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Hi there, folks!

I'm working my way back after a very busy few months*, and looking for some new (18+) partners and MxM scenes!

My preference is mostly for modern (slice-of-life) scenes, although I'm open to adding in some elements of fantasy or sci-fi. Post length varies according to partner and scene, anywhere from a few sentences to a couple of paragraphs. Here's a bit of what I'm looking for:

* Male characters (required!)
* Male players are a plus but I'm open to whomever
* Tops, bottoms, and everything in between
* Romance & other sorts of fun (of the no-fade-to-black variety)**
* OOC communication (again, negotiable on the degree of this)
* Modern scenes (or potentially light fantasy, sci-fi)
* Original stories and characters

I'm open to lots of different scenes, pairings, and ideas, so if it seems like a good match, let me know what you've got in mind! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

* The Hypnotherapist: A (straight) man hoping to sort out some relationship issues meets a therapist who has some other ideas.
* The Hookup: Matthew meets a guy online, exchanges some pics and a little flirty chat, but realizes a little too late that he's his (coworker, classmate, teacher, little brother's friend, etc). He decides they should meet up anyway. Awkward encounters ensue.
* Senior Year: A high school reject discovers he has the ability to manipulate time and reality to manifest his desires. Things start turning around for him pretty quickly...
* Latter-Day Saint: A young missionary visits a confident, experienced guy who decides to have a little fun with his visit. One of them will likely be converted by the end.
* Late Night Study: A PhD student working late on a paper at the university library finds himself getting distracted by a nearby undergrad (or a librarian / library worker).
* Mile High Club: A passenger gets bumped up to an empty first-class cabin, and receives better than average service from the flight staff.
* House Sitter: A young man hired to watch a neighbor's luxurious home for the week is confronted with some interesting hidden camera footage when the neighbor returns.

* Business man / Escort
* Office worker / Handyman
* Photographer / Subject
* Older brother / Younger brother's friend
* Teacher / student
* Coach / Player
* Frat boy / Roommate
* Straight or curious friend / Gay friend
* Priest / Churchgoer
* Driver / Celeb/VIP
* Exhibitionist / Neighbor
* Park Ranger / Hiker
* Stripper / client
* Travelers (bus, plane, train, etc.)
* Public encounters

PM me if you're interested in getting something going!

* Sorry if I left you hanging-- if we've got any abandoned scenes you're still interested in, or you want to start up something new, let me know!

** Feel free to PM me about kinks and interests.
I am back after a couple of very busy weeks-- sorry for abandoned scenes, I'll be writing some replies tomorrow!!

Also really looking for some Olympics-themed roleplay right now. I have some ideas in mind but I'm open to suggestions.
Still open for a couple more partners.

Back around with some more time this month.
Another bump!

I had a busy couple of weeks there so I'm sorry if anything fell by the wayside-- but if you're interested in restarting or trying out something else just let me know!
Giving this one another bump. Should have some more RP time in the next few days.
Looking for some more partners / scenes!
Bump. :)
Still looking for a few partners!
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