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CLANG, CLANG, CLANG... The hammer struck hot metal several times, then is was returned to the hot forge to heat. Then once more it was brought to an anvil and the hammer hit again, and again, shaping the metal with each stike. Then a chill blew down his spine, which was odd when working at a forge. He shook himself to clear it, only for a large shadow to be cast on him and a sense of dread to take hold. He turned to see lightning in a dark cloud rush at him and-

Reoth snapped awake at the loud crash outside, eyes suddenly wide with terror and being unable to move from the shock of being awoken by... this. The voice boomed outside, and his limbs felt stiff when he tried to move them, to get up and go see just what was happening, but the system message told him clearly that he wouldn't be able to. He was overwhelmed, and felt the strength leaking from his muscles from stamina loss. Then there was a loud explosion, distant but still close enough to be clearly heard.

"If next you pray... pray for swift death."

Then there was a snap and crackle, and the sense of dread left him. His body felt limp and numb, and rather than get up to speak to the others allowed himself to drift back to sleep, right as he heard shouting and angry comments outside. It wasn't a heavy sleep, as he was woken up soon after as something else happened outside. Rather than get up or even lift his head this time, he simply listened as he no longer felt that prior sense of terror or dread.

He watched as Ash picked up her crystal and... swallowed it? Huh... Anyways, he watched her moved to the entrance to observe what he himself was listening to. And couldn't help but raise whatever counted as eyebrows for a lizard. Did a bunch of goblins just ask -no- beg Digbie to become their leader? Well that was a sudden turn of events. Also, it seemed the explosion he heard during that terrifying event was a mountain having been exploded so... Yeah, don't pray to the demon king. He probably never would have done so in the first place, but he was guaranteed not to now.

Upon Ash's return to her spot in the cave Reoth finally stood, gave himself a good stretch in the hopes waking himself up fully, and crawled over to her. "So... what was that crystal and did you actually eat it?" A pause before he spoke again, "Another extra question... Did Digbie just get offered a position of power?"

Journey to Catch Up

As Ash and Torrent reintroduced themselves to each other and talked, Reoth felt his stomach growling and the pains of hunger starting to get to him. And as Ash spoke of examining plants he found his mind wandering towards the idea of trying to find something small to eat at least. So it was with that in mind that he decided to split off as they walked and go for a quick search for food by himself, but remain within shouting distance in case anything happened to him or the others.

Really, he probably could have let Ash know what he was doing before disappearing on her, but the need to fill his stomach was enough for it to slip his mind at the time. However, his search did end well. What he found on the forest floor was a plant that resembles a spring onion, or leek, or other similar plants put together. He tested the plant with a nibble, and while it really didn't taste very good at all, it was edible. And so to sate his hunger he managed to choke it down. It was right as he finished that he heard a loud boom in the direction that the group had gone.

Stomach filled and now masked with worry, Reoth set off towards the noise as quickly and sneakily as he could, only slowing the closer he got to where he guessed the source was. Right as they came into view he could see that there had been a fiery explosion, judging the the scorch marks on the ground and trees. It looks like it was taken care of as Torrent, who looked to be the most damaged by whatever happened, was being healed by a pixie and goblin he didn't know. There was also the fact that Ash and the wisp were threatening the group of goblins as they had come investigate. From what they said, the goblins wanted to finish off his fellow reptile.

As he decides to join the group, a goblin Reoth recognized, Orchid, charged at the goblins and issued a challenge to Crispy, whom was the apparent leader of the goblin group. there encirclement, sort of, manage to cut him off from the others as they made their escape. Left without much choice, he opted to hunker down and remain hidden until the goblins were thoroughly distracted by the duel. Once they were he retreated back into the brush and circled around until he found the tracks made by the others leading from the explosion.

Now he had a choice to make, go back around and head back into the cave, or follow the tracks and catch up with Ash and the others. Well, as he wasn't aware if anyone he knew was back in the cave, he chose to go forward and follow the tracks, remaining cautious and stealthy in an attempt to not get caught by anything. To help with this he covered himself in dirt in an attempt to at least dull or breack up the white and light gray of his scales, with his movement being quick darts from cover to cover, but altogether being slow in catching up with the others.

It was during one such movement that something pounced at him from out of a tree, feline from immediate glance. Rather than continue being slow, Reoth immediately darts forward and dodges out of the way of of his attacker, stopping a short distance to turn around and look at the creature. It was a black feline, looking to have the same proportions of a house cat but it was the size of a linx. One odd thing, though, was the spiky hair on its head that made it look like a witch's hat with its ears poking through. The other odd trait being its eyes, one colored red while the other is orange. Eye that were suddenly locked onto him.

Immediately realizing that he wouldn't be able to outrun it, and with nothing around that he could duck under to trip it up, he had to fight. And the first thing he did was use Poison Spit, aimed straight at the thing's face, quickly and without warning in an attempt to catch it off guard. This turned out to be a good first move, as a black mist seemed to be gathering within the red eye's pupil right before the attack landed, poison splattering over both its eyes. The reaction was immediate as it reared back and threw its head back and forth before proceeding to rub its head in the dirt to get the poison off.

Deciding to take advantage of the moment Reoth charges forward and leaps onto its back, latching on with his claws and biting hard into the back of the neck. It started jerking and jumping around, heading towards a tree as though intending to slam him. Using this, Reoth waits until its too late for it to stop itself and throws himself off, making it slam itself into the hard trunk while he tumbles down to the ground. However the feline had managed to get the poison out of its eyes now and was turning to face him, sounding rather angry. So to avoid an immediate attack Reoth dashed behind the tree, readying a poison spit for whichever side it chose to come around.

It didn't follow, rather, its angry growl slowly faded away until silence. Remaining cautious, he backs away from the tree while remaining alert of his surrounding, including above him after what happened. He found himself almost lost in the bushes, and since he didn't want to lose the tracks, he approached the tree, keeping ready to fire a poison spit again. With nothing happening immediately as he reaches the tree, he cautiously looks around it for the feline creature.

Reoth came face to face with it again, and just as an odd black smoke envelopes him he unleashes his poison and once again hits the cat in the eyes. This time a change came over the feline's face and body language, and it turned and headed for the brush, coughing and sputtering. He fires another poison spit at it, barely getting so poison on the fur of its flank before it plunges into the bushes with a yowl of pain, the noise of its running away gone after a few moments.

With that close encounter over, Reoth backtracks until he finds the tracks from the others once more, and continues following them until he reaches a clearing that they passed through. Still trying to maintain his stealth, and straining his ears and eyes, he catches the sound of a branch creaking above him. He looked up just in time to see the same cat creature from before jumping down to pounce at him again.

Whether out of annoyance, or in an attempt to catch it off guard, Reoth takes a risk and feigns backing up, only to jump up and clamp onto his teeth to both do damage and give his stun fang a chance to work. The hope was to stun it if he couldn't crush its throat. As he leapt its claws brushed his side, opening a decent bloody cut, his bite making it twist in the air but it still managed to land on its feet, thankfully keeping Reoth from getting crushed on the ground under its weight. But it then rears up and reaches for him with its forelimbs in an attempt to claw him off.

Reoth was forced to tear his mouth away and let go, creating a small wound as he did, and lets go. While he got free, he was still hit. It wasn't a direct blow on him with its claws it still managed to bat him to the ground. That said, damage was down to it, and it was now bleeding from the neck and the poison seemed to be taking its toll.

System: Reoth

Not good, he needed to end this quickly. He readied another poison spit and right as he did its yellow eye started to glow. Upon seeing the eye, Reoth immediately fired in order to stop it. He missed, but was successful as it had to dodged, jumping out of the way, therefore cancelling whatever it was going to do. Its weakened state became even more apparent as it stumbled somewhat on its landing, and even though he couldn't tell through its fur, its face seemed to be pale.

The end was near, he knew it. Steeling himself before charging forward, Reoth feints the charge and successful tricks the creature into moving. And when he stops it decides to lunge at him. He spits once more as it lunges, hitting it in the chest and making it pull up short as well. Reoth took a few steps back and prepares to shoot again but as he sucks in breath the feline chokes, hacks, collapses, rolls over, convulses, and lies still, dead.

Reoth could swear he heard an angelic choir of sorts in the back of his mind.

LEVEL UP! Level 2 > 3. You can spend 5 Skill Points.

Stun Fang I (1.0)
Poison Spit I (1.8)
Crafting I (1.4)
Charisma I (1.0)
Muffle I (1.4)
Faster I (0.3)
Mental resistance I (0.1)
Counter I (0.1)
Monster Analysis I (0.4)
Suppress Presence I (0.9)
Magic Analysis I (0.2)
Fortify I (0.2)
Scale Shift I (0.7)
Plant Analysis I (0.3)
Keen Ear I (0.3)
Keen Eye I (0.3)
Alert I (0.2)
System: Reoth

As happy as he was to get the level up, he could only think to assign the points int three skills, "One point to Suppress Presence. Three into Scale Shift. And one to Muffle." He let out a breath of relief at the fight being over, and approached the body of the feline to look it over more. Patches of missing fur marked where his poison struck before, with its face being pretty messed up as well. The eyes... despite being frozen in death and glazed over, still seemed to have some glow to them. As gruesome as it might've been to do so, Reoth thought it a good idea to take out one of the eyes. And since one of them was too damaged, he managed to take out the red one.

Before heading off, he eats part of a leg to fill himself up. Once sated, he decides to put his new skill to use, activating Scale Shift to change his color into the abundant brown of the forest floor. Now blending in more and with more stealth skills, he sets off along the tracks once more. Shortly thereafter he came upon a stream that the tracks follow along. This was good, as the message from when he awoke told him that he was dehydrated, and he took the opportunity to drink the cold water and quench his thirst.

While he is drinking he hears the sounds of grunting and shuffling from close by on the other side of the stream, and he glances up to see a small mound from which dirt was being thrown. Cautious but still drinking he watched as something like a badger with an armadillo's hide, with spikes growing from its forearms, emerged from a burrow. Paying Reoth little mind as it stomped around, kicking away the freshly dug dirt before it turned in a circle and marched back into its hole.

As curious as he was of the seemingly passive creature, he didn't want to stay, even if he could, and observe, instead opting to take note of this spot for later. Once he was no longer thirsty he finished drinking and continued to stealthily follow the tracks along the stream, listening to the sound of frogs croaking in the distance. The forest floor had started to slope, as though nearing mountains or foothills.

And so it was that Reoth--beaten, battered, and bloody-- finally caught up to Ash and the others at their new base in the making. Still colored brown, bloody, wounded, dirty, and with a red eyeball gently held by his teeth, appeared before the others from the trees. Setting down the eye he says in a tired, wounded tone, "Finally found you guys... So how you been?" Yep... about all he could get himself to say at the moment.

The talks went surprisingly well, though it was worrying when Crispy clearly didn't show any signs of really trusting or working with. At least he didn't know they were... ~And she told him. Okay, they could still keep a safe distan- And now Ash walked out and closed the distance, sitting near Orchid and speaking up while doing what he knew was her level best at not appearing exhausted and weak. He was caught off guard enough by Ash's move that it took him a moment to shake his head clear and start moving himself to stand by Ash, in order to help her not look exhausted and be able to help her if a fight arose.

However, as he crawled forth, the talks reached a rapid and questionable end. With the goblins all setting up camp at one end of the clearing, and the monsters at the other. While it wasn't clear if the goblins, namely Crispy, were or could be allies, it seemed they at least wouldn't try attacking them. For now.

With rest now becoming a priority, they each found as safe a place as they could to sleep. Since Ash was too weak to climb, her best chance was to hide under the roots of a tree. So with a little work on Reoth's part, he did what he could to use sticks, branches, and leaves off the ground to work as a sort of camouflaged shelter, with a focus of covering the purple markings on Ash's back. Once he felt she was hidden well enough, he took his albino hide to a different, nearby set of roots.

While he might've preferred resting with company, his mostly white body would be much harder to hide. So for his spot, he did what he could, the same that was done for Ash, with the added effort of scraping up the ground and covering himself with dirt. Only once he was mostly covered in earth did he get to relax and rest, hoping to not be found by something in his sleep.

Thankfully, he managed to get his full rest without anything disturbing him. And when the sun's rays reached him he awoke from the warm feeling on what part of him were left exposed. He did feel a little chilled, as everything seemed a bit damp, but despite that he stood and shook himself free of his makeshift camouflage... and the piled on dirt. With some stretching he looked about himself, watching as other monsters awoke and began to move about and seeing a trio start heading into the woods.

If the alerts of hunger and thirst didn't let him know, his growling stomach would have told him that he needed to eat, and drink. So with the assumption that the trio were heading off to hunt as well as explore Reoth crawled the very short distance to Ash's spot, beginning to move some of the sticks away as he spoke to wake her up, "Ash, you doing okay now? There's some others that are heading out, do you want to go with them?"
Mol'nan Tribe - Turn 8(3)

Progress was good on clearing the land, the main topic of conversation being the large versions of animals they found or heard among the trees. An example would be the comparatively, and so freakishly, large bears they bore witness to from time to time on their trek across the land. However, with them now being in the lower foothills where the land rolled less, they felt safer and more comfortable than if they would've if they settled in dense woodland.

However, another problem arose as they cleared and gathered stones and other debris from the area. Hunger. What they needed now was to secure steady sources of food. While many tried talking at once when the issue was brought to light, a few times arguments and even a few near fights. It went on for near an hour before an ogre stepped forward, this one getting up there in his years but not yet old enough to be too weak to work, "The ships... Them Imperials forced us onto them and sent us off, that is clear." His voice, while not yelling, boomed forth and seemed to draw the attention of those near quickly, which brought more attention from the others, "Take apart the ships, see if they had the decency to put supplies below the shallow decks, not just leave is with what was strapped down above.."

Some ogres looked suspicious, others annoyed, but the looks they exchanged showed that they at least thought it worth it to check. Besides, they would need to take the decks off for the wood anyways. But the old ogre, whom now many recognized as Golth, was not done speaking, "Some others need to look all around us. In threes we form groups and send them east and west, see what food we can find, grow, and hunt." To this some grumbled, more walking and travel, but it needed to be done. And now Golth, having spoken his thoughts, returned to his wife and son as they continued gathering and adding to the piles of build supplies.

Mol'nan Tribe - Turn 7(2)

It was difficult to carry the ships inland, and it wasn't before long that the the land became too difficult to carry what ships they took from the shore. Soon enough, though, they were close to the mountain and in a wooded area. However they came upon a sign of other civilization in this new land among the trees. It was a wooden totem, either recently made or tended to often. Whichever it was, it meant they weren't the only ones in this new land, and that there were a people nearby.

So came the decision to be made, one that the eldest among them had to choose. During there rest a ways away from the totem, there was a discussion on whether or not to push on despite the sculpture, whether just to ignore or find its makers, or to move to a different area away from the totem in order to avoid conflict, at least until they were settled. In the end, they chose to move the tribe further north and east, remaining in the foothills until they came upon more even ground with few trees, with a stream nearby deep enough to reach their knees. Yes this would do.

The first thing they did upon choosing this place to settle was send some ogres back to the boats they left behind, the intent to bring them here in order to have those ready to make shelter. At the same time another group would look for stones of varying shapes and sizes from the area, all while those that remained did what they could to clear ground. Even children that were thought old enough could help with the latter task. Finally, it came time to name their new home.

After some debate it was decided. Well, if you can call only one suggestion a debate.


Keeping with Orchid, Ash, and Mourningstar, Reoth followed Ash's instructions to stay at the back of the line to watch their rear. Thankfully they didn't encounter anything on the way to the mouth of the cave, but they did spot a trio of goblins around a small campfire, obviously scared. Orchid expressed a want to communicate with them and Reoth didn't feel the need to object. After all, help can always be welcomed.

So, they agreed to let Orchid try to talk to the goblins while they remained in hiding. Reoth felt the need, due to the lack of immediate cover, to position himself between Ash and the cave wall, but remaining right next to her should he need to act. His choice to remain so close was reinforced by the drake stating that she was getting weaker to the point of not being able to really do anything. So upon hearing her plan he responded in a hushed tone with, "Alright, but for now I'll stick right here."

Looking over Ash and observing Orchid's talks, he believed them to be going quite well, "Thankfully, it doesn't look like a fight will happen. That's good for all of us."
Sihlas Arche

After saying his farewells to Dormic and Ntaj, Silas left the inn and back onto the streets. While he would like to get used to the layout of the town he decided on making his way to the mayor's house right away. And sure enough, like Dormic said, as he got closer there were more and more cats to be seen. It was when the mayor's house came into view that he knew he'd found it, evidenced by the cats in front of it.

Sihlas watched a girl trying to get the cats in the garden to play with her, it was cute due to the fact that they seemed more interested in resting in play with each other, rolling in the dirt, and lounging around. One was even trying to catch a bug. As he approached, the girl spot him and immediately ran to and hid behind the old man tending the garden. Her action alerted the man to his presence, as he turned and greeted Sihlas with a smile and wave. The scholar returned the gesture.

Stopping outside the garden Sihlas would then speak, "Hello, my name is Sihlas. I was told by Dormic that this is the mayor's house and, unless I mistook his directions, you are the mayor, Nicolas."

The pale lizard tensed for a moment as the goblin raised her shield defensively, only to relax some when she realized he wasn't a threat. The goblin spoke and walked away, and Reoth crawled over to Ash as she spoke to him. "What? Did you think I just keeled over?" He couldn't help the chuckle, or closest a lizard could come to it, that escaped him. "I, embarrassingly enough, fell asleep while thinking."

He walked alongside Ash, clearly aware of the torch magically being held over her head, "So you can do that now, neat." He listened to her predicament and let out a sigh, though it was not a negative one, "You make it sound like you won't be able to do anything in a fight right now. So let's just hurry to get this done and get to safety."

He wasn't looking forward at the time it happened, but his gaze shot ahead when he heard trouble, and immediately spotted the trouble Orchid found herself in. Hastily following in Ash's steps, Reoth was running options through his head, until she shouted back at him to help the wisp... that was carrying an egg? "On it."

To keep from leaving the pair completely alone, Reoth carefully and quickly made his way to the top of a nearby large rock, steering clear of suspicious patches of ground. From there he was spot the wisp more clearly, "Over here, wisp! This way but be careful!" He called out to the floating glowball, directing it towards their group.
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