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Current 4 papers due in 4 days? Screw that, we got RPs to post in!
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hmmm, wonder if soul calibur 5 would be a good median for character portraits.....
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SWEET!!!I got the last SNES classic at my gamestop. Woot!
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Having trouble studying for that midterm? Try putting it off and making a post ;)
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there goes another rp. dead in the water before any sort of conclusions were made.


Why hello, you little stalker. As you can see above I have recorded your visit for potential future stalking purposes. In that list you may find some other recent stalking victims. You may wonder, "Oh no! I've been caught! Whatever shall I do! What will become of me!" Well... I can assure you in really...nothing. Except the fact that you may have wasted a precious few moments of your life with this bio. In this, I can say for every person that reads this, I have stolen that moment in your life that you could have been doing something else. Anything really.....Are you still here? Shouldn't you...I don't know, be posting in one of your RPs? I'm sure somebody is waiting for your response, it might even be me. You are procrastinating aren't you? I know I am. At the very moment I typed this I was supposed to be writing papers for class. See? Now I've been wasting time on both our accounts. Look what you made me do.




Ok, that is enough stalking...


There really isn't anything else here...


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Dremmick Valswei

Dremmick followed as they chased after Mason to the cave. On the way, Dremmick noticed Constance's horse was in rough shape, but he didn't have any life energy to mend it at the moment, he would have to come across some later. As they dismounted, instead of directly following Constance, he went over to the horse for a moment and instead he took out some shriveled garlic from his pouch and chewed on it a bit before placing it on the wound like a salve, acting as an antibiotic to keep it from getting infected. He then quickly turned around and followed after the others.

When Dremmick made it to the top with Constance, he immediately recognized the smell as a type of gas. "You fool! Back up, out of the gas!" he yelled, grabbing Constance by the shoulder and pulling her back. "Wait here, and cover your face, do not breath in until after the gas is clear." He went back into the cave taking a deep breath before doing so, disappearing into the thick smog. Once inside he made a thin barrier around himself like a second layer of crimson skin, enclosing his face. He then drew out his fire dagger anstruck it on the stone wall, igniting the dagger and the gas around them in a flaming explosion that knocked him back and burn the crimson skin. He shed it all as he stood up and turned to Constance, who he could see now at the entrance. "C'mon, between your screaming and the explosion, if they are still here they will know we are coming."

Dremmick continued on into the cave until he ended up catching up to the others, noticing two women, one being old and behind a barrier and the other being the Tyro girl from the bar, confirming his suspicions. But he found it odd that a Tyro would cause that poison smog. But then he saw it, two large and pissed off basilisk in the room as well. He looked over to see Mason and got an idea. "Mason, I'll explain later, but let me see your arm. Trust me on this, quickly!"

If Mason offers his arm, Dremmick would draw his knife, "I'm just going to make a small cut, try not to freak out." he would pull out a tiny shot sized jar from his back pouch and start to collect blood from Mason. "Constance, protect us as I draw this and when I'm done collecting this, you and Mason need to hold off the basilisks for just a moment. Do you understand?" His voice was unwavering and very forceful, less a request and more of a command, eyes wide and concentrating on the things around him. "With any luck you two will survive this."

After collecting, if Mason let him do it, Dremmick would step away and start drawing a design on the ground with the blood, pulling out three pieces of paper and then redrawing the pattern on each one as well. When finished, Dremmick would try to hand Mason and Constance their own piece of paper and one for himself. "Get on of these on each of the basilisk, and it should paralyze them shortly. NOW GO!"

He would then turn to Siiga and stand off with her, "That was your gang of cutthroats waiting at the river wasn't it? Nice kitten by the way, almost thought it was going to be a real challenge." Dremick would circle Siiga as he talked, watching her movements for any sign of fight.
Drake Morrison

Drake smiled a bit at Daniil's question. "Better than the other two I'd assume. Guess I'll have to start hitting the chamber earlier, though I feel a lot calmer now than I did earlier, if only for a moment." He kept eating for a moment. He saw a girl walk in a politely waved since they seemed to be the only three there. He then looked back up at Daniil. "So how long have you been a werewolf? If you don't mind me asking of coarse." He tried making small ttalk. It's been a while since he had been around a lot of people, and this guy was one of the few he ran into often enough, he though he may as well try talking with him a bit.
Dremmick Valswei

Dremmick's eyes narrowed and became dark, He was trying really hard not to put a knife through her jaw to her skull to shut her up. He went ahead and climbed on his horse. "The only compensating I'm having to do is trying to keep up with your bullshit pacifism that will do nothing but get you and everyone around you killed. A failed system? Please, they have failed themselves. These people thrive on killing and stealing from others. They want a life like that then they shouldn't be surprised when someone turns the tables on them and has had enough. If what you saw was too much for you then go back home to suckle at your mother's teat, there is no place for you out here. I put my life on the line just now because you couldn't handle it." He let out a sigh and shook his head. "I won't be making the same mistake again. I don't need your magic, I'll take care of myself. Get your own damn horse."

After as much as he just did for them, that ungrateful useless woman has the nerve insult him like that. He's killed people for far less. He watched as she....interrogated the other bandits. If you could even call it that. He found her choices in phasing peculiar. 'Who do you serve', and 'malitia', please, they weren't that complex. Simple bandits following whoever hits the hardest, nothing more. He already had an idea who and where she was. That Tyro girl was probably already at the cave while they wasted time here. But he wanted to see exactly how far her interrogation would go. He noticed that when she asked them question, the bandits would nervously dart their eyes to him and back to her.
Dremmick Valswei

The nymph encircled Dremmick in water, but he held a strong gaze, eyes locked with hers as she approached.

"You have spilled the most blood within my waters and you hold no pact with the King."
He body began to grow a few feet taller as she looked down at Dremmick with narrowed lids.
"The ones to blame for harming a guardian of the forest. Tell me it was not you."

"I'm no Sol, nor do I have any bond to you to uphold someone else's promise of that of which I have never heard of. The bandits were the ones who placed those caltraps in your water, planning to spill our blood. I have no fault here for defending my group. If I recall, your pet there spilled a good amount of blood itself," Dremmick responded, nodding toward the beast.

"For slaying those responsible I will not feed on your essences."

Dremmick cocked an eyebrow at this but didn't say anything as the water lowered around him. He watched as she pulled the metal from the beast's paw and then as they both left. He pulled some wraps from ones of his pouches and replaced the bandages that covered his arm. when finished, he put his hood back up and went to his horse, which he was a bit surprised to see that it was still waiting on him. He checked on it to make sure it was still alright then turned back to the others, waiting on them. If they had at least kept one of the bandits alive, they could use him to track down their leader, who he had guessed was that tyro girl at the bar as some of the bandit's faces were familiar. If he refused, he could just kill him once they got out of the water.
Dremmick Valswei

Dremmick rolled his eyes at the Siren's request. As if he would know what the Sol made oaths to, much less care. They didn't have time for this, not to far upstream, a plume of steam started to rise, slowly tuning into a cloud of steam as he could only guess what had just happened. Confirming his suspision, a large lion-like beast with a mane of fire had made its way into the stream, creating a haze of steam around it, though it didn't seem to be worried in the water. Fire billowed from is mane and legs and along its back to its tail.

Dremmick's eyes narrowed and he turned to his allies. He couldn't believe he was doing this. He could have left as soon as they were out of town, but something about that promise from King Vrondi still gripped him. "Mason, you're a people person, keep our siren guest company." He saw two of the bandits, who were just immobilized by fear get some confidence back in their eyes. "Constance, make sure those two bandits don't run off, but I really only want one alive. Keep Mason protected....I'll take care this thing."He turned back towards the beast, "Or not, your choice." With that, Dremmick started walking toward the fire lion, adjusting his muffler down and leaving his hood off. They were about to see a lot of his magic so he figured there was no point in hiding. They will take him as he is or leave him after this, either was fine by him.

He called out to the lion,"you ready to do this or are you gonna have me make the first move?" The creature let a low rumbling growl at his slow approach before letting out a fiery roar and charging toward Dremmick, "Alright then."The stream was low here and offered a fairly easy land to run on, so Dremmick in turn started sprinting toward his target. The fire lion leaped out landing fairly close to Dremmick who had just rolled to the side. The beast turned and unleashed billowing fire from its mouth right on top of Dremmick, who produced a crimson shield to block the flames, but the big cat wasn't stupid, when is saw this, it reared back its massive paw, nearly half the size of Dremmcik and slammed against the shield. It shattered the thin shield and threw Dremmick into the air, but he had his rope dart ready and threw it, anchoring himself back to the ground. His body jerked as he stopped midair and then dropped back into the stream, however, this hit knocked him where he wanted to be, in the clouds of steam just behind it. The big cat looked around and tried to smell and hear him, and striking at the shadows in the steam. Dremmick, however, had been busy in the steam, letting off a crimson mist of his own that turned the steam red. The irritated lion roared once again, tired of searching and let out a hot jet of fire from ts mouth and swept the area around him. It then saw another shield like before and pounced on it and then bellowed out more fire onto that spot. when it stopped to see if Dremmick was there and dead, there was nothing there. "Over here!" Dremmcick shouted from behind the beast. It spun around to see Dremmcik with his bandaged arm in the air, tears and holes in the bandages of his arm.

At that moment Dremmcik clenched his right fist, and all the crimson mist formed into multiple long slender spears hanging in the air. "Perish," he said as he swung his arm down ward. The fire lion tried to move but it was too late. mutiple spears skewered through it and pinned it to the ground, but that wasn't enough to kill it. Dremmick made one more run, catching one spear that he didn't attack with in the process. Pinned but not yet defeated the Lion roared once more, sending out it most intense flames yet towards the assassin. Dremmick then used the spear to pole vault up and over the blast and landing on the creature/s back. Dremmick then fromed a spike around his hand and stabbed the monster in the back. Each of the spears seemed to sink into the monster but not through it. In retaliation, the bit cat erupted into flames, but Dremmick was faily drenched at this point and had just a moment to finish the beast off. Drawwing all the blood magic from the spears to a central point in the monster, Dremmick started to make another barrier, inside the beast. "It is over for you," he said as he then rapidly expanded the barrier. Being not truly organic, this caused the beast to explode in a fiery explosion instead of a bloody one and disperse its flames. Upon the explosion, it shattered the barrier and send Dremmick flying back, landing back into the rocky stream close to Mason and Constance, hopefully not landing on any more cal-traps in that spot.

Dremmick got up slowly. He was covered in a number of burns and getting practically punched through the air by the beast did a number on him as well with some gashes and bruising, not to mentioin the amount of blood he burned though having to fight a creature that large. He ended up falling back down on one knee, breathing hard trying to use what magic power he had left to slow the bleeding. "See?.......Nothing to it," Five men and a fire beast with no way to drain life energy from it, his body was protesting, but there was still the threat of the siren and her pet. Luckily if they were a problem, he may be able to attack them through necromancy at least. He wasn't even concerned with the other two bandits at this point, especially the third who was a whimpering mess next to Constance.
Dremmick Valswei

Dremmick spun around at hearing the thumping of bows firing off arrows. Unable to bring his blood magic out in time to block the arrows from hitting his horse, he instead hung off the side off it, blocking the arrows with his back. Two arrows hit him in the thick boiled leather chestpiece he wore. It was enough to stop the arrows from doing any major damage, but the still pierced about a centimeter in. He rolled off the horse and into the water, not registering that his hood had fallen back, showing his head from the nose up for the first time since he has been with this group. He was facing off two of the bandits coming in on horses, pulling out his large karambit and rope dart. He started spinning the dart around as the first bandit rode up, taking a clumsy swing with his sword. Dremmick threw his dart out in front of the bandit and rolled low under the attack, the dart however, went into the man's neck, and he instantly tried grabbing at it. Dremmick pulled on the rope, yanking the man off the horse, dislodging and catching the dart as it returned to him. The horse seeemed to go straight to land and ran off, not caring for its fake master. The second rider he was facing has a bow and was sitting up in his stirrups, knees bent to adsorb the shock of riding for a steady shot. Dremmick sheathed his knife and prepared three crimson throwing knives with his blood magic in his right hand, bandages turning red at his hands at it's use. This time, when planned to throw his dart, he didn't aim for the rider, he was going to throw it at his horse's front legs, tripping it up and sending the rider sprawling before he could fire his arrow. However, the horse fell before he could throw it, launching the rider a bit past Dremmick. When the bandit stood up, he was hit by the three crimson throwing knives, one hitting him in the leg and the other two in the chest. Dremmick looked to the horse as t scrambled to get up right and noticed something in one of it's hooves. "Caltraps," he shouted, "Get the horses out of the water!"

He turned to face more bandits that were coming from behind them, the way they came, when everyone heard a roar and it started to get dark. Confused, the other bandits were caught off guard looking for the source in the now darkness, only to hear another bandit scream as the catlike monster attacked, but Dremmick ignored it for now and moved in, sliding between them. When he spun around to face their backs, he swept his hand in front of himself, and when ever his hand lined up with one of the bandits, a crimson spike darted out of his palm and back in, stabbing the three in rapid succession, creating a hole in the bandages at his palm. Each of the bandits dropped fairly quickly, and Dremmick pulled some of their life energy from them, making his arm glow a pale grey again. With this turn of events, he wasn't sure what was going to happen. There were still more bandits that he could make out at a distance, his eyes quickly adjusting to the darkness, though not yet tuned to it completely, but his focus was now on the water spirit that came out of the lake to calm the large cat monster. Dremmick clicked to his horse, to bring it back to shore and quickly check it for wounds and caltraps, healing anything with his stolen life energy, and keeping an eye out for any more fighting or whatever was going to happen with this new threat. After dispersing the life energy, casting away the glow, he pulled the arrows from his back and tossed them on the ground, using his magic to stop the bleeding, but careful not to actually heal himself. Thanks to the darkness, however, he could see something glowing a little ways past the stream, like a fire. He wasn't sure what it was, but he didn't want to stick around and find out.
Dremmick Valswei

Things were moving much faster than Dremmick liked. Just a few hours ago they were in Nero and now they were being sent on some fetch mission for King Vrondi. Dremmick played along for however long he needed to to get out of this place for now, and since Mirror wasn't traveling with them, that may be his perfect chance.

They made their way to the armory, and Dremmick was surprised at the sheer size of it. Peeking from under his hood, knocking a petal from off his head, he could see nothing but wall to wall weapons of all shapes and sizes. It was not long after that Mirror and some other person came bearing new equipment and weapons for them, which oddly seemed to already be prepared and wrapped in black cloth for them. Dremmick wasn't sure, but he wasn't going to turn down the offer. When he opened it and saw what it was, his heart skipped a beat and his eyes went wide in shock. If anyone was paying close attention, the draconic features of his eyes and a toothy grin that bared a hint of fangs were visible for only a brief moment.

First was armor for his arms, shoulders, and waist, which he had actually excitedly and quickly put on. They went over his current clothes easily and cinched down just right. He had to pull the bottom edges of his muffler out from under the shoulder pads so that it was resting over it, but besides that, there was little else to adjust, It added to his leather vest well. He took a moment and looked it over while wearing it, pleased with the quality of the armor The second was an ancient fire dagger, left behind by some old assassin years ago. He couldn't help but feel like he has heard the name at some point during his time spent with the Therosi, but he quickly shrugged off the thought as he heard the two knights give wheat he believed to be making jokes at Dremmick's expense. So Dremmick added to the list of uses, “Or it can be combined with oil to breath fire into a knight's face while they are in their clunky armor unable to take off their helmet to put it out.” He watched as their faces seem to drop at the idea as Dremmick flipped the dagger into the air and caught it with two of his fingers at the tip of the blade, giving it a little wave,Not that I've done that before, he added sarcastically.

On their way to the stables, Dremmick decided that it was a good idea to pick up a pancea full of oil and lash it to the belt of his new harness on his right side. The fire dagger was sheathed and placed on the left side, next to his rope dart. When they got to the stables, Dremmick wasn't all that surprised to hear an uproar about how a group of bandits had made out with some of the horses a while ago, Luckily, it didn't seem to effect their ride acommendations, as there were already some horses waiting for them. Dremmick couldn't help but think that things were just odd. It was as if someone knew that they were going to be here and what to prepare for everyone. Was this King Vrondi's doing? Is this something that he knew was going to happen and somehow prepared for it? Dremmick was honestly confused, but hey, even if he didn't do this mission, ge just got new gear and a horse, which for him, was better than any partners on a mission any day. Dremmick did alright with animals, as he didn't really care for people too much. Animals weren't biased, if you took care of them, they would take care of you. When he was told of the horses skills, he was sure that he was going to keep it, even if Mirror did try to hunt him down later for it.

After taking the potion and before leaving, Dremmick looked to mirror, this time meeting him eye to eye. After a short pause he asked him, “How can you trust us to do this for you, people you have only just barely met?” Dremmick studied Mirror as he answered this, looking for any sort of hint that may give him away. After he was answered, he simply nodded and turned his horse around, leaving with the others.

Dremmick looked around at the countryside as they rode past. Makeshift cemeteries and uncovered mass burial sites broke up what were the beautiful rolling fields that the Nomads called home. 'Even in this haven it seems that these people can't find true safety,' he thought. They reached a stream not to much further, he noticed Constance stop for a moment so he reigned his mount in as well. He saw a look of worry on her face and commented, “After we cross this stream, I'll take point and scout ahead a good ways so that if anybody tries to get the jump on us, I can signal you.” Noticing something of interest, Dremmick dismounted and bent over to pick up a rock, smoothed over by the stream, and nearly palm sized. He placed it in one of his pouches for safe keeping and hopped back on his horse, starting across the stream as well.
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