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A clash between curiosity and keeping her store open was wracking Ren’s thoughts. She wanted to keep the store open to keep on making money however this crowd gathered around the temple right outside lit a flame of curiosity. Her want of a possible adventure out shined her want for money, but she thought at times like this she could use an assistant to help her out just to watch the shop while she was away. After thinking about it for a while she decided to close up shop in hopes of finding out was going on right outside her doors. Since she hasn't hired a coworker yet to run the shop she couldn't keep it open to the public, noting to herself to start looking for help to run the shop in a way that is constantly profitable. Making some final transactions before ushering people out of the shop. After everyone left she said “Oh magic shop of mine, minimize in this bag and twine” The magic shop disappeared into her belongings, as fast as it can be put up its faster taking it down. She smirked at how easy it was to set up shop efficiency made her feel at ease.

Walking through the crowd of people gathered at the temple she nudged and squirmed her way to the temple entrance. Feeling a bit claustrophobic she felt the need to gasp for air but she remained silent and moved gracefully through the crowd like an assassin would, she just had to see about Madame Valia and that particular man that carried her there. She knew his face from Sahale’s bounty list it just had to be him but she needed a second look to confirm it. In order to find out everything going on she had to go inside, and if that man that carried Valia was a wanted man then she had to be smart and have her wits about her as well as keeping her guard up.

Upon entering the temple the duo caught her attention immediately they stood out over the others that were there. Recognizing Allanon as one of the bounties when she saw his face she knew Sahale had his bounty in his list. This shocked Ren a little bit what would a wanted man want to do with a dance instructor. She eyed Valia and what a beauty she was absolutely stunning it would leave such a sour taste if she decided to assassinate her so Ren decided to help them. She knew information that can save them. But with her constant businesswoman mindset she approached the duo getting close like she had a secret to tell “Hey I can help you I know a guy with a lot of information that can help save your lives I already know there is a bounty on Madame here and I know a bit about you too… Allanon… If you want me to connect you to him it will cost you some gold though.”
On his way out the door she would reply, “Hey my lucky charm Sahale! Long time but it seems like you always find my ass, I will look into it may or may not do it though see ya next time honey” She smirked slyly at him as she leaned on her desk bending at the hip and folding her arms, she wondered where he was off to as Ren eyed him out the window now walking towards the market area. “That damn guy always a laugh” she silently chuckled to herself moving her fist up to her face covering her laugh.

Ren thought of this target, seemed like an interesting person considering she herself was born and raised like a Sylve and she loved the culture behind dancing. Killing the target seemed a bit sour but she decided to gather some intel on this woman at least. Wondering to herself as she looked out the window, “Will I ever find anything of my Gruskan heritage this way” Shaking her head while scratching the nape of her neck she needed an information broker, “Maybe that flirt Sahale could help out.” She whispered to herself.

Going back to the register now, Ren called some of her little birds over asking them if they knew anything about the dance teacher down the street. With some replies of “She is pretty” She got nothing but asked them again. “Can you guys find out anything more about her and let me know?” A couple of them nodding and running off, others stayed behind for some candies at the front register and looked at gadgets and items she had. Seemed like business wasn’t doing so bad but she could use some coin, she would need it in the future.

Sitting at the register she would make exchanges here and there with various customers all the while reading her tomes, but then one of the children came running into the store gasping while talking “the store *gasp* is in ruin and *gasp* madame is hurt.” The sound of the child's gasping was soon overrun with the murmurs of the crowd outside. Looking out the window she saw a man carrying her target into the temple right next to her shop. Her jaw dropped a little in astonishment of the coincidence of it all. They seemed rushed and really hurt, not wanting to draw the attention they did. It seemed like a mystery and Ren was hooked she just had to find out what was going on and how they were all linked together, Sahale, the Calibris family, herself, and this pretty dancer from kalla. Ren walked to the window and asked the child, “What did you see at the store? What happened here?” As she silently waited for the non existent answer, because the child could not answer. Staring at the massive crowd gathered right outside she smirked, an interesting adventure seemed to be stirring.


Ren peeked up from her reading to notice a bunch of kids have started to look around, closing her book she watches them with a smile. The curiosity embedded into the children reminded her of her own adventurous spirit. With a small grin she waved to the kids saying “If you need any help let me know! I also have a small bowl of snacks over her at the register if you get hungry.” She had always been good with kids and been gentle and kind to them. She would also see the groups of people walking around outside and even walking away from her store. Little did they know that if they asked her she could assassinate anyone for a good lump of money, This store although legitimate and made her enough money to get through life, It was a front for her assassination skills being sold.

Coming back snapping out of her head she treated the kids very kindly explaining and showing them all sorts of magic items and displaying them playfully, but carefully. She knew that kids sometimes are good sources of information too and planned for them to be her little ears while she stayed in Kalla. Asking innocently to the children “Where does one put faith in listeners? Can you all be my ears? I can give you treats and show you these cool items everyday I just need to hear the whispers of the town, good information if you will, Now It is not hard to do just relay any little or small thing you notice that makes you question what was said or done. It is a job perfect for you guys and i am putting my trust in you so please don’t break it. Pinky promise alright?” As Ren extended her right pinky offering it to the the children.

The children responded back with their pinkies and nodded in agreement with each other, seemed like a simple trade sweets and entertainment for what they hear around town it was a fair exchange. Ren tied an invisible imaginary string amongst them all. “See were all tied together and we can’t break the promise now or your severing ties with your new little band we started just now by doing that.”

The children felt like they were part of something bigger now and had each other to back them up it is an empowering feeling and Ren used that to her advantage, She had her little birds system set up and now it’s a waiting game for something interesting to stir.

Meanwhile, she could just run her shop normally and if the right customer comes in offer her skills of assassination to the client. She thought of bounty hunting again just for the buck but she would rather not go back to doing that again unless absolutely necessary.

Ren wakes up from a deep slumber in a nearby lodge, furrowed brows and bag under her eyes, it seemed like she was still exhausted from her travels to finally arrive here. Rolling out of bed she drifted into the shower lazily shedding of her night clothing to bathe in the wooden tub they had set out. Scrubbing her body clean she gets out and drys off then using her magic she concealed her white hair to a brown as well as her eyes. She puts on a light tan sundress and combs her lions mane of hair before making a meal for herself.

Eating up some simple beef stew with carrots and rice she takes her belongings and heads towards the market district she has to open up her shop to make some money. Walking across the market district she eyed a tailoring shop, some of her clothes needed some attending to so she kept the thought in the back of her head. She saw a girl attendant and some people gathered at the tailors shop so in an effort to get more customers she finds a nice, sizeable space nearby. Pulling out a small coin purse she threw it open on the ground in front of her and magically done her shop had popped into existence in front of her. A sign dangling as an aftereffect reading VESPER’S TOMES AND MAGICAL ITEMS. With a smirk and a swash of nostalgia she walked into the front door, a dusty collection of books and items strewn about it was like an old antique shop where every item is someone's treasure. She sat at the cashier awaiting some customers, with nothing better to do she opens up a tome and starts to study the magical properties within.

Since a kid she loved reading and it brought forth a safe space for her diving into a whole new world. When she found her first tome and learned magic through it a whole new world was brought forth where she could adventure. Sitting in this lonely shop that can move wherever like a gypsy she sat and reminisced as she read a tome about black magic and the consequences of using some of them. As she read a smile from ear to ear formed as her adventure continued.
Name: Renestrae Vesperr
Nickname: Ren
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: n/a
Hair color: White, dyes to brown often
Eye color: White, has brown contacts
Occupation: Assassin

Likes: Adventure/Exploring, collecting tomes, horror/terror films, learning magic (one of the reasons for her love of adventure), Interior Design, Money, Dark Arts, hard work, Entrepreneurship, Always likes a good cocktail or beer with a meal, fine arts, history, calming singing, dancing, anything graceful, and underworld organizations
Dislikes: Laziness, shallow people, ambitionless people, inefficiency, not being able to read people or intentions, paranoia,

Personality: An adventurous and truly curious sylphan since she was young, It fed her ambition to go out in the world and explore. A sophisticated and well versed mature lady, she is thoroughly observant in a calm and collected manner, but can also be flirtatious and happy go lucky. Very witty and her self reliance got her rich and well known within the underworld she knows how to stay humble though.

Backstory: Ren was born a misbegotten baby in a ancient part of the forest in the Scar, her parents was a highborn sylven man and her mother was always a mystery. Renestrae Vesperr was born on a new moon night deep in the darkness of the ancient cherry tree forest with a gleam in her white round eyes and patch of white hair. Her mother someone who her father would always mention when drunk on wine her mother was a tanned beauty with the most beautiful eyes and light sandy blonde hair Then telling Ren that she had her mother's eyes and should be careful of it. But. growing up Ren would always just think he meant some Varukian woman who was strong enough and respected enough to enter the Scar and have a secret baby born in the forest. Her father was made sure she was brought back to the ancient castle he lived in since he loved the mother and told everyone her mother was a varukian, even though he knew she was a Gruskan. Ren was treated as an exceptional kid because of her dark tan skin and silver white eyes coupled with white hair the lords of the sylvens thought she was a special born bringing power and good fortune in her life as a child she was treated to a harsh regiment of exercising and practicing to become the top assassin from an early age. Her Father was heavily involved with underground organizations in the surrounding areas, held a say in the sylven lords as well as a vice grip on the best retainer assassins. Since she was affluent her father put her through vigorous different teachings on assassin techniques drilled into her the four core principles, always taught her the pride on being the top in the reapers the military force of the sylves or top assassin of them, formal etiquette, culture and arts, how to use money as power,, Hunting with a bow and arrow, Medicine, Cooking, Martial Arts, dancing. The list was countless and the different private tutors were even more countless. Through her early years Ren was an explorer and creative with a high affinity for magic teaching herself on tomes she read exploring the library or even on exploration trips she did with her father finding all sorts of magical items on these trips, she then made smart investments in the sale of magical items and let her money multiply as she started to grow her connections with the black market using her father’s influence, the trade off however for doing everything she wanted to do with her father’s power there was an agreement with her pops that when she turned 18 she would do the jobs her father required her to do. When Ren was 18 that year a lot of things happened, Not only did she join the Retainer Assassins group in a special unit organised of special operatives working directly under Ren’s father she joined her brothers and sisters to take up arms against war or any possible threat to the village in the reapers, taking out other petty criminals and her skills in combat becoming exceptional in skirmishes for the reapers, she started assassination jobs for lowborn scum but it all seemed preparatory for what happened during the last month of the year, Ren’s father got terribly ill to the point of needing to step down in his position of power, This made her father try his utmost to bring Ren into his life and take part in it. Knowing she had made a promise already in the past, Ren was a girl of her word. She took the job as an assassin her father asked her to do in order to show he still has power through her, Ren using everything her father had taught her as tools to complete a mission in all sorts of manners. She was taught all those things in the past so her father could create a well versed assassin. She took on various roles for the all underground cults, mercenary group and even for the sylven high court It was endless and consumed her time completely enacting various different roles like a musician or dancer to complete her mission. Her Father used her like a tool or weapon using up every resource and contact available to advertise Ren.

After fighting with illness for 6 long years her father passed away with a slow degrading death, He told her of her original gruskan ancestry and who her mother really was and to go out and explore her heritage. He saw the rise of the monster he created, Renestrae Vesperr, with a count of 200 confirmed assassinations on the day he died, a boasting 100% mission completion rate, the one of the richest sales woman of magical items, and an impressive tome and relic collection as well. Ren even created a new business called Vesperr’s Tomes and Magical Items., They create copies of texts found on her trips with her dad and her dad massive collection in his library and such and sell it in stores! It was also the day Ren turned 24 since she has established herself now in the Underworld. She set out to expand her business into assassination leaving on sometimes long journeys across the planet gaining information along the way of course of gruskan lore but really to complete high stakes kills. Leaving the store tightly guarded and secured empty and collecting dust before going of course. She created an ability to store her magical item store within a magical item to take with her wherever she went. Ending up at Kalla she set up shop to advertise her items and on the lowkey assassinations, while gathering intelligence on gruskan heritage. She came off as a brown haired brown eyed half sylven and half Varukian using her magic to dye the colors

Weapons: Magic Tomes, Silver short dagger, bow and arrows, crossbow, and her magic items

The Dark Arts: The ability to use shadow based magic, but there is a direct limit to difficulty of spell and mana consumption

Dark Arts Claw Chain: Item Type: Enchanted Chain Claws: Adding Dark magic to her fingers to extend like talons it enhances physical prowess

Dark Arts Perception Masking: Using Dark Magic to mask herself into the background hiding her from enemies noticing her, It has been developed into Invisibility after years of hunting and training this ability

Dark Arts Invisibility: Turning Invisible for 5 minutes. She can only use her Chain Claw in this form she can’t do any other ability in this form and if she gets touched her cast will be nullified and she can be seen.

Dark Arts Shadow Arrow: Item Type: Enchanted Bow: A Shadow Arrow is procured on her bow It flies straight and true making it the best for sniping from a long bow at maximum distance.

Dark Arts Tonal Dischord: ITem Type: Enchanted Necklace: using sound waves mixed with Dark Magic, a shriek will confuse those without the astral mark for 10 seconds

Dark Arts Astral Mark: Item Type: Paper Talisman: Ren can place the Astral mark upon someone this protects from Tonal Dischord.

Ultimate Move: Dark Arts Nether Step: Item Type: Orb of Darkness: Using Dark Magic to quickly travel in shadow flashe teleportation in succession

Physical Prowess: A master archer she was taught to hunt since she was little, hunting with these weapons is in Sylvan blood, They are just naturally good with them. She was trained in a Claw Hand martial arts developed by her ancestors (like tiger style kung fu i guess) She uses it for silent kills needed for assassinations.

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