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Moonlight Castle

Music: Labyrinth City

Valkenhayn serves tea to Isana's group while Midori continues trainning the CPUs.

Rachel: She spoke in a rather different tone with you.

Isana: R-Really?

Rachel: You are aware of her temper, am I right? It is odd that someone like her is talking with someone with that calm tone.

Isana: I think I got lucky getting on her good side. She seems to respect me a lot.

Isana: You really should see her when Lady Melissa is around.

Rachel: Which Melissa?

Isana: Oh...Um...Melissa Mamori.

Suddenly, they are interruped with Neptune landing near them.

Music: Flugel

Neptune: Ouchies...
Omega-Xis: Greenie really shows no mercy huh?

Isana: She is very strict with her underlings.

Geo: S-Strict?

Noire: Who are you calling...underlings?

Midori: Get up! You already had your time to rest!!!

Blanc: (Dammit...I still can't feel the dimensional aura awakening...no matter how near death she'll beat us...)

Noire: (I know that she taking precations so that we don't draw too much energy but...)

Neptune: (This is all going nowhere...)

Midori: Here I come again!

Neptune: Eh! You're already in front of...

Neptune gets punched away.

Neptune: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

Blanc: (The old hag entrusted Peach to us...So I need to surpass this stupid trainning as soon as possible...)

Midori: Alright, I guess you're next.

Noire: Come!

They clash swords, but Midori quickly overpowerers Noire, making her kneel.

Midori: Well, it took one second longer to overpower you this time.

Noire: Just...One second? Tch...If I take too much time in here...I won't be able to look at my sister's face...

Midori: That's the spirit. You need to keep up with this resolve.

Noire gives in and is smashed on the ground.

Blanc: ... (The way I am right now...I don't serve even as a distraction...That's why...)

Midori: Now then...

Music: Restored World

Blanc: (I can't afford to lose more time here!) HAAAA!!!

Midori: Well...Attacking first for a change huh? I guess I'll go for a jumping knee.

However, Midori's attack was blocked.

Midori: Oh?

Blanc: How's that?

Midori: Guess I'm sliping up...If I slack-off, then I'm trainning you the wrong way..

Midori threw a punch, but Blanc managed to hold it with one arm while using the other to punch Midori in the side.

Midori: Well...

Blanc: Think you're slipping up now?

Midori: No...Thanks for clearing that doubt!!!

Midori ducks from a punch aimed at her head while countering with a kick, which Blanc blocked.

Midori: Heh... (She's more into it now.)

Blanc: Almost there!!!

Blanc goes for another punch, but it was Midori that managed to hit her first in the face.

Midori: You said right. Almost.

Neptune: Argh! So close!

Noire: But look, Blanc didn't fall on the floor yet.

However, as Noire said that, Blanc kneeled.

Music: Antiquity Tree

Blanc: Huff...Huff...

Midori: That's some amazing progress you did there. Hitting me three times and enduring most of my attacks.

Noire: We all started at the same time...I have to admit you did great.

Midori: Look at the bright side Noire, You did way more progress than Neptune ever could achieve.

Neptune: Muuu...I swear that when I evolve, I'm going to wreck you all. This koi fish is going to transform into a dragon...

Neptune: Actually, never mind about the dragons, they are lame and mean. Like the one in front of me that doesn't know if it wants to be blue or green.

Midori: Anyway...Blanc, can you feel a surge of power yet?

Blanc: I'm...not sure...It's just...

Midori: That's all I needed to hear. Alright, Neptune and Noire, you're free for the rest of the day, Blanc, follow me.

Blanc: Follow...to where? (Why she's so happy all of a sudden?)

Midori: To my private personal pocket space. However, you have to promise me that whatever I say there, stays there.

Blanc: ...Very well.

Neptune: Good luck there Blanny!

Noire: But...she didn't...

Then, both Midori and Blanc suddenly vanished.

Noire: She didn't hit Seiryuu's face...nevermind, they are already gone.

Isana: W-Was that the win condition?

Neptune: She said "If you can't hit me in the face at my most basic form, you'll never stand a chance."

Isana: I-I see.
Lan: That was her base form?

Isana: Most basic. When a Dimensional Traveler isn't using their powers at all, while also restraining their physical strenght. It is the form she is obliged to use in order to avoid affect the inhabitants of a world with her aura.
Lan: Okay...forget I asked...
Megaman: And I thought Bass was bad...
Omega-Xis: Same here with that Solo kid.

Geo: Are you like her as well Miss Isana?

Isana: Well...I'm not as strong...but yeah, I guess I'm still pretty strong.

Summer Lydian School

Hibiki: Hm? Hey! Lyna-chan!

Lyna: Eh?

Hibiki: Morning.

Lyna: H-Hello Miss Tachibana...

Hibiki: If you're here, this means I'm not too late for class.

Lyna: Hm? Yeah, we still got some time, but I guess we better head for the classroom...Oh, Have you seen Drake today?

Hibiki: No...Why?

Lyna: Then nevermind...Let's get going.

Music: Laughing Fang

Before they headed to the entrance, Hibiki noticed a limousine nearby. She scratched her head for a moment before heading in the building. Then, Drake arrived at the school.

Drake: Whew...Still on time...

???: Sorry, but may I take your time for a moment Mister Celest?

Drake: Eh?

One of the doors of the limo opened. A girl left the car and confronted him.

???: I've heard the news. You're the new chairman of the Celest Family.

Drake: It seems the news travels fast...Who are you anyway?

Yumi Sera: Just call me Yumi...Now then Mister Celest. I want to ask you something.

Yumi: How are you enjoying being the top-dog? No...I think it's too early to ask this...Oh, I know! How are you enjoying your freedom now that you're not under your brother's leash? Well...I guess you don't have to worry too much about yourself since you are strong. I'm sure you can overcome everything.

Drake: What are you getting at?

Yumi: Let me you ask you this...Do you think that in order to protect someone, you must take their freedom?

Drake: I don't have a proper answer...I think it depends on the circunstances.

Yumi: Don't worry, I'm satisfied with that answer. I know this is the part where I'm supposed to say "Sorry for taking your time." But as a member of the Intelligence Agency.

Drake: !!!

Music: Misery comes on beat

The girl pulls a knife and throws it up. Doing a spin before catching it.

Yumi: I want to ask you about your relation with Lyna Clay.

Drake: Is drawing a weapon really necesary?

Yumi: I'm the one asking the questions, now cough up!

Drake: We're just friends. (Is she suspecting that we formed an investigation group?)

Yumi: That can't just be it. Now tell me more...DRAKE-CHAN!!!

VS Officer of the Intelligence Department - Yumi Sera

Suddenly, she appeared right close to Drake's face. He back-stepped before getting slashed. He summoned his wooden sword and braced for more attacks. He started blocking her fast knife swipes. It was almost as if she had multiple arms that were attacking at the same time.

Drake: Urgh... (She's too fast...I can't outrun her...I have to get used to her speed and find an opening...)

Yumi: Hey hey! You better show more resistance than this if you don't want to be cut into pieces.

Drake: (This is going to be a long day...I can tell...)

World Crossers Guild - Entrance

Ottoh and Ragna were violently clashing weapons. At first, Ottoh had the advantage, but as soon as Ragna got used to his moves, Ottoh was kept on the defensive.

Ottoh: Urgh...

Ragna: Inferno Divider!

He nearly blocked the attack. He impact launched him to the door, but it didn't open.

Ottoh: Damn...

Ragna: If your only intention is to just stay defensive, you'll never win against me.

Ottoh: (He noticed already...If I let him pass, I won't be able to kick him out of the guild a second time...) Even still, I won't let you pass!

He did another one of his sudden strikes, but Ragna side-stepped and hit him with a Hell's Fang punch.

Ottoh: Argh!

Ragna: Just budge already!!!

Ottoh: I already told you...

Ottoh manages to kick Ragna away.

Ottoh: I'm quite good...at what I do.

Ragna: Tch...

Ottoh: (The situation is not looking good...I need to contact Alty this instant...)


Before he could press the communicator button, something hit him from behind. It was Alty after she was hit by Noel's attack.

Alty: Owch!!!

Ottoh: A-Alty? How the-

Alty: This girl is something else...

She blocks a blast from Rosa's magic. But it was clear that they wouldn't last for much long.

Ottoh: We must run, we already got two of them.

Alty: What about Mister Sittara?

Ottoh: Haven't you noticed? The mission is over.

Alty: Okay then...Alright guys, listen up! The first Anza challenge is to take down the DUST Organization.

Kail: What did you say?

Alty: With that said...GOOD-BYE!!!

She blinds everyone with a light from her Fatum units, vanishing from their sight once it fades.

((And now for the thing that has been holding back some of my projects.))

Commercial Break

Another Commercial Break

The last commercial break

Café Cyberiada

Music: Dandy Old Man

Neptune: This has been yet another slow month huh?

Sayaka: Two years...and we're still on Season 2...

Uni: There's no sight of the flashback arc anywhere either...seriously, what they are doing?

Silvy: *whistling*

Madoka: I'm still wondering why Mister Kael...

Kael: You called?

Madoka: N-Not you...

Kael: Oh...

Sayaka: Why he hasn't been double posting when he said he would...That guy doesn't know if he wants to be angry or soft...I really can't tell...

Neptune: Oh...And now? Who will be able to save us?

???: Us! The Hero Club

Neptune: Eh? It's not Chapolin?

???: Look into my evil eyes! See something inside?

Uni: Sorry...We won't be using Jojo characters anymore...Didn't Josuke give you the memo?

???2: Sis...That's why I told you not to use that SFX...

???3: You really don't lose the oportunity to make a fool of yourself huh?

???: He he he!

Madoka: Wait, aren't you three planned for the sequel? I think I saw you befo-

Neptune: Don't tell me...you're...

???: That's right! We are the great heroes blessed by Shinju-sama to help find a solution to this harsh conflict...We are...

Music: A fun riddle

Neptune: Maria Cadenzavna Eve, Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukiyomi! Man, I was expecting you three to at least cameo in the main series since that Copen fellow decided to show up before he's supposed to.

Michiru Kamizono: *showing a message on her tablet since she can't speak* I'll be showing up soon too :D !

???: Whaaaaat? Noooo!

???3: W-Where did you even got that idea? Are you some kind of idiot?

Sayaka and Uni: Yes she is!

???2: Owch!

Neptune: Double-teamed by two girls voiced by the same person...talk about double the pain!

???: Well then, incoming introduction speech!

Inubouzaki Fu: I'm the founder and leader of the Hero Club, Fu Inubouzaki. This here is my dear little sister that is also a founding member, Itsuki Inubouzaki.

Itsuki: Nice to meet everyone!

Madoka: Same here!

Fu: And that's Karin Miyoshi by the way.

Miyoshi Karin: "By the way"...Can't you introduce me a little better? Like...saying I'm also member of the club?

Fu: I don't know...do you consider yourself a member?

Karin: O-Of course! Why are you even asking after all this time?

Fu: Oh well, you just said it, so there's no need for your introduction anymore!

Karin: Geez...

Neptune: Oooh~! Now I remember!

Sayaka: So...What is this solution?

Music: Aurora Days

Fu: Actually, it's more about a status update. The sequel is coming off okay. He finally decided which characters to include. Plus, there'll be a whooping six protagonists right at the start.

Madoka: We started with four right? Regarding Mister Kael's team I mean...

Kael: Someone called?

Karin: No! Not you.

Kael: Right...Call me if you need anything.

Fu: Anyway, this means, activity will come back here again, at least for a while.

Uni: That's great and all...but what about the flashback arc? Amano gets referenced from time to time, but still no sign of more chapters...heck, we could've been finished by now...but Akina's sidestory got finished first instead...

Akina: Someone called?

Sayaka: Really? This again?

Akina: Oh hey, it's the Hero Club!

Fu: See? Even living being that lives outside the worlds knows about us.

Uni: It's because it's their job to know about it...sigh...anyway...about my ques-

Fu: And that's all the time we have for today, see you guys in Endless Saga: The Black Nightmare of the White Dream 2 - The Atonement Chapter! Sis, let's get out of here!

Itsuki: Ah! W-Wait for me Sis!

Sayaka: Hey! Come back here!

Karin: How the hell did she managed to say that long title name without being caught mid-sentence?

Akina: MAGIC!!!

Neptune: Damn wizards! How do they work?

Uni, Sayaka and Karin: Sigh...

Madoka: Miss Karin...Are you going to follow them?

Karin: Might as well...I'm afraid if I leave that idiot alone, she'll start formulating dumb plans again...Anyways, nice knowing ya!

Sayaka: As well!

Ralf: I heard Karin's name...Is she around by any chance?

Uni: No! She's not!

Karina: Someone called me?

Sayaka: Argh!!! Enough of this!

Neptune: See you guys next time!

*lights out*

Moonlight Castle

Music: Management

IF: Well...no progressing in the story for a while then...

Kazuma Kiryu: My sincerest apologies...He was busy with something else involving me...~

Rachel: Not the first time it happens...We have to bear with it.

IF: I know...but...

Rachel: Look on the bright side. Thanks to the wait, Miss IF will be using her new costume.

IF: Well...that's true.

Rachel: There will be more variety with the soundtrack now that he explored games he hasn't played before. And other music that he wanted before being avaliable now.

Terumi: Can't argue with that!

Rachel: Who brought you here?

Terumi: Just passing through...Was getting bored with all of the wait...I'll be taking my leave now.

Rachel: You better...

IF: Well, we've extended this for way too long. This time, we'll really see you guys later.

Melissa: Ah! I forgot to mention that we still need to update the character page!

Apollo: More importantly, when I will show up aga-

oooh~! Just hit the jackpot regarding portraits for Geo
Spring Zone - Hakurei Shrine

Music: Labo

Ralf: Oh, Hi there. I'm Ralf Clay, and yeah, I'm friends with him.

Ralf: (Anna's brother...Reimu is owing me an explanation about him but...I'll not bother him with this, maybe if he feels like it.) So...What brings you here? I thought you left.

Moonlight Castle

**Labo also plays here**

Isana: Hello There-

Neptune: WAH!!!! *Hits the ground*

Isana: Um...
Omega-Xis: Looks like we nearly got hit by a pink torperdo.

Midori: Sigh...Sorry about that Isana. I should put a ward that redirects people to a place where Neptune doesn't get thrown at...

Valkenhayn: Welcome to the home of the Alucard family.

Isana: Thanks for having us.

Midori: It's been a while, Isana Sapphire.

Neptune: Hmmm?

Neptune quickly goes to where Blanc was to whisper in her ear.

Neptune: She's speaking in a soft voice just like she does with Melis. Do you think she's another one she "loves"?

Blanc: Don't ask me that...but now that you mention it, she does look at her with different eyes.

Neptune: Also...Isana huh? Put an "n" after the "I" and you get insane.

Blanc: Just...stay quiet...

Suddenly, Neptune is grabbed by her hood and pulled close to Isana.

Midori: Let me introduce you, this Idiot is Neptune, those other two are Blanc and Noire.

Isana: Nice to meet you.

Midori: Threat our guests well...Am I clear?

Neptune: Clean as a limpid lake Midorin!

Then, Midori released Neptune, making her fall on the ground.

Geo: (She looks like the kind person we should avoid getting on her bad side.)

Isana: I figured that this was a good time to visit you after you sent me that mail.

Midori: I see...what do you want from me? It looks like you won't be here for long...

Isana then, explains the situation of Geo, Lan, X and Kite for her.

Midori: Right, You did the right choice coming to me.

Isana: I also request permission to blend them in with the locals until the problem is solved. I mean, they can't just stand here since they want to help.

Midori: Might as well...but you'll be responsable for them, do you understand that?

Isana: Yes I do. Thank you very much.

Midori: Now then, why don't you stay a little longer? Valkenhayn makes an excelent tea.

Valkenhayn: You put too much credit on me Miss Midori.

School - Track Field

Kael: Worry not, we'll be done with you before you can grow more heads! I heard fire is effective against Hydras!

Marisa: Um...Kael...She's not a...

Uni: Shoot her down!

Edge: You regret ever attacking this place. PYRE BUNKER!

Edge closes in on Yato, attempt on blasting her with a burst of flames, while Kael also attacked her with his sword on flames.

Marisa: Well, nevermind ze!

Spring Zone Streets - Road to the school

Music: Opening Stage (Copen)

Following the energy signature his shield was detecting, Copen met with a bunch of eggmets who seemed like they were securing an escape route. But Copen doesn't know that.

Copen: It's the same machines from the festival...Seems like my guess is spot on. If I go any further, I might meet with the owner of these things...Seems like it's finally time to fight one of those outsiders. Well then...I'm ready to begin the hunt.

He ran at them, firing his gun whenever they tried to shoot back and also tackling them with his shield, making his way to the school.
To diferentiate him from Thomas, kunais.
Scarlet Devil Mansion - Foyer

Akina: Ah! The Dream Realm right?

Nepgear: WHAT? We have one day left?
Akina: GAH!

Akina loses her balance after Nepgear's sudden shouting.

Friday: Dream Realm? What is tha-

Akina: Alright, before you say anything else...

Akina: Explanation time!

Music: That one silly explanation music I always use

Akina: Let me explain! Since both of you are not really from this world, I believe it's better to reveal this to you.

Yui: (Where did that billboard came from?)

Akina: Dream Realm, as the name states, it is a place comprised of the many dreams and nightmares of living beings. And Mina's conciousness is trapped in the one linked to this world.

Friday: ...Right...

Akina: If one manages to break free of their dream without waking up, they'll be transported to the Dream Realm, which you will be able to see other people's dreams.

Yui: Sounds like a interesting place to visit.

**Shrine plays again**

Akina: Any questions? *kicks the billboard away*

Friday: Not really...I got most of it...

Akina: Then, explanation over.

Nepgear: Well...I guess we should tell this to Ralf right away.

Akina: You should, wait for me outside, I'll follow soon.

Friday: You're not going to take long, right?

Akina: *get's too close* I'll follow soon!

Friday: Alright, back off...Geez...

Yui: See you outside.

Both Yui and Friday leaves, however, Nepgear didn't want to leave.

Akina: You're not going?

Nepgear: I want to see what you're going to do next.

Akina: Well...If you say so...Ahem!

Akina: Say Remy, why don't you try being nicer to my friends when calling them for a important reunion like this? You know your relationship with them is...racy thanks to your friends from Gensokyou as Miss Cory said. Ralf still remembers how Miss Saku brought Magio to this place, which is why I offered to go in his place, because I was worried you would be mean to him.

Akina: So please, give me your word that you are someone he can trust.

Nepgear: (Remy,Cory and Saku? Did she just nickname everyone here?)

Spring Zone Streets

**Silver Bullet of Revenge still playing**

Thomas: DAMMIT!

Thomas punches through the wall of bolders, revealing two dead soldiers, and a van very far away in the distance.

Masaki: What just happened? Where's Mana?

Thomas: ...

Shiro: What were those gun shots?

Thomas: Whoever it was...It killed these soldiers and took Mana away...

Masaki: So...DUST might not be the only one going after her?

Kuro: The only vehicle was that van, so I guess this someone might be nearby.

Thomas: Let's look around. I might be able to feel this who it was.

While Thomas had a valid idea, unfortunately, he wouldn't be able to feel the one who took Mana away, because that person has no powers at all, he is a common human.

Top of a Building

Copen: Mana Lindis...
Mana: ...

???: Copen, I have unfortunate news. DUST captured two of their psychics.
Copen: I know, I just got someone they were about to capture.
???: T-That one is...
Copen: Nori, take her back home.
Nori: Are you sure?
Copen: She won't go anywhere with those wounds.
Nori: Understood, I've put a tracker on their van before leaving.
Copen: Good job, we'll attack them by night. I'm sure the World Crossers have noticed the van and will search them for some time, forcing DUST to stay into hiding.
Nori: Okay...Where are you going?
Copen: The Aixgear Shield is reacting to something nearby...something similar to these energies I've been collecting since that floating fortress collapsed.
Nori: Another RKS member I suppose.
Copen: I think so...It's disgusting how much similar they are to those monsters...
Nori: Well then, good luck on your mission.

School - Corridor

Celica: Eh? D-Did I do something bad?

Iris: Well, I happen to be a summoner myself.

Celica: Really? Can you tell us what's happening then?

Iris: From what I can tell, she can't stay summoned because she's unconcious. That, and the summoner also isn't focused on maintaining her in this plane.

Celica: I see, it's something simple like that.

Iris: So don't worry, she'll be fine.

School - Track Field


Suddenly, Kael came flying in, aiming to strike Eifer with his galatine.

Marisa: Alright, we're here now!

Uni: And there's a party waiting for us too.

Edge: Let's not waste time then.

The three joined in the battle against Eifer.

School - Back Gate (Chains of Fate Field)

**Diferences between people still playing*

Hugh: More like easily angered demon...AURORA PRESSURE - HALF CHARGE!!!

Afraid that Necrox would lose his focus due to Zatra's insults, Hugh get's between them and fires a weaker version of his long range attack with one arm.
I'm almost finished...Question though, when Hugh will earn his Kunais again?
He's still on the Hakurei Shrine.
The plan was for them to get kidnapped, so no Mamizou Ex machina here.
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