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Current doing trade school online is like reading about a sport and expecting to be able to play it without practice.
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Trade > bachelors
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Desire to type "git gud" intensifies...
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okay, watched the first episode of goblin slayer, not nearly as bad as what it was made out to be. Still a bit depressing but hey, saved 2 of 4 rookies, coulda been worse.
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So i figured out, as much as id love the equivalent of an anime doom guy slaying goblins, i dont like seeing the lovely anime chicas catch a case of the mutilation.


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Valia smiled at the two as she finished drying off and started putting her clothes back on. In truth, she didn’t know if all her students would arrive, but she remained hopeful and wanted her currently wrecked home to not hold any sign of trouble. She felt her students had been through enough, and worrying about her wouldn’t do them any favors. As she dressed, that was when the alarm was sounded but in a much less threatening manner, indicating it wasn’t an attack. For the people, they knew that this was a sign of the incoming skiffs. Valia nearly had to catch herself from running out immediately, or hobble in her case at the moment, making the final adjustments to herself before looking back to the other two. “They’ve returned!” she said excitedly before doing what she could to briskly walk out of the bathhouse.

The skiffs pulled in and there were many cries of joy as people were reunited with their loved ones, however, it was painfully obvious who the missing face was that the torch was lit for. Dorin, wrapped in white cloth and on a stretcher, was lifted and taken through town to be prepared for his departing ceremony. Quite a number of people couldn’t hold back tears seeing the white silhouette of their strong leader slowly being taken from the skiff, but maybe none with such a heavy heart as Allard. He watched on as they lifted the stretcher onto their shoulders, and carried his life-long friend, a brother if he ever had one, away. The large man quivered for a moment, but stoically tried to keep face, though the pain was evident. He gripped the head of the great axe he currently used as a makeshift walking stick and he closed his eyes, taking a deep shaky breath. When he looked up again, he saw Chihiro with Hilde, also on a stretcher. His mind quickly raced to the worst outcome but quickly cast it aside when he noticed that she was alive, just injured.

“HILDE!” He called out, easily moving people out of the way in the crowd to get to his daughter before they made way for him. Despite it being hard for him to move without pain, he seemed to be able to hobble over fairly quickly. “My girl, I had… I was worried ta death, my child,” he told her as he got close, taking her hand, knowing better than to embrace her. “What happened to you?”

Hilde seemed just as surprised seeing her dad in such a critical state, covered in bandages and using his axe to help walk. “F-Father!? Its nothing, I couldn’t just let them go on without me, I needed to go, I-”

“No, no, none of that. I know why ya left… Truth be told, when I was yur age I woulda done tha same, but I’m worried about you. Your wounds...”

“My wounds? It’s just some ribs here and there, but you. Are you alright.?” She asked worriedly.

“Aye,” he said trying to calm down, “We were attacked.” He then lowered his voice to a low grumble, “But it takes a lot more than some flimsy mercenaries and their little magic tricks ta stop yur ol man, eh?” He looked up to Chihiro, “Thank ye for taken’ care of her. Don’t know what I woulda done if I lost ‘er.”

Allard then turned around looking to the other foreigners that volunteered, “In fact, all of you. If I haven’t extended tha offer, yur all welcome ta stay at my inn till ya get back on yur feet.”

Valia didn’t have much time to reflect on Dorin’s passing. Her shock was replaced by a wave of girls running to their teacher. For a few good minutes, Valia could be found in what could only be described as a pile of her students. After they had embraced their own families, it seemed like she was their next target. She could be seen in the middle of all of them crying tears of joy as not a single one of her students were left missing. It seemed that the mission to rescue them was played out just in time. The time to say goodbye to an old friend would come soon enough, for now, she wanted to cherish what she still had.


As the day moved on, many of the people of Kalla had a lot to prepare for. With the death of their leader, yet the arrival of the young women taken from them by the bandits, there was a bittersweet feeling in the air. The townspeople were quiet for some time, licking the wounds of their invasion, rebuilding, and making sure everyone was medically taken care of.

While the adventurers rested and cleaned up, a feast was being prepared. A semi-circle lontable, made by placing many smaller tables together, lined three quarters of the town center, with the disrupted stones now re-leveled, and the monument was still in need of repair. As the light faded over the horizon, many torches were placed as well as a great fire in the middle of the plaza. The smells of cooking meats and vegetables as well as various specialty dishes started to fill the air from houses all around. Local musicians tuned their instruments, taut their drums, and joined together to plan out entertainment. Madam Valia’s students, those that weren’t taken and knowing their master was still recovering, decided to practice on their own. For tonight, was cause for celebration, of both lives saved, and of lives past.

The Kallan people believed that while the passing of a loved one was indeed tragic, and mourning was an important part of the process of healing, a celebration of their life and the effect on others was worth remembering, honoring the deceased and giving thanks for their life. There was also the celebration of the heroes that defended their home, and the ones who took the fight to the bandits that stole their loved ones away. They wished to honor those who not only put themselves on the line for their people, but honor the ones who, not even being from this land, chose to stand beside them to seek this justice. And finally, a new leader had to be chosen.

As the sun was setting a line of drummers, a few wooden flutes, and some simple stringed instruments came out to start warming up together to play, quickly finding a groove and starting to play. The dancing girls waited, as it wasn’t their time to perform, and instead helped with laying out the long table with food. Chairs were set, though there were obviously more people than chairs, it was common only to sit when eating or if someone couldn’t stand for long periods of time such as injured, elderly, or mothers that were taking care of young or still expecting. Some would even just take a hunk of meat with bone and remain standing to eat. Within about half an hour, everything was set and the celebration was about ready to begin.

"Yes, not quite often, but one can always see someone's true spirit when on the battlefield. He loves this land and his people more than anything, only his family taking precedence before it. He'll defend it violently so that we can live happily. As for travelers, even a succubus as yourself, we hold our judgment on an individual's actions, and Allard is no different in this case," Valia explained. She sighed as she sunk into the water some more. "I can't say I wasn't a bit jealous at first, but seeing him happy with his family at that tavern of his makes me glad I didn't interfere." Her mind wandered further but she didn't continue, instead she stood up from the bath and stretched.
But that's another story I'm afraid, I should probably be making sure that my home is a bit more... presentable when the girls arrive home," she said changing the subject a bit as she got dressed in a simple white gown after drying off. When Tali asked her questions to Maeve, however, she couldn't help but silently wait for Maeve's answer while purposefully slowly drying off so she could listen, curious about her life in the snowy kingdom of Tundral.

“Well,” she said somewhat excitedly, repositioning herself to get comfy for the story. She stopped only for a moment to wave at the newcomer as she arrived, giving her a little smile. “Just in time for a story, glad to see you stayed safe during the raid. Was just about to tell a story,” she said to Tali before looking back to Maeve. “Wwe have had our run-ins with the Scar a few times, mostly from wandering bandit groups thinking they can try to raid other areas with mixed results, though that leads to scout parties from the Scar searching to clear the rest of those bandits out. They know of us here in Kalla, but they can’t as easily tell us apart from enemies if they find us in the sands, after all, I’ve heard they will claim to be from here to gain foreigner trust. This led to an unavoidable scuffle between a Scar raiding party and one of our scout groups, and Allard was there. The thing about Sylves is… well, they are quite dextrous compared to the normal Kallan warrior despite the difference in durability and strength. They actually incapacitated most the scout party rather quickly, save for Allard. He was able to fight them off, wounding some of them quite heavily, cursing how nimble they were, just as they were cursing how he could keep up. That’s when one of their group stepped forward, cloaked and sinister. It looked unarmed as it rushed in on the wind only for weaponry to appear out of the folds of its cloak seemingly from nowhere, as if it materialized weapons as it fought. It was none other than some of the Scar’s finest, the Reapers. That, is our Suzune.”

“Their battle was told to last for the better part of an hour,and despite any wounds Suzune inflicted on Allard on the rare times she was able, he never seemed to let up, though it was nearly impossible for him to even touch her, her stamina seemed to be letting up, but neither seeming to win over the other. Too tired to move or too injured to move, that was what the battle was going to come down to. However, while they were distracted with each other, the actual bandits that both parties had been tracking tried to take them while their numbers were low. Suzune was hit with an arrow to her left thigh, luckily missing an artery. Allard then fought the bandits off after that, even though he suffered some more wounds after being worn down for so long, he still was the victor. Upon their return to Kalla, the town offered shelter to the Sylves, and well… Allard and Suzune hit it off. It would seem that while they should have been recovering they had instead become quite intimate. He was enchanted by her beauty and her strength in battle, and she was charmed by his honor that big dopey smile of his. Plus, around here to us anyway, he was just about anything a woman could ask for in her husband and a lovable giant to boot. They got past their first impressions and hung around each other long enough during their recovery and Suzune decided to stay! Their marriage was within the next few weeks even. Better part of a year later and Hilde was born” she finished with a giggle. “Suzune may look small and frail, but no enemy has ever made it two steps into the inn during a raid, and that’s if they sneak by Allard,” she said with a sigh, “he had us worried with that last one though… fighting magic honestly isn’t something we are used to. I heard Suzune has been worried sick making sure to visit most the day while their son keeps the inn tidy while she is out.”


Sev’s efforts would not go to waste. His assumptions were correct in that he was able to feel out a spot to place his point of reference. There was nobody in the family room, a lot of the excitement keeping most people at home for the moment. Through it he could see three large tubs, quite a bit bigger than the ones like what he sat in, built for families with walls between the tubs, normally for couples or parents with young children, giving them some privacy from the other tubs. But for now, it was pretty clear, as well as the image in the water for him. Looks like it worked! A small water ball, relatively the size of an eyeball floated in the room, allowing him to see, though with about as much depth perception as one eye could provide since there was only one ball.


Tyreal would fin Lynn in the oasis just outside the bath house, he would see her a few feet deep into the water, resting, but being watched still by the two guards at the bath house steps. They recognized Tyreal from when they responded to the ship coming in, so they knew that was Lynn's companion and didn't bother him. Lynn seemed really relaxed and in much better health than before.

Kalla Outskirts

Hilde gave a faint smile and a sigh, “if you insist, but you better not run off before then,” she said blushing a bit. It wasn’t terribly often she got compliments on her looks. Most men were afraid of being scrutinized by her father for being flirtatious and when she did receive them it was usually Vali, though it usually accompanied how she wished Hilde would at least take some dancing lessons with her. Hilde always said maybe one day, she did love the fancy clothing, but she always seemed to keep herself busy with other things besides dancing.

It wasn’t long before Hilde fell asleep, which was probably better for her than fighting back the pain she felt in her ribs. With everyone else there, she figured she would be safe enough to doze off with the injury, not that she wasn’t already exhausted to begin with.

As for Kistal, every now and then, he could hear a small whine from Nix, or her body tense up in her sleep, the air around her surging with cold and a faint crackling of ice in the air around her, but it never amounted to anything more. Nightmares, one could guess. Whenever he would pet her or scratch behind her ears, it seemed to calm her down a bit, soothing her in her sleep. Once in a while, it would wake her and her ears would flick. She would resituate herself slightly and try to doze back off, her tail thumping against the floor of the skiff till she fell asleep despite her trying not to physically show she liked it.
Eira's was in the middle of finally giving the creature somehead rubs and ear scratches when Luke arrived. Her eyes seemed to only light up even more when the creature started to talk. "OH! It can talk too!? That's adorable!" she said excitedly. Who knew such things existed? As Luke and the kushiban spoke, she returned to Dremmick's side, still watching the Kushiban intently like a child seeing any new fluffy creature for the first time.

"Sensed me coming, huh? Well, so much for completely flying under the radar till we got here," Dremmick slightly muttered to himself in thought before continuing. "Look, I don't know about being touched by the force or anything, I've always just done what I needed to get by. If the force wanted my to use it, it definitely would have come in handy beforehand," he said, trying to brush it off as probably just a Jedi overanalyzing something. Surely, if the force was with him it would have presented itself much sooner, allowing him to help some of the people he's lost along the way. If it were true, it was almost enough for him to be a little bitter about it.

When asked why he was here, he kept his answer simple. "To serve. My home was ransacked by the Zann Consortium. After fighting to take it back and instill the will to fight back in the people of my town, and saw them do it successfully without me, I wanted to take the fight to them. I know they probably aren't the republic's number one enemy, but I figured they may be on the radar, so to speak." It was the truth, though parts were left out like his desires to locate and destroy the artifacts. Sure, he knew that in the right hands they could do wonders, but good hands always seemed to be outnumbered by bad, and eventually he felt that they would end up in the wrong person's control. Either they find it first or take it by force. In which case, it would only be better to destroy them and deny their enemies the chance.

After telling Luke and the Kushiban hopefully what they wanted, he nodded to them almost like a half bow, "It was an honor meeting you," he told Luke as he turned to follow the escort.

"Both of you!" Eira added as she happily waved to both Luke and the kushiban before turning to follow Dremmick.

The ride back to Kalla from the camp was relatively quiet. Small conversations here and there were made between various people, but the loss of their chief was heavy on their minds. As Kallen thought about the strange puppet that was faced, he may start to remember hearing stories of people Calibris disliked vanishing. Sometimes it wasn’t even anyone he particularly didn’t care for, as whenever he had a curious streak and started locking himself away in his study to not be disturbed, someone always seemed to go missing as well. There was actually a surprising number of people in his service that wore masks under well covering clothes, and maybe this was just a glimpse at what was happening behind closed doors.

As for Allanon, Irene simply thanked him, telling him she would have an idea of what to do when they reached Kalla, but she seemed too worn out to continue. Meanwhile, if he looked to Bidzil, he seemed to have a distant look in his eyes. While the sight was normal for people who had seen their first real battle, Bidzil’s saving grace seemed to be that he was at least able to fight in the face of something new to him. What may have been odd, however, was the air of irritation around him instead of the cold acceptance of the realities of battle.

Hilde laid comfortably as she could in the stretcher, admittedly basking in the attention Chihiro was giving her. She chuckled despite the bit of pain it caused, “Beefcake? My, my, Chihiro, are you complimenting me or my father?” she asked with a smile, teasing her right back. When she spoke of the fight, the girl thought back. “I sensed something was not right while fighting it, and I didn’t expect it to launch an attack so close even to itself,” she started. The fact that the girl got away with a few broken ribs was a testament to the Varuk blood within her, even if she was only half blooded. “I could hear it crying when I got close to it… Something wasn’t quite right. You called it a puppet?” she asked a bit confused, “which may mean that it was being controlled, but what kind of person would do such a thing?”

Nix was wary the whole time of all the different people, though she didn’t outright run from any of them, she just kept her distance. Ever so slowly she would be closer to Kistal, taking a particular interest in him since he freed her and his scent reminded her of a place close to home. She didn’t say much, and she surprisingly didn’t prod for more food, but she did start to follow closely, even sniffing at the chains that he ground into the sands. Eventually, once they were on the skiffs, she didn’t leave his side, opting to be closer to him than any of the other strangers, even to the point to when when she finally passed out, she was curled up in a ball next to him, her back pressed up against his leg where he sat.

The hours would pass and the sun would just start to begin its descent into the afternoon when one of the Kallan warriors spotted the town. “We’re home,” he announced before taking out a signal horn. He took a deep breath before sounding off on it, calling out to the other skiff which in turn took out its own horn and repeated the call. The other horn was set to a different tone to make sure which skiff was which, though when moving in only a pair, identification by tone was less necessary. “Light the torch, let them know we have lost some of our own, give them a moment to prepare themselves,” one of the men said as the other nodded. Upon seeing one skiff light a torch at the front, the other followed suit. From the town, they could hear another horn sounding, responding to them and acknowledging their arrival.

Valia prepared the baths for the both of them as Maeve spoke, making sure to turn to her to make eye contact here and there to let her know she was still indeed listening closely. “Mmm, that is true, and I wouldn’t have made myself a new friend either, and it's always fascinating to hear about things in other kingdoms,” she stated with a smile. She undressed and eased herself into one of the large round tubs, sighing relief as she did so. She rested a small folded hand towel on the rim to rest her head as a curious thought popped up. “Strange, Mrs. Suzune, Allard’s wife, would say, well… somewhat the same thing about women’s roles in The Scar, but from a place that is ruled by a lone queen, I wonder why they would adhere to such traditions? In Kalla, things may seem quite different. True, women are seen as more nurturing than the more warrior prone men, but that is what is cherished. There is a mutual respect for the other's talents. People of Kalla are judged on what they provide, and we work together to lift each other up. And as far as providing anything goes, children are one of the most precious things one can bring into the world,” she started to explain, though the mention of children made her unconsciously stop briefly before continuing.

“There is a respect for both man and woman and what each brings to the table so to speak, but that doesn’t mean that if a woman chooses to take to the sword or if a man tries to take a less combat oriented lifestyle that it is looked down upon. Well, unless they fail miserably at it,” she added with a chuckle. “And there are few exceptions of course. Our dancers are all female, so we leave the drums to the men. The chieftain is usually a lead warrior, so they are male, however, his wife, if any, is to lead while he is away, and is usually his closest and only personal advisor.” She absentmindedly started to bathe.

She chuckled at the thought of something, “Did you know Suzune and Allard actually met in conflict?” she asked, unsure of what tales Allard may have told her already.


Tali and Sev would find the bathhouse not too far off, and close to the oasis that was nestled into the side of the village. The building was slightly elevated on stilts, with enough room for some people to go underneath and make the baths warm if desired. Two guards, though fairly casual in gear and an axe tucked in each of their sashes, stood guard, one male, one female. They stood guard to make sure people went to the right baths, as well as to keep an eye on Lynn who was now in a small roped off part of the water that the kids would normally use to splash in while their parents were in the baths. There were three chambers to the bath house, the women’s side, the men’s side, and the couple’s chamber in the middle. The couple’s chambers were sectioned off between each one for the couple’s privacy, and to make a barrier between the men’s and the women’s baths. There had been a time where it was simply women’s and men’s baths, but too many curious eyes at times made for more conflict for various reasons, so they took a small number of the middle baths and created this section from it. If Tali and Sev were to pass the two guards, who would both either nod to them or give them a wave with a friendly smile, they would go up a few steps and meet a receptionist at a counter right before you would get to the chamber doors.
“Hello and welcome!” the woman at the counter, “please, help yourselves to our amenities, after everything that has happened, we are letting people use the baths freely at this time,” she explained as she grabbed some towels. “Are you two a couple or seperate?” she asked genuinely.


Tyrael would find that the young blacksmith was quick and easy to learn, and that his own ability as a blacksmith was quite something to behold. Due to the small town, there wasn’t an abundance of orders, meaning that he was able to give everything he made all of his attention and time. His attention to detail was outstanding, and he was a perfectionist at everything he had snow, making sure not just to make a product, but to make something that would last for generations to come. While much may not be able to be salvaged from what Tyreal gathered, anything that was created was sure to be some sturdy gear that could stand up to quite some abuse. At the end, the blacksmith offered that the axe head would be able to be made, some various pieces of armor, and a wood round shield with metal banding on the edge. The blacksmith actually insisted that instead of more armor, to make a boss in the middle of the shield, as well as to cover the front of the shield in a thin metal plate, just a couple millimeters thick. This would prevent any fire attacks from burning the wood on contact, something few shield users had picked up in Kalla when facing enemy firekin.

“If ya gonna not be able ta have full armor, ya need a shield. This is how most kalla warriors kit up. We are strong and mobile, we wear armor where the shield can’t cover, and let tha shield do tha rest. I know if we can handle nimbly toting a shield and a heavy weapon around, an orc should be able ta do it just as well, ay?” he said to try to convince Tyrael, but it was honestly their choice, after all, he is just here to make orders.

Miiba watched on, though she was fully set on leaving earlier, Lear’s sudden arrival had her practically stuck by his side. While she was still sniffling, trying to regain her composure she felt his hand pat her on the head, which oddly seemed to help calm her down as she leaned into him. She listened to what the others had to say, but most of their conversation was over her head. She knows that she has heard of the word cancer before, but she didn’t really know much about it.

As for Lear’s new question, she simply shook her head again. “Miiba sorry, do not know that too…,” she said solemnly. Every time he asked her a question like this, she was a bit upset that she never had an answer, like she was missing common everyday knowledge that she should know, but doesn’t. Not that she should know it anyway, considering her circumstances. It probably didn’t help that so far till she arrived here she had stayed away from nearly everyone and everything she could. “W-what things mean?” she asked curiously, thinking another history lesson was coming, though she wasn’t sure that he was too keen to give one at the moment.
yo! welcome aboard!
Fera seemed reluctant, pulling her head back at first as Nanaya tried to tie the cloth around her nose. Once done, it did seem slightly better, but she could still smell the perfumes, now mixed with the one around her face, though not as strongly as before. She didn't understand, why would one want to have such a dreadful thing as this 'perfume'? It never did anything but irritate her and throw off her senses, and not to mention make her head hurt after too long. When offered to be separated from her group, Fera shook her head, snubbing the idea. She may not be able to sense anything with her nose anymore, but she didn't want to leave Nanaya's side here either, so she stubbornly refuses to be separated. Fera, had no idea what this 'day treatment' was, but if the others were fine with it, she supposed it couldn't be too bad, right? Their reason for being here was already slipping her mind.
Fera's ears twitched when the ranger clicked at her. Taking the signal, she rolled the rest of the way forward over the awning and landed on her haunches before stalking her way inside with the rest of the group. When the doors opened, the poor wildling was assaulted my a myriad of perfumes and scents. She backed from the door as if she had been struck. It was enough to elicit a small whine from the girl, her eyes watering from the unpleasant sensations ravaging her sinuses. She tried rubbing her eyes and nose, exhaling sharply from her nostrils to eject the offending scent, but it was so persistent that it was no use. She couldn't leave them however, and tried her best to carry on, but not without voicing her discomfort. "Fera... can not smell. It burn...," she said pitifully. To her, all the smells outside were much more pleasing than this. She was already skeptical of this place because they kept on sing the word 'bath' around here and Fera really didn't feel like taking one right now. She could keep herself clean well enough in her eyes, so why would she need this 'bath' thing everyone was always so crazy for? Especially with these dreadful scents everywhere, how could the others stand this?
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