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8 mos ago
Current Desire to type "git gud" intensifies...
9 mos ago
okay, watched the first episode of goblin slayer, not nearly as bad as what it was made out to be. Still a bit depressing but hey, saved 2 of 4 rookies, coulda been worse.
9 mos ago
So i figured out, as much as id love the equivalent of an anime doom guy slaying goblins, i dont like seeing the lovely anime chicas catch a case of the mutilation.
12 mos ago
I don't know when I started checking my RPs more than gaming..... I just know it kinda happened one day....
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1 yr ago
I just got Skyrim on the switch, i took a slight downgrade and lack of mods for portability, but I'm loving it.
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Why hello, you little stalker. As you can see above I have recorded your visit for potential future stalking purposes. In that list you may find some other recent stalking victims. You may wonder, "Oh no! I've been caught! Whatever shall I do! What will become of me!" Well... I can assure you in really...nothing. Except the fact that you may have wasted a precious few moments of your life with this bio. In this, I can say for every person that reads this, I have stolen that moment in your life that you could have been doing something else. Anything really.....Are you still here? Shouldn't you...I don't know, be posting in one of your RPs? I'm sure somebody is waiting for your response, it might even be me. You are procrastinating aren't you? I know I am. At the very moment I typed this I was supposed to be writing papers for class. See? Now I've been wasting time on both our accounts. Look what you made me do.




Ok, that is enough stalking...


There really isn't anything else here...


I'm gonna call the police...


(What's the number for 9-1-1?)

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I'll let you know! It wasn't in the main rp because i am joining late from a long time ago and just getting to a point where im about to catch up. its still been fun though
not quite yet i think? she is at the start of day 4. still a bunch to talk about it seems
@Stabby i can post up the adventures of miiba for you if you want. it would most likely be a google doc

Miiba's adventures so far:…
@Vesuvius00 oi, ya cant flirt and run! lol

Hilde looked up to the satyr. She had never seen one before, and never thought one would be o big. She would have thought that they would be smaller in stature, but here Kistal was and she only came up to his chest. Granted, she wasn't nearly the tallest in the family, being practically dwarfed by her father. She cleared her throat when she realized she was staring at him for a moment. "Im uh, sorry about that," she chuckled with a smile, "Right, the attack. Madame Valia is the dance master here in Kalla. She would teach dancing for entertainment and ceremonies. Well, Recently she was found in her home after being attacked. They haven't been able to identify the bodies beyond someone mentioning the name 'Calabris', but that's odd. Isn't that a family in Portea? Some think that the recent disappearances of her students may be linked to this as well... Valia is over in the Oracle's Temple, just next to us. A few Red Saints from Portea were luckily in town to help heal her wounds. If they weren't here, we don't think she would have been able to dance again."

Allard took the payment and Kistal's used dishes and started cleaning them. "Hmmm... Calibris, eh? Can't say I've ever heard any good about them from any travelers. If they are looking for a fight, this is tha wrong town ta do it." WHen he finished cleaning the dishes at hand, he gathered them and took them to the back so put them away. Hilde sighed as she watched her father go to the back and took a seat in one of the stools. "The chief is mentioning putting together a group of volunteers to go look for the missing girls," she mentioned sounding a little crestfallen. Truth be told, she wanted to go help search, as she was a guard, even though she is kept at the temple exclusively. She felt like she should help more than what she does, but she also knew her father wouldn't want her to, proven by him wanting her to stay. She folded her legs under the stool chair as she sat, thinking about ways she may be able to tell her father she wanted to go, but not seeing any way that would happen.

@Lotrix Molick

Sahale wasn't too keen on moving in quite yet, opting to instead slowly circle his opponent. When he saw the glint of light pass over the knights body, he was sure that he was activating a barrier of some kind around himself, to which, when he saw the first few people commence in their attack, he only slightly shook his head. From the type of knight he was, Sahale had a good idea towards his heritage, though he couldn't say how much the man's blood was split. This meant that he wasn't sure if the barrier was made by his blood or his gear. For Sahale to be sure, he would have to get close enough to the knight to see his eyes and into his mind for a clue. If he could do that, he may find out what kind of abilities he has. Until then, however, he would just have to keep his mind blank and fight off of reacting. Slowly, Sahale closed in, walking casually as ever.

Sahale looked at the others who seemed to come in at different angles around the twilight dragon knight when they stepped through the portal. From the looks of things, the others were preparing to engage, a few in a stance already, and some concealing what types of weapons they had at their disposal behind their coverings, not a bad opening strategy anyway. Sahale tapped the back of his sword against his right shoulder as he stood there casually, he looked over to where Ryba was and gave a sly smile and a short wave. "Hey, gorgeous, just for the record, let's hold off on that whole 'gutting me' proposal on this round, eh?" he shouted with a wink.

Sahale scanned around the battlefield, looking for any signs of vegetation.....which there were none. "How bothersome," he muttered to himself. "Alright then, ready whenever. One hell of a way to start off one's incarceration, but its better than rotting in a cell," he said as he drew his sword, holding it in his right and and keeping the sheath in his left in a backward blade like grip. He set his stance perpendicular to his enemy, right shoulder towards the knight and his blade held out towards him, though not fully extended. He kept his left arm at his left side, the sheath still in his hand and behind his back. Though he was in a stance, his body posture still seemed to be fairly casual and loose, knees slightly bent.
welp, im a dumbass. I didnt even know about this here lol. I was sitting there waiting in the other rp page for this wondering why it stopped, my bad yall hahaha
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