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Current Desire to type "git gud" intensifies...
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okay, watched the first episode of goblin slayer, not nearly as bad as what it was made out to be. Still a bit depressing but hey, saved 2 of 4 rookies, coulda been worse.
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So i figured out, as much as id love the equivalent of an anime doom guy slaying goblins, i dont like seeing the lovely anime chicas catch a case of the mutilation.
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I don't know when I started checking my RPs more than gaming..... I just know it kinda happened one day....
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I just got Skyrim on the switch, i took a slight downgrade and lack of mods for portability, but I'm loving it.
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Why hello, you little stalker. As you can see above I have recorded your visit for potential future stalking purposes. In that list you may find some other recent stalking victims. You may wonder, "Oh no! I've been caught! Whatever shall I do! What will become of me!" Well... I can assure you in really...nothing. Except the fact that you may have wasted a precious few moments of your life with this bio. In this, I can say for every person that reads this, I have stolen that moment in your life that you could have been doing something else. Anything really.....Are you still here? Shouldn't you...I don't know, be posting in one of your RPs? I'm sure somebody is waiting for your response, it might even be me. You are procrastinating aren't you? I know I am. At the very moment I typed this I was supposed to be writing papers for class. See? Now I've been wasting time on both our accounts. Look what you made me do.




Ok, that is enough stalking...


There really isn't anything else here...


I'm gonna call the police...


(What's the number for 9-1-1?)

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"Okay then, first things first, food." Bidzil said as he took out one of the steaks. He shrugged off his pack and pulled out a cast iron plate from it. He then pulled out salt and pepper, and walked over to a nearby lantern. He reached up to it with his hand, and it seemed the fire in the lantern parted with soft glow of another new fire. "Alright, here we go." He opened the palm of his hand that he reached of for the fire and set the plate on it instead. The fire surged from Bidzil's hand and against the cast iron plate, heating it up rapidly, his hand unaffected by the heat. He then held out the steak, which Nix salt and peppered while he held it and then he set the steak on the plate, seasoned side down as it sizzled, seasoning the other side himself once it was on. "It's a nifty little trick for Tyro. I should probably invest in some striker rings so i can snap my fingers to make a spark, but if i can find some sort of fire or friction, I can manipulate it into fire. usually comes in handy for cooking so far!" he said with a smirk. Nix sat and watched patiently, almost drooling as she waited for her share of the steak though. She was a tad surprised at Jones's readiness to let her eat Ack, but she didn't pay much mind to it, especially once Bidzil started cooking.
I started to last night, but it was 2am and i was falling asleep. I'll finish it today though

On their way to the temple, many people noticed Allanon carrying Valia, who was covered in bruised. The sight, stunned a lot of the people he passed by, some letting a curse slip from their mouths. Someone ran off to alert the guards. By the time they reached the temple, there was a small crowd following them, but not too closely. Rumors already spreading about what may have happened, and if the strange man carrying her was somehow involved. "It seems we might have caused a bit of a stir," Valia said to Allanon as they went up the temple steps. The doors were open already, making it easy to get inside, and luckily the people didnt rush into the temple with them, though a few guards who caught up did.

A clergymen was the first to notice their arrival, getting up from his small chair in the entryway. He wore simple yet comfortable white robes with a hood loosely resting on his balding head. He was a tall yet thin Varuk man, with dark skin from his years in the desert. "M-Madame Valia!" He shouted after her as he rushed to them. He helped Allanon get her to a bed in their medical facility on the other side of the temple. "Just rest dear, you will be safe here." He looked her over before he turned to a priestess in the room as well. "Go inform the Red Saints we have a patient." The girl bowed and rushed off. The clergyman turned to Allanon, "thank you for bringing her here stranger, but I must inquire as to what happened." Shortly, three large Varuk guards blundered to the doorway.

"Madame Valia, are you alright!?" One shouted while the other to gave a cold glare to Alanon, already suspecting him. The clergyman lifted a hand to them to stop them.

"She would be doing much better if you baffoons would give her peace and quiet, stand at the door if you please!" He said a bit irked. the guards straightened up and went outside the room, standing guard at the door, murmuring amongst themselves and listening in on the conversation.

Valia spoke up from the bed she laid on, "Its all right, I am fine. This man found me shortly after I had been attacked. I was able to fend them off, and he helped me get here."

"Please rest Ms. Valia, I will ask him, just concentrate on your rest." He thought for a moment as he turned bask to Allanon, "I can't think of anyone bearing her ill will, did you see anything of these attackers?"

Just then two people wearing white and red, bearing the symbol of a red lotus came into the room. Unlike most of the mercenaries, or rather volunteers, of the Lonnette family, they werent human. It was actually common for non human mercenaries from Portea to work abroad, mostly so they could skip out on the persecution they could face from the citizens. Merchant families like the Lonnette and Dalkain still tried to help where they could, drawing critisism from many people, though not many could say too much as they were some of the few wealthy families that actually helped their communities rather than attempt to tax them to death. The man was a drake beastman, and the girl that entered after him was a half feline beastman. The drake looked at Allanon with a sidelong glance and chuckled a bit under his breath. "So, the infamous Allanon is here to help people in need as well. Makes a person wonder whats truth or fiction these days."

The cat girl wasted no time, she was obviously the healer of the two, her kit seemed to have different vials of medicines and herbs, as well as two small books in a pouch. One a notebook, and the other a spellbook. "Don't worry, I'll have you fixed up in no time," the girl said quietly in a soothing tone. Though, when she moved part o Valia's skirt out of the way her ears gave away her concern when they snapped back in surprise. Her leg was brutally beaten, it would be hard to repair the damage done to a level of working as well as it had once done. She looked up to the others. "If you don't mind, some privacy please. This shouldn't take long, but I'll have to remove her clothes for some of the wounds." The clergyman nodded and ushered everyone from the room, the drake man started to leave when the healer quickly grabbed him by the pauldron. "Not you, I still need you!" she said as she dragged him back in.

Valia looked to Allanon as he was ushered out. "Don't worry, I'll still help you, but it may be better if I could at least walk," she said with a smile to reassure him.

The cat girl looked between the two and then settled on Allanon, giving him a thumbs up "Nothing to worry, I used to be an emergency medic in Portea, I'll have her walkin' in a jif!" Unlike her drake friend, she had no idea who he was, she never bothered paying attention to that sort of thing, too busy trying to save lives than hunt them down.
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geez, dont get a reply out and all the sudden peeps think its dead lol. sorry yall just been a tad busy, will get something out soon

For Kistal, the journey to Kalla would unsurprisingly go off without a hitch. People would worry about bandits on the roads, but truth be told, if the greedy merchants of Portea were good for anything, it was in the fact that they at least kept Portea's immediate trade routes clear of brigands that may try to steal their goods. If someone were to stay on the main roads leading away from Portea, they would normally have a fairly safe trip, as mercenaries could be seen keeping an eye out any time during the day and night. Kistal, traveling at night, would see small squads of men at arms walking in a loose group with two or three lantern bearers. Lantern bearers would normally have a lantern hooked into their halbreds, so that the light was out of their eyes and was enough to fill the area around them in light as they patrolled, but should they lower their weapon, it would come unhooked so that they can fight. The lanterns were metal and easy to refuel over torches. Every now and then, a few of the friendlier squads would wave or greet as Kistal passed. They were smaller in number, and were either carrying wooden round shields with their alliance painted on them.

The two more prominent smaller groups tended to have shields painted in white, trimmed in green with a red lotus on them, or were a two tone of grey and cobalt, its insignia a hammer with fours wings. These groups belongs to the Lonnette and Dalkain families, nicknames the Red Saints and the Iron Souls. These mercenaries are usually volunteers or paid only what they need to maintain their gear. They aren't always professional soldiers, but they volunteer to serve so that there is some representation of their district's merchant families. Most had other jobs within the city or in the farmlands to tend to on top of their mercenary work.

Most of the time however, Kistal would run into large groups of heavily armed mercenaries moving in various disciplines of formation. the rougher looking ones could care less about their form, while the higher paid ones, usually farther from the city where more trouble would occur, marched their patrol in tight formation. This was the Calibris family's mercenaries. Well armed, maintained, and given all the funding needed to complete any task. The elite ones found marching further from the city has special golden crests on their helmets, their shield, as all the Calibris mercenaries carried, were kite shields, with the middle pained olive green, the edges trimmed in gold, and a gold insignia of a dagger pointed down to three rings at the tip as if it were touching water and making a ripple effect. While the earlier brutes had plenty to say about the satyr skipping town, the elites were steady and disciplined, allowing Kistal to pass without so much as a single word.

-Kistal would find himself arriving in Kalla on the same day as everyone else currently in Kalla-


The building Allonon arrived to was exactly as stated, though inside, it seemed to be a different tale. The lamps were out, some on the floor, tapestries ripped down, furniture upturned, cushions tossed about, pedestals collapsed to the ground in pieces alongside the shattered remains of whatever piece of art they held, be it a bust or pottery. It was a large ballroom made to both train, practice, and entertain, with a hallway in the back that lead to some living quarters, as many people also lived in their place of business here. There were a few bloodstains, minor at first, but progressively worse the further they got to the dark doorway leading to the hall. They were still fresh, as if just spilled only moments ago. At the door way itself, it looks like there were smears, as if something landed there and then drug itself inside. He could faintly hear someone crying from down the hall, though the door was closed and locked. The door however, was a simple thin wooden one, more for privacy than anything, and probably wouldn't stand up to much abuse.

Allanon made the quick decision to not request for Madame Valia with the scene before him. He immediately drew his sword at the sight of blood. This was too recent. He crept along following the blood trail with a focused expression on his face. He could hear a faint crying. Possibly the wounded person. Possibly someone else. He took a few moments to listen at the door and in the hallway. He wanted to hear if there were any threats still around before helping the injured.

When Allanon stepped closer to the door he was able to make out that the faint sobs sounded like they were coming from a woman, the faint flickering glow of fire light barely tracing the bottom edges of the door.

Whatever happened was recent, so whomever was responsible for this clear assault and battery could not have gone far. The last eight years had been almost nothing but a fight for survival spending every moment prepared for the worst. This door was the only way to further explore the building, so he immediately got to work on forcing it open. This would be the only way he could get answers.

Immediately upon pushing through the door he would see a body in the hallway on the ground. Upon inspection of his gear, it was a Calabris mercenary. There was a small ornate tri-bladed dagger in his chest, not part of their usual kit, Allanon should know for certain. The rooms to the sides were all empty, and at the end of the hall, there was an opening into a living room, with the legs of another body peeking around the corner. Whenever he decided to move up, he would see that the man was also dead, a blue silk veil wrapped around his neck, and the belt of his pants undone. There was a quick gasp as the crying stopped, just a few paces away was Madame Valia. She tried to stand, but fell rather quickly, trying to grab the lampstand to catch herself but it crashed to the ground with her. She had multiple injuries and bruises across her face and body, but the main was was her right leg that she just tripped up on. It was black from bruising in multiple areas. She was Varuk mostly, though her ears gave hint to something else being in her bloodline, maybe Sylve? And despite her title of 'madame', she actually seemed fairly young. "S-stay away! Leave me alone! Haven't you bastards taken enough!"

Allanon did not address the woman he assumed was Madame Valia immediately. He could tell she was not likely in immediate danger, but she would not be dancing anytime soon. He checked the body more thoroughly with an expression of contempt. A part of him wished he had been here in time to kill the Calabris merc. However, this man had a family. Did Allanon have the right to play executioner? Perhaps he had something that could give him more information than she could. Besides he wanted to give her some time to gather her wits.

"Be careful with that leg. Move the wrong way and your career could be permanently over." Allanon finally addressed the Madame with a firm tone. "Tell me, what is the Calabris family doing? What business did they have with you?"

Valia shook her head, she was still weary of him and didn't let her guard down, but the man was already acting differently than the others. "Those men mentioned that name as well," she said shakily. "My career is already over," she mentioned lowly looking at her leg, her voice quivering still in pain, "but I'm not worried about that." she said. "My girls have been slowly disappearing the past two weeks...And... now these men....these men tried to take me away. At first as an offer to be some Calabris person's personal dancer... that they have been....'looking' for one to suit his desires. I can only imagine they had been taking my girls.... I refused to help them, and then...they did this to me and my home. Said if i couldn't dance for their lord, that i should...." she couldn't finish the sentence as she shook her head, *they tried to force me to... and... I... I snapped." she finished, her hands shaking, the hand that stabbed the other man in the hall still covered in his blood.

Allanon sheathed his sword after assessing the danger had already been dealt with. He wished his fellow Ironblade, Marik Kane was here. He was a gifted Isoli healer, but he was the only Ironblade in what would be considered a "safe" place. He had returned to Tundral to be under the protection of his people. Of all the Ironblades, Marik was the most secretive, and he was the only one to not tell anyone how he owed the Calabris family anything. There was no way he'd be here in Kalla anyways.

"I am Allanon," Allanon said with a level tone. "I am an enemy of the Calabris family. Let me help you to a healer. I can help you get somewhere to start over, but I'm going to need your help hunting down those bastards. Tell me everything you know about them."

"My name is Valia," she said, starting to calm down. She timidly held a hand out to him to help her up. She couldn't even touch the ground with that leg as it was, let alone walk on it. When he assured her that he was against the Calibris family why gave a pained smile, "I believe that would make the both of us. Ah, thank you..." she said as he helped her up. "I can't leave here. This is my home, live or die," she started about him mentioning starting over elsewhere. "I don't know much about this 'Calabris' family, other than what those men mentioned. When my students started disappearing, I was worried that they may have lost their desire to continue dancing. Though, when their family came looking for them, I grew worried. I guess these men, like for me, have been looking for dancers to enslave to this family you speak of."

Before helping Valia up, Allanon bound her wounded leg to the best of his ability to make sure any broken bones would not move and cause permanent damage. He made sure to make this clear as to not upset her further. He felt the same sentiment she had towards not leaving. "I'm afraid I do not know Kalla very well. I'll need your direction to a healer you trust."

He remained silent for a short while as he mulled over the information he had now. What they were doing was pretty equivalent compared to the work they had him to all those years ago. Even though he never worked any of their slave operations the odds were his team laid out a lot of the foundational work for their current operations.

"If you can tell me everything you know about your students I may be able to track them down and rescue them from whatever is planned for them. Where did they live? What were their daily routines? Anything that can give me a clue."

Valia "Our healers are at the temple, beside the inn, close to the markets. People may undoubtedly have their questions..." she mentioned, noting that the site of him nearly carrying her out of here may draw quite some attention. " may be a bit safer there... As for my girls, they were all local and here in town, all Varuk, very talented. Aside from their duties at home with their families, the only main places they would visit would be here, the market, and the oasis for water."


Some of the older children scurried away at the proposal, knowing too well what promises like that could cause, awkwardly taking their younger siblings by the hand and running off, making it sound like another game. others were all to willing to share what they knew about the town, mostly what cool lizard they saw at the oasis this morning. Meanwhile, a man was leaning against a tree not to far off from her shop, one leg crossed at the ankle and his arms crossed. Ren would be able to instantly recognize him as Sahale, a broker, a person who delivers contracts for assassinations and other wetwork operations. Brokers tended to be retired assassins themselves, as they would be the best people to use to track other assassins to deliver jobs. This particular broker was easily recognizable because he always seemed to find Ren no matter where she was, like he made it his personal business to be the only guy to deliver jobs for her. If she noticed him while talking to the kids, he would just smile and pull one arm up to wave, then cross his arms again. It wasn't till the kids eventually left the he sauntered his way over with that smug grin of his.

"Hey there sweet cheeks, been a while! It just so happens I wasn't looking for you this time, I was in the middle of another job! Imagine the odds!" he laughed. He pulled a fat pouch of gold out and plopped it on her counter. "BUT, I did just so happen to acquire a contract you may be interested in, just about ten minutes ago really." He leaned in close. and whispered, "Some mercs tried to take the package they were picking up for a spin and got canned, need ya to clean house before the dirty laundry gets aired out and I mean as soon as possible. The target is a beautiful half Varuk and Sylve woman with long hair, she is a dance teacher in town. House with the blue banners just down the road." He leaned back up and tapped his sheathed sword on his shoulder. "Its a shame for such a beauty to go to waste, female targets always leave bad tastes in my mouth. Anyway! Consider that the down payment, gorgeous, and the completion will be worth twice as much. Some guy named Calibitch or whatever is shellin it out. Take it while you can. Take care, doll face, I'll find ya when I need ya, or rather, when you need me~." With that, he went on his merry way towards the markets.
"Great! Then its settled!, lets grab some food and head out. We can come back here and rest up or something while we wait for whatever might be troubling the town." Bidzil then tried to lead his his two companions with him to a vendor to buy some food that they can eat on the road so they don't lose much time. Sedna followed easily.

Nix, however, now knowing that this girl and her younger brother would be traveling alongside then approached them with a curious look on her face. Her head tilted as she looked them both up and down and then leaned forward, most likely in their personal bubble, and gave them a few sniffs to capture their scent. She leaned back away and then then crouched on her haunches, now looking down at the bug that followed Jones. Her ears twitched backwards for a split second before she looked back up at Jones. "No more hurting Sedna, or I'll eat the bug...o-okay?" Nix asked. Though it was very much a threat, she didn't sound angry, and it looked like she meant it, her voice still sounded as if she was still a bit weary of Jones, but if Bidzil decided to trust them, she would try to trust them. Now that she had their scent, she would be able to keep track of them much easier should anyone get separated.

Bidzil returned with a small bundle of food, he didn't get the chance to hear what Nix said, but he did see her actions from afar as he walked up. "Oh! I see Nix decided to get your scent, that means she putting her trust in you," he started excitedly, ".....or taking note of it if she thinks she will need it later... Anyway! I brought us back some food for the road. I guess I may have to cook up one of the steaks for us though." he added, much to Nix's enjoyment.

Bidzil had a wide grin across his face, he knew he shouldn't press anymore for information, and he wouldn't mind throwing down a bunch of drinks, but he did have to be somewhere later and in condition to fight as well. He laughed heartily alongside the old man before he gave a response, "Well, I'd love to see how many drinks we could go through, but me and the miss here are having a little night on the town. We are both retired, met in service years back. Thought we would get out and see the world without lookin' through war goggles for once, ya know? I don't want to get too carried away and not be able to remember tonight," he finished as he put his arm around Annika. "Tell ya what though, before we go, you and me, strongest drink they got, I'll buy." he said with a grin, "how bout it?"
Bidzil nodded at Jones, "Oh, uh...stay the night?" he said looking down to his money pouch, which only held a single gold coin now. "I don't think I can afford that now. I saved enough to get food, but I was thinking I could be back home in Sunfire by tonight, I don't know if I could stay. But what the guards said was interesting....maybe I could just camp tonight?" he said to Jones, the last part mostly to himself in thought.

Nix then interrupted, "Momma wouldn't like that..." Nix stated wearily. "She doesn't like us out in the woods late at night."

Bidzil looked to her, "Maybe, but she doesn't have to know...Besides, with you here, we'll be fine. We can sleep in shifts." Bidzil then turned to Jones, though Nix looked like she still wasn't sure about his plan. "We were about to get some food to eat if you wanted to join, then we are headed out to the forest to look around before tonight."
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