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3 mos ago
Current So I actually published my webcomic on and it's doing well. Mana-Script Academy, my child is finally here.
7 mos ago
New anime season lands during exam season? Well that's me regressing into a cave again
7 mos ago
Gone from binge watching Anime to reading Manga and Webtoons
2 yrs ago
I'm writing a webcomic now, based on my favourite RP. I hope I can get it done.
3 yrs ago
Published writer and poet. WOOT!


I'm one who likes writing, but I'm not very good at it.

I like RPs that give me a chance to be shounen, I love anything that gives me the chance to be a superhero, or even if it's just some mindless fun.

I made Mana-Script Academy, 3 times. I want there to be a 4th but I'd have to get people interested again.

Been here awhile and hope I'm here even longer.

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Banned because if it ain't broke don't correct him.

Genjo Residence, Kurosuoba
April 3rd, 2018
| 5:52 AM

Arata woke up to the sound of his phone's alarm, the first time he'd heard the song was when he flicked on the TV and it was at the end of an anime, it was then he'd decided it'd be a great alarm. Now, nearly a month later, he was regretting it. He turned off the alarm and got up, he went out into the kitchen and found a small bread bun, with a note. It was from his parents, the bread was a gift for starting the school year. He thought it was a pretty lousy gift, until he bit into it, it was absolutely delicious.

He wolfed the bread down, whilst watching something on TV, he barely paid attention to it, as he was stressing slightly. He went for a quick shower and dried himself off. He brushed his teeth and carefully inspected them in the bathroom mirror, making sure even they were presentable. He flung his uniform on, he looked at himself in the mirror. He inspected everything, was he too tall? He had thought that as he'd grown a few inches this last year and he was no longer the small one. Was his hair just a little too long? He'd only gotten it cut last week. He spent so long worrying about his appearance he had lost track of time and now it was already 6:30.

Panicked Arata ran into his room, quickly checking everything was in his beg, then he ran to the front of the house and put on his trainers. He locked the door behind him and put his key away. He quickly got his phone up 6:42. He had to be there at 7, so he could be one of the first, he couldn't be left out this year, no one he knew was going here so he had to make friends straight away or he'd be alone. He set off running, if he ran he could be there in just under 15 minutes. So he ran as fast as he could.

He arrived, it was 6:54. He'd done it, he was exhausted, just outside the gates. He looked around at the sheer amount of people already at the gates, some were even conversing. Arata breathed out, a sigh of relief and of tiredness.
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