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Current Desire to type "git gud" intensifies...
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okay, watched the first episode of goblin slayer, not nearly as bad as what it was made out to be. Still a bit depressing but hey, saved 2 of 4 rookies, coulda been worse.
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So i figured out, as much as id love the equivalent of an anime doom guy slaying goblins, i dont like seeing the lovely anime chicas catch a case of the mutilation.
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I don't know when I started checking my RPs more than gaming..... I just know it kinda happened one day....
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I just got Skyrim on the switch, i took a slight downgrade and lack of mods for portability, but I'm loving it.
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Why hello, you little stalker. As you can see above I have recorded your visit for potential future stalking purposes. In that list you may find some other recent stalking victims. You may wonder, "Oh no! I've been caught! Whatever shall I do! What will become of me!" Well... I can assure you in really...nothing. Except the fact that you may have wasted a precious few moments of your life with this bio. In this, I can say for every person that reads this, I have stolen that moment in your life that you could have been doing something else. Anything really.....Are you still here? Shouldn't you...I don't know, be posting in one of your RPs? I'm sure somebody is waiting for your response, it might even be me. You are procrastinating aren't you? I know I am. At the very moment I typed this I was supposed to be writing papers for class. See? Now I've been wasting time on both our accounts. Look what you made me do.




Ok, that is enough stalking...


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@Noodles oooo I like it a lot! like what the others said, its a great backbone for a cs, with just a tiny bit more to add! If you need any help, or want suggestions or have questions at all, don't be afraid to ask!

Aeden scanned the forest around him while Allard suggested he hold off with his healing until they knew for sure this was all over. Wise enough words. Even so, the break was a obvious opportunity to take some advantage of healing. He grasped his burned arm and healed it thoughtlessly. The injury was not that serious, but distractions caused by it could be nothing short of lethal in the right circumstances.

He spotted wisps of energy down the path the Aion Knight walked and then his eyes settled on the Aion Knight himself. Something was very very wrong. He could not see it before with all the lingering essence of magic spread throughout the battlefield, however now that the man was farther from the mess he could see it. He concentrated his vision on the aura around his fellow and could tell there was something not right. Something that did not belong.
”Shit,” Aeden cursed and then he muttered to himself. ”I can’t spite him for being a dick to me now.” He shifted in place showing signs of discomfort as he considered how to approach him again. He probably could not just walk up to his fellow Aion and say, “Hey something’s messed up with you that shouldn’t be”. ”Sometimes I wish these eyes would show me something other than what’s truly there.

He jogged after his fellow Aion and when he caught up he called out. ”Whoa, whoa. Hey I’m not going to let you just walk off without some medical attention, kid. These are some serious wounds, now let me heal you.” His tone said he was not going to ask another time.
He then noticed on the other side of the Aion stood a woman. A woman with a wispy magical aura wrapped around her neck. He stared at her neck for a few moments instantly recognizing what it was that was around her throat. He had seen the same thing on foolish slaves that spoke too loosely. He looked away from here and closed his eyes counting down from three to help him calm down from those awful memories.

When Aeden arrived just behind Mason, Shye quickly withdrew herself into the shadow of the trees closest to her. She knew he saw her, and he was still staring right at her, but she wasn't sure about him either. He seemed to be allied with Mason, as he offered to heal him. Maybe that would be a good thing. No, this was bad. Their whole plan was ruined before it even started. Shye looked at the man from just behind the shadow of the tree next to her, her eyes and Nix's eyes faintly glowing in the darkness as she inspected him. One thing she noticed, was that he didn't seem to be directly looking at her face, but slightly lower, as if he was directly looking at the curse on her neck. Shye remained silent as she slowly backed away, unsure of what to do now. Should she run? Find Mason in the morning? Stay and risk being seen with the Alliance, but letting Mason look a lot less suspicious to his allies? Her eyes darted back and forth between Mason and the newcomer.

Holding his head as he approached Shye, Mason responded groggily, "I..... I don't really know what just happened...... But I feel..... increadible."

Seeing Shye's concern as he looked up, Mason flashed her a weak smile as he nearly tripped over his own feet. However, before he could discuss what had happened, someone else came from behind, spooking Shye. In shock, Mason stared directly into Shye's eyes, giving her a wink "Get ready to run." he whispered..... No one could find out about the plan. "I FOUND YOU ASSASSIN!!!" he yelled as he lunged toward Shye sloppily.

Garrett turned his head towards Allard, a new, glowing crimson orb now orbiting Garrett's head as he absorbs the flowing organ's pumping power, rejuvenating his thought process as he did so, it was a lingering madness in his head, however, like the constant reminder of entropy that would force him to devolve at a moment's notice of complacency. He coughed up a thick black substance, the remainder, of the emptiness of what he consumed before, he spat it onto the ground beneath him. "Raquel is asleep in my complimentary inn room, dearest winged guardian." He had to think a moment as to why his concerns would be of that lovely woman. Well, he just did go completely psychopathically uncontrollable in a fight. "The only problem she faces now is exhaustion. She is as healthy as she can be." His head then turned toward the direction where a crowd left off to, towards a deeper section of the forest they found themselves in. "My dear Allard, do you not think it suspicious to move Further into the Forest after a conflict like this one? It would be much preferable to head back to town to purify their wounds, and rest up in the event further conflicts were to arise." His ears perked towards the sounds of yelling. It would be anybody's bet to go see any more problems that would be arising. He waved Allard to follow him as he began a rushed journey towards the shouts of an Assassin in the woods, especially one that would be of concern to the alliance.

Aeden reopened his eyes and noticed the woman was backing off slowly. He could see her body language was uncertain. He gave her a sympathetic smile as he did not recognize her as an enemy. Then the Aion yelled out while clumsily lunging forward calling her an assassin. Something about the pause he had beforehand tipped him off that he was trying to distract so she could escape.

He stifled a laugh. ”Seriously? What kind of fool do you take me for? Her body language is more of that like an ex-slave than any kind of assassin. Look if you came out for a tryst late in the night then fine, but damn it all to hell I am not going to offer to heal you again.”

He then muttered to himself. ”Where in the hell do they look for recruits these days?”

Shye, while a little startled by the comical and slow attempt at trying to have her run away, was met by nothing but a chuckle from the other knight. He thought that Mason was coming over here to see a woman, that could work. She looked between the two, her yellow eyes settling on Mason. "Perhaps it...may be best if I took my leave..." she said quietly. "You are hurt and need the help. I' in touch." she said as she tried to choose her words carefully. With that she would attempt to leave deeper into the woods.

Allard nodded, exhaling sharply. "Alright. As long as she is safe, I thank ya for making sure of it." Allard couldn't rightly say anything about her 'partnering' with him though, as he wasn't in a position to do so...but still. He wasn't all to ecstatic about it. He calmed down though, until he heard the shout as well, following Garrett over to where Mason was.

Realizing he'd only fucked up more, Mason hurried after Shye, "I'm fine, don't worry about me getting healing-- I've had far worse wounds, and there are many who need such care far more than I do... with a pause, Masons voice became a whisper, I'm sorry about tonight, but apparently the beast infected me with something, and I need to get it fixed before I go, lest I risk spreading the curse"

Just managing to catch up to Shye, Mason put his hand on her shoulder, "Please, find me in the morning. I swear upon my life to you that nothing will stop me from saving you and your son....." he pleaded with a sigh before giving her a quick hug; even wrapping his charred wings around the woman before sending her off, "Now go...... and Shye, stay safe." he said with a warm smile as he turned to head back to where the others were.

Aeden gave the Aion a doubtful look. While he believed that he had experienced worse as Aeden’s own personal experience with injuries was far worse as well, but he had a hard time understanding the disinterest in being healed. Then there was the curse. Perhaps that was the messed up thing he had seen in the man’s aura. ”Fine you don’t want healing I won’t waste the energy on you, but something is not right with your aura. At least let me diagnose it after I’ve healed Allard.”

He then turned to face Allard and saw both Allard and the formerly-beastlike man approaching. ”Everything’s fine, the young man’s just embarrassed about a late night tryst in the forest. Must have been why he came out here in the first place.” He looked at the stranger and smiled. ”So you must be a part of the alliance, I am Aeden Demavend, I recently arrived to join as well.” His eyes turned to Allard. ”Alright, lets get somewhere safe to heal you up. It would be… unpleasant to be attacked by another beast right after a fight like this. Most of you are exhausted and it is late.”

Garrett shot ahead, his eyes tracking the departure of a highly prolific individual in the woods this night. He was tracking the faint tracks on the moistened turf that was the forest floor, and the faint.. Scent, similar to what Garrett could recollect as the same perfume or aroma his mother put off as she worked in the kitchen to feed his younger self. That was of no import at the moment. What was of import was the fact the team was letting an assassin go free without any formal form of questioning or declaration of allegiance. Women were not on a pedestal to be passed off as common, weak, fodder. They were as capable as men, even more so as assassins, seeing as the mindset of passing them off as weak was common among men, even most women. He was going to stop that shady individual. Bring her back for questioning, maybe utilize her assets for the better of the alliance as a whole. He was a blur to those around him, the power exerted from the absorption still running within his empowered veins.

"Wait just a minute, dear stranger!"

Shye had given Mason a short bow before running off into the woods. It was a moment later that she heard something following her. Once noticing this, she began to pick up the pace, trying to lose the crazed crimson knight, remembering what happened not too long ago, she had no desire to speak to him. All she had to do was lose him, as she wasn't too keen on fighting at the moment, and she could then go about finding a safe place to camp up for the night.

Speed was not the only factor in a chase through the woods. There were obvious paths anyone would take, and winding shrubs and bushes that obscured pathways where any would exist. At the best case scenario, he could chase her like a sheep guided into a pen, at the worst case, it would be a competition of endurance. Garrett sped up, his clawed, blood-forged armor legs doing the work of forcing himself forward, while at the base of his protective soles laid lovely, flat sheets of blood that would slam and bounce themselves against the ground as the clawed foot hit the ground, increasing the speed beyond his normal limits. At an even worse case scenario, he could summon a set of blood spears to keep her in one place.

"Stop running! We need to speak! "

Shortly after Shye looked back and noticed that he was ever so slightly gaining on her. So suddenly, as a tree passed between them, there would be two of her and they would split off into different directions. She was fast on her own naturally, though she could be faster if she used her thrust from explosions. This unfortunately, would do nothing but lead him to her though. so she continued.

Garrett was losing his patience, more-so that he had to give chase, now he had to chase two of the same person. This was a trick. Her smell was distinct, and any reproduction was a reproduction. Just like hunting a single beast among the stench of the entire pack, he was dead locked on the trail he was going for. He did not want to take chase in the first place, stopping an assassin who was running away took precedence. He was fast, but wasn't catching up soon enough. Blood was fast, if he was able to hold a beast in place with the manipulation of blood, and the viscosity as well as all other properties of open-air blood, he may be able to make some sort of blood-lasso. That was perfect. A blood-lasso. Blight flexed his claws, the orb of crimson blood hovering around him, still transferring incorporeal powers into him, split into two, thick streams, both towards each of the unknown absconders, their plan was to latch around the legs of the runners, and get them to, well, stop running. They shot forth, faster than Garrett's attempts to run after them. They were going to grab onto something of flesh or cloth, and that would seal the deal. Once that was done, he would reel those thick strands of blood back to himself, nothing is worse than making decisions that have a chance of him losing. He also really liked having the blood he had ready for consumption.

Both Shye and her doppelganger were in mid leap when she felt something jerk on her leg, causing her to crash to the ground an roll, her momentum carrying her a few yards till she hit a tree. They were both then unceremoniously dragged back to the direction they came from, back together to where Garrett was. Shye and the doppelganger acted fast to burn away the blood around their leg, both getting up and preparing themselves to fight now that he had caught up to them. It didn't seem like they could outrun him. The man didn't seem to be in his right mind, seemingly a lust for blood controlled his thoughts. His blood magic reminding her of the atrocities that she would sometimes witness from the Therosi or Dolofon when on a few missions. She was afraid that this may be one of them, hiding among the alliance. Did he know about her? was he trying to get rid of her for failing so suddenly? She had three more days, surely that wasn't it. Thoughts rush through her mind trying to figure him out. the image of his attack on the monster not to long ago still vivid in her thoughts.

Garrett stared at the women. The orb of blood seeming erratic from the overuse, as if it were about to fall apart. He felt a pain in his chest, the pain nostalgia gives an individual when they realize of the past they have lost. She reminded him of his mother, the eyes, the smell, it almost brought a few tears to his eyes.

" Do not run. It is making your situation worse for yourself. "

That enough could have cause more questions to run through her head, or answer some that may or may not be true to his true character within the alliance. He opened his right clawed hand, offering it over to the woman.

" You may explain yourself now, or I can tie you up again and wait until we get back. The latter, may not be as forgiving in nature. "

The way Garrett spoke, especially in this situation, was very obscure to those who were not taking his words at face value. Where was back? There would only be one way to find out. There was also another problem with this encounter. She was in the battle. She saw him at such an enraged state. She was probably terrified at the speculation of what he would be doing to her.

" I... I was not in the right mind back there. But that gives you no excuse to run as you are smarter than you appear. It just makes your own case even worse. "

Shye didn't dare speak. As far as she knew, if this was Dolofon or Therosi, her curse wasn't supposed to be broken, if even for a temporary amount of time. She remained silent. What else could she do? Shye simply shool her head to Garrett. What did he want from her? Should she try to run again? Could she make it back to town like this. The two waited for Garret to make a move, refusing to accept his hand in thinking that if could be a trick.

" Do not play with me. I know you can speak. My ears are keen. Only two women have spoken in this forest, maybe three, counting there are two of you here. "

He eyed the two of them. He held his opened claw where it was. Now that he had her where he wanted her, he could be as patient as a saint with how he interacted with her and her would-be twin. They were fast, they knew how to cast some fierce magic. They could prove useful to the cause were they to be conscripted. He sniffed the air.

" Speak. I may be more forgiving for your running away after being called out as an assassin if you were to do so."

"What do you want from me?" one of them replied lowly. "Who are you?" the other asked. Their bodies were both tense, ready to move at any second.

Aeden turned as the beast-man brushed past him to give chase after the woman. He watched in silence and horror as he used blood magic to capture her. He stared with a light glower as he watched the beast-man pull in twins of the woman and started to interrogate.

He glanced back at Allard. ”Are you fucking kidding, two blood mages? You guys have two blood mages. Dremmick doesn’t seem the type to be a Therosi at least through my first impression of the guy, but this guy? Is he good?”

Allard shook his head, "I know little of Dremmick myself save that he is a strong fighter. He proved that much today. This is tha first I've seen Sir Garrett use such magic. However, he is a knight in service in King Vrondi's castle. I would imagine that he is held in good standing." Allard's arms were crossed in thought as he waited for the outcome. he then turned to Aeden, "If ya don't mind though, while we wait, you offered ta help heal our wounds before? Would make tha trip back a bit easier, I'd say."

Apparently ignoring the corrupted warrior, Mason and the hunter were still discussing about them being cursed and trading the creature's hide for it's core. Just as Nailah was almost to attack the corrupted creature though, she heard a familiar voice telling her to wait. It was Allard, that had his hand raised, asking her to stop. Nailah didn't understand why stop, but since it was Allard who asked, he surely must have a reason. Thanks to him calling out to her in a low tone too, Mason and the corrupted creature havent noticed her presence. Standing still, she simply watched and heard to see where that was going.

Apparently, the creature whom they were fighting against was cursed. Those affected by it would become a husk of their former selves, either becoming a mad beast or simply a pathetic creature. According to the hunter, the only cure was death. While Nailah didn't know exactly how much about that was true, she was glad that she didn't fight against the creature. Even though they had someone who could dispell curses in the group, Nailah didn't want to try her luck. Unlike the hunter, who was too preoccupied carving the beast's hide and the corrupted warrior, Mason was quick to simply throw the beast's core to the corrupted warrior and simply walking away further inside the forest, alone. Aeden, who saw Mason walking away, also went after him. His expression was... different, almost as if he had seen something different... Something... wrong... Maybe if Nailah was on a bit better mood, her curiosity would have made her follow Mason, but right now she felt like she had enough of dealing with all that mess and wanted simply to go back to the inn...
Just like Allard said though, waiting before attacking the corrupted creature had paid off. As it held the creature's heard with it's corrupted gauntlets, not only the black blood above them disappeared, but the corrupted creature started to become more descended in appearance, revealing himself to be a descended, the same one she had seen a while ago on the inn, the same one that stole the waitress from Siiga. Giving a few steps back to avoid getting dirty from all that black blood, Nailah simply crossed her arms, watching when it became clear that there was no more threat.

Judging to how Allard reacted after seeing the man's face, Nailah assumed he was also a part of the Alliance. Even after knowing that though, it didn't change the fact that Garrett smelled like trouble... Especially on how he went berserk and became that strange, corrupted creature. Allard too, didn't seem to be that glad with him immediately asking where the waitress who was with him was now. Garrett, much unlike his previous, mindless and corrupted form, was quick to calm down Allard, carefully telling him that Raquel, the waitress that was with him was safe, resting at the inn. Just as Nailah was already thinking that they would head back to the inn, Garrett also mentioned the strange fact that both Mason and Aeden had walked further inside the forest, soon after those words, all of them were able to hear a yell coming from inside the forest.

"Oh no... Not again! You will go back to the inn with me Allard. There is no reason to-" Nailah said, finally revealing her position with an exhausted and annoyed sigh.(edited)
Much to her despair though, Before she could even finish her sentence, Allard had already followed Garrett further inside the forest.

"Why couldn't we simply ignore them and go back to the inn?" she muttered, as she reluctantly followed both Garrett and Allard.

He looked at her. It seemed she really could talk. It seems he wasn't as mad as he first thought as he came to from that blood-fueled rage he was previously in. He beamed a smile, his assumptions were correct.

"I am Garrett Everard. A Knight, Pathfinder, and impromptu leader for the Alliance. Though I may not look as such at the moment. I want you to explain yourself and your situation. No woman would run after the fact at being called an assassin, she would plea for her innocence. Nobody would let you go off on your own unless they struck a bargain with you. Either you require help, or you are performing seditious, unforgivable acts against our troupe. If you are as innocent as the others have made you out to be by letting you pass back through the woods, then you may prove helpful for us as we may prove helpful to you. "

Aeden hesitated as he glanced off toward the distant figures. He then started to heal Allard as he suggested, but even so, the thought of a slave having been caught by someone that used blood magic did not settle well with him. ”Girl was collared. Strong curse. Looked like it was still somewhat active. Stuff that like is used by blood mages that don’t want their slaves to talk… ever.” He paused while he focused on healing a burn from the beams. ”Although Garrett probably won’t see it.” Aeden pointed briefly to his neck with a free hand. ”There’s an aura around her neck. Seeing something like blood magic will only make her less interested in talking.”

Aeden paused again. The entire time he spoke his voice sounded disturbed. ”The collar may have been broken and her voice freed, but the curse is still there and will probably come back into full effect eventually.” He looked over his shoulder towards Garrett and the woman. ”The Aion could probably remove it with time. I don’t have what’s needed with me. I don’t blame her for running. She probably doesn’t know who to trust.”

With that Nix came flying down, not yet landing on either shoulder. It chirped at her, but this time in a specific pattern. With it, she nodded andd tapped her claws togeth twice, signaling it to land on her shoulder, the shye to the left of garrett fading away, leaving the one to his right. the signal meant that Nix didn't see any Dolofon itt recognized in the immediate area. Though she still didn't want to talk here, you could never be sure. "I...can't." she replied uneasily glancing around the forest and then back to Garrett. Especially not to him. "Do what you must." she said, her resolve hardening. There was still a chance she could escape him if she could knock him away from her. She couldn't trust Mason completely to do the task he told her. The others in his group needed him and would take him back. She would have to go. she would have to take her son elsewhere, and pray that she was never found again. She balled her fists, energy gathering in them and heat raiating heavily from them as she prepared herself. "But I can't go with you...." she simply said.

When Nailah arrived, the first thing she heard was Aeden obviously irritated, complaining that they had not one, but two blood mages on the Alliance. Unsurprisingly, they were both people whom Nailah didn't trust not even one bit, Dremmick and now, Garrett... Other than Aeden, Allard, Garrett and Mason though, Nailah saw two identic women, whom looked exactly like the woman she found spying on them after they met with Sophia. Not even trying to understand the scene, she simply ignored the fact that Garrett was pointing it's claws towards the two women while interrogating them and simply walked to where Allard was.

"Can we not? Please? I'm already tired of dealing with inconsequent idiots... I just want to go back to the Inn, drink something and rest..." Nailah said, with a piercing look to Allard after he asked Aeden to help him with his wounds.

"I am not going to wait for you anymore. If you want to sleep in the forest by yourselves, go ahead. I'm done with all this." she said, warning both Aeden and Allard.

"I am going back to the inn. You two do whatever you feel like doing. I honestly don't care anymore." Nailah said as she simply turned back and started walking back to the inn.

Garrett furrowed his brows. Staring down the woman and her 'hardened resolve', he clenched his opened hand, thinking that he could just wrap a thick blood noose around her and knock her out, tie her up, and question her when she is incapable of retaliation, he opened his hand when he realize that would not help any situation whatsoever.

"You are very quick to jump to your own conclusions. Stop. I am not going to fight those who do not need to be fought. Stop casting that magic of yours and talk to me. That is all I am requiring, you can whisper it into my ear if you don't want the owls to hear us. If you truly took in what you saw me as earlier you would understand not even a curse would stop me if I were to get angry. Here we are. In the woods. Calm, and collected. If you would like, you could tell me everything at the inn. The problem is. You need to not act as hostile as you are now. There are many things I need to address myself at the Inn with the rest of the retinue, and I would prefer to save an exhausting trip."

Shye breathes seem to calm down as she listened to him, energy disipating from her hands. She considerred what he had to say. Maybe sh could taka risk, if anything, if she went now, she could escape while their guard is down. She nodded to him, relaxing a bit. "Alright...I'll go..."

Allard looked to Nailah as she started to walk way. He turned to Aeden, taking notice of his healing abilities. "Thank you, you truly have some skill here." he said inspecting Aeden's handiwork. "I'll go as well. Keep an eye on things here. Don't let it get too out of hand. I'll make sure she gets back alright." He then continued to follow Nailah back to the inn.

He didn't say much to Nailah on the way back, leaving her alone in her anger. She wasn't entirely wrong, though Allard knew if he hadn't shown up, things could have been worse. When they got there however, as he saw Nailah go off to where she would sit, Allard went to the bar. He then approached where Nialh was sitting with two huge tankard's of something strong. He set one down in front of Nailah and sat down with his with a long sigh, taking a long draft of his drink. "So...." he started. [color=9ACD32]"Not quite what either of us expected..."

Aeden smiled at Allard’s compliment. ”Thanks.” He had mixed feelings in regards to his healing magic. On one hand he was proud of his talent in regards to it, but on the other hand it reminded him of the continued torture it allowed the Therosi to put him through when he manifested the ability to close wounds. He took a deep breath as he calmed himself down from those stressful thoughts. When am I going to stop being imprisoned by my memories?

He waved as Allard and Nailah left, and he approached Garrett and the woman. The woman had a small dragon on her shoulder. Again, he gave her a sympathetic smile, but as his attention turned to Garrett his face returned to neutral. ”Everything good here?” His tone was wary, as even though Allard had vouched for Garrett, Aeden decided caution was the greater decision to take around the stranger.

Even so, he could not let the slave woman be alone with a blood mage. ”Allard and Nailah are heading back to the Inn. Best we head back too.” He looked at the woman with a slightly worried expression as he escorted them back to the Inn. ”Whatever chains you’re held down by it’s best not to break them alone lest you strain yourself.”

Garrett looked to his new addition of the return party. One of the Aion. He was there. His suspicions were understandable in coming to see what was going on. His clawed hand closed, returning to his side, nodding towards the unnamed woman to follow him as he turned towards the direction back to the city, where all the others had left off to. It would be a wonderful trip full of silence on his own part as he contemplated exactly how this situation could be utilized for his overall scheme for the night.

"Aion. I will assume you are a conscript or volunteer for this Alliance seeing as you so willingly heal strangers with no regard of payment from them. I was previously not in the right mind, and will explain everything to the entire retinue known as the Alliance when we return to the inn. We will also be addressing how the Alliance should be functioning, seeing as unspoken rules have only gotten ourselves to go behind our own backs and betray our notions of trust. What I need from you for this is, when we return to the inn, to gather those of the Alliance you know of, and inform them to gather those they know of, seeing as I am very sure we have received some additional help, including yourself. We will be convening at the large round table of the ground floor. We will, of course, speak of everything covered tonight this following morning, but things need to be said, and things need to be decided. "

He kept a wary eye towards the cursed not-so-mute assassin that was supposedly following the other two to the inn.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. SHIT! A tooth cracked in half in Mason's mouth as Blight raced after Shye. As much as he wanted to stop that crazy bastard, that would only make the situation even WORSE. At this point, Mason had little doubt that Garrett was a double agent; between the blood magic as well as NOT being targeted by the Dolofon OR Therosi-- something wasn't right. However, there wouldn't be enough evidence to convince the party of this unless he shared his conversation with Shye. One path would lead to Garrett informing the Dolofon of Shye's insubordination, and the other would lead to the party turning against Mason. The conniving bastard had set quite the trap to protect his cover; for now, Mason would just need to bide his time until he could plan something to counteract such meticulous scheming. A grim expression fell over the young Aion knight; he needed to act as if he knew nothing of the situation, lest he put Shye into further danger.

As the others began to walk together back to the inn, Mason wordlessly slipped into the group; inspecting his wing as they walked. Oddly enough, the damn hole was nearly gone........ Exactly what the hell happened out there? Mason wondered; honestly, he could barely remember anything after leaping on the creature's back. But that could be addressed later, as the safety of both Shye, and her son was currently on the line.

Neither Nailah nor Allard said anything on their way back to the Inn. Honestly Nailah just wanted to relax and forget everything that happened. As she arrived, she went immediately to the counter to get something to drink. Gods knew how she needed something strong to clear her mind...

"Just what have I gotten myself into...?" she thought to herself, lowering her head, resting it on the table with a long sigh. Exhaustion, not physical but mental.

As she raised her head, about to ask for a drink, Allard did so before her, ordering two huge tankards. Judging by the smell, it was exactly what she needed, something strong.
After taking a long draft of his drink, he turned to her, commenting about what just happened.

"Don't even get me started on that... I have no words to describe my frustration..." she said, taking a long draft of her drink as well.

"You all are honestly a bigger threat to yourselves than the very beast that you were fighting against. I'm amazed that you all are still alive or even how you guys are able to call yourselves an 'Alliance'... Can you guys really trust yourselves?" She asked, raising an eyebrow with a piercing stare, talking not only about Dremmick and Garrett but if they could trust one another to work as a team in a battle situation.

Lynn after seeing Nailah return, lazily lifted up a hand and waved to her. "Naaaaaailaaaah, you're back! See siiga, I knew it! They would be back eventually..." around her were quite the number of empty glasses of what used to be cider. It seems they had started without her.

It was then that she heard a familiar voice calling for her. Turning around, Nailah saw a very 'happy' Lynn, surrounded by a large number of empty glasses. Despite the fact that she was slightly disappointed for them to not have waited for her, she couldn't help but be surprised on how different Lynn was after drinking. Did Siiga say something to encourage Lynn to drink...? Honestly Nailah couldn't even imagine that such a shy girl liked to drink in the first place.

"Lyyynnn... I need a huuuug..." Nailah moaned, lowering her head on the table and raising her arms as if asking for a hug.

"Oh no ye don't!" With a fearsome cry, Bonnie leapt from the shadows and plonked himself directly between Nailah and Lynn. "Ye can just stay right there, where there's nae funny business gaein one between ye twa!"

Now Siiga didn't know what to make of that display. Bonnie probably thought that he was defending Lynn from some sort of predator, which was weird, considering he couldn't stand the sight of her, but whatever. But Siiga couldn't resist taunting Nailah, and while Bonnie had his focus squarely on the big girl, she leaned in and gave Lynn a biiiiig cuddle.(edited)

Lynn's eyes showed surprise as her cheeks flushed red, though she was smiling. Maybe her face was red from the drink? But she was assured by Bonnie that it was just juice.... Is this why She wasn't allowed to have a lot when she was younger? everything seemed a bit fuzzy, and like her movements lagged behind slightly. "Bonniiiie, I'm fine see? I can hug!" she giggled as she returned the hug with Siiga.

Now there was a sight to see. Two beautiful young women, pressing their soft, nubile bodies against each other in front of the whole bar, arms locked in a passionate, drunken embrace that would...

Where was I? Oh yeah, Nailah. Siiga was grinning a mile wide, eyes locked on Nailah. See, that slut didn't know who she was fucking with.

"For someone who looks so cute, you're surprisingly irritating, rude and impolite..." Nailah said looking to Bonnie with an annoyed expression without even looking at him as she drank more from her tankard.

Even after Nailah heard Lynn saying she was fine and could even hug, Nailah simply didn't feel like looking back, still resting her face in her hands as she slowly drank from her tankard. She didn't need to look back to know what was happening. Siiga was probably hugging to provoke her.

"You should be worried about Siiga... Getting Lynn drunk so she could have her all for herself... I wouldn't be surprised if she tried something weird with Lynn tonight... Look how she is rubbing herself all over Lynn... After all, she is probably still feeling horny after being rejected by that waitress and watching helplessly as Garrett walked away with her in his arms." Nailah said with a mischievous smirk and sharp eyes as she threw her head back to look at both Siiga and Bonnie, obviously provoking them.

"Hnnng~" Nailah moaned as she stretched herself on the chair.

"Silly boy... So naïve..." Nailah said with a sigh, drinking the last bit of alcohol on her tankard.

"I'm only rude and impolite cause I stop ye getting what ye want~" Holy shit. Was that ivory!? Yes! The first time today, Bonnie was actually doing a no-joke, honest to god smile! The beacons have been lit! Gondor calls for aid!

"But ye forget, missy, is that ah've seen yon twa the-gether, which means ah know how they are aroond each ither. But ye... Ye're a wildcard, ye are, and a pretty skanky one at that."

We'll just brush over the fact that Bonnie was literally a prostitute for several years. Hey, I never said he wasn't a hypocrite
As for Siiga, well, she'd heard enough insults to grow a bit of a thicker skin than that. And in response to Nailah's insults, she gave Lynn a kiss on the cheek

"She's just jealous that it's not her getting the hug" She said with a grin "Although who she's jealous of, that's a real mystery~"

Lynn's eyes opened wide and her ears perked up when Siiga gave her a quick peck on the cheek. She giggled with a winning smile. Normally she would be embarrassed by all this show of affection, but she was a little too far gone to think about it. In a not so great way of defending Nailah, Lynn tried saying something for her on her behalf, not knowing how much they were at odds with each other, and barely able to make out anything Bonnie was saying. "She can have a hug if she wants one! Nailah is a nice person, I think.... though she gets handsy really quick though! Oh! We could doooo....a group hug!" she said, raising bothe arms in the air with a big smile.

Allard watched the young Lassa with a raised eyebrow before looking to the others. "Young lass, I'd believe you might need ta sleep off yur drinks," he said chuckling a bit himself before downing the rest of his tankard. He looked over to Nailah. "Oi? Done alreaddy I see, well, I'll have ta fix that!" He said as he picked up both tankards and went to get more.

When Nailah heard Bonnie calling her skanky she simply looked at him with a piercing stare before staring at her empty tankard once more.

"Bonnie, you should really keep your mouth shut... You're much more pleasant to have around when quiet..." Nailah said as she waved her hand dismissing Bonnie as just an annoyance.

"You're really not worth my time. Go play with someone else and leave me alone. You're not worth my time." she said, with an annoyed sigh to Bonnie, before hearing Siiga's voice once more.

"What? Jealous? Of you?" Nailah asked, laughing as she looked to Siiga when she heard her saying that she was jealous of her hugging Siiga.

"Jealous of someone so sexually frustrated that she needs to make an innocent, naive girl drunk in order to have some affection?" Nailah continued, looking to her with a cruel smirk on her face.

"After all, the only one I'm really jealous of is Allard, who still has something inside his tankard... Well... had a second ago..." Nailah replied, looking to Allard a few seconds before he gulped down what was left inside of his. If she was in a better mood, she would definitely take that chance to continue provoking Siiga but right now she couldn't care less about them.
Just as she said that though, Allard ordered another full tankard of drink for Nailah after suggesting that Lynn should stop drinking. While it was definitely amusing to see Lynn acting like that, she couldn't agree more with Allard.

"I do agree with Allard. My dear, you should really stop drinking and go cool your head. A sweet and pure girl like you shouldn't be drinking like that... Or letting someone push you drinks until you get drunk." Nailah continued, talking with Lynn just like one would talk with a younger sister or a daughter.

"Thank you for the drinks, Allard, you're quite a sweetie." she said, with a smile to the gigantic man, playfully pinching his arm before she took a sip from the new, filled tankard.

When Lynn mentioned a group hug though, Nailah raised an eyebrow, turning towards Siiga and Lynn.

"Not on a good mood for that, I'm sorry. Maybe another time. After all, I wouldn't like to take advantage of you when you're drunk." Nailah said with a cruel smirk on her face, teasing Siiga once more.

"When you feel safe enough around me to give me a hug or to let me hug you, then I'll accept your offer." Nailah said, looking to Lynn with a kind and motherly smile.

Wait, she was leaving him alone? Oh sweet merciful Buddha, all his Christmases had come at once! No more of that insufferable, pathetic attempts at 'teasing' him, just peace, quiet and the knowledge that he didn't have to watch his back. How his eyes lit up when he heard that she didn't want anything to do with him!

"Yer serious!? Fucking YALDIE!" the boy whooped and punched the air. "Fuck it, ye all want a round!? Ah feel like celebratin'!"

Siiga rolled her eyes at the boy's antics, but at the very least he wasn't sitting there with a sour face anymore. He was so much cuter when he was smiling. She tossed him a small pouch and told him to go wild, but make sure it was for the table, before turning to look at Nailah.

"She's an adult, she can make her own decisions. You're just frustrated cause she chose me over you" she kicked her feet up on the table "But it's okay. I can understand your frustration. Must be hard getting rejected by underage boys, hmm?"

[Garrett and the rest of the group make it back to the inn at this time]

"It would be easier for us to help you if you said something while we weren't in the public's eye, or near any peering, untrustable ears."

He turned himself towards the nameless woman as they walked to the inn. Awareness was one of many Garrett's talents, taking great notice as one of the suspects of a seditious plot entered the group. His eyes would train on the winged male making a piss-poor attempt at sneaking into the returning party.

"You are not off the hook, either. You let this questionable individual go, without any relay of information of who they are or if they are truly an ally. You did more harm than good for this woman if that was your goal, especially knowing there was more than just you in these woods."

He sounded like a stern father, scolding their children on a long trip back home after noticing the problems they made during the trip away.
It was a wonderful feeling in Garrett's head, and even more what he would be saying to the entire team, a recreation of a true alliance's rules and regulatory statements.

Lynn seemed a little let down from all the arguing. "I'm fine....I'm just.... a little tired is all....I think..." Lyyn slidd a little down in her chair but then sat up as the fighting continued, trying to get a word in to ask them to stop but it wasn't working. All she could do was stit there with a worried expression and watch the insults go from one to the other. There was some odd notion in her head that this may be her fault, most likely her not being able to think right, she was never drunk before and this was quite an odd feeling. It seemed managable enough though. "I'm sorry to cause so much fuss...mmmaybe I should go ahead to the room.." she said. Though as she went to stand, everything semed to turn upside down and she started to fall out onto the floor, a bit of a cartoonish flail as she tried, and failed, to regain balance, hitting the floor with a little yelp.

Aeden listened to Garrett as they made their way to the Inn. He seemed quite wise now that he no longer appeared feral. He spoke well and eloquently. Aeden could see he could be an excellent leader, but he would have to see how he operates among a group as diverse as this one. ”You speak well, and I certainly agree that ground rules should be laid out. I understand that battle was not something planned by most of us and as a result it was absolutely chaotic, but it also clarified a need for everyone to come to consensus about how to function as a group.”

He glanced back to the woman again as they made their way into town and headed toward the inn. Understandably, she was silent and worried. Mason was not in much a better state it seemed. The scolding of Mason by Garrett was interesting as from what he could tell they were not that far apart in age. Age was a tricky thing when it came to descendants though after all he looked about the same age as they did as well, and he knew of descendants that were older than he was that looked his age as well.

When they entered the inn, the scene before them was to be expected. Noisy. Drunk. A party. ”Nyph? Where is Nyph?” He glanced around the table the group now sat at and found the pseudodragon sleeping underneath the table with his head stuffed into a pewter mug. He sighed and stepped over to an open space at the table to pull his friend out from under the table and pick him up. The mug slipped off Nyph’s head as he left the floor.
He considered joining the party for a few moments, and he also considered suggesting they start coming up with a set of ground rules right away, but after everything that happened tonight he really had no interest in being a wet blanket. He looked at Garrett with a serious expression. ”I get it that getting the ground rules laid out is serious. Now is not the time for that. I’m getting a space so I get put Nyph to bed. We aren’t going to get anywhere with that chaos going on right now.”

Nailah heard as both Bonnie and Siiga continued with their pathetic display. Siiga trying to provoke Nailah and Bonnie... Honestly, Nailah had no idea of what that brat was trying to do. Was he trying to sound funny? For her he was just being pathetic. Anyways, she was just ignoring both of them right now. After all, she wouldn't gain anything by arguing with them.

To make things worse, Aeden and the others were back from whatever they went. Things were about to get even more annoying and irritating.

"Ugh..." Nailah grunted, annoyed and exhausted.

"Hey Allard..." Nailah said, leaning her head on his arm.

"Can we please go somewhere quiet? I'm really frustrated with all that happened, exhausted and it's just too noisy here... To make things worse, both Siiga and Bonnie just won't shut up..." she said with an exhausted tone as she started using her charm on Allard while being careful to talk low enough so just him would listen to her.

"If it's not much to ask, could you give me a back massage? I just feel like my head is about to explode and alcohol is just not helping..." Nailah continued, looking to him as she waited for an answer.

Oh, ignoring her, was she? Pfft. Siiga would see what she had to say about this.

"Oh please. We both know the only reason you're so pissed off is because you never got to hear Oh, Nailah! I love you~!" This last part, by the way, came in a loud impression of Bonnie's voice. Apparently loud enough to make others turn and look at them. "Well, unironically, I mean."

But when Lynn hit the deck, her demeanour changed. She jumped to her feet and was there like a flash. "Lynn! Are you okay!? Christ..."

Though try as Garrett may to provoke a damning response from Mason, he would quickly be shown that the young knight; though arrogant, was FAR from stupid, "You are a fool to think that we are free from surveilance sir Blight-" Mason stated coldly as he stopped and turned to Garrett, "The shadows have eyes.... Or are you perhaps trying to divert attention from your recent antics? Quite a convenient opportunity, no?" Once again, Mason continued to the inn alongside the rest of the group, disgusted with the so called 'leader' of the newly formed alliance. However, the moment he entered the inn, Mason was appalled to see Lynn on the floor; heavily intoxicated, with Siiga looking over her. "Alright..... Who's amazing idea was it to give Lynn alcohol?" he groaned in frustration.

Garrett nodded towards the more, jaded Aion.

" It will be in the morning then, enjoy your night. "

Garrett gave Mason what seemed to be a death stare. Assuming he had any intention to divert the attention from what he had done, whereas Garrett knew to himself he would be doing quite the contrary in the meeting he would have loved to occur tonight in order to save the Alliance from any further self-destruction on unwarranted suspicions, sedition, or infighting. They were at the inn now, and he couldn't outright flay the man in front of all these people, he didn't want to hear screaming or fight any of those who wished to protect the runaway slave-turned knight-without-a-code.

He would let this transgression against him and his own person for the remainder of the night. It will have to wait until the meeting he were to call in the morning, where a collaborative effort would be made to put in place enough change to keep the Alliance afloat.

His attention then turned to the nameless assassin, something had to happen to her that kept her in check for the rest of the night, he offered his hand to her.

"Fortune is favoring you tonight, miss, who has yet to give me her proper name. Your fate will be decided tomorrow. But you will not be going anywhere. Captive assassins leave any second of complacency guards would give them. We are taking a seat, out in the open, in public, where neither of us can be doing anything suspicious besides drinking or eating. It would be good time to sway me or convince me about the situations you have found yourself in. Keep your head on your shoulders, and reassure me that you aren't guiding any of the Alliance members astray. It will be a grand old time."

Shye looked to Garrett after she heard him chastise Mason. What Mason had to say only seemed to increase her discomfort. If Garett would notice, Shy'es movements were very graceful, much like a noble. It was subconcious to her because that was how she was trained to move when growing up, engrained into her being through many harsh lessons. She neatly sat down in a chair, she thought about crossing her knees until Nix jumped down from her shoulder and into her lap, curling up in a ball, but her eyes and ears still on alert. She nodded to what Garrett had to say and would every now and then glance over to Mason. Until Garrett found it to be the appropriate time to talk, she simply sat there quietly with Nix, stratching or petting the furred dragonling.

Aeden stepped up to the receptionist. He had enough of this night. There was just too much going on. Too much unpleasantness, and too much noise. Right now, he just wanted to relax in a room and pass out in the comfort of a bed. "I'll have a single if you have one." He paid what was due, got his room key, and made his way to his bed. He unpacked what little he had and removed his armor. Nothing worse than sleeping in your armor even though he was used to it due to some missions requiring constant vigilance. He placed Nyph on a pillow and laid down on the bed next to the unconscious psuedodragon.

"Buddy," He commented as he started to fall asleep. "This might be the hardest mission we've ever been on..."

Allard nodded to Nailah, feeling like that may be a good idea to him. "Oh, I might be able to manage something." he said cracking his knuckles, because somehow all his fighting today has yet to be enough to pop them. "Its been a long time, but I'm sure muscle memory will kick in." He then went to pay for two single-bed rooms, to which the barkeep informed him that there was only one single-bed left, bt they still had plenty of two-bed rooms. This caught Allard by surprise. He most certainly couldn't afford two two-bed rooms.Allard went ahead and bought a single-bed room for the night, remembering that Nailah told him not to buy her room, just her stew earlier in the day. He complied and went ahead to go to the room, opening the door to let her through first.

The rowdy group was beginning to stir up the late night customers who were traveling traders. Many chose to sleep in tents than spend on an expensive Inn's room. The food however was worth buying and after the confusion in the town, the new arrivals, and the bloody roars out in the forest they needed a few ales themselves. Drinking shamelessly with all eyes on the alliance members who filed in. Two seraphim was enough to gain the regulars attention. But the others were clearly from all over the lands. Armor, attire and dialect be damned. Their natures screamed diversity.
I am definitely interested! One question, though its just out of curiosity, are there multiple races with different characteristics and such? or is it more like just being from different nations?

also, after reading through the material, would a red mage sniper be feasible? someone that uses magic with their rifle, ex. that beautiful blend of different magics, imbue cartridges with magic, some melee ability.
Hey, we have all been there, take care of yourself first, and if you ever feel like you are falling behind, we can always find a way to get you back into it.

Nailah simply watched as Lynn used her water magic, making a puddle beneath the unconscious Dremmick lifting off the ground. He was indeed in an incredibly bad state, but for some reason, neither Dremmick himself wanted to get healed neither the others wanted to get him treated, other than Lynn herself. Probably it had something to do with his strange blood magic he was using earlier, but Nailah wasn't certain. And she surely didn't want to be the one to test that hypothesis.

Without anything better to do, Nailah simply followed both of them. While they were making their way though, suddenly a dark crimson tail appeared from under Dremmick's sash. After hearing Lynn's surprised commentary, Nailah couldn't help but wonder... Didn't she see some weird stumps on his forehead when Lynn turned him? There was also strange scars on his back... With that tail now, things became even more strange... What exactly is Dremmick?

"I don't trust him... He has far too many secrets..." Nailah said, looking to Dremmick's unconscious body and to Allard and Lynn soon afterwards.

Truth be told, he wasn't the only one Nailah didn't liked that much. Aeden, the strange newcomer was another one. Although it wasn't due to the same reason as Dremmick. It was more of a personal thing. She didn't like at all how Aeden acted, almost as if he believed to be more important than everyone else, more capable or more responsible... Sure, he had just arrived, but his first impressions on Nailah weren't very good.

"So... what are you going to do with him?" Nailah asked Lynn and Allard, obviously referring to Dremmick.
Everything around that man was just so... strange... He was hiding things and Nailah would definitely know his secrets. Whether he wanted or not..

Before Nailah could say anything more or even Lynn and Allard could answer though, a loud, strange howl cut the night coming deep within the forest.
Anyone that heard it could immediately say it wasn't a normal creature. It's howl somehow sounded... different. It was almost as it sent a chill down their spine as they heard so.

Immediately turning her head towards where the sound came, Nailah quietly listened without emitting a single sound. Her eyes pointing towards where the sound came, almost as if she was trying to draw a straight line to the origin of said sound.

"This is not a normal animal..." Nailah finally said, after a few moment in silence.

Lynn looked to Dremmick floating in the air next to her. "I guess all I can do is set him in his room and go ahead to our own rooms. Maybe he-" but Lynn was cut off as a loud howl filled the air.

Allard looked up at the sound of the howling. He was stunned for a moment. "Everyone, inside, now," he said. "Something isn't right. I will go see what it is. It could be another attack, but it could very well be a hunt. Either way it is not safe." Allard said as he turned, about to make his way in the direction the sound was coming from. His large wings spread out as he prepared to take flight.

Aeden and Nyph looked south when they heard the roar. Something like that could only be considered dangerous. Surely, it was a beast hunting prey in the forest. Surely, no one would be dumb enough to enter the forest at this time of night. ”What are the odds of a beast like that entering the city? I can’t imagine too high.”

He was not too keen on going galvanting into the forest after a mystery monster. Flying at night would be too dangerous for Nyph as he could not see in the dark, so asking the pseudodragon to scout the situation out would be dumb as well. Defending the city from the rampant plants was one thing, but the city would have its own defenses against an exterior attack like a monster.

”Allard was it?” Aeden recalled the quick introduction before he quickly rushed into what he thought was more problems with the plants and turned out to be duel. ”I agree with you. The odds are the city has its own defenses against a wild beast, and I can’t imagine someone being dumb enough to enter the forest at night.”

He noticed the big man was starting to head off towards it. "I'm sure you're capable enough to handle most threats, but is it wise to charge off into something unknown when we don't even know if it's a threat?"

"No," Allard simply replied, "But who is ta know what it is if we all just wait for it ta arrive. Someone could very well be in danger out there, and if not, then all is well. This is Gaia. We are it's defenses. I will return." Allard wings lifted himself off the ground.

Aeden felt great respect for Allard’s courage. He nodded firmly at the man’s response. Before Allard got too far, Aeden called out. ”Very well. At the very least allow me to cast a protection spell on you. Just in case the beast or whatever is one of Chaos. Better safe than sorry. I will keep watch here with Nyph and anyone else that cares to help.”

If Allard allowed he would cast Protection from Chaos on him quickly forming the protective rune, so Allard could head out as soon as possible. "It should last an hour provided it doesn't take too much of a beating."

Nailah rolled her eyes when Allard said for them to get inside. She didn't know exactly why, but the deep wounds on that scythe woman from earlier seemingly weren't enough to tell Allard she could protect herself. Even if she wanted to protest though, it would be useless as Allard was already flying away.

After a quick exchange of words with Aeden, who casted a protection spell on Allard as he flew away, Aeden turned to Lynn and Nailah, saying he would stay there to watch over the town. Maybe that Aeden guy wasn't that bad after all... Even though he acted like that a bit earlier...

"Say, Aeden... Can you know when your spell is broken? Or if Allard gets hurt? Or any way to know how things are going?" Nailah asked. While she didn't really wanted to go, if something happened with Allard because she let him go by himself, she would feel guilty.

"I don't really want to go, but if Allard gets hurt because I let him go by himself I would feel a bit guilty." Nailah said.

"Well... I doubt Allard would lose to a random beast... Should we go inside, my dear?" Nailah asked, turning to Lynn.

"While we wait for him to return, you can ask me anything you want to know about me and in return I'll do the same to you!" she said, laughing to the girl.

"You too, Mr. Shiny Seraphim." Nailah said, looking to Aeden, raising an eyebrow with a brief smirk. Even though she was teasing her, it was obvious that he was considering giving the man another chance.

"O-okay." Lynn nodded to Nailah. "Siiga, could you get me some fresh bandages? We could at least wrap him up for now." she asked as she went ahead to take Dremmick inside, dropping Dremmick off in his room, on the bed, which she made sure to remove the mattress beforehand leaving him the board beneath it to sleep on so as not to ruin the mattress and sheets. When finished dealing with him she came back out and sit at one of the tables with the others. Lynn stayed silent at first though because she wasn't sure where to start with the questions.

Siiga nodded, quickly rushing to comply. It wasn't much, but even the littlest things could make a big damn difference.

Aeden shook his head to Nailah’s first question. ”I’m afraid not. I can see the effect end very easily, but I would need to be there to witness it.” He had seen the magical effect created by his protection spell enough to know if it was working or not thanks to his Divine Sight. “If you pay attention to the rune you’ll see it disappear when it ends. Beings of Chaos cannot touch him while under its protection, so a mindless beast should not be a problem.”

He could go further into detail about the effects of the spell, but he was not entirely sure he could trust Nailah fully. While she was no enemy she was still a stranger to him. While he made an effort to tell the truth and only the truth there was a danger to saying everything. He chuckled when she poked fun at him calling him “Shiny Seraphim”.

”Oh! Oh!” Nyph bounced up and down as they entered the Inn and sat at a table in the lounge space. He landed on the center of the table with wide excited eyes. ”What’s your favorite thing in the world? I love adventure!”

Right now, it was everything Bonnie could do not to rip his own eyes out his skull. How had he thrown his lot on with this ragtag band of misfits?

Oh yeah. Her. He scowled meaingfully at Siiga, who smiled and gave him a thumbs up in response.

"Is that whit we're doing noo? Sharing wee stories like a bunch a' schoolgirls at camp?"

Lynn's ears drooped a little, "Well, I mean, its probably good to know each other a little more...I guess." She said, the last part being just a little above a whisper. She looked Bonnie up and down, noticing his clothes. Even though she cleaned them, they were still rather rough looking. maybe she could do something about that later. She looked up to psuedodragon to respond first before the others in order to keep the conversation going. Good conversation helped keep people's minds off their troubles after all. "Well, I guess...I like to sing when I can," she said with a small smile.

"Do you? I need to hear that sometime" Siiga smiled, ignoring the soft thud that was Bonnie banging his head against a wall "I like to travel, and get in touch with my, heh, inner animal"

Nailah quietly heard as Aeden explained a bit about the spell he casted on Allard. Even though he had said he couldn't know what exactly was happening, he couldn't know if the spell was broken or not, so if something happened with Allard, they would know nothing about it.

"I'm waiting for a while. If he doesn't come back I'll go after him.." Nailah said, turning to him with a serious stare.

As Lynn started bandaging Dremmick's wounded body, asking Siiga for help, she agreed in getting to know each other a bit more. Even though she was still awfully shy, Nailah would make her less shy in time. She just needed to know her a bit more.

Nyph, Aeden's companion, was as happy and cheerful as always, bouncing on the table as he said that he loved adventure. Nailah couldn't help but giggle at the small pseudodragon.

"You're quite an energetic little guy, ain't you?" Nailah said, giggling as she gently patted him.

In the other hand, Bonnie seemed like he was about to kill himself. Nailah still didn't understood the boy at all... Why was he so grumpy and angry for no reason at all? Did he want to go as well to the forest? That small boy?

"I do think you would really like Dremmick... You're starting to sound as boring as him... A cute boy like you shouldn't be so grumpy~" Nailah said, playfully touching Bonnie's nose with a giggle.

"Oh, do you sing Lynn?" Nailah asked after she heard her.

"I would really like hear you singing sometime! See? Even Siiga wants to hear it too! Come on, Lynn! Don't be so shy! Act a bit more impulsively!" Nailah said, laughing as she encouraged Lynn to sing a bit, with a kind smile to her.

"Your... inner animal?" Nailah asked Siiga with a chuckle. By her reaction, she obviously misunderstood what she meant by that.

Bonnie was seriously about to break this girl's fingers. Who did she think she was? He oughta smash her lights in! "Hey! Hands off the merchandise!"

Siiga had to giggle. It was kinda like being back at the old gang. Just kicking around, relaxing, having someone almost get killed and acting like there was nothing wrong... Lots of old memories. She smiled, sure, but the air around her palpably saddened. "Anyone want drinks? I'm buying."

Aeden actually had to contemplate Nyph’s question. What was his favorite thing? Was it the Aion? Until recently he really did believe in the cause, and even now he would make an effort to free slaves of his own free will, but was the Aion really his cause? It was definitely Mirror’s cause, but he no longer had as much vigor about it as he did. He had spent almost half of his life working with them. Something caused a disconnect for him.

”My favorite thing?” He wondered with some weight in his words. ”Is being free.”

Lynn smiled a bit more, "Oh I would love to sing for all of you sometime! I grew up singing around the infirmary and then started learning siren songs to help soothe the patients." Lynn then heard Sigga mention paying for drinks. "No need, I can summon water from my rune if anyone is thirsty!" Lynn said, not even thinking about the fact that Siiga probably meant alcohol.

Aeden enjoyed the atmosphere of the group. It was very different than the team he was a part of while working with Aion. They were not bad people, and they were even enjoyable to spend time with, but there was a limited variety when many of them were ex-slaves themselves. This group was interesting. It was even exciting.

Drinks were offered and Aeden considered for a while, but he had a responsibility lingering. With Allard risking his life to investigate a beast he did not feel right drinking when he felt he may be needed. He actually started to hate the idea of wasting time in here when there were teammates at risk of harm. Stranger or no, how could Aeden enjoy himself in a tavern while someone he cast a protection spell on was out there?

Aeden let out a deep breath and stood up suddenly while looking at Nailah. ”I can’t sit here anymore. Let’s go check on Allard.” He turned and headed for the door muttering to himself. ”I’m so stupid. If he’s in danger and I missed a chance to be there to heal him…”

As soon as he stepped through the door he started sprinting south toward danger. He wished his ethereal wings would allow him to fly. As he grew closer and heard the sounds of crashing he slowed down and came to a stop when he saw a charred figure rising up and approaching a beast that was in conflict with several other people including Allard. ”Fucking hell that’s one hell of a monster.” He drew a Protection from Chaos rune on himself and drew his blade.

"Oh~ He's so cute when he's mad!" Nailah said after his clear protest to her touching him. That boy, even though cute had quite an attitude for his size... Not that it would stop Nailah, of course... Teasing him was really fun for her to stop like that.

Siiga also seemed to be enjoying herself by being around the others. Nailah was about to ask if they wanted to drink something, but Siiga was faster.

"Hey! I like the way you think girl!" Nailah said, winking to Siiga with a mischievous smile.

"I would gladly accompany you for a few drinks." she finished.

Differently from Bonnie, who seemed to pretty much hate all that, Lynn, was slowly opening herself, especially after Nailah mentioned she would like to hear her singing, which made Lynn really happy, going as far as talking a bit about her past and mentioning the songs that she learned siren songs to soothe the patients on the infirmary she grew up in.

"Oh please do! I would be really happy to hear them!" Nailah said with a kind smile to the Lassa girl.

Unlike Siiga though, Lynn was simply too naive regarding certain things, as it became evident when she mentioned there was no need for Siiga to get any drinks since she could summon water.

"Silly Lynn, she was talking about alcohol!" Nailah said, laughing, pinching Lynn's nose.
"Do you drink, my dear?" she asked, genuinely curious. Honestly, Nailah couldn't imagine such a sweet and pure thing like Lynn drinking alcohol, but it never hurts to ask.

That small reunion was indeed really pleasant, but Aeden's deep breath, suddenly standing up and staring at Nailah made her remember about Allard. Even though Nailah trusted Allard's strength, she could agree with his words. Sitting down and doing nothing while he was fighting was indeed really annoying...

After a long sigh, Nailah stood up, looking to Bonnie, Siiga and Lynn.
"We might have to leave the drinks for another time... Allard is taking quite some time to return... Something must have happened." Nailah said, looking to the group.

"Stay here with Siiga, Lynn. She will definitely protect you if anything happens. Oh, and Siiga, wait for me before you start drinking. Something tells me you might be a great drinking company!" Nailah said, laughing as she walked out of the Inn.

Lynn was about to answer when Aeden stood up to leave the room, followed shortly by Nailah. Lynn looked a bit disappointed in the two's quick departure, but she understood why they had to go. Shye looked to Siiga, "So, is...'drinking'. I've always heard it could be bad. But everyone always seems to be in good spirits when they do. Where we lived, we were underwater so we could see any lassa patient. We never really had to drink anything. On special occasions, when we went to the land area of Tearia, We would get different juices from the local fruits as a treat, but that was kind of few and far between." she said, reminiscing a bit about home.

Nyph hopped onto Aeden's seat when he rushed out the door. "I'll keep your seat warm, partner!"

He hated flying in the dark and knew he would not be much of a help if he could not see. Nyph made a great scout, but a terrible combatant. He lifted his head at the mention about drinks. "Drinks! I like drinks! Drinks are fun! Drinks help make interesting stories! What drink are you going to start with?

In a rare moment of politeness, Bonnie refrained from snapping at the two thickos. Well, be honest, the real reason was that he wanted a drink himself and insulting the people with the money was no way to endear yourself. Siiga, meanwhile, explained with the patience of a saint "I mean we're gonna get some beers and ciders, kick back and relax. You two in?"

Lynn nodded with a smile, "Sure! I think...but...just one. I'm not so sure about it yet. Oh, or I can get a cider! That's just juice, right? I can't remember last time I was able to have juice from the surface." Lynn was quite excited, as she could enjoy a rare treat while they had their drinks!

Shye didn't slow sown until she was in the forests south of town. There was a clearing that Mason had wanted her to meet him in, so she decided to make her way there. It was already nightfall in, though Shye was still able to see fairly well in the low light, picking her way through the forest carefully. after a while, she had made it to the clearing in the forest. It was decent sized, enough for what they had planned, but she wasn't comfortable watching for him in the open moonlight. She made her way to a tree at the edge of the woodline and easily climbed up it, finding a comfortable spot to sit and wait for Mason.

As time passed, Nix curled up on her shoulder for a nap. Though it seemed like neither of them would get much sleep. In the woods, they could both hear it. There was someone moving around throughout the forest, humming some sort of chant. There was a shiver in her spine at the sound of it. Who else could possibly be roaming around at this hour in the night? Surely that wan't Mason making all of that sound. And that humming, like an old chant of sorts. It wasn't long before she heard a rumbling, which got Nix's attention as well. Just as soon as she had heard it, a large creature rushed past her heading straight for pearl. Shye held on as the force of its passing rocked the tree she was in. She looked on wide eyes at the trail it left behind. "What the hell was that?"

Mason coughed up blood as he trudged through the dark. Though the already exhausted Taxis healers had tried their best-- they couldn't fully heal the wound Shye had given him; only having enough power to reattach his finger and stop the bleeding before bandaging him up. Normally, wounds like this would heal up in a day for Mason, but right now he was already nursing a third degree burn, and he didn't have that kind of time to wait. Step by step he marched on through the forest, flexing his partially healed finger as he went. Though it was pretty stiff and continued to hurt, it was at least somewhat usable by this point...

Mason froze in place as a deep, angry growl sent chills down his spine.

After several tense seconds, the young knight sighed in relief as he realized it was just his stomach. Since when did he get so hungry? Tragically, Mason's hasty departure caused him to neglect packing any food for snacks, and now he was paying for it. In an effort to take his mind off the hunger, Mason decided look for a flower or two to pick along the way for Shye as a gift. Oddly enough, the only flowers he came across were wilted and dying.... Was there something wrong with this forest? Every passing moment began to make Mason more and more unsettled as he neared the clearing, as if some dark presence was stalking him, creeping ever closer. Then he heard it-- snapping teeth, a whirling blade, and massive footsteps crashing against the ground; something was fighting here. Drawing his chaos blade, Mason charged toward the commotion; unsure of what awaited him.

Garrett's low, yet loud hymn would continue, in fact, as the sensation of knowing there was something charging, wailing, and blitzing its way towards his approach made his ritualistic incantation grow with zeal and fervor as he knew he would soon meet his goal, a spike in his current power through the conflict fated to cross his path in these lovely, corrupting woodlands. The chant was crisp and clear to those around him, he wanted it to be heard by the large thundering beast and anything that would interlope in his penitent journey of bloodseeking. It seemed the beast was already in a conflict, per chance of another hunter, or perhaps the mischievous members of his retinue that utilized their free will regardless on whether they have thought through their actions for the best possible outcome or not.

Garrett did not in any occupation of his status or roles wish for the boons of his journey to be squandered off to any other who did not seek the same effects of the kill. His gait became more hurried, he wished only a cut on whatever large, and powerful beast was running rampant this night, the consumption of such, would render The Blighted Knight more powerful from the consumption and absorption of the monster's essence. His hurried pace would lead him directly towards the conflict at the present, a hunter making great attempts to stop a beast from charging directly into town and killing everyone. Perhaps his incantation lured the beast in the direction of the city, or the hunter himself's attempt to slay the beast angered and expedited the large, corrupted, incorporeal monster's original plans out of anger. The chanting did not stop, now Garrett was on track on subduing the beast, catching onto it's movement and preparing himself to claw into the side of the beast and stop it in it's tracks.

"Hm..?" The Hunter looked underneath his hat to see two new arrivals. One nearly glowed in the dark as his seraphim wings and clean resonating armor reeked of a Aion knight. Whilst the other was nearly the opposite. Sporting dark armor in an intimidating fashion. This hunter tilted his hat to the newcomers. Though they may not see it through his back steps that sent him out of harms way by several feet. His blades moved with technique and precision as it made contact again with the beast, only swiping one of its several heads after it attempted to close its jaws onto him. The beast seemed to be unable to move elegantly with all of its heads attempting to move one way to the other. But with one foe it was easier, now with three it found itself mostly stationary. It let out a loud howl from a handful of its heads. This howl was a declaration that it will be taking this battle seriously. More than just hunting, this was survival for both sides.
The beast's many eyes began to give a fiery glow. Their movements more controlled as they seemed to be undergoing a sort of trance. Their aura spiking. The aura of an ancient creature like no other that roamed these forests. It was menacing, hungry, and deep. Unleashing like furious rays of sunlight from its eyes were direct beams that burned all it touched. The many heads focused the beams in all directions. Trees began to be cut down and set aflame. The battle was getting more serious. The hunter suffered an injury as he miscalculated the timing of their constant rays. He did find a counter, firing an arrow into the face of one that was trying to aim at him stopped it as it closed its eyes to wince. Disrupting its focus. Patting down the flame on his coat the hunter wondered if the other two were even still alive.

The beast seemed to be conflicted with itself. It's heads were not in unanimity on what the beast needed to do. This was perfect. It's wild and reckless abandon remind him quite of some of the untactfully sensed members of his team, more so knowing it was destroying without consequence in account for it's energy, health, or surroundings. It was likely concerned with its wellbeing however, seeing as none of these powerful sunbeams the beast shot from it's many eyes was hitting itself. That meant one would implore themselves to get closer to the beast to avoid hurting themselves from the powerful magic beams. Blight implored himself in such a manner, keeping low, he roadied himself quickly to the beast's side, if anything, finding the source of the blackened blood would prove to drain the creature faster knowing that it wasn't going to attack itself. He eyed the trail of ebony blood as it glistened in the moonlight as he rushed the creature, he was moving towards the wound which caused such a trail, all he needed was to touch the fresh blood in order begin what he needed to do.

Garrett clung to the creature, particularly, he clung to a part with ready access to the beast's painful wound a claw moving with swift fervor to stain his gauntlet. The stain itself was all he needed, the blackened blood that clung to his already blackened gauntlet began to bubble, it was no longer a stagnant ichor that remained where it fell, it started to defy Newtonian physics, magically floating over the gauntlet which dirtied itself to begin the process of consumption, it became a magnet that held near Garrett's knuckles, where one end was siphoning the blood from the wound of the beast, and another end, was transplanting the gathered, blackened essence straight into one of the slits of The Blight's helmet.
This wasn't normal blood. It felt more blighted than the man himself, corrupted by unworldly power, as if the beast's lifeforce was thrown into a pit of insanity. manipulated, prodded, and shaped into a beast with no remorse for anything, it's only goal to destroy, to feed, to rid the world of everything besides itself.

That essence, that power, regardless of how abyssally corruptive it was, was flowing straight into Garrett's body as his ritualistic, cultist-like chant began to grow more, more pained.
Absorbing just the sliver he did was enough to drive an inexperienced hunter mad with the twisted power that was flowing into them. Garrett was reminded of the power he was bestowed when he had the craziest idea to consume the first beast on one of his patrols as a fledgling knight. It was all coming back to him. The beast he fought was not the killer of his fellow men, rather, it was him. Mad with the corrupting power from these beasts. It was something he could not deal with at the moment. He noted that problem. He was going mad. His mind was a jigsaw puzzle thrashed by a toddler, a dark, twisted, incorporeal toddler of immense power. His cloth began to redden, his mind was only on taking the power of this beast to become stronger. That's what he wanted. Strength. Power... Destruction. His helmet would soon split, breaking off, and dropping onto the forest ground, in replacement was a sleek black helmet, seemingly the same color as the blood he consumed, a large, red spike poked out of the helmet, it glowed with hunger, soon, his arms and legs would be replaced with similar armaments, red spiked littering the new, blackened, incorporeal armor, the gauntlets that seemed human soon became large, red claws, sharp enough to cut the antennae off a bee, cordoned off by more, black, corruptive armor. The chant was now a scream, either of pain, or hunger for more power. It was overwhelming. Blight continued to siphon the blood from the beast, now making an attempt to use these furious claws to tear more wounds into the beast as he screamed at the consumption. He couldn't find any passive-aggressive quips to say in his head that could describe his thoughts at the moment. It was only to feed.

The intensity of the essence that flowed through Garrett from the blood seemed to make him go mad. A clear influence derived from the black blood. A sign of Nuxta's corruption. Once a young Nayu tried to drink this blood but found herself sick and ill because of it. Physically harming this fluid was to the body. But to one who fed for power rather than sustenance they would find the corrupted blood to be worthless. Unless it was the blood of a immortal beast. Whatever exact consequences this knight will undergo for consuming such a thing is to be seen in time...

Shye was nervous the whole time after seeing such a creature pass by her. but it wasn't until she heard the howl that she got really worried. It was from the direction of the town. "Mason..." she said quietly. He should have been here by now. Did the monster find him? Did he lie to her for some reason? Did she accidentally kill him? She shook her head to clear her thoughts, waking Nix in the process. She looked in the direction of the trail the beast took, and with a deep breathe, she jumped down from the tree, and followed the trail.

Mason's eyes widened in horror as the beast's howl vibrated through the air, nonetheless the Knight continued his charge, as he couldn't do anything if he didn't get in close..... As it's eyes lit up, Mason knew something was coming, and readied himself to dodge whatever was coming. The moment the beams of light shot forth, he took the air; saving his body but clipping his wing on a separate beam causing his speed to falter for a moment-- as he nearly fell to the ground. Thankfully, a knight clad in black armor jumped upon the beast; distracting it.

But something was off; that man quickly turned into a screaming, crimson-covered monster, brutally ripping away at the beast as it feasted upon it's blood.

Whatever was happening; Mason was going to stop it. After this man-creature finished killing the beast, he would no doubt move on the village, and cause further slaughter. Shooting even closer the many-headed beast, Mason swung around and landed on the creature's back. Igniting his sword with his dark flame, Mason plunged his blade into the creature's back and held on for dear life; it was time to end this. "Smother" he whispered as a dark cloud enveloped his eyes. All present; even Mason himself, (within 20 meters) would find themselves suddenly robbed of sight, sound, touch, smell, and even taste. A sickly black flame enveloped the seraphim's wings-- slowly eating them away. Alas, the ground all about the monster began so spout pillars of this dark flame; disintegrating all it touched, and leaving naught but grey ash in it's wake.

While in the air Allard nodded his thanks to Aeden as he turned in the air and headed south. By flight, it wasn't too far before he could see where the fighting was taking place. He looked down and saw the chaos ensuing. Allard saw the black fire from above and dove in, shaking the ground with his landing. He looked to the hunter next to him and nodded, then continuing with his regular chant, Allard's limbs started to glow, prepared for battle. Allard saw Mason on fire on the creature's back. "Mason! Hang on!" he shouted as he flew forward. He noticed his senses greatly dulled as he got close, wondering if it was the creature's aura that had this effect. The heads of the creature blocked his way to Mason, however. Allard dashed in , going below the monster and slamming into it with its fists, but the monster didn't seem to react at all, as if it wasn't feeling a thing.

Garretts rapid and tenacious form, and Masons reckless forward motion was a shock to the Hunter. As he watched to see the outcome. It was a bit too linear. Backing away at the sight of their invasion he sensed a risk he did not want to take. The beast was formidable. It's many heads choosing what to do as they saw fit. A few ending their fiery gaze as wounds formed on the beasts hide, the much smaller Garrett clawing away.

In the madness Garrett was scooped up by one of the jaws. Clasping down around him to grip onto what it could and swing him around like a toy in a pets jaws. It was only the attempted spell of Mason that would stop the creature momentarily. However unknown to Mason who had never battled a beast of this caliber not all the heads were affected by all forms of his spell.

Not one but two heads made a grab for Mason after he cast his spell. Unknown to his senses he was grabbed and tossed to the ground. One of the beasts heads suffering from the flames of his wings burning inside its mouth before it threw him down. Then pillars of flames erupted from below. With randomized direction it came up from below nearly everyone. But not directly under them. The flames flying up and burning trees as it began to harm all others near. All except the Hunter who leapt to the side and merely watched.

The beast snarled and stepped several meters backwards as it attempted to regain its focus. But many of the heads were disoriented.

Allard saw the three head coming at him, instead of jumping back, he jumped forward, ising his wings to quickly get out of the three heads that were on a collision coarse where he was standing. Sliding into a stop, he rolled around and jumped straight back at the three heads, aiming to strike the cemter on in the jaw, and then take a stance to wait for the other two heads' reaction, his wings now starting to glow as well.

The more the beast fought with them the more injured it would be. His armor sizzled and cracked from the flames Mason so carelessly used whilst allies were fighting. The more pain he found himself in, the more he knew he had to fight, to force all the pain away with more blood, whoever or whatever it may come from. All Blight could gander at the moment was to continue to slash and beat his corrupted claws against the monster. His roar was on par to the beast's as he continued to wail in a blood lusting rage, the more wounds he placed on the beasts's head, neck, or body, the more strands of blood would stream into the maw of the corrupted, horned helmet he wore whilst in this state. The more he consumed, the more wild his blows would be, the bigger his claws would be, the more he wouldn't feel the pain of being thrashed about by the maw of one of the beast's heads, it was a battle of endurance now. Something Blight was known to have, especially without recognizing the pain he was in.

As he was flung off of the beast's back, Mason's head struck a rock, promptly causing him to pass out. Without Mason actively maintaining them, both the immolation and smother were no longer in effect. The black flames slowly faded, revealing Mason's wings to be horribly charred, and black. For several seconds he lay there unresponsive; perhaps even appearing to be dead.

But this was not the end.

It started with a twitch, a shudder, a spasm, and then there was nothing..... The seraph slowly rose to his feet and brandished his blade once more. With a slow movement he relocated his shoulder with a 'POP' as he strode toward the beast almost casually; his expression concealed by shadows of the night. As the warrior approached the Teju, a subtle shudder began to overtake him, slowly gathering more and more intensity as small sparks began to bounce off the the hilt of his blade every so often.

[Aeden left the bar and arrived at this point]

After Allards display of perseverance he was lucky enough to land a blow on the center head. Damaged but not out the center head seemed dazed. The claws of the beast went for Allard. First the left then the right finally the second head made a bite from above.

The constant thrashing of Garrett was enough to turn this burned creature into a clever one in comparison. Though they knew not it's limit to being affected by lower spells of amateur casters.
With another fiery glow the eyes of these beasts began to reform. Their sight regaining through a focused aura igniting into over several rows of destruction once again. With little means of avoiding their renewed sight Garrett who was deaf, blind, and numb was pummeled by multiple rays. These were also directed towards Mason as he approached confidently.

The Hunter looked to Aeden who had appeared from the forest. No doubt from Pearl. " Hm.." He tilted his hat.

As the beams rushed towards him once again, the young seraph suddenly broke into a low sprint; strafing around toward the Teju's back. This time however, the few beams that struck his charred form; though tearing a rather sizable hole in his right wing, did little to faze or interrupt him. Closer and closer he slowly drew; his body shaking wildly as small, erratic arcs of electricity began to race across his armor.

Allard used his wings to guard the impacts of the claws, shoving them away with ease, thoigh the claws did rip into the webbing of his wings as he knocked them aside. The head that went to strike him, however, may fair much worse. When it came down, he grabbed the jaws between his hands, and pushed to force it apart to break it. Once completed he would attempt holding on with one hand as he drew his heavy blade in his right hand and swinging down to lop off its head.

The head of the beast was harder to cut off than expected. It only being cut deeply by the swing but enough to render this beast head nearly incapacitated. It was the other heads too focused on Mason that let it happen. However it took only one head to fend off Garrett who was still affected by the spell Mason cast for a bit longer. Though his resistance increased due to his consumption of the beasts blood.

It was two free heads that were aiming to Garrett now to Allard. Unleashing their fiery gaze at Allard simultaneously. While the others prepared to bite into Mason as he drew into range.

[Nailah leaves the bar at this time]

As soon as she was outside, Nailah saw Aeden sprinting. Starting to run herself, she quickly caught up to him.

"I'll be going ahead. Be prepared for anything." Nailah said, with a neutral tone as she dashed into the woods, disappearing into it.

Tracking where Allard was wasn't difficult as the sounds of battle echoed through the woods. Arriving on the place where the fight was going on, Nailah suddenly stopped, raising her eyebrows after seeing the scene in front of her. It was a complete mess... Not just one but two monsters were fighting against each other surrounded by Mason, Allard and a strange hunter Nailah had never seen before.

One of the monsters, a beast with many heads with a frightening size, fought with reckless abandon against all who stood in front of it, including the other monster, a corrupted monstrosity, clad in a dark armor and using it's corrupted claws to attack the beast. Both the beast's howl and the corrupted creature's screaming chant, coupled with the noises of spells being cast and flesh being ripped create a hellish music, which was echoing through the forest turning that scenery a lot more disturbing.

Arriving a few moments after, Aeden also seemed to be surprised by what he saw. Even though Nailah was the one who said to be prepared for anything, both of them couldn't help but be surprised at the chaotic scene in front of them.

Just as Aeden drew his blade though, Nailah simply extended her arm, stopping him. Simply rushing in amongst that chaos was a terrible idea. The beast was already a dangerous enemy, but if that wasn't enough, the lack of coordination between those who were fighting it and the crazed corrupted warrior made it even worse. Nailah didn't know if the corrupted warrior would attack her or not, the only thing it was certain is that it was completely focused on the beast... for now...
"Don't rush. Everyone there is pretty much just mindlessly attacking and casting spells without even coordinating with each other. Being hit by one of them by mistake won't be just probable... It's almost certain..." Nailah whispered to Aeden, as she walked away from him, suddenly disappearing behind a tree.

Walking around the battle site, silently stalking it's prey almost like a predator would to to it's prey, Nailah carefuly analyzed the battle. The beast was the biggest threat right now, just before the corrupted warrior. Since the other monster was so focused on fighting against the beast, it would be wise to use that to her advantage. Let both monsters wound and tire each other, that would give her enough openings to attack and disappear shortly after. But first, she should calmly analyze her target. The beast was undeniably strong. It's sheer size, strength and endurance weren't it's only weapons, the many heads, it's powerful jaws and it's ability to fire a beam from it's eyes.

While silently walking around where the fight was going on, hidden by her ability and the trees, Nailah saw as the beast fired those beams. It was truly an devastating attack, but at the same time, gave her an idea. The beast couldn't possibly use that attack again if it had no eyes to use... Getting close enough was the problem, especially with so many people throwing attacks at the beast... Even with Nailah's agility and speed, the chances of her being hit were pretty high. Cutting it's heads also seemed to be effective, but that wasn't an option for Nailah, who fought using her claws, talons and tail. She would have to be smart about it. Fighting a big creature like that was different than fighting a descended...

"A weak spot...?" Nailah mumbled to herself, carefully analyzing the situation while still moving around silently, looking for openings.

Undaunted by the heads that lay in wait to strike, Mason drew even closer to the beast; the shuddering now nearing a violent level. The smell of Ozone clung to the air as the arcs of electricity continued to grow, coursing through the air around Mason as they licked the ground. Just as he neared the beast's range, Mason stopped just outside it's striking distance; almost as if taunting the creature.

Aeden raised an eyebrow as Nailah raised her arm as if to hold him back from charging forward. ”It seems you’re used to people charging into battle without a plan of action. I am so sorry.”

While he was only briefly surprised by the beast itself, the real surprise was the mess of the battle going on before him. ”If we can pull back the injured so I can heal them while those at near one hundred percent hold it off I am sure we can come up with a good plan to deal with this monster.”

He realized at this point he was effectively talking to himself as Nailah had left him to carefully observe the beast. He bristled slightly before shaking his head. "Well this is going to be easy."

Blight was no longer in the sopor that he found himself to be due to poor communication and bad teamwork overall, he could see, he could hear, he could feel. All of his senses were back. They all pointed towards pain, suffering. He had to fight. But he had to think. The only way to win against his own devices was to subdue the overwhelming taint of the corrupted blood he consumed. Think Garrett. Think. Why are you losing this fight? He shouted in anger, louder than the beast's pained howls. It was mostly of pain, but of realization on the idiotic thing of not harnessing the power as it comes. The worst thing to do with an abundance of anything that is volatile is to let it fester and leave it to it's own devices. What Garrett. What Blight needed was a counterbalance, to equalize the immense power that he was receiving, his eyes looked around for an outlet, everything was a dark shade of red, he was seeing through blood, either of his, or of the beast's, he was in pain, being thrashed about and scorched by the beams of the corrupted guardian.
Of course. The movement was too much. He hated the feeling of being waved about in the maw of a beast. He hated those burning eyes. He had too much blood going into him he couldn't properly siphon the essence out of the blood at a reasonable rate. He had to do something spontaneous, something big, something that would return control of his bloodlust. He gauged himself, propping his large red, blood-shapen claws against the fleshy interior of one of the beast's mouths, giving him room away from the crushing power of the jaws as he prepared his attack. The large, magnetized and magical siphoning orb of blood shot away from Garrett's person, over the beast itself. If Garrett needed something powerful to get him in control, he'll use what his mind believed was a brilliant idea in killing and taking over the beast and its powers. The orb became a flat sheet over the length of the beast's body, continuously draining what is inside of the beast, in a sense, he was going to give it back to the beast. In another form. It started to rain black blood, but not a heavy, quick rain, a slow, procedural rain, that emitted from the sheet of blood, it wasn't rain, large, blood-shapen spears from the black corrupted ichor, sized like those a statue overlooking a river would wield, in girth and in length, once formed, they would shoot down, into the body or whatever the physical embodiment of the beast was, impaling or stabbing through the beast, in order to hold it in place, hopefully stabbing into the neck of the head that was thrashing the poor blighted knight about.

Allard was about to pick up the neck of the incapacitated head of the beast to guard from the fiery beams, but just as he did a dark spear pierced through his left thigh, making him drop the creature, shouting in pain from it and now the beams hitting him in the chest. He quickly covered himself with his wings, rather taking damage there than anything vital. At that moment he pulled the spear out of his leg, and then bursting from the cover of his wings, he would throw it at one of the heads, while making a swing at the other with his blade. If he could knock these two out without getting impaled further, he may be able to get to the man who was trapped in one of the other head's teeth. "HOLD ON, I'M COMIN' FOR YA!"

Shye could hear the battle raging on as she had approached. While she was using the trail that the creature had taken, She had split off into the trees as her doppelganger continued ahead. The doppelganger ran full tilt toward the fight until she arrived to the scene, sliding on her feet to a stop, the tails of her dress and dust kicking up in front of her briefly from the sudden stop.. She then maneuvered into the tree line herself. This way she had a sight on the creature from two different perspectives, looking for a the prime opportunity to either move in or watch Mason, but something felt off to her as she watched him. She let out a light gasp as she saw his wings charred to black, Nix letting out a small chirp of worry about all the commotion. She would have moved in already, but there were dark spears raining down on the creature. Although she was highly skilled at evading, she doubted she could make it through that unscathed.

With a bloody roar the beasts many heads let out cries of pain. Impaled by the spears from above the beast released Garrett and was planted in place. It's many heads were not entirely unharmed. Two heads were impaled by the neck. They were dying slowly but were able to still release a fiery glare to the first foe they could focus on. Allards size made him an easier target.

The beams cutting the spears he launched and deflecting heating his blade up immensely. One being hit by such a blade being cut with a sizzling wound. However the handle of Allards sword would heat up. With three unpained heads able to move they began biting and clawing at the spears, bending them and breaking them. It would be free soon enough.

With the monster both distracted, and restrained, Mason stepped forward; his body jerking wildly as electricity surged around him. He lunged toward the base of the nearest neck, aiming to drive his blade into the creature. Energy burst forth through the sword the moment contact was made, causing a deafening explosion and blinding flash-- leaving horrid second degree burns all down Mason's arm.

Everything was going to Garrett's impromptu plan. It was a very haphazard plan that was relying on the right pieces to move into the right place, as if it were a real-time action chess game with no pause for decisions. As the beast threw his body away from the pained maw, he used the momentum to guide himself towards a tree, movement, speed, movement. Movement would be perfect for the plan Garrett was coming up with on the spot. His clawed, corruptively armored feet connected with the bark of one of the trees in this clearing, like a swimmer kicking off to boost their approach back, he slammed enough force against the tree to fracture it, shatter it, even, with the amount he required to shoot himself back towards the beast, spiraling due to the position of his feet during his jump back, spinning, in particular, towards it's chest. This wouldn't be enough to pierce the beast, maybe stab it, but that wouldn't do much. Garrett you bastard, think further ahead, what can you do? My thoughts exactly. The orb zoomed back to Garrett's being, but not to stay in one place, in fact, it began to swirl around him as he zoomed in mid-air, quickly spinning around his being, adding more and more force to the spiral motion he was performing, as if he were a screw, spinning towards a plank of wood to pierce through, with enough spinning force, the screw wouldn't be just a screw, when they pass through the object they pierce, they would be considered a drill. That was Garrett's plan, to drill through the beast, his arms were raised in front of him, the sharp, spinning claws perpendicular to the Beast's body as he shot towards it, the sooner this thing was dead, the sooner Garrett could collect himself better.

Allard swapped his blade to his left hand so it wouldn't burn anymore, then proceeded to bring the blade down on the other head, hopefully taking it down as well. but there still more that turned their attention on him and unleashed their gaze. He tried guarding this time until he could move forward to attack, but he couldn't hold out. At that moment, his divine protection spell burst, and anything that wasn't hitting his arm or his blade seared in pain as the beams cut full force into him. He was able to reach one more head, and with a mighty war cry, concentrated his shadow skill to his right arm as he bashed it in the face. The burning continued for only a moment more as something else with a sickening ripping sound made impact with the monster.

Two impacts, one after another rocked the beast back, breaking the spears as it fell back. A mist of blood from its hulking size cams pouring out. Black with a crimson tint under the moonlight. One of the heads were blown a hole into it and incompacitated. While the side of the creature was deeply pierced by Garrett. Yet it was not dead. Now freed from its cage and bleeding profusely it began moving in a blood crazed charge. Attempting to trample over Garrett and towards Allard. Its four remaining heads now freed began firing their flaming glares at everyone near it. One to Allard. Two to Mason and one on Garrett. Though the beams moved about wildly. Cutting down the forestation and threatening to hit Aeden and Nailah. The Hunter avoiding the scene as trees fell around them. If they made the wrong move they would be hit.

Just one focued on him, he could handle this. Allard used his arm to guard the beam, which would have worked if it wasn't going crazy, and with each step he made toward's the creature, he could feel everywhere the beams had hit him before. The beam veered of coarse, cutting down a tree, and he quickly braced himself. Allard's body started to glow as his power spread throughout himself, something he wasn't sure he could do fully. He caught the tree stopping it from falling, he grunted with effort as he turned towards the beast, it's beam coming back to hit him again briefly across the chest as the monster writhed out of control. This made Allard stumble for a moment with the tree in his arms before rearing back, similar to how he did in the throwing tournament, his power moving to his back and arms as he put his body into it. He then lurched forward, slamming the tree down on top of the monster.

Shye, seeing that Mason was targeted by two of the beast's heads, ran into action, her and the doppelganger bursting from the tree line coming in from different sides. With much grace and agility, she weaved across the battlefield as if she was a piece of the chaos itself, seeing where things would land and where the beams would most likely travel based on its movements. while erratic there was a light pattern of movement. Shye used her claws to gain purchase and climb up to the two heads that were focusing on Mason, holding on with her legs. Once there, she would ball both her fists up, creating a charge, and slam both of them down on its head, riding the propulsion from the blasts off it's neck and back to the ground. which semed to be just in time for a tree to crash over the monster as well.

Garrett was not relenting, the beam seared into the shoulder-plate of solid, blackened blood-steel, causing another, forest-shaking shout from the bloodzerker.. He had the beast right where he wanted it. He jammed his claws into the wound he created, keeping himself clung to the beast's body as he tugged out what seemed to be a thick enough cord within the body of the beast. He was not wasting time. He tore out a tubular organ from the beast. He snipped the ends off with the sharp ends of his claws, holding the newly acquired organ like a garotte. He used the body of the beast as his own path to make it to one of the attacking heads, jumping onto the base of it's neck and wrapping the corrupted blood-spurting organ donation, all the while the orb siphoning the blood of the beast continued to get larger and larger. He was getting impatient, the more he let the orb lay complacent, the more he would lose his own mind. He tightened the hold of the organ around the beast's neck, essentially strangling it as he allowed the orb to raise up over the beast one more time, the process of another wave of blood-crafted spears incoming as he preoccupied himself with violently choking out one of the heads.

Aeden paced around the chaotic fight. He made a great effort to maintain a safe distance from the battle. He was quite fascinated by the beams of energy emitting from the beast itself, but he could not remain distracted by it for too long as they swung around due to a couple large blows by Allard and the others. Light on his feet, he made a serious effort to avoid being struck dancing around gracefully as he heard the snap of the trees around them as each beam ripped through them.

He then saw an opportunity and with some concentration summoned a spear of divine energy. Not pure to his disappointment, but raw elemental divinity. While he had the basics of this spell it proved difficult to train as even with his powerful bloodline he found it a challenge to create a true Divine Spear, so a Blessed one would have to be enough. Only with further training would he be able to push his limits further, and he would only achieve that through real combat like this.

Another errant beam singed Aeden's sword arm as he launched the spear with a well-exercised throw toward the monster as he found an opening at a decent flank he felt confident he could avoid hitting allies. He was certainly within the thirty paces needed for the spear to sink in although the elemental divinity would evaporate shortly after dealing damage. The pain hardly bothered him although it did hurt, and he did not even bother healing the damage as he needed to conserve his energy for the job to come.

He could see many of the people fighting the beast were injured in one way or another while a single hunter appeared to be simply watching the battle. Aeden decided to change tack and keep an eye on the hunter while avoiding taking damage, so he could be fully ready to heal those in need of it.

No one was dying on his watch tonight. Not if he could help it.

Shooting forward, Mason ducked under the oncoming laser; narrowly managing to avoid the initial beams. Electricity crackled across his blade once again (albiet much weaker than the longer charged attack) as the young knight leaped into an upward slash; aiming cut from throat to chin on the head that Shye hadn't attacked. Planting his foot on the beast's neck as he reached the top of his swing, he thrust himself away from the Teju just in time for the tree to come down on top of it.

Despite Nailah being carefully analyzing the situation, things were only going from bad to worse, since apparently, none of them knew how to cooperate with each other. They were honestly, as big of a threat against each other than the beast and the corrupted warrior were to them. Nailah had already lost count of how many times they wounded allies with their attacks. The last area attack, made by the corrupted warrior made Nailah lose the perfect chance to hit the beast as it conjured a rain of black spears made with the blood of the beast, hitting everyone, including Allard.

"As if those laser beams weren't bad enough, I have to deal with these idiots..." Nailah thought to herself, rolling her eyes after a long sigh.

Almost like the beast could hear Nailah's thoughts, as soon as she thought that, the beast proceeded to use the lasers once more, hitting pretty much everything around it, including cutting a lot of trees around the area. Evading the beams and the falling trees was not difficult for Nailah, but with that last attack, she had completely given up on that battle.

"THAT'S IT! I GIVE UP! Kill yourselves for all I care... I will sit right over here and wait till either you're dead and I have to clean your mess or to carry the survivors back to the inn." Nailah said, suddenly appearing from amongst the fallen trees around the are where they were fighting and sitting on a tree stump with an incredibly irritated expression and a piercing gaze to all of them, including Allard who had a lot of wounds covering his body. For anyone who took a look at her expression, it was clear that they would have an earful after the beast was dealt with.

"I could be drinking and relaxing now, or even getting ready to sleep, but no... I had to come over here and babysit you guys to be sure you would come back alive... I actually lost the count of how many times you guys hurt your own allies by using your powers without thinking! Are you actually trying to kill yourselves?!" Nailah asked, putting her palm on her face while slowly shaking her head in disappointment.

She could easily understand why the hunter was simply watching the fight without getting close. Whoever he was, he knew that going in right now was simply begging to be killed... by friendly fire...
Honestly, Nailah would even have tried to put some order at all that, but she was too frustrated with what was going on. For god's sake, Nailah wasn't a soldier or something like that, but even her knew better than to simply attack wildly without any planning or consideration with your own allies...

A few meters away from Nailah, she the hunter standing still, watching the entire situation unroll together with Aeden, who didn't seem to compeltely trust the hunter yet.

"You guys don't want to sit down? It might take a while for this to end... Honestly... At this point I'm really hoping that they get really hurt and wounded. I don't want them to die, but they need to learn a lesson.." Nailah said to both men, clearly frustrated as she pointed forwards two other stumps which were recently cut by the beast's laser, right next to hers.

After the simultaneous efforts of everyone at the scene no one was killed and the beast, a heap beneath a fallen tree and a pool of black blood flowing outwards. Affecting the natural surroundings with a decaying scent. But unmoving otherwise. Appearing dead, many of its heads bloodied and disfigured. It's organs hanging from out of its glistening hide. The Hunter soon approached the fallen creature. He cut and then reached into its chest and began to yank out a beating core. It's circular shape emitted a pulsating energy. Crimson blood flowed from this core. Blood that glowed in the night...

Garrett stood atop the collapsed, deceased beast's corpse, stabbing his claws into the deceased body of it. All until The Hunter would remove the beating heart from the beast, the fresh smell of a crimson, magical essence enrapturing Blight and his attention. He paused his mindless stabbing of the beast, turning and hopping off the beast to approach the hunter, and the heart, a single claw pointing at the heart, demanding it to be surrendered to the bloodzerker, as the only noises he could make were grunts, pants, and rough groans at the Hunter. His other claw splayed open, ready to swipe at whatever was in front of him were he to be provoked.

Shye was currently back in the treeline again, while she somewhat knew of Mason, she didn't know these others, save for that one woman, the one who snuck behind her last time. Both her and her doppelganger watched to see how the events unfolded, though it was also at this time that her doppelganger faded away due to her running out of time, So now Shye watched alone. She wasn't sure if she should walk out right now, not trusting any body else that was there. Nix, who was flying above, Dove into the woods and took a roundabout way back to Shye's shoulder, to keep people from watching it go straight to her.

Allard Sheathed his blade before falling to a knee, grunting with the exertion. New wounds spread across his body, and not all from the monster. His breathing was heavy, the wounds were deep, but even without medical care, he should make it. Though, now that the adrenaline was starting to wear down, the pain from the wounds were setting in. He watched the hunter pull an odd prize from the beast and the dark knight went to him, claiming it was his. Now, normally, Allard would agree with the dark knight that since he participated in killing it while the hunter watched, the hunter had no right to it. But he wasn't sure about the dark knight. An evil aura seemed to flow from his being, his ferociousness evident in his technique. Allard then looked over to Mason, noticing he seemd quite rough as well. Looking around further he saw Aeden and Nailah had followed. Allard then may have done something a bit odd to some considering the situation. He smiled and started laughing heartily.

"So you actually came anyway?" Allard leaned back and landed on his back against the ground, laying out his body. "When I got here tha fight was already goin'. I saw Mason and this other knight with their hands full an tried ta help 'em, bu got entangled with the beast m'self." Allard breathed heavily for a few moments. "Didn't think they'd be rainin' spear down on top 'a me though. At least everyone is safe fur now." he said as his breaths got slower as he calmed down. "Can't imagine what stirred it up. It could've easily done a number on tha town." Allard sat in silence for a moment before he remembered something he saw during the fight. "Did anyone else see some twin lasses attack at that last moment, or was I hit a bit too hard on the head?" Allard was unaware that his shadow arm was showing. It was pitch black, darker than the night around them, with wisps of dim, pale red and black trailing off of it randomly here and there. He was so used to his glove being there and wrapped up in the fight, that he didn't notice it missing as he laid there.

Aeden remained wary for a few moments after the beast collapsed. Another beast-like creature continued to tear into the corpse before it started growling at the hunter. Aeden took a few moments to realize that the other beast was actually a person, and the others were not attacking him. He looked over to see Allard fall to a knee. The charred person he carefully looked at and finally saw the Aion armor he was so familiar with.

How could a fellow Aion be in such a state? They were trained to be much more careful to avoid receiving as much damage as he appeared to have taken, and Aion field-healers like himself were trained even harder than that. The only conclusion he could make was the young man was very newly recruited. Allard laughed and mentioned something about Aeden and Nailah coming after all, but all else of his chatting was lost on Aeden as his attention was on his fellow Aion.

From his quick assessment it appeared that his fellow Aion was in the worst state out of everyone present, so he approached.

”You’re in serious shape,” Aeden placed his hand on the shoulder of his fellow. ”My name is Aeden Demavend. I am an Aion Knight like yourself. Let me heal you these are some serious wounds.”

Ignoring Aeden completely, Mason approached the hunter; his eyes locked almost hypnotically on the glowing core. Stepping past the black knight, it was clear that he was either completely oblivious to the threat of the bloodzerker, or entirely unafraid of angering the maddened warrior despite his current injuries.
"May I see that core for a moment?" he asked in a low, gravelly tone as he held out his uninjured hand to receive the core.

Aeden glowered at the other Aion for a few moments. He considered for a moment chopping the back of his head with a bare hand to get his attention and then chewing him out, but he felt the cost-benefit was just not worth it. Not only did his fellow Aion ignore him though, he in spite of his injuries approached the hunter whom was right next to basically what amounted to a feral man, and he then asked to inspect the core of the monster just slain for some odd reason.

He could not fathom such an injured fellow walking up next to an obvious potential threat and asking for something said threat had an obvious desire for. Aeden had no need for unwarranted disrespect and someone so willing to walk into a volatile location while in absolutely terrible shape clearly had no interest in being healed. He turned away and headed to Allard.

”Looks like your concerns were correct about this danger,” Aeden commented with a neutral expression. ”Good instincts to investigate this. I hope the protection spell did its job. Still you could do with some healing.” He prepped to cast his Cure Wounds. ”Ready to get fixed up, Allard?”

After a great deal of effort, they managed to kill the beast. Unfortunately, they were all still alive despite their efforts. The hunter, whom understandably stepped away after the others arrived simply went to the beast to take out it's core while the corrupted dark knight simply kept mauling it even though it was already dead. Nailah didn't know exactly why no one seemed to even care about the other monster, but they all stopped fighting as if the confrontation was over. Nailah couldn't help but keep looking at the core the hunter had pulled out of the beast. She wondered exactly what it was... Especially seeing how it was pulsating with energy and crimson blood flowing out of it.

Allard, whom was in a sorry state after being pierced by the black spears, attacked by the beast and his friends alike, finally noticed Nailah, sitting down on a tree stump. Laying on the ground, exhausted and wounded, Allard finally talked to Nailah, saying how he didn't expect to be struck by the spear and that at least everyone was safe.

Aeden also noticed how bad everyone's state was. Although it made Nailah really annoyed that the first one he cared about was Mason, another Aion knight... Despite that, was helpful that he had come with her, Carrying Allard back to the inn wasn't something Nailah was looking forward to... Of course, she was much stronger than a normal woman due to her dragon blood, but Allard was still REALLY big and REALLY heavy...

"Sure Aeden... The only one that matters for you is the other 'Aion Knight' Isn't it?" Nailah said, looking to him. When Mason completely ignored his words, walking towards the hunter, Nailah couldn't help but let out a smirk. He really deserved it. After all, Allard was literally laying on the ground exhausted and he went for the Aion knight first...
"That is what you call safe?!" Nailah said, getting up and walking towards Allard with a piercing stare.

"Look at yourself! You're all wounded! And at least HALF of those wounds were made by your OWN ALLIES!" Nailah said, putting her hands on her hips and leaning forward where allard was laying down.

"I can't believe on how STUPID you are sometimes! Could you at least think a bit better before just rushing towards an enemy without even caring about your own safety? Honestly, I'm surprised that you guys are still alive." she continued with the sermon, now extending it to the entire group as she looked at each one of them with a really scary expression.

"Simply going around casting spells and attacking mindlessly without even caring for your allies! I could have easily blinded the beast... It could be much, MUCH easier if I did so, especially due to it's laser beams... But if you guys think I would jump in the middle of that chaos just to be hit by an ally, you're all nuts. In fact, I'm GLAD that I didn't. You deserve every single scratch and wound you guys have right now, I would say it's not even enough! No wonder why the hunter simply stood watching when you guys arrived." Nailah continued. Looking to every single one of them, including Allard.

"And you guys don't even care finishing what you started." Nailah said, pointing towards the corrupted warrior as it pointed its claws to the hunter, demanding the heart.

Before she got near it though, she heard Mason completely ignoring Aeden and walking towards the hunter, asking with a rather strange tone for the Hunter to hand that core to him while completely ignoring the corrupted creature pointing it's claws at them, obviously in a hostile posture. Honestly, after seeing how the group handled that fight, she didn't trust them that much in any dangerous situation.
The second she got nearby Mason and the Hunter, she simply pointed up to the black blood, still floating and ready to drop more spears. That coupled with the creature's hostile posture should be more than enough to make them realize the situation they were in right now.

Using Mason and the Hunter's bodies to cut line of sight with the creature, she seemed to simply disappear the second she walked behind them. With her eyes fixed on the creature, she dashed around the group, getting behind the creature.

If anyone paid enough attention to the creature's general direction, they would see Nailah's claws ominously reflecting the moonlight, contrasting with the dark forest behind them. It wasn't hard to imagine what she was going to do. It would be one single, swift strike to the back of the creature's neck

After the core was freed from the mound of flesh that remained from the fallen beast the Hunter was the center of attention. At least for those craving power. "Hm?" He looked up to see the dark knight ferociously eyeing him and his possession. Then approached the seraphim right after. The complaints of those around him was of great necessity. But hardly adhered to. The Hunter looked at the two with a cold stare. "If ya want this core. You'll have to trade me this beasts entire luxurious hide. Only thing that'll be worth tha same." He didn't seem fazed by the odd and beast like nature of the two. "But you two... you've been bitten and it won't do ya any good." He put his blades away, forming an x on his back.

He drew his crossbow. "Might be best I do ya a favor and stamp out the curse."

Blight stopped. He could hear words. Understand them. Something was wrong other than the fact he was a hulking beast. His claws dropped to his sides, tips marking the ground. He nodded. He couldn't speak. Not yet. His armor, corrupted as it was from the essence he already absorbed. He could only grunt that he understood he was, at the moment, cursed. He raised a claw, pointing at the beast, then to the heart, then to his chest. It was a signal of a confirmation of a trade, and confirmation he was ready to get de-cursed through the most rudimentary of means. His mind was back to him, more so that the fact that the beast was dead and he could take his time absorbing what he could from the blood before discarding the remaining, unusable substance.

"Take the hide." Mason responded coldly, "I have little use for it regardless...." Slowly, the hole in his wing began to close, little by little, as the conversation continued. "And what might this curse, as well as 'stamping it out' entail?" the young Seraph asked skeptically as he watched the hunter procure his crossbow, "Regardless, I will not leave until that core sees my hands at least once. After that, do with it what you will."

Allard smirked up to Nailah. "Not dead is safe in these woods at night." He sat up, and used his blade to help pull himself up to his feet, sheathing it once he stood. "My arrival spared them many injuries as well, probably fatal ones. Though, I could have been better off with out some of as it were."

Aeden walked up to him inquiring about his protection spell and offered his aid. "It worked well for a little while, though it broke after a few hits from this beast. Hold off for a moment though with your healing spells, I want to make sure this is over..."[/color] he said as he watched the three discuss who was getting the core. It surprisingly seemed to be going well, despite the threats the hunter made with his crossbow, it seemed that they were still negotiating, the corrupted warrior slowly calming down from his berserk state. It was shortly after this however, there was a glint of something behind the coruppted knight that caught Allard's eye. When Allard focused on it, he could barely make out Nailah's form, though once he knew he saw her, she seemed to appear clearly to him. "Nailah, wait." Allard said, in a low tone that carried well, one hand slightly raised in a 'hold on' type gesture. He didn't know who this man was yet, but he wanted to know who he was at least before anybody tried to attack him.

With a low unamused chuckle the Hunter replied. "This curse is new and more dreadful because of it." He lowered his bow after seeing the wing slowly heal. He took out the arrow. Eyeing Garrett beneath his hat for a moment before placing another arrow, one a bit thicker and all ebony. His crossbow had enchanted writings all over its sides and was reinforced with steel. He pulled the arrow back the bow ready to fire.

"No cure found yet. Beyond death. A gift from tha lord of death.." He revealed his own wound which was black and spreading. "You'll become a husk of ya former self. Mindless. Sometimes mean, most of the time pathetic." He pointed to the blood of the beast on the ground with his bow. "This curse is spreading throughout this forest now. I hoped to kill tha beast with less bloodshed... ah no matter." He tossed the core into the air toward Mason and Garrett, giving it hang time as he stepped toward the carcass. "It's yours. I only need the money to get a special someone somewhere safe before this curse spreads throughout this world." He pulled out his blade and knelt down. Carving away at the silver scales.

As the core was tossed in the air, Mason shot off the ground and grabbed the pulsating orb.... Only to land and examine it for a moment before tossing it to the black knight, much of it's glow lost save for the blood itself-- almost as if something had vanished from it. Mason scoffed as he treaded off toward where he had intended to meet Shye, "A curse is of little threat to me-"

With a shudder, Mason's voice returned to normal, as if nothing had ever been wrong in the first place, "Go to Pearl, there is a woman there that can free you from the curse. I'm sure she'd be more than willing to help."

With that, Mason walked off into the dark of the forest..... Alone.

Garrett held his large corrupted gauntlet out to catch the bloodletting heart, the black sheet he was consuming losing integrity as it starts to rain blackened blood over them, Garrett now focusing his power to absorb the glowing blood. His helmet, finally, splitting in half, and deconstructing, rather, instead of being destroyed at the rejuvenating power of the fresh source of blood, fastening itself to his shoulders as if preparing itself to be put on and locked in place at a moments notice. He can finally breathe fresh air, and smell. Smell blood rain. His face was laid bare to the world and those who had no clue who was behind the helmet. Now they could see it wasn't a beast, nor some random Gaian corrupted by a beast's blood. It was Garrett Everard, the pathfinder of the retinue. He looked around, blood red markings ingrained atop his skin, revealing the more ritualistic side of the hunter of the alliance.

"Ah. Perhaps that was what this beast was after. A cure." He muttered as he tossed a silver scale into the forming pile of others he was carving out. "Too bad it didn't make it." He chuckled. The black blood rolling off his hat from above.

Shye was a bit farther down the path, waiting for Mason to meet up with her. Nix got his attention by flying out to him and then returning to Shye. Shye honestly wasn't sure what to think at the moment. For one, Mason was heavily injured, and for another, something didn't seem quite right with the way he was acting before. It wasn't like the person she met in the tent. Was he faking for some reason, either with them or her? She held her judgment in words, though a look of worry was on her face. "Are you...alright?" she asked, glancing at his arm and back up to him.

Allard watched as the knight revealed himself to be none other than the man tasked to guide the alliance group along their path. "Garrett? It was you under that armor this whole time? But hold on.... wasn't he out with Raquel? When did he leave out here? Where was Raquel now? Allard's face darkened as he looked at the man, pushing past Aeden. "Wait.... Why are you here? Where is Raquel?" he asked hurriedly. The girl was like a niece to Allard, her and his daughter being close friends before the incident. If he was here, then that could have meant the whole time they were under attack, he couldn't have been sure if he was by her side. "Tell me. Now."
@Lotrix Molick you know you want to ;)

As the group approached where they heard all the commotion, it seemed that the fight was just finishing. Allard wasn't sure what the fight was about, but it seemed to be a hard fought victory, with the winner looking worse for wear than the loser. Lynn approached Dremmick's unconcious form, sitting sidesaddle on her staff, and started to check over his wounds as Nailah sat there poking him. Her face turned pale and her ears lowered at the sight. "His wounds are grave...and his skin..." she mentioned about the cursed flesh that was now exposed, "Did that knight really do all of this to him?" she asked. Looking towards the Txis HQ doors.

"I doubt it. He was fighting that summoner as well last I heard." Allard said as he was walking up. Allard's brow furrowed. The man was bleeding quite a bit, but a number of what looked to be heavier wounds were not. "It's almost as if this young man is holding himself together by his magic." he commented as he looked at Dremmick. "Alright, we should get him to his room I guess, let him rest."

"B-but what about his wounds! We should get him treated!" Lynn protested, but Allard was already shaking his head.
"He said he didn't want a healer. I guess he knows what he is doing. I would guess that healing doesn't help him much considerin' tha state he is in even though Ami was bathing tha land in healing energy." Allard replied.

Lynn nodded, though she wasn't sure about it. She summoned a stream of water from her jar that made a puddle beneath Dremmick and then gently lifted him up off the ground. Already there were streams of blood flowing into the water, and before too long tainted the color red. Lynn looked back to Siiga and the others, unsure about this, but followed them to the inn with him in tow. Along the way, since Dremmick was unable to control it, his tail slid out from under the sash that he kept it wraped around himself and hidded. the color of its scales were a deep dark crimson red and the underside of the tail was gray as charcoal. It surprised Lynn as it fell out at first, not sure what it was. her head tilted slightly, "Did he, uh....always have that?" She knew about his missing horns from looking at him earlier, and there were some odd stumps where it looked like wings used to be when she looked him over a moment ago, but she thought he may have lost it when fighting at some point. but... why would he be purposely hiding a tail?

Dremmick stayed standing as long as Lucious was in eyesight. Once the man went inside of HQ, his body faltered. The once floating spear moving to him so he could use it to prop himself up. His left arm was slack for now and he felt weak. He had pushed beyond his limits today, engaging three powerful enemies. He didn't know what was going on in this town, but he was sure that he arrived here with a group. There was an awkward quiet after the battle. Dremmick didn't look for an praise, but he was a bit surprised that it was quiet. He started to walk off when he heard the Aion knight that arrived behind him start to speak.

When he mentioned healing Dremmick he was already shaking his head and turning away. "Don't bother. If there is anything I don't need more of today its another high and mighty seraph and someone trying to heal me." Dremmick honestly didn't know who they guy was or why he was here, and didn't have any reasons to talk to him in his eyes. Right now, he knew he just needed to rest, and be away from all this insanity. He knew he nearly lost control, almost giving in to the voices in his head. Had he not heard that one voice however, this whole thing could have ended a lot worse. He wasn't in the mood to talk. He wasn't in the mood to eat of drink as many people were doing now that things have settled once again. He just needed to rest....

He was using the last of his strength to hold himself together, that his body soon did collapse on him, the crimson staff falling to the ground and liquefying as he hit the ground, out cold, the remaining life energy in his arm dissipating into the air.

Allard was a bit surprised by Nailah's reaction to seeing the lassa girl though, before he could make a joke about it, two new arrivals approached them. One was a seraph knight, the other a tyro girl.

Lynn waved her hands in front of herself when asked if she was okay. "I-I'm uh, fine, my name is Lynn by the way," she said sheepishly. "It seems we were too late in dealing with the threats here. What happened?"

Allard looked to the young girl and answered, filling them and the newcomers in on what was going on. "I am Allard, we were attacked by some sort'a plant summoner using poisonous plants spurred on by Ami's healing ability. It seems ta be gone now as I don't feel his aura which spiked a moment ago. It looks like things are fairly clear now, save for tha overgrowth. Now that it doesn't have direction though they seem ta be behaving like normal plants." It wasn't even a minute after he said that when the group heard a loud boom close by.

"What was that?" Lynn asked her ears perking up as her eyes widened slightly. Both her eyes and ears directed themselves towards where the sound came from, concentrating to see if she could hear anything else.

"Not sure, maybe its someone clearing some plants," Allard said and then turned to Tali, "Our main goal, though when we leave here tamorrow is ta-," then there was another blast that interrupted him. "Or...maybe there is still some trouble. We should go see." The seraph knight was the first to head out, moving ahead of the group as his dragonling led the way. "Quick ta act, that one."

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