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Current Desire to type "git gud" intensifies...
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okay, watched the first episode of goblin slayer, not nearly as bad as what it was made out to be. Still a bit depressing but hey, saved 2 of 4 rookies, coulda been worse.
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So i figured out, as much as id love the equivalent of an anime doom guy slaying goblins, i dont like seeing the lovely anime chicas catch a case of the mutilation.
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I don't know when I started checking my RPs more than gaming..... I just know it kinda happened one day....
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I just got Skyrim on the switch, i took a slight downgrade and lack of mods for portability, but I'm loving it.
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The Inn: baths

As Shye slept soundly, oddly enough considering the hard floor, Nix was wide awake. especially after the initial commotion with Mason and the sudden water wall. All these things going on and Nix was fine. However, there was on thing that entered the room that as soon as Nix layed her predatory eyes on it, she couldn't look away. When Aste's bird few into the room, her pupils widened out into large circles, completely focused on her new target. After all, snacks were great, but there before her was a meal! She hunkered down, not unlike a cat, her tail thrashing from side to side as she focuse un her prey. Slowly and carefuly, she lowly crawled acroos Shye, then Tali, then on to Nailah, her eyes barely peeking around Nailah's shoulder as she hid between Nailah and Lynn. Look looked at it curiously and was wanting to reach out and pet it, but before she could say anthing about it, Nix shook its hindquarters in preperation to launch itself at the bird. And with a great leap, it went for its prey!

It was adorable to see Lynn with such a cheerful and happy smile on her face. It was clear by her expression that she was indeed a bit uneasy about the whole event that happened, but it was also clear that she was very happy by having met both Tali, Nailah and by all the good things she saw and experienced since she started travelling with the Aliance.

While Nailah was hugging both Tali and Lynn in an innocent demonstration of affection, which was something surprising coming from Nailah, Tali didn't let that opportunity pass as she delicately ran a her finger up her spine, making Nailah's body shiver as she arched her back.

"You're lucky Shye is asleep~" Nailah whispered with a mischievous smirk to Tali after realizing that Lynn was completely oblivious to what was happening, which honestly made her smile a bit seeing how innocent Lynn was.

It was then that Nailah realized, thanks to Tali having said that the strange woman, who was called Aste, that was sleeping on the bath had finally woken up.

After yawning and rubbing her eyes, she took a few seconds to register what was happening as her pet stood on her shoulder. Getting herself in the water after a moment, she turned towards Tali, Lynn and Nailah, apologizing herself for her behavior and asking if Shye was ok.

While Nailah wasn't here to see what exactly happened, she trusted Lynn's words, whom said that it was all just a misunderstanding. She didn't trust Aste completely yet as she was basically a stranger. Well, that could be also said regarding Shye, but she didn't seem to be a bad person... Especially trusting Tali and Lynn so much as to sleep right next to them, being completely defenseless.
"She will be fine. Apparently she was just really tired." Nailah said, carefully watching Aste's reactions.

Just after she finished talking though, she saw the small dragonling that Shye had with her suddenly pouncing towards Aste's pet.

"Hey there, little one!" Nailah said, laughing as she saw the female dragonling.

"Unlike her owner, this little one has plenty of energy to spare, right?" Nailah said, with a smile.

"Phew---" That incomplete shield had worked better than she'd assumed to be. But it would hold for now, but not in the long term. Still it’s a relief that things worked out all.

Just when she was about to relax at the baths peacefully, Aste caught herself a glimpse of a lizard. No, too big to be a lizard, it seemed to be a baby dragon, and it seemed to be out for her pet swallow Valavin. Whose pet is this? Aste thought. It’s just one thing after another since entering the baths.

With one silent cast of her Illusion magic, Aste's Pet seemed to have enlarged for a moment. She then uncasted her small flicker of her magic, just to distract the dragon thing for a bit.

Aste's pet swallow, Valavin, flew off quickly along a sprinkle of white silky feathers. He took a sharp dive downwards, landing on the shoulder that seemed to be the safest- the only one that is not awake: Shye.

"Chirp, Chirp~" Landing on Shye's shoulders with a smooth grace, Valavin let out a few chirps at the predator.

Tali saw the debacle with Nix wanting a snack. She couldn't stifle the giggle, but she did call for her servitor. "Servitor, come in and play with Nix! and bring a few towels for us!" The servitor came in after a minute, silently handing out towels to all the women there. It was entirely unperturbed by the events transpiring, though it did make a seemingly sarcastic remark to Tali. "Mistress, I see you have become one of the...huggers." It then casually picked up Nix by the scruff of the neck. "That bird is not food. Come now, I will play with you a bit." It then finally went to a corner in the bath and set down the dragonling, offering a finger as a tantalizing moving target.

The comment got another giggle out of Tali. "Oh, I am so glad we figured out how to unlock some personality for you. Comments like those make my day." She wrapped an arm around Nailah, giving her an affectionate squeeze. "Hear that girls? We are all part of the huggers." She put a sarcastic tone on the last word to mimic her servitor.

Nix stumbled when the bird grew in size, Hissing at the now huge bird, though as it went to normal and flew off, Nix leapt at it, missing it by a feather. When it saw that it landed on Shye, it's hair started to raise and a low growl, well low for it anyway, rumbled from it's tiny chest. Before Nix could do anything though a servitor walked up to it reaching down to grab her. She 'roared' as ferouciously as she could at it, wings splayed out and rattling, tail spiked out and her eyes looking redder than normal. Surely it would be a ferocious display if she weren't the adorble size of a kitten. Instead when the servitor picked it up by the scruff of the neck with an irritated chirping sound, all the fight left it, with a fairly dissapointed looking face as her attempt at intimidation had failed in humiliation. However, this seemed to dissapear quickly as the servito started playing with it. Nix perked back up and attacked the finger like her normally playful self would. turning every now and againt o make sure that damn bird wasn't doing anything funny.

Lynn watched the the small dragonling seemed to go after the bird, which thankfully seemed to stop before it could get too out of hand, Tali calling upon her servitor to intercept. While it waws cute, the bird seemed to belong to Aste, and it becoming a menu item wouldn't be good. Lynn watched as the servitor played with it, having a strong urge to go over and see if it would let her pet it.

Shye, once again, started to stir. Even though the rest was short lived, she felt much more relaxed than she was when she had arrived. Tali would be able to hear a longer breath as she she started to wake and get out of the rhythmic breathing one had while sleeping. Her body tensed up for a moment as Shye realized she had fallen asleep, she about nearly shot up into a ready stance as her normal instinct when waking up unexpectedly. However, she remembered somewhat what had happened and instead was able to slowly sit up, a bit confused as to how she so easily fell asleep. She held her towel up with one arm as it had become looser during her sleep, and brushed some hair behind her ear as she looked around, quickly looking around as if she had lost something, relaxing as her eyes settled on Nix playing with the servitor. She then turned to Tali and Nailah. "I appologize, I don't normally just fall aslep like that.." turning a bit red as she realized the others were uncovered and she was asleep on her lap. While she wasn't as embarassed as someone like Lynn would be, her porcelain pale features only made it seem worse than it actually was. She tried not to stare and avoided looking over save to make eye contact to who she spoke to, after all, it is impolite to stare. "Thank you for helping me relax, all of you. My mind hasn't been ease as of late." she said a bit shyly.

Just as Shye's small dragonling pounced, the white haired girl was quick to summon an incomplete shield to protect her pet followed by a small illusion to make it look larger just before it flew away and landed right on Shye's shoulders happily chirping at the dragonling, almost as if it was teasing it. The dragonling, obviously not happy to see that the small swallow had landed on it's owner's shoulders was quick to hiss at it, which honestly was incredibly adorable coming from that small and cute dragonling. If Shye was still asleep after all that, it wouldn't be for long.

Nailah herself couldn't help but to giggle seeing the scene, especially when Tali asked her servitor to come and play with the dragonling, who went from hissing and being hostile to playing with the servitor's finger as if nothing was happening.

"The huggers?" Nailah asked, laughing as Tali replied to her servitor's sarcastic remark.

"I wonder if that was the first impression you two had when you met us..." Nailah said, raising an eyebrow and looking for Tali with a smirk on her face.

"Oh look at it! It's so adorable! Especially when it's hissing and growling~!" Nailah said, giggling as she watched the small dragonling playing with Tali's servitor from a distance.

Not surprisingly, after all that ruckus, Shye finally woke up. Nailah carefully watched her and couldn't help but let out a teasing grin as she watched her body tensing up just when she realized she was sleeping on Tali's lap.
"Oh don't worry my dear... You did seem to be really tired and stressed..." Nailah replied with a kind smile towards Shye. Especially for Shye herself, she would quickly realize that Nailah's attitude towards her had changed significantly. Almost as if she wasn't suspicious of her anymore.

"I don't know what are your circumstances of what you've been through, but if you need someone to talk or even someone to just hug and relax, I wouldn't mind to help you." Nailah said, with a kind, almost motherly smile towards Shye.

"After all... I think we can take one more on the 'Huggers' group, am I right girls?" Nailah asked as she looked to Lynn and Tali.

Tali rolled her eyes and looked at the other women before practically pouncing into the water. She stayed under for a minute before floating back up. "Mmmmm, that is good. As for another in the Huggers, I have no problem with it. Shye could use the comfort it seems. My song doesn't normally get people to sleep THAT quickly."

She casually scooped a hand down in the water and splashed Nailah with it. "Besides, it isn't like we are some official group. We are just some girls that like a good hug and cuddle. No need to be stuffy."

Lynn, speaking up even though she had no idea who Shye was, was glad to have another person in the group to talk to. "Of coarse!" she responded nodding to Nailah, she then turned to Shye, "But you have to watch out, they are a bit clingy," she said jokingly about the two and she herself went into the water as well.

Shye looked to them, a little taken back by their openness and for caring about someone they didn't even know. Especially since the one knew she was a possible enemy from meeting her before. She wasn't even sure when she got here. And the other woman used a song to put her to sleep? That explained a lot, but something in her mind wanted to tell her it was some sort of trap, nobody did these kind of things, she was lucky she wasn't captured or killed while she was asleep. Normally these things would be true, but ever since she met the Alliance, she had been proven wrong. From what she gathered, they had sensed her inner turmoil before and tried to help her relax by forcing her to relax as she couldn't herself. Looking at it like this, while still very strange, it was actually quite the gesture. And her collar, just before she fell asleep the one girl put a type of barrier on it to weaken it. It was a bit much for her to take in, but in a weird and... well...good way.
"I...I don't know what to say. All of you have gone through so much to help me, barely even knowing about me, even after attacking one of you." she started looking down a bit. "Before I met the people of this alliance, I never knew there were people who could show such kindness. I always may have thought they were out there, but...not for me." She considered their offer of her joining and she shook her head, more out of being unsure of the proposal than outright refusal. "I don't know if could accept such an offer. Surely me traveling along the Alliance would only bring more problems, especially if you are on the way to Fotia. All of you have done so much for me already, it wouldn't be right for me to keep endangering you further."

The Inn: tavern

Aeden stepped into the Inn once again and made his way to his room. He wanted to take a quick, cold bath to clean the blood from his body from his knife wound. When he made it to his private bath he drew up the water and got right to cleaning himself finishing within a minute or two. Upon finishing his bath, he re-equipped his gear and found his way to the beautifully vandalized table to wait for the others to complete their errands.

He wanted to tell Shye the good news right away, however he had no clue as to where she was and decided to wait in a place he knew she likely would come back to.

A black gash, riddled with divine darkness gleaming with an enigmatic purple reflection, opened further and further. The location, Pearl. Right outside of its gates. This would be the second visitor of this humble town of merchants and fine goods. The second to travel by powerful spells cast by descendants of the like. This one was very far from like the other. The almost angelic man Aeden who was seen as a particularly special agent of the Aion in the eyes of ignorant onlookers. Sporting a halo like it was a symbol of his purity. The one who stood at the open gates of Pearl now was a hooded man. His face further shadowed by the bright sun above. The fresh breeze gave black birds new vitality to fly over head as he walked to the Inn. Sniffing the air as if inhaling for a few moments and correcting his direction. He came to the Inn's doorway and let it open. Merely standing and observing those within....

Aeden stared at the open door of the inn as soon as it opened. At first he wondered if it was Shye, but as soon as he saw the figure was very much different from Shye his curiosity shifted to wondering who exactly this was. It took a particularly cautious person to hover at a door like that. Aeden decided to patiently wait and watch until the newcomer made their move.

Allard looked over to the newcomer after just finishing taking care of his smaller blade. He sheathed it, and then drew the large heavy blade, inspecting it, making sure it was good to go for the day. He looked up to the hooded figure as he had finished and sheathed it as well. The person seemed to just stop at the door and start looking around. "Looking for something in particular, friend? Ya seem a tad bit lost."

The long flowing cloak of this mysterious figure began to recede as if an illusion was being lifted from the eyes of those before him. He stretched his left arm out to his side, over his sheathed blade attached to the hip. The cloak he wore wound up around his arm, contorting into a new form. A simple yet elegant cloth that draped over his shoulder. It had the symbol of an all seeing eye, a staple in the royal families of Nero. Not that the commoners of the alliance would know. Wounding up his cloak revealed his face and attire. He was scarred and blind in his right eye, or see it seemed, from previous battles. He wore elegant clothes with black gauntlets and boots. His sword by his side resonated with a dark enchanted aura. "Hello." He placed a hand on his chest, his gauntlets were like claws and he was steady able to avoid them without worry. Bowing gently before continuing. "I am Algimar. I was told the alliance was gathering here." He looked to Allard with a pleased smirk. Observing the few others inside. He noticed one who sported a Halo and reeked of a Seraphim. "I was tasked by the rulers of Nero to join this alliance. As a representative member for Nero's interests."

Mason and the Merchant

Paying for the strange whistle, Mason thanked the elderly merchant before heading out with his new equipment. However, as he was about to walk back to the inn, he suddenly realized he needed alchemy equipment! And he knew just where to get it! Without a moment to lose he made his way once again to the Taxis tents to check if Amaiah had any surplus equipment she could afford to let go of.

Mason was thanked by the elder as he was able to make a decent amount of money from the lad. Rushing with his angelic feathers flowing behind him he was a rare sight to the villagers of Pearl who were walking about. Still thankful for the healing they received earlier. The Aion would be surprised to see Amaiah not in the tent. She was still in the Taxis HQ. However. "Ah the fine Aion Knight Mason was it?" Lucius approached with three of his own personal knights behind him. "You all seem to be taking your time with getting that artifact. I'm on my way to Vrondi. I hope to be able to tell the King he will be seeing this precious hammer soon..." He came close to Mason, whispering the last few words to him sternly. Before smiling and walking off.

The Black Market

Dremmick headed outside of the Taxis HQ, going towards the market. He casually glanced about, using his eyes to look around without much movement of his head, as he headed towards a back door to the facility. As he approached the door, and before he saw anyone else, he made temporary clothes from his blood magic, a crimson cloak, hood, and muffler. He went up to the door and gave it two sharp knocks, and waited for an answer.

A clearing throat like a raspy old beggar who hadn't stopped smoking in ages was heard behind the door. "What business do you have here?" The rusted pipes of a dark brooding voice let out. An eye observing from a small hole in the doors center.

"The blood hand cometh," Dremmick replied from behind his muffler, one eye gazing back out from under his fabricated hood to the person on the other side of the door.

"Hmm.." A few sounds of metal bars being lifted and unhinged from the doors bindings were were heard for a moment. "You may enter." The door gently opened, nothing but darkness appeared to be within. Only after entering enveloping oneself into the shadow, with the door loudly fastening behind them, did their eyes adjust to the subtle crimson in this dark room. The candles were lit around the place as the only light and each were red. It had a certain refinement to the room. Though it was riddled with chains, whips, and torture devices along the walls. The one who stood by the door was a hooded figure with black hair flowing unkempt down their hood covering their upper face. But they seemed to have a black beard as well and wore a sheathed blade to his side. He led Dremmick to the main purchasing room. Where many things were set aside that wouldn't be found in the normal market. Organs, blood, poisons, forged citizenship badges and other illegel items were available. "How may we help you sir?" Asked the hooded man. Though he seemed alone in this place one could not shake the feeling of other presences. Even as a back room inside was caged shut with a warning painted on it in red.

Dremmick did take a look at the bottles of blood.While he didn't agree with their methods of gathering it, what was done was done, and to not stock up would be quite a dumb move. The only blood he had on him was Mason's mixed blood, and its effectiveness could vary. It wasn't something he wanted to risk more than he had to, so he picked up a bottle of pureblood. "This will do nicely for starters.... What do you have in the form of rituals and gear?" he said with a tone of passive interest. Working with these types of merchants were the same as any other. Look too interested, and the price only skyrockets.

"Ahh... That." He watched as Dremmick plucked the seraphim blood from the counter. Next to it were various other pure bloods of different lands. "We do not specialize in the Therosi's ritual magic here. We mostly serve Dragon slavers. Mixed bloods." He walked over to the door the was labeled with a warning and opened a barred window on it. "Or pure." He revealed a young horse sized dragon inside. It was eating some bloody carcass with chains around its neck. "The strongest of slaves. However I may have somethin for yer." He hobbled over to a shelf and began to rummage through it, gently twisting items and moving them aside to observe. "I have these." He brought down a few blood written ritual papers. Their effects were chaotic in nature however and had a one time use.

Dremmick raised an eyebrow at the dragon. He seemed a little irked that they didn't have much ritual gear here, but the further from Nero it seemed the less he would see. Honestly, he was surprised they even had ritual papers, though that didn't keep his brows from unfurrowing. "Only single use papers? Hmm... I could probably use them eventually, it could keep me from writing my own for a bit anyway. How much are you expecting for these? There can't be too large of a market for them here."

"Haha. Well these are rare ya see. IF ya use'em wisely." He walked over to a picture on the wall, scarcely illuminated, yet revealed a symbol of the Dragon cult. "Tha Therosi rarely come here thanks to the influence of the Dragons on the mountain. Only blood magic you'll find here is somethin the Therosi know little about." He then reached and grabbed a jar filled with a fleshy balls of meat. He opened it and tossed a few into his visibly sharp jaws. "50 Bronze and its yours."

When he spoke of blood magic the Therosi knew little about, it piqued his interest. Dremmick looked over to the man, an eyebrow raised, "Oh really? And what kind of blood magic would that be exactly? I would be surprised to hear about a type of blood magic that's new to me." Dremmick paid the man what he asked, mostly to give him the incentive for him to keep talking about it, and because, honestly, it was already lower than what he was expecting. He looked at the blood papers to see if it was anything he hadn't seen before as well.

"Oh you're a different kind of Therosi. One interested in expanding their horizons. Hmm..." He looked through some old dust caked books and picked one. Blowing on it he revealed a symbol for the Dragon cult. "Chaotic blood magic. Forged from the blood of dragons. There are gifts to be given if one follows their lead. But I warn you." He said closing the book he had opened and skimmed through so suddenly the dust echoed with the sound. "Delving into this magic may be too hostile for your typical Therosi mage. That is to say..." He handed the book to Dremmick. "Results may vary."

Dremmick's eyes slightly widened at the sight of the book as he took it from the man's hand. "Well would you look at that, I suppose you did have something to surprise me." he said with a slight smirk. He stored the blood papers away and picked up a jar of the pure blood he looked at earlier. I'd like to purchase this as well, and I will trade you something you may actually be able to sell for the book,"[/color] Dremmick said as he pulled his fire dagger from his belt. "Not effective for fighting, but strike it against a stony surface and it will light on fire, a fire source, useful for anyone who wishes not to consume magic with a rune."

A low chuckle. He examined the dagger. "Oh this seems to have a certain significance to it. However without knowledge on its antique I cannot buy it for more than 3 gold. Perhaps you know the name of this weapon." He asked. Intently waiting for an answer.

"Hmm....Can't say I do, but no matter. I'll hold on to it for now, was mostly curious what the fetching price would be. Might catch someone's fancy in Fotia. As for my purchase, Most I can offer is ten gold for the blood and the book."

With a light cackle the supposed owner of this store bowed to respect to Dremmick's choice of words. "Ah one not afraid to say no is bound for more than those who are compelled to say yes. I look forward to doing future business with your kind. The Therosi always have interesting things to say... And I rarely get visitors.." He bowed one more good to to Dremmick before walking by some candles. With a whisper they were lit. His eyes were now visible and were slit like a reptiles and yellow.

Dremmick cracked a smile as he saw the man was also of dragon blood like himself. He held up the book to the merchant. If this is what I can look forward to seeing from here, I will be coming back. Stay much as possible anyway." he stored the book in his large pouch behind him and clasped it. He noticed a candle close to the shopkeeper yet to be lit. He shot a tiny stream of fire at it from his mouth that lit the candle, though he was already turned and about to the door before it could light any part of his face under his hood. "Missed one."

With that, Dremmick headed back to the main part of the market to pick up fresh clothes so that he didn't have to fabricate his own, then left for the inn. Upon getting closer the crimson hood faded to mist and receded back into him. Oddly enough though, as he entered, there was a strange character standing just inside the doorway, and from their apparel, he instantly recognized them as from Nero. Not skipping a beat though, there was still plenty of room in the large doorway to casually walk by. He paid the person no heed as he went to his room. In there, he changed into fresh clothes, and put the rest of his leather and bark armor, as well as his gear. Oddly enough, he felt more comfortable with it on than it off. He pulled his real hood up though he left the muffler loose as he went back out to the tavern room where Aeden, Allard and the strange person were. He found himself a table, opened his new book, and began to read while keeping tabs on the new visitor.
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Taxis HQ
Amaiah once again blinked in thought to Mason's enthusiasm. "Hmm... Well given how odd your blood is it could be used to further our research on seraphim. Though that's not my expertise. Perhaps I could do with some extra plasma though." She looked at a blood extracting needle and clear circular vessel. "If you're ready I could do... Lets see. About 5 gold for one of these. Maybe more if you're willing to let me drain more." She shrugged.

"Of course! Take as much as you want!" Mason replied as he sat back down, letting Amaiah draw all the blood she needed.

Not too long after Amaiah filled two bottles. She offered Mason a recovery elixir juice. As he may have felt a bit weaker. But she paid him with a simple bag with 10 gold inside. "Alright. We are done. Also if any of your friends are infected with the curse be sure to purify them with the elixir. Do take care."

"I'll be sure to. Thanks for everything!" Mason thanked Amiah as he gathered his belongings and left for the baths.

Tali nodded and unconsciously moved her hand down to cup Shye's cheek, her thumb stroking the sleeping woman's cheek tenderly. She seemed to think a bit back to some of her jobs. "Mmmmm, occasionally. I would say enough to not be surprised by this area any more. I live by the ocean, so I still love it more than other places. the spear fishing is relaxing. The cooking is so fresh. The lava flow nearby is so nice to just sit in and enjoy. Perhaps after this, you would want to come visit my little piece of beach. You could have some of my ocean cooking."

-Nailah finishing with Melo before arriving at the bath-

Melo was indeed smitten by Nailah's charming aura. The heat was intoxicating and his mind wandered little on why he was feeling this way. Removing his cheeks from her glaring warm chest he managed to move his arms, his body dulled by the daze. He found himself staring at the necklaces for a moment. The mind had ways of recurring past memories and despite his stupor he was able to recollect what he wanted. "You can have these my dear sweet fire starter. Now what was your name again?" He asked with a whisper. Easing closer to her with each breath and rising to meet her demands. Placing the necklaces in her possession.

Nailah took the necklaces with a mischievous smile as she heard Melo asking her name as he got closer to her. Everything was going exactly as planned. It wasn't that hard to be honest. Melo's greed and how easily he fell for her charms even before she used her ability made all that easier.

Looking to him as he eagerly awaited for her answer, Nailah wore the necklaces, making sure to take a moment so he could appreciate her body as she did so.

"Nailah. Just Nailah. Never had a family name." she said, leaning forward and whispering on his ear before she walked around Melo as if she was going to lead him back to the lounge.
The second she got behind him though and the line of sight between both of them was broken for a brief second, she jumped away silently, making a clone appear on the same place she was and stopping in front of Melo, extending it's hand to him.

"Now, my sweet Melo, should we go back to the lounge? I'm curious to see if you can handle me as well as you did these necklaces..." Nailah's close said, with a seductive giggle as she gently took Melo's hands leading back to the lounge.
Hiding behind another store just a few steps away from Melo and the clone, Nailah watched with a discreet giggle as she saw her clone and Melo going away to the lounge. She wasn't going to lie, all that foreplay did make Nailah a bit excited... Melo wasn't exactly bad looking as well, he was actually attractive... Despite his greed... But if she decided to satisfy herself, she wouldn't be able to teach him a lesson.

"I almost feel bad for him~" she said, with a singing tone as she walked away, giggling. The second Melo finished taking off the necklaces and her clone's clothes, the clone would disappear with a mocking smirk and a cute wave of it's hands.

"Now... Lynn and Tali said they were going for a bath... right?" she said, gently tapping her lips as she twirled the necklaces she just 'won' on her finger, using her other hand.

Before she went to the baths though, she stopped for a moment, tying the strange necklace with the capsule tightly on her neck, almost as a choker and using the tiara as an armlet after heating it with her hands and bending it. If Melo had seen her doing that with the bracelet, she was pretty sure he would faint, but Nailah did think that it fit her better as an armlet and not as a circlet. After all, she wasn't the type of woman that would wear a circlet or long and pretty dresses...
After some moment, Nailah finally arrived on the baths. On the changing room, she saw Lynn and Tali's things. Wanting to make a surprise, Nailah silently took her own clothes off and walked inside with Lynn's necklace on her hand and wearing the two other necklaces she had bought for herself. Opening the door to the baths, Nailah suddenly walked inside with a big smile on her face.

Nailah was about to announce her arrival, but interrupted herself when she saw the rather... intriguing scene that was happening in front of her.

Shye, the strange girl who had joined them a while ago was sleeping peacefully on Tali's lap. The blood both on the ground, Shye's body and diluted on the water was a clear indication that something had happened. Strangely enough, se seemed to be fine now... In fact, it was almost as if she had a relieved look on her face even though she was asleep.

Shye didn't seem to be the one asleep though. A strange, white haired woman was also peacefully sleeping, leaning on the wall. Nailah couldn't say she knew who she was though.

Lynn, unlike Shye, was perfectly fine. She wasn't hurt or anything but was apparently somewhat worried about Shye, as it was evident with her looking at the woman as she slept on Tali's lap. The worried look on Lynn's face was quickly gone as she started to happily swim around. Looking at her like that, Lynn was even more adorable. She was indeed incredibly pure and innocent. Almost like a child as she talked with Tali, mentioning how wonderful today was and saying that things outside of Tearia was so different and beautiful.
Sneaking behind Lynn as she was distracted talking with Tali, she suddenly jumped over her when she got closer, hugging Lynn.

"You girls didn't even wait for me! It seems you two had some fun here already, didn't you?" Nailah said, giggling before she asked, raising an eyebrow as she nodded towards Shye and the white haired woman.

"Wait, Lynn! I brought something for you!" Nailah said, gently holding Lynn's shoulders before she tried to get away from her hug or turn towards her. After a brief moment, Nailah gently put the necklace on her neck, turning her around to face her when she was finished.

"It costed me nothing, by the way~" Nailah said, with a fox like smirk as she waited for Lynn's reaction.
"Although I must say that all that teasing and foreplay did leave me a bit excited... Unfortunately I had to teach that greedy merchant a lesson though... Even though he was a cutie... The second he finishes taking off my clone's clothes, it'll disappear." Nailah said, with a mischievous giggle.

"At least he got a kiss and my name... It surely isn't enough to make up for his frustration when he realizes he wont get what he wants buuut..." she said, laughing.

"So... would you two care to fill me in regarding what just happened here?" Nailah said before she halfway submerged on the water, swimming towards Tali and Shye like a snake would. Getting closer to both girls,
Nailah stood up, carefully looking at Shye's body. Despite her always present mischievous expression, it was clear that she was not just admiring the woman's body, but carefully analyzing it, searching for a wound or a reason for the blood.
Strangely enough, Shye seemed to be completely fine other than her neck. Whatever it had happened seemed to be related with the slave collar on the girl's neck. Gently touching the collar, Nailah couldn't help but feel bad for Shye... After all... she knew exactly how much a slave collar hurt on one's neck... Even though the ones who knew of Nailah's past were only a few and she did the best she could to keep it hidden.
Those who were paying close attention to Nailah's expression would notice a small change on her expression when she touched the collar. A small twist of her mouth and on her eyes, a mix of anger, sadness and other emotions. It was brief and very discreet, but it was definitely a reaction that was unlike how Nailah normally acted.

After a brief while, she gave a few steps away from Shye as if nothing had happened, with her usual expression as she went to Tali's other side, leaning herself on Tali in a comfortable posture, both to tease her and relax.

"That sounds like fun! Though...I'll have to take your word for it on sitting in the lava." She said with a smile as she slid back into the water and resumed floating on her back. She soaked in the sun's warm rays as she lazily floated about with her eyes closed. "The sun's energy feels amazing today! Its so clear out that I feel like I could float here and take in its energy all day!"

"I could sunbathe at home, but it wasn't like this, we stayed busy and I never had much time for it. Though my mother did say that I should make a habit to make sure to at least get a little sun every day because I'm part Sol. If I go too long without it, I start to feel uneasy." Just after she said this, Lynn noticed a shadow come over her, opening her eyes just in time for a splash as someone landed in the water next to her. Lynn let out a small cry of surprise at the action and then was grabbed into a hug, noticing it was Nailah who had appeared. Lynn was a little red with her embrace, but it was just a hug, and she supposed it was normal for Nailah, like Tali, not to have anything on in the bath.
Though to be fair, it was still a bit uncomfortable to her, especially since she wasn't wearing much either. She was about to apologize to Nailah for getting in the bath already when Nailah seemed to remember something. Nailah steadied Lynn's shoulders, which made her mind think back to Tali's little surprise back at the marketplace. This time however, her surprise was in the for of the necklace from earlier, her eyes sparkling at the sight of it. After Nailah put it on her she took it carefully in her hands, and gazed at the waters inside. "OH, Nailah, thank you so much! I love it!" she said cheerily. She was so happy, that naked or not, Lynn for once actually moved forward ad gave Nailah a hug with a giggle. "I'll make sure to take good care of it!" she said after letting go.
As for Nailah's question about about Shye, Lynn's head tilted as she looked over to the sleeping girl, her face becoming a tad more serious as she looked over her, as if she was doing a quick scan to make sure everything still seemed fine. "When we first arrived, these other two were already here. She said her name is Shye, and the other sleeping against the wall said her name was Aste. Apparently, Aste was trying to help her with this collar, but had made some sort of mistake the first time, causing the collar to become agitated....causing the blood." she said as she noticed. "I healed her wound from it, and Aste tried a different approach to help weaken it I think, but when I healed her, I sensed high amounts of stress, even given what happened. So we tried to help calm her down, and she soon fell asleep. I'm not sure how she was able to fall asleep so easily though. Unless she was under stress for a long period of time..." she finished, her ears drooping a bit. She then looked to Tali, "how is she holding up?" she asked. Shortly after, Lynn caught full view of Nailah climbing out of the water and quickly turned away, a bit red once more as she sunk into the water until just her eyes up poked out the water's surface.

Tali kept a poker face as she saw Nailah enter. She saw that mischievous glint in her eye and wanted to see how it played out. Poor Lynn got surprised by the sudden appearance of Nailah into the water. She seemed to have gotten the necklaces without being too bothered by the merchant. When she got out of the water and essentially snuggled up to Tali while naked, Tali wrapped an arm around her waist. "She is holding up just fine. I fear moving my leg might wake her. She rather desperately needed my song and this sleep." Tali's thumb still stroked the sleeping woman's cheek. She hoped the sleep was refreshing, but she couldn't be sure given the stress Shye endured.

She watched how embarrassed the Lassa girl got from seeing more naked women. She couldn't help but let out a light-hearted chuckle. "Nailah, if you want, I still have one thigh free. Just be careful around Shye. As for Lynn, apparently I got to be her first kiss. I'd say I made it a decent one."

From the entrance of the bath, the ladies could hear a rather poor attempt at whistling. Despite the rather blatant lack of skill, it was a happy, upbeat tune. Closer and closer the source of the whistling drew, until finally through the entrance of the bathing area, stepped the young seraphim knight known as Mason Drake, steam slowly collecting into droplets upon his vibrant wings.

Clad in only a towel, his pale skin shone to be mostly unmarked, save for several deep brands, and a handful of very faded burns. Seemingly oblivious to the presence of the others, Mason continued to whistle his tune as he entered the bath. As the young knight relaxed in the soothing water, his eyes lazily settled on the group of women across from him.

The poor lad immediately froze with shock, as a surprised expression spread across his face. Silently, he began to back toward the entrance, never taking his gaze off the women, almost as if completely unsure about what to make of his situation.

"Zzzzzzz......" Aste was sleeping soundly at her crouched position, her stifling snores was more apparent than the one from Shye. Small traces of her drool could be seen from the edges of her mouth. Her white linen robes is starting to look stiff and clingy, as it started gathering the steam of the hot baths.

Wet patches of water can be seen from her back, and from the way Aste slept, it seemed that nothing in the world could wake her up, for she had not slept for the whole night. Her snore almost echoed the baths.

"Chirp, chirp~" A swallow, as white as Aste's robes, flew into the scene of the baths, before landing gently on Aste's familiar shoulders.

Valavin, her well tamed pet that she had raised since Aste was an apprentice. Signs of age could be seen from its less than silky wing feather and its droopy face.

Nailah couldn't help but to giggle seeing Lynn's reaction after she put on the necklace on her neck. She was even a bit surprised when Lynn threw herself to hug her, despite how embarrassed she was when Nailah had jumped over her a second ago.

A brief moment later, Lynn started to explain what happened with Lynn and the other woman. Nailah couldn't help but feel a bit bad for Shye regarding her collar. Not only due to the pain that she surely was suffering but to all the stress and everything else that poor woman probably was having to deal with.

Tali, in the other hand, did seem to be really comfortable by having Shye on her lap as she gently caressed her cheek, almost like a mother would do to her child. Nailah couldn't help but to chuckle seeing that scene. Who would have wondered that she would see the same woman that exploded that tree trying to run away from her in such a vulnerable situation, sleeping soundly on Tali's thigh.

As she felt Tali's arms wrapping around her waist, Nailah snuggled herself even more comfortably simply enjoying the bath and the company as Tali replied to Lynn's question about how Shye was holding up. When Tali mentioned that she still had one thigh free, she couldn't help but let out that mischievous smirk once more when she realized how embarrassed Lynn was seeing the two naked women in front of her and after Tali mentioned the kiss.

"Well... Lynn didn't see to dislike it that much and despite the initial shock, she appears to be fine now." Nailah said after she heard Tali mentioning about Lynn's first kiss.
"I still think you shouldn't provoke Lynn that much though. She is too innocent and pure for you to do such things so suddenly." Nailah finished, twisting her mouth in a mildly annoyed expression before she looked to Lynn with a warm and motherly smile to her.

"If you want to talk about what happened... About the kiss and everything, I'm always here for you my sweetie." Nailah said, whispering to Lynn before she turned to Tali once more.

"You are indeed lucky, aren't you Tali? I'm certain that you would be incredibly happy having two girls on each one of your thighs..." she said, with a mischievous smirk to Tali as she pressed her breasts on Tali's arms, getting closer to her.

Before she could say anything more though, Nailah's teasing was interrupted by a strange whistling coming from the bath entrance. As it got closer, Nailah was certainly curious to see who was the one responsible for it.

After a few seconds, she was greeted by a seraphim's almost nude body. Covered only with a towel, he walked inside the bath almost as if he was alone, which she was fairly sure that what was he was thinking especially seeing how he reacted after he looked to the naked woman in front of him and seeing his shocked expression.

"Oh... What an interesting guest we have here..." Nailah said, looking to Mason with a mischievous smile before she saw him slowly backing away towards the entrance.
"Oh no you wont!" Nailah said, giggling as she dashed outside of the bath, crawling towards Mason and grabbing his ankle with her hand before he could give another step.

"I won't bite... Unless you ask me to... Why don't you come here to make us company?" Nailah asked, slowly getting up and rubbing her body against Mason as she did so.

"Come, don't be so afraid!" Nailah said, grabbing Mason's hand and pulling him towards the water, pushing him inside after she got closer to it, 'accidentally' taking off Mason's towel as she did so.

"Oh my~ I'm such a klutz!" she said with a fox like expression, giggling as she slowly got inside the water too.

"Hey girls, we have a peeping tom here." Nailah said, laughing as she looked towards Tali and Lynn.

While she was sure that Tali wasn't going to be exactly happy with Mason's presence, she gave a small smirk to her, teasing her. Other than that, she was also interested to see how Lynn would react after seeing a man's nude body. She had already been kissed by a woman, at least Nailah wanted Lynn to experience a bit about the other side of the coin too.

"You're Mason, right?" Nailah asked, swimming towards Mason, half submerged on the water.

"You're quite something yourself! So bold! Coming to a bath filled with woman almost like if it was nothing big..." Nailah said, swimming around him, not letting him escape.

"For someone that was so confident entering a mixed bath, you're awfully nervous now, aren't you? How cute~!" she said, with a mischievous smirk and a giggle, clearly teasing him.

When Nailah mentioned the kiss to Lynn, she only seemed to quickly dip back beneath the water, her eyes disappearing under the surface leaving only a lone horn tip sticking out, hiding how red her face got. She wasn't really sure if she wanted to talk about it, she wasn't still sure what she even completely thought about it herself. Luckily, the matter wasn't pushed further as the sound of someone whistling came down the hall. Lynn's ears perked up ad she peeked out from under the water once more. When she saw Mason come around the corner, she froze. What was a man doing in here? Wait, was this a co-ed bath!?

She couldn't seem to look away as Mason got in, seemingly not noticing who was around him until he looked around, freezing in place as well in his own shock. When he tried to escape, Nailah made a move to stop him which 'accidentally' caused Mason's towel to drop. Lynn's eyes went wide and her ears flapped a couple times as she gasped, her hand covering her mouth. A literal wall of water, brought forth by Lynn, rose from the bath making separate halves out of the bath, with Lynn on the same side as Tali and Shye, and Nailah and Mason on the other side. Lynn was yet again, quite red faced as her heart seemed to race. What was with people around here!?

From all the commotion though, Tali would be able to feel Shye's rhythmic breathing falter as the commotion started to make her stir, but not quite awake...yet.

Even if he hadn't expected company in the bath, nothing could have prepared poor Mason for Nailah's sudden sexual aggression. Like a child dragged along by it's parent, he was hauled into the bath by the woman before being stripped of his only garment. And as trough dropped, the true fruit of the poor boy's divine heritage was revealed to all. Alas, such divinity was a fleeting sight; as feathery wings immediately covered the suddenly exposed flesh.

However, in the same moment-- a book on dragons, the one given to the young knight by Amaiah, spiraled out of the stolen garment, landing on the water with a 'plop!' almost coincidentally landing open on the section pertaining to the more private physiology of dragonkind.

Mason sighed as he waded toward the book, he'd just gotten it! Even though he wanted to go get it dried off, it seemed that Nailah was quite against letting him leave. "Yeah, I'm Mason." he said timidly as he lifted the book out of the water and set it on the side of the bath, seemingly unfazed by Lynn's water wall. "I came to read my new book and wash the smell of blood off....... I really didn't think anyone was here other than me." he explained with a very noticeably nervous smile; this woman was making him quite uncomfortable.

Lynn's sudden water wall blocked out Tali's view of what happened once Nailah decided to go full seductress, so she didn't know whether to laugh or chide her. However, she felt a stirring on her thigh. That caused her to immediately look at Shye, noticing the beginnings of waking up. Cursing under her breath, she gently shifted the woman back into a comfortable position.

She then started to sing a lullaby again, lacing it with magic again. Her thumb continued stroking the other woman's cheek. She hoped the song would soothe her back into sleep as it hadn't been very long since she fell asleep. If that didn't work, Tali would be almost dragging Shye off to a quiet room to get her some real sleep.

Nailah couldn't help but to laugh after seeing Lynn's reaction as she pushed Mason into the water. She was still far too innocent for those things as it became evident by her bright red face and the literal wall of water separating Lynn, Tali and Shye from Mason and Nailah. It was still fun to tease her though.

Turning back to Mason, it was interesting to see how prude the young seraphim was, trying to hide himself with his wings. Interestingly enough, he was indeed carrying a strange book about... dragons with him. Nailah was curious about why someone would bring a book to a bath, but when she took a small look at the book, who had landed on the water displaying a very... revealing image about dragons, her curious expression immediately became an impish, teasing smirk.

"Oh my~! Who would have expected that such a prude and timid young seraphim would be carrying such type of book... I didn't know you were into dragons..." Nailah said, giggling as she looked to Mason again as he timidly said his name.

"I can see you came here to read your book and... Relax a bit I suppose?" Nailah asked, with a teasing smirk. It was obvious on how nervous and uncomfortable he was around women. Especially when said woman was Nailah.

"No, not quite--" Mason said with a slightly frustrated sigh, "I have the book for personal reasons, nothing more." he replied with a somewhat nervous grin, scratching his arm anxiously. Though he wasn't trying to be rude, Mason felt that telling Nailah the full story would only grant him more of her pervasive attention. "Well, I'm clearly making Lynn uncomfortable, and I'd at least like to visit the market before we leave..." the boy said after clearing his throat, slowly stepping around Nailah, and toward the exit; book in hand. Quickly scampering up the steps, Mason rushed for the doorway, intent on escaping the woman's claws.

Thankfully, Shye had settled back down fairly quickly. Lynn looked up to Tali still flushed, "S-sorry...," she said as her ears drooped with a sheepish face. "I guess this hasn't quite turned out to be the relaxing bath we thought it would be." She knew Tali wanted to be in the bathwater as well, but now with the commotion from Mason as well as Shye resting on her , it seemed like their things weren't going to quite go as they had planned.

Nailah's smirk quickly became an unamused expression as she heard Mason's words. She was thinking that his reactions would be more interesting and alive... But the man looked like a doll... Dull and with no emotion.

"You are not interesting at all... Did you know that?" Nailah said, getting up with an obviously annoyed expression as he clearly stated that for him, buying things on the market was more important than playing a bit and relaxing.

As he rushed towards the door, Nailah simply ignored him. Not trying to stop him neither looking back as he walked away with an almost comic hurry. Maybe he was afraid Nailah would grab him again?

After he finally exited the bath, Nailah turned towards the wall of water made by Lynn.

"He's gone now, Lynn." she said, with a sigh.

"You know I can still hear you from here, don't you, Lynn?" she asked, with a slightly annoyed, but playful tone on her voice as she heard Lynn saying about that not being the relaxing bath she hoped it would be.

"It's not like I'm a walking vortex of chaos, you know?" she said.

"Ok... Maybe just a little bit..." Nailah finished with a giggle.

The rushing waters of the wall kept the ability to see through it quite a challenge, however, as Nailah announced Mason's departure, a small hole formed in it, with Lynn cautiously peeking through it to see if Mason was really gone. Once Lynn saw that the young seraphim was indeed gone, the wall started to lower until the waters became level and calm once again. When Nailah said that she could still hear Lynn, she perked up from the water, an appologetic look on face with her hands clasped together. "Oh, no! I didn't mean it that way! I'm sorry!" She started to twiddle her fingers, pushing her index fingers together in a nearvous way as she tried to explain herself, like she had done something wrong, missing that Nailah was only teasing her. "It's just that...Tali...It doesn't seem like she is able to enjoy the bath like we thought." She sunk back in the water a bit as her excitment died down. She looked over to where Tali and Shye were. "Though that other girl does seem to need the rest...." speaking of which, she glanced at the other other girl, Aste, who was asleep against the wall. She seemed to be worn out from her magic, but overall looked fine.
Lynn sat for a moment, blowing blubbles in the water as she thought as half her face was underwater. That conversation would just make things a bit awkaward again. Maybe she could help them relax more if she talked about something else. He ears perked up as she got an idea. looking between the two of them as she started floating around the bath again. "So...Just curious...What made you two come here to join the alliance as well?" she asked them both, not knowing that Nailah was actually just hanging around and not an actual appointed member.

Tali mostly kept her attention on Lynn, but she said very little. It was true that she hadn't even gotten to be in the water. It was even true that she is more stressed than when she walked into the bath. While it was very much worth it to let Shye sleep and rest, Tali had sacrificed her own chance for it. Nailah and Lynn's antics kept her mildly entertained, but she needed to temper that with keeping her charge comfortable and taken care of.

Once Nailah and Lynn started talking, Tali let out an audible sigh. "I think everyone here is having a relatively boring or unrelaxing bath. It isn't Shye's fault she ended up in my lap. She needed it more than any of us. It still makes me a bit sad to be stuck out of the water. I may be Tyro, but I am still Lassa too." Lynn's question and attempt to change the subject, while not surprising, was jarring. "I was given a job by the Magoi to join. They offered me my normal fee of artifacts to help my research."

Nailah couldn't help but laugh as she saw Lynn peeking through a small hole in the water wall she made just to be sure Mason was indeed gone before putting it down. The way she reacted to Nailah's teasing though was just too cute to not notice. She apparently thought that Nailah was really annoyed by what she had said and her way of apologizing herself was incredibly adorable.

"My dear!" Nailah said, laughing as she got closer to Lynn after she finally put the water wall down.

"I was just teasing you! You're too adorable for me to be mad at you!" she said, laughing as she gently caressed Lynn's head, trying to cheer her up as he sat down on the water, half of her face submerged.

What Lynn had said though was indeed true. Tali did seem to be a bit tired and having to take care of Shye was probably even more taxing for her. One thing was certain though... Both Shye and the other strange girl had a really heavy sleep as they were still sleeping soundly even after all that.

"Tali, do you want to change a bit? I'm sure you would also like to get in the water." Nailah said, with a kind and warm smile. Both by her tone and her honest smile, it was clear that she wasn't going to try anything funny... At least not for now.
As she waited for Tali's answer though, Lynn made an interesting question for both of them, regarding why they had joined the alliance. Nailah got surprised when she heard that Tali was actually working for the Magoi. While she never met any Magoi herself, she had heard a few things about them.

"Me? I'm not actually part of the Alliance. I'm just tagging along because you guys seem to always attract interesting things..." she said, with a mischievous smile and a giggle.

"I was actually just passing through Pearl when I met your big guy friend. He was pretty troubled about some personal things and I just helped him a little bit. Despite his size, he is unexpectedly a really sweet guy."[/color] Nailah said, with a smile to Lynn.

"So... Yeah... I don't have any important or exciting reason. Not working for anyone but myself." she said, shrugging.

"I do enjoy being free though." Nailah finished, with a playful wink.

Lynn closed her eyes as Nailah caressed her head, as it oddly felt quite nice, her ears twitching a bit as she did. "So neither of you are actually part of the Alliance? I guess I just assumed, since you two seemed so comfortable around everyone. I was accompanying the queen's guard as a field medic, using it as a chance to see the outside world for the first time. I was summoned to join as the Alliance's medic and I took it as a chance to explore more. I'm not completely sure it was the best decision, and my parents are probably worried sick now, but I didn't want to go back yet. I was so entranced with every thing new that I felt...well...I still feel like I can't go back until I see more!" Her tail rose and fell from the water as she spoke, "Though, last night was quite frightening, I've never seen anything like it... Is that...that's not normal out here is it?

Tali gave Lynn a slightly odd look, seeming confused at being called not one of the Alliance. "I am part of it. I am simply a representative from the Magoi. As for things like last night being normal, they are within magic. They are simply not a normal occurrence here. Magic can do many things we would question, but it is all normal. The events last night were magic in a weird place."

She ran her fingers through Shye's hair as she seemed to think. "This Alliance is an ad hoc group, so expect many odd sorts to be here. We haven't gotten any powerful leads yet, so we are still in the infancy of this group. I imagine our existence will lead us to see far more unusual things. Be prepared for the Lynn." She watched Nailah with a calm gaze. She seemed almost overly concerned with seduction, but when not trying to mess with people, she was nice enough. She treated Lynn well at least. "Nailah, I would personally consider you part of the group given your proclivity for helping us out and sticking around us. Since the group is so loose and informal, I imagine it won't inhibit your desires much at all."

Nailah smiled as she heard Lynn talking about why she joined the Alliance and her insecurities about if it was the best decision. Despite how hard it probably was for such a young and innocent girl to make such a big decision, her enthusiasm to keep exploring the world was admirable.

"My dear, travelling and seeing the world is never a bad choice. It helps not only one know other people and how the world works, but know themselves too and grow as a person." Nailah said, with a kind smile towards Lynn.

"Yes, that was indeed strange!" Nailah said, laughing after Lynn mentioned how frightening was last night's events.

"You might face other frightening things on your travels. But if you ever think about giving up, just think about all the good, interesting and happy moments. Think about all the new things you learned and all the people you met. Surely it's worth going through a few bad moments, doesn't it?" she asked, with a chuckle and a motherly smile.

"See? Even Tali agrees with me! Although she forgot to say the good parts and focused only on the bad ones..." Nailah said, laughing after Tali mentioned about how odd the Alliance was as a group and the probabilities of them meeting even stranger things.
When Tali said she considered Nailah as a part of the group too, she couldn't help but look at her a bit surprised. She most definitely wasn't expecting her to act in such a sweet manner.

"Oh thank you, Tali! You're so sweet!" she said, with a gentle hug while being careful to not wake up Shye.

"But it's still true that i'm not officially part of the Alliance. At least not on paper. I joined just because it seemed to be an interesting group. And so far, I was correct. After all I was able to meet you two sweeties, right?" Nailah asked, extending one arm towards Lynn and bringing her closer to herself and Tali, hugging each one of them with an arm with a bright smile.

Aste's pet swallow set still once she landed on her shoulders. Unfazed by the sight of water walls, her pet went scratching on the edge of her cloak, despite the noise of her snores.

"Yawn---" The white figure in the bathroom raised her hand, rubbing the tears and drools away. Did I just dozed off....?

Looking over to the other end of the baths, Aste's pet has stopped the distinct chirp over the side of her shoulders. There are more people at the moment, she was glad that it wasn't some mixed bath, would make it more awkward to see a lady snoring like a pig.

Her fatigue had gone off from the bit of nap. Still the weariness from her eyes had not gone off yet, but its enough for her to drag herself into the long unfulfilled baths.

That spy of some kingdom has been well, her heart skipped for a moment when she saw her motionless, but Aste clicked her tongue upon seeing her sleeping droopily on a closer glance.

Sleeping like this, how inappropriate, Aste thought. Without a word, Aste unrobed her clothing before submerging her body slowly into the hot baths. Letting her pale ashen skin soak the warm waters after a long travel trip, after the whole day...

Trying her best not to doze off while in the waters, her ears twitched slightly upon overhearing the few parts of the alliance conversation. The sun has yet to set fortunately for the girl Aste, she hasn’t slept for too long.

"Arghh... Pardon me for my less than appropriate behaviour from earlier on...." She said, suppressing a yawn despite the warm baths.

Aste's pet rested on one side of the baths, somehow she had felt as if she had missed out of something important while asleep.

"Is that sp-- I mean is Shye alright now?" Pretending that she had not seen Naliah hugging the other two, Aste hoped that she had not messed up on her cast for this one.

Tali found herself in Nailah's arm with Lynn on the other side. She kept going on about Tali and Lynn being sweet. Tali didn't intend it to be some sweet remark, but it being taken as such wasn't really a bad thing. Seeing an opportunity and opening to get a little sweet revenge on Nailah for earlier with the merchant and the ear bite, Tali snuck an arm around the other woman's back and delicately ran a single finger up her spine. The enthusiasm of Nailah made Tali smile.

"Well, it is hard to say I am not happy to have met you both. But, it appears we have another one waking up." She saw Aste strip and get into the water, constantly talking about being sorry for falling asleep. Then she asked about Shye. Tali's one free hand dropped casually to Shye's shoulder. "She will be ok. She just needs some rest and time. We will find a way to fix the issues up."

"Oh, I didn't think about being able to be in both," she mentioned to Tali when she said she was part of the alliance, though as a representative of the Magoi. It was great to know someone from the Magoi was with them, she even wondered if Tali would be able to help her increase her magic capabilities for healing. Nailah also gave her thoughts on what Lynn said, her words easing her heart a little bit when she heard that it was still the right choice. As for what would be normal or not Lynn was a bit uneasy. "I don't mind if things aren't really normal in a sense, as all of this is new to me. Its just that, well... Like my mother used to tell me back home, 'A slow day for a healer is a good day for everyone'. But you are right, its these strange things, both good and bad, that led me to meet you two I would think, and that was good! So as long as we stick together everything should be fine!" He tail moved back and forth happily, even when being pulled in for a hug by Nailah.
It was then that Lynn noticed Aste start to stir and make her way to the bath. "Oh! You're up," she announced after Aste came over and appologized while getting in the water, "It's fine, really! I don't think I properly introduced myself before, my name is Lynn Meditrina!" she said with a little wave. "Shye seems fine though, I'm not sure how long she will sleep, but if she is still sleeping she probably really needed it. I never seen someone fall asleep so fast and on the spot like that though," she mentioned leaning over to see Shye, not aware of Tali messing with Nailah.


Now fully bathed, and free of the stench of cursed blood, Mason made his way to the market. It was a busy place, and was all the boy had envisioned it to be and more! As a slave, Mason never had the chance to buy himself anything! Let alone things of this quality! However, of all the strange trinkets and weapons, one item in particular caught the young knight's eye; a pair of gauntlets.

Slowly Mason approached the table of the Merchant selling the gauntlets, his eyes trapped by the hypnotic green gems that adorned it. Gingerly, he touched the gauntlets with a single finger, feeling a spark of his power surge into the strange armament, giving the core of it's green gem a slight orange glow; but only for a moment, disappearing the moment Mason drew away. Swallowing, Mason slowly looked up at the merchant, "E-E-Excuse me, but how much are these?" he asked softly, an awe of the gauntlets' strange resonance.

The old man who had helped Aeden earlier chuckled at Mason's childish fumbling. He raised a furry brow to eye Mason up and down from his higher position behind his wooden counter. "Ohoh I seem to be getting plenty of Seraphim coming in today. No doubt you might know the other feller who was here." The old man stepped down from his counter. He was only five feet and hunched over a bit. He shuffled over to the gauntlet and pulled out a single glass lens. Placing it over his eye he looked at the Gauntlet. "Ah I know this item." He said thinking out loud. "This is quite strange I don't remember it being orange.." He looked at Mason briefly and then cleared his throat. "I believe it goes for 30 Gold pieces."

"I'll take it." Mason bluntly said, very visibly shaking with excitement as he fished the 30 gold from his pouch, leaving him with 13 pieces left. Mason wasted no time equipping the gauntlets as he forked over the gold to the old man. The strange armor hummed with power as the orange glow at the center of the green gem slowly grew little by little; giving the gemstone a look similar to that of Hazel eyes. "Would you happen to have any books?" Mason asked with enthusiasm, looking back at the Old merchant almost expectantly, "More specifically spellbooks.......... Wait, I know! I could get a book on Alchemy! That would be really useful! Do you have one to sell by chance?"

"Hmm I s'pose we do have one around. Let me see." He went over to the shelves of magical items, to the lesser magical items. There in a row of books he found the alchemy book. Though it gave information on basic chemicals and herbal combinations it did not overlook the power of applying spells to it. So it gave instructions on how to cast certain low level spells necessary for creating the perfect potion for enhancing ones physical abilities. But it also gave information on curses and what kind to look for and what was needed to reverse them.
"This will run ya 10 gold son." The Old man said as he dusted the book off.

"That's perfect! Thank you!" Mason said as he paid for his item. However, just as he was about to thank the Merchant and leave, one last item seemed interesting enough to catch his attention, a small silver whistle. It honestly didn't look like much, but something about it just seemed...... Special. " I think I'll buy that whistle too." he said, pointing to the curious trinket.

The old merchant didn't seem much interested in the whistle by how he eyed it. Was likely just a souvenir for the fella. "Ah." He looked closely at it seeing the engravings through his glass lens. Keeping said lens on his right eye. "This is a enchanted whistle. Best not use this inside." He pulled out a small book. Skimming through it he found a page. "Aha! It is.. lets see. 3 Gold pieces. or 30 copper if you're the sort to carry that."

Garrett and Raquel

There was not much for Garrett to take off in terms of the clothing he wore once the two arrived to their well-used room. He was ready for a bath, both because he required one, but because he would be able to share one with a significant other. Nude, he would wait for the bathroom door to reopen from its locked state.

Entering, his bare body would once again be seen to those who could see him in the bathing room. Quite fitting to be nude in one. He stood by the bath, testing the water with a hand before entering and submerging his body, directly across from Raquel, facing her. He smiled as he relaxed into the bath.

"Wonderful. A bath is a great place to talk about things with each other while we properly clean ourselves."

"I suppose" She muttered, submerging her body neck deep into the waters. Raquel's tail grabbed a bar of soap and she began to rub it against her cheeks before submerging it away from her face. She then began to wash the rest of her body. Her form, raised out of the water, was covered in soap bubbles. Covering her delicates. Her scales were shining under the purifying soap and water. She then smirked at Garrett. "There only seems to be one of these.." She began to sink in the water whilst walking toward Garrett. Disappearing under the waters she soon appeared next to him from beneath. Holding the soap. "Lets talk." She said, placing the soap on his chest and rubbing it slowly in circles. "What do ya honestly think of me? Ah common farm girl from this small town." She sighed. "I'm sure you been looking at much more refined lasses. Smaller too." She pouted.

Garrett let her start to wash him. It was what he wanted in the first place. He watched her, listening to her words and considered them. He closed himself, allowing him to relax further in the bath.

"You doubt yourself too much, Raquel. If someone other than me saw what I see in you, they would not know what to do with themselves other than love you. You are hard working, you have a real heart. You look, and you act perfect. Your class, your rarity, how refined you are, it has not affected the decisions I have made."

After a little longer than what necessary. Raquel and Garrett were finished bathing. She emerged from the bathroom with a white drying robe made from wool and silk. Something the Inn provided and expected to be returned once the patron was done using it. "It feels so good to enjoy what the fancy folk who step in here do. Though I work here I can hardly afford the best room like you can." She giggled. Stretching with little concern of what she revealed and grabbed her own attire. "I should head home. Make a change of clothes. I live only down the road so it won't be long. Will you be waiting for me here?" She asked Garrett. Turning from the open windows light that illuminated her in the dim room. "Hm?"

Garrett assumed she would be making a change of clothes for the two of them, which he would love to be a reality. He enjoyed the feeling of the bathrobe around his body. He was . "I shall await your return. My group leaves as the sun reaches the midpoint, or at least, that is the goal. We shall walk the markets again upon your return, if you would like. Though, I want you to come with us. I want to whisk you away as if we were two characters in a storybook made reality." He walked up to her and the opened windows, leaning against the wall beside her and the bootleg escape route to catch a glimpse of the day-to-day streets of Pearl.

Raquel looked within the dressers for what they contained. Within were nice outer wear for those who purchased their expensive one bedroom. She placed on a brown fur coat that was long enough to cover her body down to her ankles. It had slits on the back for her tail and for wings she did not have. Clearly meant for wealthy Gaians. Likely made from a large bear, though only a cub compared to the wild mythical beasts known to lurk in the forests. It was then Raquel heard Garrett's words. He wanted her to come with him? "You are a brave knight are ya not? This world has no time for storybooks right now I'm afraid." She sighed deeply. Looking down. "I mean ta say.. I will be here for your heroic return. That's more befitting a knight!" She smiled looking back up to see Garrett standing by the window. Illuminated in fresh robe by the sunlight over the mountain. "I will see you before you go. Don't worry. Wait.. My family will be worried...!" She began to think, nearly jumping at the thought. "I'd best be off now! Bye." She ran over to Garrett, placing a kiss on his cheek before hurrying out the door not looking back. Soon she was hurrying along the road in her boots and fur coat, little else underneath. Into the huddle of stone brick homes across the inn and markets.

Allard had made quick work of his shopping trip, only getting himself some fresh clothes, and some basic provisions for the road. When he returned to the inn, he decided to get himself cleaned up and in his fresh clothes, though, instead of using a public bath since he remembered from his time growing up here that it was a co-ed bath, he just used the private one in the room from last night. While he waited on anyone to show up in the main hall of the inn, he found himself a table and decided to inspect his weapons, making sure that they were well maintained and ready for the trip. He couldn't shake what the other shadow skill user warned him of though. Maybe joining this alliance was not the best plan. He could put them at risk as he was wanted in Fotia, but now this tale of other shadow users fighting to the death against others for pure sport....It didn't set well with him. Could he really bring that burden into the group? He would have to come clean with them. Before they left, he would have to tell them what possible dangers could lie ahead with his presence. Then, he would leave the decision to them.....No....that wouldn't be right. He couldn't abandon them to traverse wyvern territory. Despite what may follow him there, they would need all the strength they can muster to survive. Allard sighed at the thought, looking at his family's blade and the names that neatly and artistically covered the weapon. There was one blank spot left on it where his name would go, where it was until Nailah erased it, symbolically stating his new life. He nodded to himself. This was just another challenge coming to test its ability to break him, and if he had anything to do about it, it will fail like the rest.

@13org@Sho Minazuki

Garsin nodded to Annika as she mentioned their clothes. "I figured as much, we'll stop by our inn and get changed first. Believe me, This isn't the most comfortable suit I've worn." he said pulling at the collar. "As for intel, it depends. A power struggle effects everyone, big and small, as we both know. People pay attention to this stuff and lips get a bit looser when a few drinks have passed by them. If its a bust, we still have time to swing by the palace before we need to set up, but if all else fails, I think capturing our kidnappers after the transaction may be our best bet anyway," he explained.

Eventually, now in their regular clothes, they made their way to the Drowned Dragon. Though, it was just as Annika predicted. He could feel eyes burning through him, and he knew just who they belonged too. Garsin sighed as he crossed his arms and looked down to Annika with a weary grin and a chuckle. This time it was his turn to say it, "Don't say it. I already know," he said, his wry smile becoming more genuine as he found the thought of him now saying it to her pretty funny. He noticed the man that seemed to draw her attention, reading her eyes and facial expressions as he had gotten used to over his time with her. "How about we get a drink first, ask questions later. Find a close seat and then relax a bit. We'll only talk to him if we need to," he said as he patted Annika on the shoulder. "First round's on me!"

While Allard walked down the road this morning he would see towns people getting up early to remove more of the vines making their homes a sore to look at, unless you enjoyed plant decorations. But between two quiet homes was a figure that approached Allard from behind. "You are a shameful pupil of the shadow skill." A feminine voice whispered in his ear. Once he turned there would be no one there. Then landing three meters in front of him was a fair brown complexioned woman with red horns and a fiery aura.

Allard's eyebrows raised in surprise as he turned around to look for the voice that spoke to him. "Huh...odd... Could have sworn I heard someone sa-" he then stopped abruptly to keep himself from walking over a young woman. His shock quickly gave way to hearty laughter. "Oh there ya are! Sorry lass, I musta missed ya walk around!"

"I've been told some big idiot is walking around with knowledge he'd be better off without. Don't think people don't know who you are, an escaped Gladiator. Only not dragged back due to no one wanting you back. I heard you were unbeatable. You had the shadow skill to thank for that." She put her hands on her hips, her fiery gaze honed in on him. Looking him in the eyes. "I'm not interested in showing you what real shadow skill looks like. But there are some who are making it their mission to end your life for what you know."

Allard shook his head, "Unbeatable, no, there was one man. Tha one who started ta teach it to me. I was able ta fend off my foes, but then they would just send larger and larger creatures, and eventually, even a 'big idiot's' fists aren't strong enough on their own. He heard my tale and offered ta help, teaching me a skill that I used ta hopefully make it out of that god forsaken pit and back ta my got me out anyway, and as long as I'm not there, I don't care what they want." Allard sighed heavily as he looked down to her with a hardened stare. "I do not wish ta hunt anyone for some pitiful feeling of self accomplishment. If they want ta fight....I cannot stop them from making that decision, though I may try. But you... why would you seek me out just ta tell me this?"

"Well I heard you were pretty strong. But that's nothing new to a user of the shadow skill... Truth is the one who taught you has never taught anyone before and their style is known to only two people in this world. You would make a third. But unfortunately you only learned a handful." She yawned. "I got up so early for nothing."

Allard wasn't sure how to react except to laugh, a deep loud laugh as his fists rested on his hips. "Well, I'm sorry ta disappoint ya lass, but maybe I could make it up to ya? From what he taught me before, he told me that it was a leg based fighting style, something of which I honestly never learned. Always been better with my arms. Practicing against him was brutal, an when he left, I decided to try somethin' on my own. It took a while, but I've learned ta be able ta concentrate the power ta different parts of my body I choose. Hoping ta be able ta use my whole body at once eventually." He crossed one arm as the other rested against his chin in thought. "Though I guess if you say there are other fighting styles with this shadow skill, then there is a possibility I'm not the only one who knows how ta do that." He looked back up from his thought, "Anyways, tha name's Allard. Have ta admit, its interesting seeing another user running about, though from the sound of it, it seems like something I'd rather avoid." he ended with a light chuckle of laughter.

Stretching as he talked she looked around to make sure no one was following and watching. Most of the ones out this morning were at the market. Though with the foreigners still in town, and their once injured cured, most decided to stay in late. Though they would welcome one who knocked on their doors. "Watch yourself when getting near Fotia. I hear there's a bounty for you. Running with this alliance in the open might get you in more trouble than you thought." She seemed interested in something more than just normal banter. "I guess death doesn't scare you one bit huh?" She smirked tilting her head at him. "I know your name. You don't need to worry over mine. Just tell me one thing. Your 'Master' tell you which way he escaped to?"

"I have some people worth livin' for. Though, should I die, I would be reunited with my family," he nodded solemly, and with a wry grin he added, "though I'm sure they wouldn't want me ta just toss my own life aside either." As for his master of sorts, he had to take a moment to think back. "Ziton used a sort of ritual ta escape. It created a portal, in which over time I was able ta learn and do tha same. It transported me ta the kingdom of Vrondi. I had collapsed due ta previous wounds when I arrived, so I'm not sure exactly where I was at the time, but I did awaken at an infirmary in the capitol city. I appologize I don't know more. I'd like ta catch up with him myself."

"Hmph.." She turned on a heel. "You owe a lot to him I see. I guess you don't look at the wanted papers much. But." She pulled from her shirt a rolled page of paper. Tossing it into the air it unraveled and floated gently down for Allard to grasp onto. "He's the most wanted man in this world. He might call you to return the favor one day. Good luck with that." She began to be coated in a dark aura. Her eyes glowing red briefly before she kicked off with a gentle jump. Nearly flying as she soared away. Shouting from above before she got too far. "My name is Pyra! Shadow skill master of the five flames!" Fire erupted around her as the form of a phoenix was made and took off in the skies. Heading towards Fotia.

Allard picked up the paper, and waved to Pyra as she took off, admittedly a bit disappointed she didn't stay longer to talk. Seemed a bit odd to look for someone only to hint at things here and there, but he guessed she had other plans. It was an impressive sight to behold as she took the form of a phoenix and flew off. He watched until she disappeared from view. He looked down at the paper to see what it had read about his teacher from the arena.

Allard saw the wanted poster for Ziton. He was grinning and was holding a child in the photo. The image moved a bit as if the ink used in its colorless depiction was alive. Or made from a strange magic. A couple million was the value on his head. It was astonishing to see the length of the zeros.

Allard sighed, cursing under his breath. [color=9ACD32]"What tha hell?"[color] he murmured as he studied the wanted poster. He shook his head, thinking about what he possibly could have done when he left. He never mentioned anything nefarious in his time talking to him. Allard folded the paper up and put it in his pocket, "No sense worryin' bout it now I guess, all in due time." With that he headed to the shops, hopefully to get at least a new shirt.
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Ast yawned under the sight of the daybreak. She tightened the hold of the reins, trying to straighten her crouched posture from the horseback. Her hold of her spell wavered from her fatigue, but she released her spell once she was close enough from the town of Pearl.

Like a gathering mist the image of her and the horseback became sharper, until the invisibility spell was uncasted completely. The moonlight was good enough for her to maintain her hold without straining her casts. A useful spell to evade a few bandits, but not so against beasts with a keen smell or hearing.

Surely blending in the crowd is better than using such spells in the city, where traces are more obvious to magic users. And talking about traces, she doesn't need to even try to figure out the traces of magic. Just the disrupted soil, the uprooted trees are clear enough for her to suggest foul play. The evil magic of Nuxta or so she have heard. A task to keep a closer eye on a few individuals and a certain group, But to be honest, she wasn't here just to feed information to a bunch of grumpy old men.

Just the rumor of the treasure is more of her keen interest. Straightening her white robes, she galloped her horse to the small town. There are some quite nasty rumors surrounding and this wasn't the only place that she heard about. but its not worth to question the politics of these archmages. Those old hags...

She descended her brown gelding, placing her horse at the stables. The place, as she expect, a very small settlement, compared to the areas that she is used to living. Her constant hold of her cloaking spell above her Magoi Symbol Crest is still at hold. A more elaborate cast as compared to the one used on the Horse. But still that was just a spell intended to hide another hiding spell, her family symbol. She also have a few words to spin around on top of that.

The inn was just a stone's throw away.

A door to one of the single-bed rooms slowy creaked open. From it, a disheveled lassa girl shuffled out. She looked at everyone through squinted, tired eyes, having just rolled out of bed with the worse case of a headache she had ever experienced. Not to mention that just walking around made her stomach seem to lurch. She finally was able to meander to the table, her tail dragging behind her. "Good mooorniiiing," she managed to say quietly with a weak little wave and a slight smile to her group members. She sat down, and a leaned forward on the table burying her head in her head in her crossed arms and her tail curling around the chair. This....was the absolute worst feeling.... she has ever experienced....ever.

Despite Blight's rather saddening tale, and rather sound plan, Mason was far from convinced about how genuine such a story was, though he wanted to be sympathetic.... He just could't.

Was this story just a fabrication built to clear his name? Even if it remained somewhat true, who the hell thinks to EAT the heart? Especially when it was being OFFERED to him by the very corrupted beast it belonged to.... Then he so happens to be the sole survivor from his entire retinue? Something felt off about such a coincidence-ridden chain of events. Yet, regardless, he needed more proof before he could take action against Garrett. However, he didn't seem to be the only one who held suspicions against the knight, Nailah too, seemed on edge regarding both Blight AND Dremmick; just in time for Lynn to join the table.

"Mornin' Lynn," Mason said with a smile and nod, "Sorry everyone," he lightheartedly chuckled "Things were fuzzy after I hit my head last night- and I don't think I've properly introduced myself to any of the newcomers."

"I'm Mason Drake, a rookie of the Aion knights."
Mason continued with a neat bow accompanied by his signature beaming smile before turning to Nailah, "Though I can certainly understand your suspicions regarding certain members of our group, I can personally vouch for Dremmick; he's a good man... However, it would be a lie to say I didn't harbor suspicions toward Garrett. Despite how I feel, and in spite of the fact that the proposed structure DOES seem to heavily favor Sir Blight... I will admit that his idea is fairly sound.......... Oh! One more thing! Regarding formation... I would probably be a fighter, most likely on the front lines, away from those of us with little magic resistance."

The boy's face fell grim.

"As for what to expect? My magic is highly volatile, such that just using it threatens to kill me, and those around me... And, well.... I can heal from nearly any injury short of a severed limb within a few days; others tend not to be so lucky. Regardless of who ends up in charge, I implore that individual to take careful note of that, as I intend to put my full faith in their decisions on the battlefield."

Tali's attention on the meeting was minimal at this point. She said her piece, quietly agreed with Nailah, and had nothing she could do beyond letting the rest flow. Three votes stood against the heavily weighted hierarchy, so she was fairly confident that it would not become the norm. If it did, then she would not remain in the alliance due to tyrannical oversight.

Lynn's obvious hangover was far more interesting to her. She basically faceplanted into the table. So, Tali beckoned her servitor over, grabbing her harp once more. Things were heated, Lynn needed some comfort, and the situation needed a good soothing. She lightly touched Lynn's shoulder. "Listen to the music. It will help." Then, she began to play a similar song as before, this one laced with her magic. It caused any who listen to feel calm, safe, and far less desirous of aggression. Those that could be affected by such spells, of course.

Dremmick listened to Nailah. He didn't know what happened, but given how things were going last night before he blacked out, it didn't take much to putt together that someone lost control. "Someone who can't control their magic has no buisness using it around others." Dremmick finally spoke up. "You become a liability, and you endanger your allies. Simple as that." Dremmick paid for his small breakfast and two cups of coffee. He got up from the stool he was on. "Figure something out, I have things to do. " He had said what he wanted and was on the way out the door before he stopped next to Mason. "Mason, follow me. I'm going by the Taxis HQ to pick something up, and I would like to ask you some questions as well." He then turned and made his way out, waiting for Mason to catch up when he was ready.
Lynn was feeling a little bit better, her ears started to perk up a bit from the music. She decided to get up from the table and sit in one of the other chairs next to the table, curling her tail around her as she sat in the chair, her legs pulld up to her chest and her sleeve covering her almost like a small blanket as she snuggled down next to the warm fire and peaceful music. "Thanks," she said with a warm smile to Tali, "My name is Lynn Meditrina. Happy to meet you." She then turned and saw Nailah, the fog of her mind somehow just now allowed her to see her. "Oh Nailah! Good morning!" she said cheerily, though still a bit weekly as the headache wasn't completely gone and she had still just woken up. The tip of her tail slowly moved back and forth as she sat there, as if it moved on its own accord.

Garrett raised his right claw, lightly scratching the side of his head as he received feedback on what he had stated. Most of all the feedback was textbook to be expected. If the textbook was something that Garrett has written, because he knew exactly what was to be retorted on everything he made a statement on. He had all night to think about what he was to say, exactly for setting down some stones for the group, as well as to gauge the personalities and reactions of the newcomers from what he has said. Most all of them sounded like excerpts straight out of a storybook emulating heroes in a troupe. It was funny. Garrett smiled at this fact. It was also very boring. No unique senses of self was a horrible thing to see. Above all else he had to internalize what they all had to say, in order to properly address everything everyone had a problem with. In particular, it seems one or two may have a direct problem with him personally. Very childish. It reminded him of the nobles and knighted back in Vrondi. It was funny. But everything one individual would say to him seemed very substantial and thought through. It was wonderful. He looked at Nailah, while still wanting the address the entirety of the group as he addressed her directly. She did exactly what he wanted. Expose all the doubts the entire group may have, it would be easier for him to talk about them.
"Wonderful. Dear. The thing is. The hierarchy would never work with us, as everyone has said in some way. Formations would be nice, but there will be no hierarchy to enact them properly. It would be pertinent for individuals to act out of the best interest of the others in the group either way. I never planned for the hierarchy to be accepted. The rules however, will stay. I dictate them because nobody else will, or has thought them through for the situation of the group in order for it to not crumble. It is not sunshine and rainbows as we believe it to be, as the nobles in Vrondi would like to believe. "

His grin grew as he talked to her, her anger was wonderfully unwarranted for him to address.

"The rules were made from everything I saw wrong with the group from when we started to this morning. I am part of the group and will make rules that affect me as well because I am not an individual when I identify with the group. There is a sociological term I remember from a book about the worst parts of groups are those who abuse the hard working demeanor of the rest of the group to benefit themselves. A true leader allows rules to apply to themselves above all else. A leader worth being a leader is one who, with striking conviction and effort, will sacrifice their own personal goals, lifestyle, way of living, in order for the group's. What is more compelling than someone making rules that explicitly affect them more than anyone else? You must not think me to be devoted to the advancement, continuation and integrity of the group. You must have a problem with me, rather than the words I say. I know exactly why you would think as such, but I will say nothing of personal matters, as it has nothing to do with the wellbeing of the group for now."(edited)
He leans back in his chair. Enjoying the new tune Tali has made as a welcome addition to the troupe.

"If nobody has any problems with the rules set forth, the meeting will adjourn. We leave town at mid-day. Make proper preparations until then. The shops open at nine-ante meridian. Any tactical, influential, or seditious statements and plans can be made now, that the meeting is no longer officially occurring."

He says this, watching Dremmick leave as if he had nothing to do with the group.

Aeden sighed as Garrett called for the meeting to end. The tension he could feel in the air was similar to that of the tension he felt when being on a mission with a disagreeable leader. Usually what happened if the tension did not get worked out and affected the mission if they survived it the group would be dissolved and reorganized.

”I don’t know how much experience you have at being a leader, Garrett,” Aeden stated cooly. ”From my experience, the best leaders do not choose themselves. Eighteen years working with the Aion, I have seen a lot. I can say definitely without a doubt the best leaders are proven, not proclaimed.”

Aeden’s gazed intensely into Garrett’s eyes. ”The lives of everyone on this team… are they a burden you can handle?”
Nyph chirped happily. ”You found a good partner with Shye, Nix! I can tell she takes good care of you!” He rolled over as he looked up at Shye. ”I like you! You’re a good person just like Aeden!”

Tali's music was indeed welcome. Nailah was already this close to rip Garrett's throat. Luckily, the music calmed her down a great deal. Luckily for Garrett, Lynn also had finally woken up with a weak good morning. Nailah couldn't help but to chuckle as she saw the poor girl, obviously suffering thanks to all the alcohol she drank last night.

"Oh, good morning Lynn! Sorry, I didn't see you! My dear, you drank quite a lot, didn't you?" Nailah asked, laughing as she saw Lynn burying her head on her arms.

"First time drinking alcohol? It feels terrible the next morning, doesn't it?" Nailah asked, laughing softly as she looked to Lynn with a kind smile.

"Come here, I'm sure I can be a better pillow than the table. I don't mind." She said with a motherly smile towards the lassa girl.

Mason also did seem to have something to say, but Nailah remembered how he also was one of those responsible for the mess on the forest last night. Exactly as she suspected though, he proceeded to say that he also didn't have control over his own magic and was honestly a threat to himself and those around him.
Dremmick was a surprise for Nailah though. Even though she didn't like him, she couldn't agree more with the words he said. Indeed, those who weren't able to control their own power shouldn't be in the group. His words were harsh, but she undoubtedly would make his words her own.

When Garrett finally started talking again, her anger turned into almost pity. She was honestly starting to doubt if he didn't suffer from grandiose delusions. Not only the rules he made heavily favored himself, as Mason said, but he also thought he was indeed in some kind of special position to do whatever he wanted.

"Everything you saw wrong with the group? You are definitely one of the things that is wrong with it. You are selfish, arrogant and a danger to those around you. Do you really think you're in some kind of special position to enforce rules you can't seem to follow yourself?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

"You are a threat to the group. You are in no position to be a 'leader' none of your actions, in fact, were befitting of a leader. You endangered everyone's life because you can't control your own greed for power. And you have the audacity to say you're doing all this for the group's wellbeing? Even though pretty much half of the things you said clearly favor you? Not only that, but you can't even seem to agree with your own words! Suggesting a hierarchy for the group but after being immediately refused, you quickly changed your tone, saying you never intended for it to be accepted in the first place..." she said, looking to him and laughing with an almost surprised look. She honestly couldn't believe he saw in himself a perfect leader.
"If you truly believe your words, you should really just choose someone else to be the leader." Nailah said, shaking her head in disappointment.

"Oh, you know the funny thing about all that? I'm not part of the Alliance. None of your rules, silly suggestions nor your delusions of grandeur affect me in the slightest. I'll simply do whatever I think it's right. I do care about some of the members from this group though... And if you prove yourself to be a threat to me or to said members... Good luck trying to run away from me." Nailah said, her voice becoming much more serious.

"Just as Aeden said... Can you really handle the burden of being responsible for the lives of everyone in the team? Oh, and if you, by some case, happen to not really care about others, you should care about yours though... I never go back on a promise..." Nailah said, staring Garrett in the eyes before looking away with a provoking smirk and a laugh.

"Now... where was I?" Nailah said, dismissing Garrett with a wave of her hand.
"By the way, thanks for the music Tali... I was honestly about to rip that clown's throat with my teeth..." Nailah whispered, leaning towards Tali with a mischievous wink and a laugh.

"Lynn, a good, relaxing hug almost always helps with hangovers~" Nailah said, opening her arms to her.

"I am a good pillow if you want to rest your head." Nailah said, laughing, obviously referring to her breasts.

Shye's cheeks flushed a little at Nyph's compliment. She didn't believe it herself, not with what she has done. She gave him a small smile however, "T-thanks." she said in reply. Maybe one day she will be able to rebuild her life, try to forget her past and put it behind her without the fear of the Dolofon breathing down her neck. While this group gave her a slight hope she was not used to feeling, however, she still had her doubts this would work. And what if they failed? Could she afford risking everything like this? Would it be safer if she turned their plan for her to join them under a guise of assassination and turn it into a reality? Could she really do that after they extended an olive branch to her? It was all frustrating and wearing at her mind. On top of that, she would have to report to a dolofon agent with this plan, and she had mixed feelings about requesting any personal adaptations to her orders.

Nix had taken the opportunity Nyph created by rolling over to pounce, seeing the action as an invitation to play. She hunkered down like a feline stalking its prey before leaping into action, tackling him from behind when he wasn't looking and lightly nibbling on his horns.
Lynn looked to Nailah as she greeted her in return. A hug helping hangovers? That didn't sound medically accurate. Was it a type of magic she used? "Really? I haven't heard of that before. If it makes the headache clear up, hugs are always nice." she said with a little smile and then turned to Tali as well, "and the music is great as well, it really is soothing it a bit, thank you." She scooted over a bit in the apholsted chair she was in next to the fire across from where Tali was sitting. It was a big chair for a gaian, making enough room for both Lynn and Nailah to just fit in.

The sun was getting brighter, but Ast found her eyes tearing up a little. The long trip has sure taken its toll. Ast walked down the streets with her steady but heavier steps.

"Excuse me," Ast walked pass Dremmick to enter the inn, a large man that matched her height, her voice was rather deep.

Ast walked into the tavern. It was more crowded than she had expected, especially that of a small town. The bard music is great, if it weren't for the chatter. Ast thought, taking a nearby table and calling an order of porkchops and mead. And lodgings too, but she will leave that for later. [/i]The inn is noisy...[/i]

The job of her foolish guild matters will have to wait, her hunger and sleep is the most important thing to solve right now. Stretching her arms, Ast rested her sore elbows on a wooden table.

At last making sure that those ink & parchment paper are well-secured to her leather pouch, Ast listens the soothing tune on one side whilst waiting for her food to arrive.

After Ast walked into the inn soon came barging in three well dressed men. They dressed almost like nobles. With fine silks sewn to a firm fit. Their shoes soft and pointed. Their hats colorful and feathered and their strides were as if on air. It was their dangling necklaces with the crest of the merchant guild that told their status. Merchants, ones that rule this town and arguably all of this world's wealth when unified with their peers. "It's so early." One huffed. The other, leading the group with a distinct red color distinction frowned at the sight of the inn's patrons. "Too early to have deal with such troubles." He sighed. The other two had distinct green and blue colors in their clothing. Noticing the group at the large table, one meant for the guardians of this town usually, defaced. No doubt by the man reeking of beast and blood, with claws to boot. Stifling a gag the red merchant spoke aloud. "Who here is a part of this so called alliance!?"

"Sorry everyone, but I gotta go... If we're voting on a leader while I'm out, just stick my vote in for Aeden please. See you guys later!" Mason nervously chuckled as he began to step away from the table, stopping next to Allard, "Hey Allard, I need you to do me a favor-- please don't leave Garrett alone with Shye... I don't trust his intentions around that poor woman." he rather discreetly asked the giant man before rushing out after Dremmick.

Tali heard the nobles and immediately cut her song with a rather poignant sharp note. She stood up, handed her instrument to her servitor, grabbed an ocarina, and then walked over to the three men. "I am a part of the alliance. I am in the employ of the Magoi. Why do you wish to call upon us?" She managed to keep a calm demeanor despite being rather perturbed by the haughty attitudes on display. Garrett was bad enough, but the noblemen almost made it worse. She was prepared for the worst as noblemen often scoffed at her relative lack of clothing and tendency to release puffs of ash when stressed.

Allard nodded to Mason as he asked him a favor. Shortly afterwords however, a few men walked in in flamboyantly colored attire. Allard stood up to their call, though it seemed that Tali was already engaging in conversation with them. He crossed his arms and waited to hear what they had to say before responding to them, looking down to them, an eyebrow raised in question to their pompous entrance.

The merchants took a simultaneous gaze at Tali. Their lead, the one in red presented a piece of paper. It had a stamp, a seal of the merchants guild. "This is a bill. There has been countless damages to the property of the citizens here and most importantly our shops have been desecrated by wild magic!" His anger audibly rising with each word and hands visibly shaking from the sight of the numbers the others have yet to see. The waitresses gasped at the sight of this situation. The shouting stirring Raquel from her sleep. She began to rise from the bed and stretch, greeting a strange new day.

Tali just smiled, a mix of politeness and nearly pity. "I am neither authorized nor responsible for any of the damages accrued. If you know of who exactly is responsible, I can forward the message for them to contact you. Now, is there anything else that can be addressed by us as we are not the leadership of this alliance? We are simply representatives that function as exploratory teams." Her posture was rather ready to cast a spell or three as needed if they got physical or insulting, but she made sure to hold back as they had yet to get properly angry.

As Lynn sat in the same chair as Nailah, she delicately wrapped her arms around the lassa girl. Her warm body and smooth skin were sure to make it even more calming. Gently putting the hand over her head, Nailah smiled to Lynn.

"Hangover is indeed pretty bad... The best you can do right now though is trying to calm down and relax. Don't speak too much or worry yourself about anything." she continued, speaking in a very calm tone.

"Oh, and you should drink a lot of water." Nailah finished, jokingly touching the tip of her nose.

Just as things were appearing to get calmer, a few newcomers entered the in. One of them appeared to be just a female traveler, but the ones that really drew attention were two nobles wearing incredibly expensive and fine clothes. Everything about them screamed money. They walked, acted and even their tone of voice was exactly like those pompous nobles Nailah always hated.

As soon as they entered the inn, walking almost like if they owned the world, they immediately called for those who were members of the alliance. Well... maybe 'called' wasn't the right word. They were basically demanding to know.

Upon hearing that, Nailah couldn't help but let out a smirk. She simply hated those types.
"Shh!" Nailah said, turning towards the merchants and putting a finger over her mouth.
"Can't you see the girl isn't feeling well?" she said, treating the merchants like nothing but nuisances.

"Oh, I'm not a member of the Alliance by the way..." Nailah said, rolling her eyes.

Just as that happened, Mason chuckled nervously, saying he needed to go after Dremmick after he asked him to follow him to the Taxis HQ. Before he went though, he leaned towards Allard, speaking something to him, which Nailah happened to hear...

Apparently, Mason didn't trust Garrett around Shye that much. For some reason, Mason seemed to trust blindly that strange woman that had just appeared despite her strange story. Personally, Nailah didn't care that much about what happened in that situation. Especially because it included Garrett. At that moment she was just too tired to even look at his face again.

Tali, unlike the others who either completely ignored the merchants or just said nothing, immediately stopped playing, getting up and going towards them.
"Tali, that's not our fault, we don't need to..." Nailah tried to say, but Tali was already speaking with the merchants, saying that she was working with the Magoi.
Nailah could only sigh as she heard that. By going to them and talking like that, she was basically going to take all the blame for what happened, even though she was completely innocent. The moment she approached them, they immediately handed over a bill to her, saying that it was for all the damage the town suffered.

"If you guys want compensation, you should really look towards the one who look like they're able to cause such destruction... Maybe like the weirdo with the claws over there... Tali has nothing to do with all that, neither do I, Lynn nor the big guy over there." Nailah said, pointing to Allard.

"Shh, just ignore them, Lynn. Just try to rela. We can talk about interesting things if you want!" Nailah said, turning towards Lynn with a kind smile as she finished speaking with the merchants.

Garrett sat back, looking as the meeting fell into a bout of unproductive friction from those who kept with the group, but rather, were not considering themselves officially part of the group. It was important for him to note that she felt her opinion about the functions of the group gave her valid authorization and influence on anything that went in or to the group. It was comical that he would have given any consideration to her personal opinion on how he appeared to be as a leadership element of any form. It would be internalized, not as anything but as something to consider in further conversations and decisions. He turned to Aeden, returning the stare right back into his eyes. It was an even truer moment of consideration of the words that he, specifically, was saying. His brows furrowed, not in anger, nor in frustration, rather at him having to respond in a rather serious intonation at his question.

"There should not be a leader. Having a leader in a group with so many ends pulling in so many directions causes more harm than good. I would consider myself nothing more than the person guiding us in the right direction if that were the only case to this specific group, the Alliance. It is necessary for a leader. If we were our raw selves without a sole sense of guidance and enforcement, the world would perceive the group as a force of destruction rather than one of reclamation, or one seeking to better the world in any way possible."
He took a breath. What he needed was to get right to the point, and stop explaining the reasoning for him making his points, in a roundabout way. Especially with a team that seems to not take his words with a grain of salt now that he has the appearance he has now and how that appearance was gained.

"I would work with any member of the alliance wholeheartedly for the same goal, if they have any difference or disdain for me or from my own mindset, morals, lifestyle, or goals, they are not the goals of the Alliance. What I care about is their regard to the group over themselves. That will not stop me from helping, living with, guiding, or conversing from anyone on this team. If I were to be a leader in the sense of the societal term over the temperamental, self-proclaimed or not, I would be putting the group over myself in all of the virtues I have described. I will do anything in my power to see that those in the Alliance are alive and well, and improve from remaining. What I will not stand for is those who remain in the group who will harbor such grudges and allow it to cripple or harm the group due to their predispositions."(edited)
That was an adequate answer. It covered everything that Aeden's question could have really meant, and it allowed himself to be clear for the rest who remained near the table as to the intentions Garrett had with conducting this meeting and establishing what he did the way that he did. It was not a self-serving move, but one of controversy that was to spur some consideration around what he says, rather than exactly what he does say. He looked over at the exchange between Allard and Mason, it was to note, although all he could witness was the pause in the belligerent seraph's departure.

Then he looked to the conglomeration of the females of the group, it was comical, not in the sense as how Nailah spoke to him, rather, it was as if it were an excerpt in a novel, an intermission from the serious demeanors of those who had previously been placed in character-revealing situations, the respite was welcome, especially with the newcomer, Talise, whom seemed to be helpful and a calming factor in the group's current mood, without Garrett's friction causing words. Then, the Merchant's Guild would rear their ugly heads.
Before he could even move to address them, they were spouting out accusations of destruction, none of which Garrett had any knowledge of, all the destruction he had taken part in was out of the radius of the city. However, Garrett was one to think about how situations happen as much as he thinks about how he can make certain situations occur. Of course, if they were asking about destruction caused by the alliance, it must have been destruction the alliance must have caused while Garrett was indisposed and unable to contribute to the counteractive factor of such destruction. He looked at Aeden as the merchants said what they did, keeping an ear open and attentive to such. Talise, stepped forth, performing what would be considered a wonderful way to get them to go away. Then, Nailah interjected, completely countering the wonderful display Talise had done, and now, to take none of Garrett's surprise, the woman pushed all the blame towards, of course, the man whom she had no problem with other than the concerns for the current and potential individuals she may lay or manipulate, the one and only Garrett. He smirked.

He took another look at Aeden, nodding to him, as if now telling him to watch closely as he proves his own words to the man. He stood out of his seat and walked towards the disgruntled merchants. His claw scraping against the table he left as he moved towards the humble, innocent merchants, flexing as he thought at how to defuse the situation.
"I am Garrett Everard. The self-proclaimed leader of the Alliance in terms of those whom are part of the retinue whom identify with the Alliance, and are part of the entourage towards our goal. If there are any charges from any guild or organization towards the Alliance and the Alliance's names, the damages will be paid by our benificiaries in Vrondi, and Vrondi himself. If that is not satisfactory, I will take the payments myself regardless of my own personal innocence on the matter."

Aeden felt no surprise as Mason voted for him as leader. Not because it was Mason, but because the display he presented would do well enough to frame him as a reasonable candidate. It made sense Garrett would respond in such a way as to state there should not be a leader while still claiming such responsibility. It was a classic deflection. He had learned a fair amount about politics and distraction techniques from the Therosi while he was a slave as they believed who would care about a slave either they would kill him or ignore him. He knew better than to spread such information anyways as loose lips resulted in death or worse.

From Aeden’s viewpoint, Garrett was quite naive. Hierarchies existed everywhere in one form or another. A leader would rise up declared or not, but he would not say that. Actions would decide everything not just words. The words would hold some value until actions proved otherwise. Unfortunately, the words Garrett spoke to answer Aeden’s question appeared to be more of a blanket response. It did not convey the understanding that he was looking for.

He took a deep sigh with a disappointed expression on his face. ”Fair enough.”

Aeden tilted his head over toward Nailah as she stated she was not a part of the Alliance. If that was true the smarter course of action would have been to not even bother declare such a thing. It only made her seem suspicious. He noticed merchants had entered the room and were now creating a fuss over damages caused by the Alliance. Garrett made his way over to them to speak to them. Aeden could care less about something he was not responsible for, so his attention turned to finding Nyph.
He found the little pseudodragon squeaking, giggling, and playing with another dragon. The collared woman’s dragon. ”Having fun are we?” He had his hands on his hips, his voice feigned disappointment, but his expression wore an amused smile. ”Haven’t I told you no fun allowed?”

Nyph stopped, turned, and looked up at Aeden for a few moments. ”Oh! Hi! Aeden, this is Nix! She’s a new friend! This is Shye! She’s also a new friend! I like them!” He turned to play more with Nix before another surprise “attack” getting into another play stance.

Aeden looked at Shye with a smile and gestured to the booth she was sitting at. ”Nice to be introduced to you Shye. I am Aeden Demavend. May I join you?” He had a hard time keeping his gaze from the collar of magic around her neck.

When Nyph stopped to look at Aeden and respond, Nix was still holding on tight, looking up at Aeden as well and, giving Nyph's horn one more small bite before hopping of. She then sat upright for a moment, her head tilted as Nyph seemed to stop playing all the sudden. This didn't last long however as Nyph then resumed a playful stance. Nix's pupils widened, her fur fluffed out, and ears perked up, right before she couched down and pounced forward at Nyph once again. Shye smiled with a soft little laugh at seeing Nix play, something she never really seen her do with other dragonlings before since she traveled with her. The face seemed to drop a bit when Aeden asked to join her. While her vision of him may have improved after meeting Nyph, she was still unsure of him, or really most the people in the alliance right now, with a small trust in Mason and Garrett, but only just so, as both of them displayed some disturbing qualities that she couldn't quite place her trust in last night. Shye realized she was staring and she shook her head slightly, breaking eye contact. "I apologize, you may." she said, agreeing to letting him take a seat at the table. "Nyph seems to speak quite highly of you." She mentioned, looking back up to him.
Lynn let Nailah embrace her. she closed her eyes, which seemed to be a releif on its own to her head. Everything was.... oddly comfortable. The room was quite warm, almost perfect for snuggling down for a nap, though se had just woken up, she still felt increadibly tired due to the circumstances she had unknowingly brought upon herself. When the music stopped, however, some of the pain from the headache had come back along with it, and she was slowly waking from a nap she wasn't even aware of that she was taking. Her left ear twitched slightly as her eyes cracked open to see what was going on. "Wait.... what's wrong? Is everything all right?"
Nailah hushed her to have her not worry about it and relax. It didn't take much persuasion at this point to drop her head back and close her eyes once again, though, she felt a bit more awake this time. When asked if she wanted to talk about anything that was interesting, Lynn wasn't sure what to say, "What would you like to talk about?" she asked, though her eyes were still closed as she remained with her.
Allard listened to the men come up with their charge for damages. Typical merchant guild, counting their coins after a disaster before even the dust had settled or the bodies were cold. Plus, there was no way they could have accurately tallied up the costs from last nights battle by this morning. Allard agreed with Tali, they had no way of paying for damages they may have caused in the struggle, not that he could remember anyway. "They are right," Allard started, "IF there was any damage ta tha town, caused by us, it would have ta charge our benefactor, as try'n ta aquire funds ta fix the town from us would yeild quite tha underwhellming sum. The member who may have caused the plants to grow at an uncomfortable rate, however, was also tha one, with that same power, revived many people who were on tha brink of death, and eliminated whatever plague had run amock through the town.. An evil man took that time ta launch an attack, which was what caused the damage. That man was put down by one o' ours and tha Gaurdians of Pearl. What say you merchant?"

Talise's reply was met with distasteful glares. Was she trying to avoid all payment? They visibly seemed to question. "I'll have word with your superiors. This hastily made 'alliance' isn't worth this much!" He cried, slapping the paper with the back of his hand multiple times for emphasis. Then came Garrett. The three looked even more displeased at this one. His smell caused them to hold their noses. The sight of his claws did intimidate them, but merchants did not often fear battles. A champion for coin was never too far away. "You.. You'll pay for that table as well!" The green clothed merchant shouted, unable to hold his anger. The blue one calmed him down with a hand on his shoulder.

The merchants listened to Garrett's words. "Hm.. You seem far more reasonable than we thought." He sighed. A bit relieved it seemed. "Vrondi is quite the beneficiary to have. I will send word. Your name? sir?" The merchant pulled a feathered pen from his hat. Ready to write it down on the paper. Once told they made note of the table, adding it to the debt. "Now with this matter settled we have no more business with this 'alliance'." He put his pen back to his hat. "It will take time but the renewal of this town will be underway soon enough." He looked to Allard who mentioned how the towns people were healed. "For that we are thankful." He seemed a bit humbled, but turned to make his leave. The others following. "I'm sure Vrondi will be able to pay for all of this. Luckily..."

Emerging from her room was Raquel. She opened the door gently. A bit uneasy about waking alone with so much noise downstairs. She also was a bit nervous about being seen by her peers emerging from her room alone. She saw from the higher floor Garrett, who looked very different. With many others, some of who were leaving.

Aeden sat down on the other side of the booth with a firm smile. ”Yeah, he’s kind like that. We’ve been comrades for fifteen years. The Therosi were going to sell him as a guard pet, and I happened to be a part of the Aion operation that rescued him and others. He’s attached himself to me ever since.” He chuckled as he watched Nyph tumbling around with Nix. ”He does just about whatever he wants by his own sense of justice. Honestly, he has helped me more than I’ve helped him.”

He focused his attention back onto Shye with a more serious expression. ”I don’t know about your past. It’s not really my business. You may have your voice for now, but that collar is not broken.” He scratched his neck rather than point at her neck. If Shye paid close enough attention she could see scars all over his hand, lower neck close to his collarbone, and wrist. ”The Aion are not unfamiliar with such things, and we will be heading to Vrondi after our mission. You may have a hope of completely removing it there, so if you are able to I suggest you come along with us, and I can get you connected with those that can do the job right.”

He stood up from the booth. ”Nyph has an excellent sense for people. If he says you’re a good person then I trust him. If you decide to come along with us I will extend to you my protection to the best I can offer it.”

He looked to Nyph as the two dragons played. ”I will be at the market resupplying, Nyph. Don’t wear yourself out too much.”


Nailah couldn't help but smile as she saw how comfortably Lynn was snuggling with her. The same girl who was so shy before was now so comfortable on her arms, going as far taking a nap. Looking at her, Nailah giggled. Lynn was indeed just like a child. She couldn't say she wasn't pleased by that. She was just like a little sister.

"I wonder what happened for you who was so shy at first to go as far as to take a nap snuggling with me." Nailah said, with a giggle.

"You're so cute! Just like a little sister!" she said, giggling as she playfully pinched Lynn's ear.

"Although it appears you're a bit more awake now. When you start feeling a bit better, we can even go go take a look at the shops outside if you want. Maybe we can even find some pretty interesting things!" Nailah said, with a playful wink.

"I totally saw some interesting little things when I was walking with Allard yesterday. Maybe they are still there?" Nailah asked, with a mischievous tone.

"Until you start feeling a bit better though, we can talk about a lot of things! Maybe even about ourselves a bit. After all, I know nothing about you other than your name. If you're going to be my cute little sister, we should know more about each other, don't you agree?" Nailah said, laughing.

"For example... Do you know anything about the Temple of the Fallen Goddess?" Nailah asked, with a kind smile.

"Well... Although I said temple and I am a 'Priestess', it's not exactly a religion. At least not as you might be accustomed with." Nailah said.

Those people of the Merchants Guild. Just when she thought the Magoi's guild and that alliance are just petty affairs, these merchants are also looking for them. She knows that the merchants aren't the nicest of people, but just how many guilds did that alliance infuriate?

"Tsk....." Ast glanced over the other table sternly when the music stopped adruptly. Right where this inn was already noisy enough, that damned merchant guild went to find fault at this place. Please don't drag the Magoi's Guild into this... 'Alice' whispered to herself a long line of curses that she could think of.

She decided that she wouldn't meddle in this affair. Those Archmagi would have trusted that bard for a good reason. Now that she is reminded of those old hags, that alliance seemed as well organised as the Magoi's Guild. She meant that in a bad way, There doesn't even seem to have leader. And a few even spun out tales that a child could pick apart. Still, she was considered a child by some of the elders, but she felt old enough to think things through.

Ast didn't expect to see the alliance this early, but that explains why the inn was so rowdy in a small town... For now, this matter is not of her concern. Pray that she will have her late overdue supper peacefully.

And somehow it worked, that supposed leader had actually talked things out with these pesky merchants. At least she will have her food, for however long it arrives.

Lynn considerred the question Nailah proposed about her shyness. "I, uh, guess it was just that I wasn't really...'accustomed' to it." she started. "Aside from my family, it wasn't something anybody had ever really done, much less someone I hadn't met before." She sat up again, her head actually was starting to feel a lot better.

At the 'little sister comment, her ears perked up and her eyes seemed to widen a little, her tail movements were a bit wider now, the whole end of it moving back and forth. "S-sister? I've never had any siblings before! And I would love to see what they have in the market! I tried to get an anklet in Vrondi....but it didn't quite work out..."

"I've never heard of that temple before." she admitted to Nailah. "I grew up helping my mother in an infirmary in Tearia, this is my first time leaving the ocean."

Shye touched her neck when he mentioned her collar. "How did you know?" she asked, a mixed look of confusion and surprise. As far as she knew, Aeden never was told about it, not that she saw anyway. But she quickly brushed the question away, at some point she geuss he could have been told. "I appreciate the help your alliance is trying to give me. I am....still worried though. It's not my life I fear for. Soon I must go meet with my contact. If all goes well. I should be able to meet back here before everyone leaves. If not....I don't know..." she finished, thinking about the possibilities. Honestly, at this point, she wasn't sure if she had been found out or not, as she never knew when they were watching. She cleared her throat,"pardon me, I should probably infrom him as well."

She looked to Garrett when he was free for a moment and walked over to him. "I may have to seperate for a meeting with my contact. I resume I will be coming back here if things go well." She informed him.

As Nailah quietly heard Lynn's explanation to her shyness, she could indeed understand her reason for that, but at the same time, she felt happy that Lynn wasn't so... closed to her anymore.

As she heard Lynn saying that she would love to go to the market, mentioning the circlet she wanted to buy on Vrondi, Nailah smiled to her.

"Don't worry about that circlet! I'm sure we'll find something nice and pretty for you, ok?" Nailah said, promising to go to the market with her once she felt better.

"Regarding the temple... What you said came in a good moment. About not many people hugging or showing affect.." Nailah said, with a thoughtful expression.

"Nowadays this seem to be common... Most people are so focused either on their own greed or hate, distracted by wars, violence and prejudice that they completely forget about love and pleasure." Nailah continued.

"Love is a wonderful feeling. To feel safe on someone's arms, to feel you can trust said person with all your heart and forget your problems... Just like what you're doing right now!" she said, laughing.

"It would be wonderful if everyone could have the same feeling you're having right now, wouldn't it?" Nailah asked, with a smile.
"Regarding pleasure, many religions see pleasure as a 'sin' or something bad, right? But... no matter what they say, it's still part of our body. It's still a physiological need, It's something natural, don't you agree? A mother's comforting hug, a lover's warm embrace or even... something more. Everyone should be able to feel those things." Nailah said, looking to Lynn.

"That's exactly why the Temple of the Fallen Goddess exists. We want only make people remember what love and pleasure mean. It's a temple dedicated to love and pleasure." Nailah said with a kind smile.

"But don't believe all the rumors you hear. We don't sell our bodies or anything like that. We sleep with those who we feel attracted to, with those we like. Many of those who enter the temple, interestingly enough are after not sexual pleasure, but only to feel loved and cared about." Nailah said.

When she heard Lynn saying she never had a sibling before and saw her cute reaction to it, she couldn't help but to hug her tightly as she giggled.

"Oh my~ You're so cute and adorable!" she said, laughing.

"It's settled then. If you ever get into trouble, feel scared, need to talk to someone or if someone tries to hurt you, I'll be here for my cute, little sister." she said, giving Lynn a small kiss on the forehead.

"Oh, and don't worry. It's not just because I'm a Priestess of the Fallen Goddess that I need to love everyone... We can and know how to defend ourselves... I was also one of the... most fiery ones inside the temple as well..." Nailah said, with a mischievous wink to Lynn.

Raquel began to approach the group after the merchants left and fewer people were about. With no one talking to Garrett Raquel came from behind him. Attempting to playfully catch him by surprise with her greeting. "Good Morning!" She shouted with a firm hand placed onto Garrett's back. "You smell like you've been gutting beasts. Look like it too." She chuckled.

When Nailah started talking about love she was fairly understanding, and even nodded her head a few times. Though, it was the 'pleasure' part that was lost to her. As for those matters, she couldn't relate. She had never been with anyone before, so she wouldn't know. She looked at Allard, who had some new scratches an bite marks that seemed to match Nailah, remembering that they seemed fairly close the little amount of time she saw the with each other. "I, uh... always saw that kind of thing to be something only shared with someone special." she said, a turning a little red.

"Its funny.... ask me how to care for a wound and I can tell you without hesitation, but I have no idea when it comes to things like that," she said with a sheepish grin. She tried to wave the matter off though, her tail wrapped around herself and Lynn was trying to hide her blushing with her sleeve covered hand.

"S-so! I think I'm feeling much better now if you want to see if any of those shops you mentioned may be open!"

Aeden calmly stared at Shye while he considered responding to her question. He figured truth would be better than a lie or not saying anything in this instance. Before he made his way out he stated. "If you're wondering who told me the answer is no one. My eyes can see more than most, and they see what is really there."

With that Aeden bowed his head to Shye and bid her well before making his way outside to get an early start to the market. He knew it would not be open for a while longer, but the sooner he was done the better he would feel.

Nailah couldn't help but to laugh seeing how Lynn was embarrassed as she mentioned pleasure. It couldn't be helped, she was still an innocent girl, but at the same time, it surely was refreshing to have someone so pure and innocent around.

"Don't worry, my dear. You'll understand with time." Nailah said, laughing.

"Also, I'm quite sure that yourself will meet a number of people you consider 'special' through your life. It doesn't have to be necessarily just one too! When the time arrives, just remember that there is nothing wrong in staying true to your desires. It's not as romantic thinking about it like this, but if you think about it in medical terms, it's still a phisiological need. It's a part of our own body. No need to be ashamed of it, right?" Nailah said, giggling as she watched Lynn hiding her face with her sleeve.

"Ahem, even though it's so adorable to see you blushing... I'm pretty sure we have some shopping to do, don't we?!" Nailah asked, with a mischievous wink to Lynn.

"Shall we go then?" she asked, with a kind smile.

"Yes! Let's!" Lynn said. From her room a staff floated out of it and came to her, careful not to run it into anyone. It was a quite heavy and thick steel staff that had a rounded footlong handle in the middle. Then it had about two feet on each side that was like a paddle, making it easier to sit on, and on the ends of the paddles, were heavy durable glass containers of water. The glass was tempered and enchanted when made to be as strong as the steel it was housed in. It's design was simple and utilitarian, a gift from her father's guard unit to her when she left Tearia. On her own, she would probably not even be able to lift it, but with her water manipulation, she could move it around with ease, often using it for travel. It floated next to her as she stood up, and she would sit sidesaddle on it when they would leave the inn.

"I can't wait to see what interesting things they will have here!" She said with a sparkle in her eyes similar to that of an adventurous child who planned to go find some treasure.

The merchants have left, but the music that she took for granted has been cut away right when she was enjoying the tune. And that conversation of the so called members of the alliance became as clear as the morning sky. She gulped down a sharp breath, feeling a few goosebump prickling against the fine weavings of the robes.

They...... are on a hangover right....? In this hours of morning, hearing on what she isn't supposed to hear. Alice was glad that she had not started gobbling on her food. That kind of talk, is going to kill off whatever traces of her appetite that is remaining on her stomach. But it is somewhat... interesting she should say? She decided not to let her stray thoughts wander too far away.

Right, the most important thing, asking to join sounded like a decent idea, but she'd prefer shutting off that conversation. Somehow, her weariness have disappeared suddenly as she found herself approaching Tali in her graceful steps.

"I like that music, mind if you play it again? Now that those pesky merchants are gone~"

Ast aril elissande was more interested in having that talk muffered away, but she doesn't feel any waverings of lying, since she found the song to be nice.

Tali let out an exasperated sigh from the merchants. They were obviously just trying to take advantage of the situation to make money rather than actually care about anyone here but themselves. She was about return to her chair by the fire when a young woman walked up and asked for more music. That made Tali smile and let her feel a little distracted from the merchants. "Sure. Do you want me to keep using my harp? I can also switch to a lute or ocarina if that would suit your mood better. I also have a flute."

She motioned to her servitor to emphasize the instruments it carried for its mistress. Each one was kept tuned and ready to play at a moment's notice, so all she had to do was grab it and go.

Garrett watched the members of the merchant's guild leave. It was a victory in of itself to remind himself that he was able to speak to others who were not quick to question everything he says despite his appearance or why he looks as such, even with the smell of blood. It was either through intimidation or through the eloquent words he spoke, but they departed, and if it were his threatening presence that had done the work of this encounter, they were not truly members of the merchant's guild, seeing as they have their tendrils deep in every facet of the civilized world.

Soon, the indentured conscript made her presence known out from the booth she slept in. Shye came up to Garrett, seeming to not be one of the few individuals to show distinct disdain for his own presence made in the inn. He nodded at her statement to meet with her contact.

"You are free to do so. Remember where your true loyalties lie, young Shye."

He enjoyed the rhyme he made, even if their ages were moderately close to each other in terms of their appearances, but also to be cryptic enough for any of those who may prove hostile to the Alliance to not truly understand what the conversation was about through eavesdropping.
Garrett would soon be surprised with a touch to his back it was unknown as to who would do such a thing until he heard a playful voice exclaim his horrendous state which he had been ignoring since he was knighted, sadly, becoming even more horrendous from the previous night. He turned at realizing exactly who would be so friendly with him, with a bright, genuine smile. The large claws that adorned the ends of his arms deforming, soon becoming a chitinous plating that ran along his bicep and forearm, folding away from his hands so that they may see the light of day again. What had made his claws now becoming hard-chitinous plating along his bicep and forearms, leaving his hands free, something that had not happened until some sense of true safety was given from those he would interact with, in this case, it was Raquel. His right hand would lift up, to cup her cheek as a greeting. He chuckled.

"Good Morning, dearest Raquel! My sincerest apologies for leaving your side cold in the morning. I hope you understand how problems pop up to distract those who can do something to solve those problems. I wished to sleep in, to be perfectly honest, but now I smell like what I have been doing, gutting a cursed beast. Which is what took me away from your bed in the first place. Now I am cursed with the same that afflicted the beast, but the city is safe from that and it's reign of terror."

The magoi guild girl looks more than trustworthy from the way she sounds. Ast isn't talking about herself. That bard is also a Magoi from what she overheard from that guild merchant conversation, not that she is a bit of a busybody, but she got used to having a good note of surrounding events.

Ast wanted the nosiest instrument to be played. Something like drums and trumpets, but...

"I'd prefer the harp," Ast calmly lied, the bard doesn't look very familiar to her. That Alliance seemed nicer than her pesky Guild, despite their half-baked politics amongst them and their 'leader'.

"Oh my. You sound like the guardians of pearl. It is a shame they have been gravely injured. But I see the town outside is covered in plants. While I slept quite a lot has happened it seems." Raquel held Garrett's wrist as he touched her tender cheek. With a humored smile she looked at him. "You need a bath. There's one upstairs in the room. You might as well use it since you paid for it." She gently rested his hand down, observing his armor. "Excuse me if your prowess in battle is lost to me. All that has happened... it is so jarring." She sighed. Being taught how to read and write similar to royalty prepared her for a life on the mountain. But yet she remained here in the simple town where she was born. "Lets talk more in town. I'm sure the market will be restocked by this morning."

Tali clapped her hands together eagerly with a light nod. "Absolutely. If you ever want to hear an instrument I do not have, just track down one for me and I can probably play it. Now, on to the music." She grabbed the harp from her servitor and took her seat by the fire again. She resumed her music, this particular song more lively than her calming spell. She seemed much happier to have the merchants gone and out of her very long hair.

Her fingers danced along the strings, her foot tapping to keep the beat proper. She seemed to return to her own mind, the place where she could just play and enjoy herself. As her worries melted away, she hoped her music could at least help others unwind as well.

After departing from the inn where the allince members were staying, with Nix in tow on her shoulder, Shye started to make her way out of town to the west. She came upon a clearing in the woods, away from prying eyes of any passerby. She gave Nix a little pet and scrath behind the ear before clicking her clawed gauntlet twice and drawing a little circle in the air with her finger. Nix took the command and flew up, circling above and staying away, but close enough to observe. From the small pack at the side of her waist, she pulled out a small pendent that had a tiny blade on one side. Using the small blade, she mad a cut on her arm that was enough to draw some blood onto the pendent. She took a deep beath to calm her nerves as she set the pendant down on the ground and waited.

The crimson echoed out into the air like a visible red sound. The shadows beneath the trees were bending to a silhouette. A form began to rise from the dark. Masked and bending forward as if unnaturally made. It loomed over Shye like a hanging light. Looking down on her with its smiling mask, one that represented pleasure. The red and black it was coated in gave it a unspeakably cynical appeal. "Shye... Have you succeeded?" A voice echoed from the dark mass. Slowly it crept down taking the form of a tall slender man. Still masked but standing with legs together and shoulders aligned. A calm elegant demeanor despite being made of shadow. Though it seemed less shadow more and more it moved idly.

The visual display was admittedly haunting when her contact arrived, Shye nearly physically squirming with discomfort at being around the man and for what she had to admit to him. When he asked if she had succeeded, she looked at the ground and slowly shook her head.

"Even with your child, whom you love, on the line. You still dare to fail?" The body moved within the sunlight. The rays seemed to turn its ends into mist. Yet it remained as if constantly regenerating. It seemed to peer deep into her eyes. Observing her saddened state. A plaything at this point, it caressed her cheek with a cold touch kin to steel. "You must have been through a lot. I don't see what he hates about half bloods. I sensed a fire within you before. Where has it gone?" He tilted his inquisitive head. "Your son will die, and you will live a life of pain. Until you too die. That is your fate it seems." The man pulled back. Stepping backwards towards the shadows.

As he appeared to start to leave, shye reached out. "Wait!" she cried, knowing it might be a mistake, but if she didn't he could have been well on his way to send word for her sob. She reached up to her neck and pulled down on the bandages, revealing the burn marks where the first later was removed though slowly recovering. "There are Aion in this of them my seraph target, who did this after finding me unconcious." She looked down remembering what happened. "Just after fighting with the necromancer target, who I was never told had blood magic, the town was attacked also by one of Nuxta's pawns." Shye took a step forward to plead with the man. "Please, leave Bidzil out of this, I can still make this work! me...." she said, her head hanging a little. To betray the trust of the first people to ever show her some real kindness, if only for a moment. It would break her heart to lose them. More horrendous tasks to keep her son many people had to die just for the two of them? "I could travel with them....have them believe they freed me from whatever shackles they think they can break. And when the time comes.....I'll....make my move." She said turning away and holding one arm. "This....may be a good chance to see what the Aion are up to?"

When she yelped finally for him to give her a second chance he seemed to freeze instantly as if anticipating her pleads. "Oooh.. More Aion." His hand twitched. "They deserve a horrible fate... I will make certain of it." He drifted forward more into the light. "You've shown incompetence yet you want me to believe that they trust you? Merely because they undid your curse. Pathetic." His blackened cold hand outstretched and a blade emerged from it like a ebony dagger. "I care not for your excuses. You acquire more time it will seem... That is unfortunate I was expecting more from you." He out stretched his hand and held the dagger out for her to see. "This is what will be used to take your sons life for your failure. A soul sucking dagger. Only by removing it can he be revived. You will have a limited time to return and save him. Maybe a day, three if you're lucky. The boy looks healthy. But only after you take the life of one of the Aion's finest. It won't end with that, but it will be a start." He then leaped backwards, as if weightless his form began to disintegrate in the light. Yet his laugh could be heard, thoroughly amused at her misfortune.

Shye tried to continue to convince him what she could do but he none of it and continued with his own decision. Her blood froze when he pulled the dagger out, explaining its purpose as tears started to run down her porcelain cheeks. "No...please no! Punish me instead! He doesn't deserve this!" She called after him, but he was already starting to fade away. She leapt after him, only meeting a shadowy aura that faded away, his sickening laugh hanging over her while she landed on the ground, curling into a ball as she wept. Her cries went unabated as she couldn't seem to bring herself back together, not this time. It happened, as she feared it eventually would. One day, she knew she would fail, and here it was, her child was being sentenced to death for her inability to complete a job she had never wanted. She wished she could male it all stop, to wake up from this nightmare that seemed to be her life. There seemed to be no more silver lining she could look up to.... what little hope she was just given, had been decimated as fast as she had received it. Even Nix flying down to her to try to cheer her up brought her little comfort as she laid on the ground with her sorrow, knowing she would never be able to escape this fate.(edited)

Nyph rolled around for a little while after Nix stopped playing with him. It took him a while to realize that his play partner had left. He flopped onto his feet and scanned the space briefly to see Shye and Nix had approached one of the other alliance members: Garrett. He tilted his head curiously. He knew Aeden had already left for boring errands. Nix and Shye were mysteries. He wanted to know more!

He camouflaged himself as they headed for the door and slipped through just as it closed shut. His camouflage ability worked better outside than in, however he could not move very quickly for long. He kept up with them fairly well as they made their way west through the town. He flew onto a tree branch and glided from branch to branch from there to get a good vantage point as they entered the forest. Once they stopped he settled down onto a nearby branch and waited while he watched Shye regain her composure.

What he witnessed next sent chills down his spine for the next several minutes. She was an assassin! Sent to kill Aion?!?! Part of his instinct told him to run away, but he knew if he were to move suddenly at this point he would be discovered and so he hunkered down and listened. He watched as Shye collapsed in tears at the end of what was effectively her warden telling her the terms of her imprisonment.

Nyph had to do something about this. First, he had to help her feel better. He glided silently down to the pendant and landed on it before turning off his camouflage. "Y'know what's good about having a bad benefactor? You can always find a good one!" He shoved some soil over the pendant and tamped down on it with his tail. "Those evil overlord types don't have quite so much power over you as you might think!"

He waited for Shye to calm down with a head tilted and his greatest puppy dog eyes. "Now, tell me about your son and we can make a miracle happen!"

Shye recoiled back a bit as she heard Nyph's voice, fire bursting into action at her arms and legs. Nix had decided apparently not to warn her of his presence, seeing him as ok so far. When it registered to her who it was, the flames died out as she slumped back to the ground. "When did you-?" She wiped the tears from her eyes, though it did little to stop them, or the shuddering from her overflowing emotions at he moment. She guessed he had been there all along, but it didn't matter to her now. The image of that man with his dagger, going to take her son, vividly played through her mind, knowing here was nothing she could do to stop it now, consumed her, making her feel that all was lost as she knew her task was most likely impossible. As he said, her son would die, and she will live in pain until her eventual death, and without her son, she may as well settle that herself, one last stand of defiance by cutting to the chase. She shook her head, noticing her mind drifting again as she remembered Nyph was talking to her.

"I can't do anything against them...." she started defeatedly. "They are already taking his life, and if I can't do what I was sent to....there will be no way to get back to him in time to save him...."

"H-his name.... is Bidzil. He is only about five years of age. I had left him at Sunfire Orphanage to take care of him where I couldn't until i was able to find proper employment, I had even left a note saying as much ...but i was found by the dolofon first. He is still there, but has been watched ever since they forced me into their service. He favors me, but with white hair." The tears still came down, but she was calming down by talking. Though she couldn't help her mind still being plagued by intrusive thoughts of what had, and may, happen.

Nyph's eyes lit up when he hear Sunfire Orphanage. Even with preparation it would not be an easy task for the Dolofon to pull off an assassination there of all places. If he could get Aeden to send a message to them quickly there would be a good chance that they could respond quickly enough. The Dolofon and the Aion fiercely hated each other and there is no way the Aion would let the Dolofon easily pull off an assassination right under their noses. At least not the Aion he knew. "Okay! You can't do anything, but that's alright! I think I can! Especially if Aeden is on board, and knowing him he will want to help!"

Nyph puffed up in a heroic pose. "I know I won't stop until you are free and I know a day is a loooong time! I swear on my name, Nyph Pettyr, that I will do whatever it takes!"

With that he got into a ready stance to fly off to find Aeden.

Why? Why would someone she was supposed to kill help her? How could they so easily trust trust her? And what would she do if they came back to check on her progress? What would they do to her? She shook the thoughts from her head. No, That didn't matter. If Bidzil was safe, even if she was never able to him again, her soul could rest easy knowing he would live on. And he was right, she couldn't do anything, her only chance at saving her son would be to put her trust in them, and pray for the best. She looked up to Nyph before he took flight. It was hard to find any other words than her uttering lightly, "Thank you."

After he flew off, she sat there. Her emotions of hope and despair fighting one another. She then took a moment longer to gather herself the best she could. She stood up and looked down to where Nyph buried the medallion. Her brows slightly furrowed at it, and then she made sure she stepped on in as she made her way back to town, clicking her claws signalling Nix come to her.

Nailah and Lynn arrived on the market the very second the merchants finished tearing down the vines, finally opening the building to everyone. By the satisfied look on their faces and the cheers, they were finally open to business again.

"So lucky~~ We're going to be one of the first ones to enter!" Nailah said with an excited smile and a playful, tone. One of Nailah's favorite things to do when visiting different places, other than hearing stories was to look at the local merchants' wares. It was always interesting, they always had so many different things to sell!

"You know... One of my favorite things to do when visiting different places is looking at the local merchants' wares. Who knows what they have to sell, right?" Nailah asked, winking to Lynn with a playful expression as she gently took her hand and went inside the market, pulling Lynn with her.

As they went inside, Nailah's curious eyes were like a cat's. Jumping from one stall to another followed by small exclamations of surprise, excitement or looks of curiosity when she found things she didn't understand.

There was a little bit of everything, from enchanted pipes and enchanted lanterns to weapons, spellbooks and grimories. Every item was a bit more strange, magical, beautiful or enigmatic than the previous one.
Amongst all of them though, two items caught Nailah's attention. One was a shining silver circlet with a beautiful green stone adorning it and the other was a necklace with a strange purple capsule.

"Look at that circlet! The green gem has such a beautiful color, doesn't it?" Nailah asked, gawking at the green circlet.

"Hey, Lynn! Look at that necklace! The one with a small bottle of enchanted water on it!" she said, pulling Lynn.

"It would look really good on you, you know? It's beautiful blue color matches perfectly with your hair!" Nailah said, smiling kindly to her.

"Hm... This one is also really interesting and mysterious." Nailah said, pointing towards the necklace with a strange capsule on it just before she looked at the merchant, staring at him in silence with curious eyes, obviously waiting for him to talk a bit about his wares to them.

Lynn floated along next to Nailah on their way to the merchant shops. She gently and neatly lowered a bit to get off of the staff when they arrived. Nailah mentioned this being one of her favorite things to do when traveling. "Oh, I couldn't agree more! This looks so exciting!" she said as she walked in, looking around the stalls at all the unique trinkets that she had never seen before.

Her eyes lit up and her ears perked up as she looked around. Even her tail was up and slowly wagging side to side, well, until she bumped it into a few things. Being careful not to bump anything else, she then just curled her tail around and held it in front of her against her chest with her sleeved hand as Nialah had the other.

There were a lot of beautiful handcrafts that a lot of merchants brought to their stalls, but of coarse it was something shiny that really seemed to make Lynn's eyes sparkle. "You think so?" she asked about Nailah's statement about a necklace that matches her hair as she held it up to a longer strand of her hair that she could match it with. She took it in her hands. "Its so gorgeous! The water is so pure!" She gently took it from Nailah, inspecting it. The water inside glistened and reflected in her eyes, making them look like they were actually sparkling in wonder. Without even knowing what it does, she was already wanting it. "I wonder where the water is from? I don't feel any impurities in it. And I feel warmer just holding it." she mentioned with a curious look at the pendant, her head tilted slightly.

The supper, or she should say, breakfast was rather good. Especially with the harp music played. Sipping on her jug of mead, Aste was about to take a long morning rest from the trip, until the noises from the market echoed into the less crowded inn. She almost forgot, now that the merchant guild are here, she had to at least take a look at their wares, who knows if they are selling mundane stuffs that happen to be treasures.

Her belongings are in the inn but she did not bother on if they are stolen. It will just be a short while, she thought, a short trip that she will return in a bit. Leaving her leather pouch on the table, Aster headed for the market of the merchant guild.Nobody will steal her stuffs, she had thought.(edited)
The marketplace goods was larger than she expect, the assortment of goods area more than what she sees even in her life at the city of Verndi. That was the merchant guild, that one guild that she doesn’t like even on the light of their achievements. Just a missing payment and they do stupid things, she don't like their style to this day.

One of the lanterns in display caught her particular eye. A lantern that shines the glow of moonstone, the price was a bit off, but it might be worth to get a better lamp for the long term of use.

Her magic spell works better under the light, unlike the similar spell from the dark affinity, the invisibility spell work the best under the brighter light. Under complete darkness, she would strain her cast, but who uses that kind of spell on the dark was the good question.

The lantern would be good if she wanted to make the light dance under the night, like illusions. And it might use it to whack monsters if things got dire enough.

"I would like to buy a moonstone lantern, just one will do."

Taking out her gold encrusted purse, Aste dug out a couple of Bronze coin for an exchange of small change, 30 bronze those pesky merchants sure know how to overcharge for such an artifact. For now and then, she hoped she will get what she paid for...

"Well, I guess now is a good time as any ta check tha market." Allard said as the merchants left, followed by a couple more of their small group. "Maybe see if anyone in town needs anythin' before we go while I'm at it. I would assume we will meet here before we shove off, see ya then." He then walked out of the inn himself, making his way, in no rush towards the market. He looked around at the town on his way, seeing how things were going or if anyone needed a hand.

Nyph soared through the forest and back to town within moments. There were few things that motivated him more than helping people get out of bad situations. He hovered over the marketplace as soon as he arrived and scanned the area for Aeden. The market just was beginning to open up, so he hoped to see his comrade there. Minutes passed and then he noticed at the edge of the marketplace Aeden appeared.

Nyph zipped right over to Aeden. ”Aeden! Aeden!”

”What, Nyph?”

”I have something urgent! It’s important! Super super serious!” Nyph glanced around the area looking for a semi-private place for him to speak. ”This way!”

Aeden hesitated briefly. Very rarely was Nyph in a state like this. Even with the constant enthusiasm of the little dragon, Aeden could tell Nyph was worried about something. He followed his partner down a nearby alley where nobody was around in any obvious way. He crossed his arms and leaned against a wall once Nyph stopped waiting for Nyph to explain.

Nyph took a deep breath. ”Shye, she’s a Dolofon.” Aeden tensed visibly, but Nyph continued. ”Well effectively a slave of the Dolofon. I bet we can free her from them! Her son is in danger though, so we got to do something to save him. He’s at the Sunfire Orphanage! The Dolofon have a plan to kill him if she doesn’t kill one of us Aion by the end of the day. Can we stop it?”
Aeden grit his teeth as he puzzled over the situation Nyph presented him. Knowing Shye was a Dolofon assassin left him with the temptation to end her life the next moment he saw her, however, if Nyph was vouching for her like this he had to consider turning her against the Dolofon. Still, he could not fully trust her with that collar knowing she was Dolofon. There was no way he would let them assassinate someone right under the nose of the Aion base though, but if they did not know the Aion homebase was there then it would reveal their location.

”Damnit, Nyph, this puts us in a really hard spot you know. This is going to take more finesse than just a simple message. I said I would protect her the best I could, but this is going above and beyond, and now I know she’s more than just an escaped slave.”

With the market opening up perhaps he could find a solution to the challenge here. ”We’re going to see if we can find something to help us before we risk a message being intercepted.”

He entered the market building and started searching the displays. It did not take long before he saw a set of scrolls that he recognized. Scrolls that had been used in emergencies to escape. The label the box they were in read: Home Traveling Scrolls. This would work.

Aeden cleared his throat and pointed at the scrolls. ”I’d like all three of these.”

Shye had eventually gathered herself up enough to go back into town, judging that maybe her eyes weren't so puffy anymore from the ordeal and could walk around without getting too much attention now. Nix sat silently on her shoulder, ears down, feeling her masters emotions. Shye was honestly very tired and stressed, emotionally and physically. The previous day, the unrestful night, and today's events seeming to wear her and her very soul down.

When Dremmick noticed Mason walk out, he nodded a short greeting to him. Before moving on to what he wanted to talk about however, he wanted to get one thing cleared up. without saying much, and with an unwavering stare locked to Mason's eyes to look for any trace of doubt, he asked, "So...Is our, 'new acquaintance' to be trusted?" He was mentioning Shye without trying to say too much in public.

"I believe so Dremmick...... They have something of theirs.... Something that means everything to our newcomer. I'll fill you in on the rest later." Mason sighed as he walked alongside his friend, "Buuuuuut anyway......" he trailed off with a soft click of the tongue as he reached to itch the scabbed over burns on his right arm. For some strange reason, though the damage had healed, the skin still wasn't quite right.... It was almost as if the new skin had grown a weak, fleshy shell, protecting the tender skin that lay beneath. "What was it you wanted to talk about?"

Dremmick thought if there was a way to be subtle about it, but then again, it was never really his forte. "Remember when you fell unconscious before reaching here? Have you felt as if something isn't quite right since that moment? IYou have two souls inside of you, Mason." He let that linger a bit. "Now, there are proper ways to do things like that, but you and this other soul are already intertwined....they are fighting for control, and the other soul is quite aggressive. In fact, it has a slight life energy drain at all times. Stand still, and look closely at the grass beneath your feet."[/color] Dremmick stopped and pointed to some of the grass they were walking through, watching as it ever so slowly withed and withered. "Mason.... Do you recall anything strange lately? Once a soul starts to take root, it can slowly fuse with the host soul. Depending on the strength of the host soul, you either overcome it, become something new, or are devored by the other soul.....The later two are the most common concerning....well," He looked down where he remembered the soul in Mason's chest and looked back up, "Souls of that caliber." He could remember the pull the soul had on him until he redirected it, and the amount of plantlife it killed in a single spike incident before getting him to pearl.

Mason swallowed as his face went pale as he watched the tip of the grass at his feet turn brown, "Well Dremmick..... Th- thats... Well, a lot to take in." Biting his lip in thought for a moment, Mason continued, "The worst part.... Is that I feel increadible; like I've never been strong-" his voice cut as a horrified expression grew across his face, growing ever more dire by the second "Dremmick. Back in Vrondi, I heard a voice..... And now, I-I think it's changing me." he stuttered, as he revealed the strange scarring on his arm. "Do you think....... Can you remove it?"

"No," Dremmick said bluntly. "It was risky just for me to redirect it's feed from you to the nature around you. For now, it's content, but there will be spikes in its hunger that you will probably have to quell from time to time. 'Keep it fed', if you will. You most likely get a strength boost after taking in life energy. And that voice you hear.... Dremmick sighed as he knew all too well about voices in his head, most his own, but one was very different. "The closer the bond is between the two of you, the more you will hear it. Over time you get used to it, but its power will spike from time to time, and it will be as if they are right next to your ear."

When Mason showed Dremmick his arm, his brows furrowed at the sight, taking a closer look. it was weird, even though it still seemed like normal flesh, it had a weird in between stage as if he was growing..."Scales?" He turned his arm this way and that looking it over. "Mason...You aren't full seraphim, are you?" he asked.

"I don't know what I am Dremmick, what I'm becoming, or what's really inside me.... I knew I wasn't normal, but this? I never expected...." Mason paused before letting out a forced chuckle, "I guess that makes us quite the pair doesn't it?" clearing his throat the racially confused boy hurried along, beckoning Dremmick to hurry up as he donned his usual smile, "C'mon Dremmick! There's that Alchemist lady at the Taxis camp right? Lets go find out what I'm made of! I'm sure she can tell us!"

"Well, if i were to take a wild guess," Dremmick started as Mason talked about how he wasn't sure what he was, "I'd say you have some dragon blood in you. Which, personally, I wouldn't say is too bad considerring your magic." He followed Mason to the Taxis HQ, but Dremmick was the first one to actually knock on the doors to the building. "Amaiah is the person you are refering to, shes the one who made the elixir, I'm sure she could pinpoint what your lineage is with a blood sample."

The door slid open a little after the knock. It was then fully opened by a Taxis knight acting as a guard to the HQ and the only one on duty it seemed. He was visibly tired this morning yet greeted the two with a welcome gesture. Letting them enter without issue. Inside were many healers sitting together and harmonizing their energies. In a separate room Amaiah and Lucius sat. Discussing things. His knights outside of the door keeping it guarded.

Dremmick nodded to the first guard, returning the greeting. He then looked over to another room where Amaiah and Luscious sat and talked. He sighed at the man's presence but knew his business was more important than his distaste for the irritating royal. Dremmick looked to one if the guards. "We would like to speak to Amaiah if possible. I have urgent business with her that I need seen to before we part ways."

"I will see." One of the knights said. Turning to open the door he stepped inside and closed it behind him. With about five minutes passing he opened the door. "You may enter." Once inside Amaiah, Lucius and the Hunter from before were standing in the room talking. "Ah it is the Aion. We were just discussing your battle last night in the wilds. We were told some interesting things of the alliance's abilities. It has instilled some faith in your quest." Lucius was holding the Elixir. It had a wrapping around it to conceal its strange coloring and aura. "Yes and thank you for telling this hunter about the cure. I heard a couple of you were bitten." Amaiah chimed in. "Ai. Twas that one there." The hunter pointed to Mason. "Oh my, you need to be cured immediately!" Amaiah turned to Lucius. "Hm. This is a rare item. It must be used wisely. Amaiah, please distribute the proper amount to cure this man." With a surprised and humbled expression she nodded. Taking the elixir from Lucius with both hands she placed it on the alchemy table.
She took a orb like injection needle and sucked in some of the liquid within it. "Alright just a drop of this should do it. Lets hope it doesn't react negatively." She chuckled nervously. She went ahead and approached Mason with it. "Hold still please? And remove your arm's armor." Once done Amaiah would inject Mason with a small dosage.

"I'm glad to see you're alright." Mason smiled as soon as he saw the hunter, "But yes, last night was a bit.... Odd, to say the least. Hit my head pretty good on a rock during the fight so my memory of list night is a little fuzzy." he chuckled somewhat nervously at the remark about the alliances' abilities. It was rather convenient that Mason had to be injected with the cure by the very person he needed to see about his other 'problem', and as Amaiah approached to inject him with the cure, Mason unfastened the armor on his right arm; not thinking about the fact that Lucuis and the hunter were still in the room. As the armor fell to the floor with a soft 'clink', his naked arm was revealed to be spotted with patches of heavily underdeveloped, fleshy scales, appearing in a pattern nigh identical to those caused by electrical burns. [color= darkorange]"Well, uh...... There's kinda one other thing I need you to look at..."[/color]

Amaiah didn't shudder at the sight of his scaled hide. Being around the folk in Gaia made her used to such a thing. But it was notably different than any other seraphim she came across. "Hmm." She peered curiously at the texture of his flesh before attempting to pierce between the line of the scale markings and inject a small dosage of the serum. "I hope you don't mind being the first to try this." Once inside it would cause his veins to glow visibly. His souls affliction will even be affected, being washed over by a divine purity from its seraphim origins. Even those around will feel some of the effects of the serums metaphysical effects. Amaiah back away some.

Dremmick watched as Amaiah administered the elixir to Mason, curious himself at how effective it would be. With his curiosity, his left eye lit up, studying the effects it may have on Mason's souls with his soul sight in one eye, and plain sight in the other so he could see normally at the same time. "So, Amaiah, before we were... interrupted yesterday, I was going to ask, how did you make the elixir?"

@13org@Sho Minazuki

If Garsin ever said he was confident in the safety of this mission, it would be a bold faced lie. Nothing about this mission made sense from the moment they took it up. Annika didn't look very convinced either. Not only were they meeting a contact instead of the other way around, but the contact didn't even show up. Instead there was a Frinian, representing the sultan of Antayikk, who was the stand in for Realin official. If someone didn't see that as a red flag, they hadn't been in the business long enough. The first words that popped into his mind were 'oh great, we're scapegoats'. He crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair, one leg up resting the ankle on his other knee, and one of his hands up to his chin in thought.

An eyebrow raised when the sack of coin hit the table, dubbed the ransom or the girl that was to be kidnapped. Which was, yet again, strange. Hiring two snipers to make the ransom exchange when they would be better suited in an overwatch position? Not normal. The more he listened to the situation the more he didn't like it.

He stood up at the end of the meeting and left the informant with a small bow. When they had left, he was about to say something about being right about choosing their attire, but when Annika asked him not to, knowing just what he was going to say, he just grinned as she went on to explain some of her concerns with the mission. They were pretty much the same as his. He simply shrugged. "Well, I can agree that it is very suspicious. A Frinian man, representing Antayikk, contacting us on behalf of a Realin senator to save the senetor's daughter and work out who took her." He stopped on the sidewalk for a moment and thought about their position and where to get information. Garsin noticed her blushing about mentioning having to go to the palace and couldn't help laughing. He turned to Annika, and then looked around to make sure there weren't any prying ears.
"Well, as much as I would like to rub it in that 'I told you so', I'm not quite so sure that is actually the best place to go. Leave it to someone in high social status to tell someone to get info at the palace. Nah, that's too risky. Too many people that could be close to the political enemy running around keeping an ear out. It would also be highly suspicious for two people they have never seen before, dressed up or not, to show up and start snooping around the palace asking people question about current politics. It would warn whoever we are after that we are there and digging for intel, and could botch the whole mission. I was actually thinking of a bar. If its anyone who hears everything that is going on around town between anybody, its the barkeeps. Besides," he started to add, pulling at the collar of his suit that seemed to keep a snug grip around his neck, "This thing is really starting to get uncomfortable. Lets just hope that the picture matches the girl," he waved the photo in his hand before storing it. He took off his suit jacket and draped it over the sack of coin, hiding it from view in his other hand. "At least we looked nice for the substitute contact, eh?" he jeered.
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