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Accidentally made plans to binge historical romances tomorrow >.<
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1 mo ago
(oops, this was meant to be one message) Yeah, same! And you have a nice track to go with it already.
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1 mo ago
>God I love when a song gives me a plot idea!
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I was into the escape of fantasy worlds throughout most parts of my life, and have been wanting to expand my experiences with roleplaying by trying out forums. You might see me around~

I primarily engage with Medieval Fantasy style RP given that the bulk of my experience comes from D&D. I've had the chance to try out cyberpunk and modern styles but they never managed to hook me (I'd be willing to give them another shot, though). Since most of my experience lies in one TTRPG, I'm not quite sure what other avenues I have available by switching to something free-form like forums. This will definitely be a leaning experience ^^.

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I'm decently experienced at tabletop roleplaying and enjoy engaging in stories with others. I've recently felt like trying out RPing in a less game-like environment, and this seems like a good place to start off. Hope to see some of you around :)

Oh, and I heard you can get a fishy stick around here. Wonder if I'll find one.
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