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1 yr ago
Current Im loving this set Rockette made me sooooo much!
1 yr ago
Well, I am on the other side of the United States, without braces, and looking to do some more writing.
4 yrs ago
Just got braces!
4 yrs ago


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>Cries in a ball.
I have a dream. Please help me.
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Sorry about disappearing, school has been crazy this past week. I'll try to get a post up in the next couple days before I leave on a band tour.
I competition is tough, and no one has taken the lead quite yet.
The first two people to have a real talk, not just games or memes, win!
I am happy to go either way, but I agree it may be smart to wait a little while to see.
Im down to keep going/restart.

(Also sorry for what happened! Im glad to hear you are okay and feeling better!)
At least it's not a thirteen yo corps tbh
If you every need a bassoon player to drop a beat for your bars, let me know.
Congrats! How did this affect you as a musician?
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