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I'm interested if there is room. I'm fine playing the decker role or your typical stealthy roguish person. Played a little over on the Reddit Runnerhub and love the setting.
Friendly bump of the topic seems to have slowed down a bit. Anyways, how is life treating ya'll?
Jorick said
Raise post character limit past the current 65535 cap, perhaps to a round 100,000
Mahz response: Can't be easily done right now due to site architecture, but Mahz said he would like to do so.

Hmm, just tossing this out there. I have NO idea how Mahz has it set up on the backend, but I just wanted to take a minute to toss a possible solution to this. Assuming Mahz is using a MySQL database (not sure about the other ones, all my database work is with MySQL) he might could change the field for the text from a type of "TEXT" to a type of "MEDIUMTEXT" technically raising the storage limit of that field from 65,535 bytes (~16KB) to 16,777,215 bytes (~16MB) he could then write some nice code to cap the text box at 100,000 characters or whatever amount he wanted, or even leave it so people could write up to 16,777,215 characters (I am thinking of you advanced writers that like to write novels for a post xD). Anyways again its just a thought.
Grr, work has me super busy. After today I will have worked close to 70+ hours since Monday. Next week isn't looking much better, but I hope to have a CS up sometime soon for here.
Sleeth said
I finf it to be a pain in the ass to use word commands from my phone. Thanks.

Not a problem, I know how annoying phones can be.
After seeing that the area was calm enough to come out, Ares slowly stood up and slung his rifle over his back, counting on the incoming patrol to be watchful enough he didn't get shot while checking the dead fiend. After searching the dead fiend he calmly pockets the two rebounds, the shell casings, and collecting his knife to promptly sell at the next merchant he finds. He slowly starts making his way towards the incoming patrol to ask a few questions about the area, and see if there was a merchant and bar inside the park.

Upon reaching the patrol he identifies himself, "Retired Sergeant Ares Kalonimos, formerly with 1st recon. I was hoping you guys could point me in the direction of a place to get a nice cold drink and a merchant for me to stock up on some more ammunition. I'm hoping you have one or even both of them inside the camp?"
Hmm I'd be up for the Criminal x Cop's son/daughter or Best Friend x Best Friend pairing. PM me?
Sleeth said
but be weary, if you seek the Legion they will be nothing like you've seen.

Oh so very tempting, might have to do this later on in the IC, after I have some fun around Central Park of course.
After making it most of the way to central park, Ares notices a fiend, who appeared to be flying high, cut out of a side street. Ares promptly dropped prone behind some debris bringing Simo to his shoulder. Hmm, he appears to be alone, now I just need to determine whether to shoot him, or sneak around the idiot. Ares thinks to himself as he carefully looks around and noticed an old apartment complex to his left, with a busted window on the first floor, large enough for him to climb through if things go south here. Well, that is my fallback plan, let's drop this guy and wait to see if there are any reinforcements. After deciding what to do Ares calmly takes aim at the back of the fiends neck right above where it meets the shoulders. Aiming dead center of it, he hopes to send the bullet straight through the throat and the spinal cord.

After slowly pulling the trigger all that would be heard around there is a light clanking of metal on metal as he calmly works the action, a light thump of the bullet hitting his target and the thud of the target hitting the ground. A couple of thuds later the knife will have stop moving after falling from the unlucky, or lucky for hopefully perishing instantly, fiend's hand. Had he not been flying so high, I might would have attempted to let him live, but experiences in the past have taught me to be better off safe than sorry when dealing with addicts. Ares, thinks to himself as he calmly moves his rifle and body enough to stay behind the debris, but able to see and aim down the side street. He decided to spend four or five minutes surveying the area from his vantage point, making sure to check behind him every so often, then check and loot anything of value off of the poor sod whose life he had to end, and finally proceed the last 10 blocks to Central Park, which appears to be an NCR refugee camp.
czechmate46 said
Ah well that's ok. I actually think Red Dead is only available for systems like play station and x box anyway. I don't think they make it for PC. But thanks for making the effort to read about it before hand :)

Yea it's only on the consoles. I wish it was on PC, but I play it on the X-Box. I think I may make a CS and join in if that is alright with ya'll?
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