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Current very backed up on PMs, thanks for all your interest everyone! will be responding ASAP C:


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Hello everyone! My name is June, and I have a very large craving for some FxF pairings! Before I get into my specific interests, a little about me:

I write at a casual level, so you can expect a good couple of paragraphs from me depending on the nature of a scene. I have a preference for partners who are 18+, as I myself am, and I do enjoy stories that do not fade to black. My replies can range from one a day to multiple back-and-forth posts in one day. I ask that if you need to drop the RP for any reason that you just let me know in advance, but it’s no big deal if you don’t! I think that’s enough for the rules! Now, onto the pairings!

“*” indicates the role I would prefer to play!

Super-ultra craving:
Professor x Student (if you want to do this I will literally love you forever)

Other pairings:
Princess x Maid
Princess* x Knight
Supernatural creature x Human*
Master x Apprentice*
Popular “Straight” Girl* x Shy Girl
Boyfriend’s Sister x Girlfriend
Witch x Apprentice*

...and probably a gazillion more, but I’ll update this thread as new cravings come to me!

Please PM me if you have any interest and we can flesh out plot ideas and settings :))

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