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There is no adequate way for me to properly convey just how miserable I am right now.


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Looks like I got some editing to do! I searched up Our Thrice-Pierced Martyr and the third option on google was actually this thread.

OK popped some little edits in, I'm ready to be judged!

Wait, what were the other top two mentions?

I'm all for it, and even if I weren't, I wouldn't want to say so for fear Carol would crush my puny man-skull with her enormous fists of steel.
I thought all the Sisters were supposed to be members of the Order of the Thrice-Pierced Martyr, the one discussed in the OP?
Just a reminder: fat cunt master race

But seriously, I do think carol would provide an interesting juxtaposition to the rest of the squad

down with the fat cunts

ratlings forever
Jesus christ she sounds like she's built like a brick shithouse!

Good luck finishing her and not dying of demotivation and all that!
Well, that was short but it's the best I can do at the minute - I'm sure once we get down to Cekrov and things start exploding go exactly as planned I'll have something more substantial for you all!
Lisbeth snapped to attention at the Celestian's approach, making the aquila across her chest before puffing herself up with her arms behind her back, almost at the Confessor's shoulder-height. At first she had been mostly dispassionate; when Celestian Victorine mentioned the report of a resurrection, she could not help but whisper beneath her breath, "A miracle..." Reactions among the others seemed mixed; some were unimpressed, others astounded, and others wore their skepticism as openly as she wore her astonishment.

There would be time enough for that later, though. If this was a case of living re-birth, no doubt millions - perhaps billions - would flock to see the holy planet. Lisbeth's job was to make sure it remained holy. "Rules of engagement, sister? What reception should we expect on the surface? How...ah, 'rustic' are the people of Cekrov?" Though Lisbeth was relatively sheltered by the standards of her older Sisters - and a baby compared to the venerable Confessor - she had heard stories of planets trapped in barbarism, where the servants of the Imperium were worshipped as angels from the skies, rather than simple Men.
To be fair, when you said 'the day after', you didn't say WHICH day after!
Any news? ;_;
I just wanted to say that I've been having a really rotten week and reading back through this has cheered me up no end. It's a lot of fun writing with you miscreants.

Hope you're all back soon!
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