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Current I don't know when I started checking my RPs more than gaming..... I just know it kinda happened one day....
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I just got Skyrim on the switch, i took a slight downgrade and lack of mods for portability, but I'm loving it.
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4 papers due in 4 days? Screw that, we got RPs to post in!
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hmmm, wonder if soul calibur 5 would be a good median for character portraits.....
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SWEET!!!I got the last SNES classic at my gamestop. Woot!


Why hello, you little stalker. As you can see above I have recorded your visit for potential future stalking purposes. In that list you may find some other recent stalking victims. You may wonder, "Oh no! I've been caught! Whatever shall I do! What will become of me!" Well... I can assure you in really...nothing. Except the fact that you may have wasted a precious few moments of your life with this bio. In this, I can say for every person that reads this, I have stolen that moment in your life that you could have been doing something else. Anything really.....Are you still here? Shouldn't you...I don't know, be posting in one of your RPs? I'm sure somebody is waiting for your response, it might even be me. You are procrastinating aren't you? I know I am. At the very moment I typed this I was supposed to be writing papers for class. See? Now I've been wasting time on both our accounts. Look what you made me do.




Ok, that is enough stalking...


There really isn't anything else here...


I'm gonna call the police...


(What's the number for 9-1-1?)

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@booksmusicanimeif you do want to make a discord pagr for this though thats fine too
I have bamboozled yall once again! I will get a post soon i promise lol
sorry for not posting, its been a looooong work week. I'll have something hopefully tomorrow, i finally have a day off lol
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! The fight is on!

I'll do a post tomorrow, one tip, and anybody who knows Dremmick's magic style should know when fighting with him, RANGE RANGE RANGE. He has it too, but it is really not a good idea to get close to him..... Just saying.

Dremmick was relieved that the group seemed to have enough discipline to know when and when not to intervene. While they would most likely have been able to save whoever was in that room, it would not be worth risking the group's lives to do so. The Therosi, if provoked, could prove to be a challenging adversary, especially if they brought in the Dolofon for help. While this place held a majority of the Therosi, there was no doubt in Dremmick's mind that those assassin's wouldn't have some sort of foothold here as well.

When they got to Gaia, he noticed everyone seemed to be a little more relaxed. The outpost they had passed in Fotia had people on edge, though now that they were here, it seemed to calm everyone down a bit. He noticed that Allard had let go of his white knuckle grip on one of his swords. The man seemed to be more interested in taking in the sights now. He definitely looked in his element, that was for sure. Dremmick looked around at the rest of the group, mainly the new ones. They were an odd sort for sure, especially the two in that carriage. One seemed to not be interested in this at all, acting more as a chaperone to the Lassa girl, and as far as that girl goes, she seemed a little to naive for this kind of work. The 'speacial' healer seemed to be stronger than what her body can handle, as if she was being dragged around by her own power or not able to properly control it, maybe a combination of both, he wasn't entirely sure. The knight at least seemed capable enough. Dremmick has never seen a knight quite like him before and was admittedly a little curious. Unlike most knights who seemed consumed with their rank, this man seemed more practical and level headed, something Dremmick was grateful to have in this sortie. His mind came back to Allard. He wasn't sure about him, if anything the man at least proved his worth to join somehow. He heard that he had to go toe to toe with the knight to join, though he didn't hear about the details of it. To Dremmick, though, he was a large target that could get them noticed if they were trying to lie low. He was a giant identifier, while impressive in stature and strength, if they needed to avoid detection, he couldn't see it being very possible with him close to the group.

Dremmick's mind let his idle thoughts go as they passed a sign. Apparently they were headed toward Pearl, which actually brought a smirk to his face. He remembered this place. This was that border town that the one farming couple found him close to when he passed out and brought him here to rest. It's been a few years since he had seen this place. He rode off ahead of the group like normal, scouting out the area ahead of them, though partially a bit eager to see how the town was doing since he had last saw it, though he knew it would be a while longer still until they reached town.

Ever since they were in Fotia, Allard was on edge. When they passed what looked to be a Therosi outpost, he was close to losing it, especially after hearing somebody screaming inside. The young hooded man was right though, they could help the one man, but attacking right now could cost the whole group their lives from a counterattack later down the road. It took a lot for him to restrain himself, but he kept his mind busy by going back to guiding the ox. His tension seemed to almost lift almost immediately as they crossed the border into Gaia. He didn't even need to read the sign that they were approaching to know where they were headed, he already knew. "Pearl...I used ta go there ta get supplies for tha farm," he said as he kept the ox on the right path. "This place is close ta my old home. It's been so long, and it's as beautiful as I always remembered. I wonder if that ol' pub is still goin' strong. May make a decent place ta stop unless any of ya fancy camping out instead."

Lynn listened as Metis aired out some of her worries. While the group did seem to be moving slowly, she believed they did have a particular place they were headed. As for her acting as a berserker and rushing it to put out the fires, she wasn't quite sure what to say. "Sorry, I just thought I should try to put the fire out before it spread and made an even greater danger to us and the forest itself. I guess I should have let you know what I was planning first....I'll try to do better next time."

Lynn took the mister gratefully, a little surprised by the mental image that shot through her head that showed her how to use it. It was odd, though she supposed she could get used to it, after all it was a lot faster and easier than explaining things. The mister could be set to let out enough mist to keep the cab at a certain humidity. After using it for a moment to cool off, she set on a hook made for it and let it self regulate the humidity. She didn't have a book or anything like that with her, but some sleep sounded great about now. The seats were comfortable and large enough to lay across. They were soft and upholstered using a treated waterproof aquatic animal hide so that it could withstand the constant moisture in the cab of the Tearian carriage. "Alright then, I'll try to rest some. If you need anything or just someone to talk to, feel free to wake me." With that, she curled up and layed down on her side. Her tail then encircled around her as well. It didn't take long before her breaths evened out and she had fallen asleep. If there was one thing she learned while working long hours at the infirmary, it was how to get sleep when you could.

It was a little short lived, however, as the road had taken taken on a rougher consistency. A root at one point had found its way beneath the carriage's tire and bumped Lynn awake. She slowly got up and uncurled into a stretch with a yawn. She took a look around through the window. "Wow, Metis, would you look at this place. We must not be in Fotia anymore, that would mean we are in Gaia now, right?" She sat for a while looking at the forests and any animals she saw in passing. After a bit she looked out to the others in the groups through the window. "Metis," she started slowly, her ears only slightly down as she looked from the others back to her new friend, "Are we....being too reclusive? We are traveling with all these people and we have hardly talked to them. We barely even know them, and I can't even recall their names. I wouldn't mind talking to them but some of them look like they don't want to talk, especially the two hooded ones. My father always told me not to trust someone who always wears a hood because that means that they are hiding more than just their face."
When Ris and the others made it to Dremmick it was too late. Next to Jeevak stood a terrible creature with a powerful tail, a wings, a razor sharp claws. Its body was colored in different shades of crimson and black, yellow piercing eyes and sharp fangs. It was adored with rags, yet gold accents here and there, and had a large clawed right hand, adorned with black and gold as well. It was on the ground when they arrived, slowly coming to a stand. Jeevak turned his attention to the party now arriving.

"Oh look, more of your ilk trying to come and rescue you. They are far to late and pitiful to do anything now. DREMMICK! Unleash your desires...your birthright! Slaughter them...."

The creature he referred to as 'Dremmick' was just as the other's ad thought, he was that creature now. With a shill outcry that sounded like a mix between a dragon's roar and a human, both in enraged and in pain, almost sorrow, Dremmick's wings opened, and with one sharp snap of them coming back, launched himself quickly at his old friends.
@LavendraRustin Hey, if you are wanting to join, how about you do it the old fashioned way and show interest here and make a character sheet for approval. Please, erase your post from the ic. We normally welcome new people to the rp, but not just people randomly jumping in and start typing.

If you want to join, make up a character sheet and we will take a look at it. we are pretty open to most abilities and what not.
i do have discord if yall really want to do it that way.

wait wait wait.... so the whole reason this died....was because everyone was waiting on everyone to post!? WTF!?!?!?!?! lmao
Well, the werewolves are out so you may want to find a safe place, the alarm is going off
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