Yeah. I do. Asshole." Ryan completely separated, hot to cold, and backed away from the bus, rolling his eyes. "Don't ever fuck with me like that again. What movie do you wanna watch?"
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