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2 yrs ago
Current Watching Dexter. Might think of doing an rp for it but I don't know about what.
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Fandoms that I love to do:

Star Wars
Harry Potter (HarryxHermione only)
Full-Metal Alchemist
World of Warcraft
A nightmare on Elm street.

I'll update it as I remember. I hope to have fun and enjoy some good RPs with you all.

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Yeah I'm still here, I just got a job and sick.
I'll try to post today or tommorow, today's my bday and I had work early.
Not much? I feel like I'm being blown out of the water xD
Alrighty I'll respond asap when i see the first post. No rush on it.
Hi! I'm interested in playing the game.
I'm interested in a Star Wars RP. I'd prefer au, Kotor era, during movies or after movies. If any of those peak your interest more than the others.
A familiar scene plays out before you; Kirito stands before the leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath, Heathcliff, otherwise known as Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of Sword Art Online. Kirito the black swordsman, attempting to hit in exasperated desperation after watching his wife and love Asuna died in his arms after defending him in a last ditch effort to keep him alive but all for naught. Kayaba's blade finds its home in Kirito's chest and drains his health but this time there is no glitch or heavenly interference as Kirito rises up again to slay Kayaba. Kayaba leaves after Kirito's body disappears leaving most of the world without it's best two players. The screams of panic and horror as the reality sets in, they were all going to die unless someone new arose. Kayaba though would surprise them adding in a new buff to the game, called Mark of the Failed Saviors. He would speak of it again in his ghostly reaper form, saying it was a token of his respect to Kirito and Asuna in their ways of defeating him in small victories. Kirito by discovering his true identity, and Asuna by breaking her paralysis and giving herself as meaningless sacrifice. This buff allowed players who maxed out one of their abilities to have a new skill based on that ability.

Agility- Dual wielding in the spirit of Kirito or Slow down time or Reaction time for a thirty seconds on a long rest cool down meaning you had to sleep for at least four hours to use it again.

Strength- Allows players to dual wield two handers or become harder to do damage to even if hit.

This is where we come in, trying to survive in this new world to see if we can beat the remaining levels of the game and become this universe's S.A.O. saviors and defeat Akhiko Kayaba. Our characters can meat anyway you're interested in, we can discuss that and character sheets in PMs. So please PM me if interested. Or PM me if you think I could improve the idea anyway or want to discuss it first.

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