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Kadrin nodded stiffly as a way of greeting the other mercenaries when Varian acknowledged her presence to the group. Her eyes settled on the orc for a moment and her brows furrowed together. It was an unusual choice. Kadrin had found herself working with an assortment of people. Never an orc. She lacked the manners to introduce herself, but felt the courtesy was likely necessary.

“Kadrin,” she stated simply.

When the merchant made a remark about the capability of the group and looked towards her, Kadrin sneered impudently. Even if he was paying them well, she took his look in her direction as a reason to question the sincerity. She didn’t care what the reason was, but she was prepared to take up arms against him once he said it. The only thing holding her back was the fact that he was paying them for the job. She didn’t want to cause a commotion before they even left for the mission.

The pouch containing thirty five silver pieces helped to soften the irritation and distract her from the previous ill-conceived notions she held about their employer. It had been a while since she had such a large sum on her person.

When the merchant asked if they had any questions, she wanted to query about the number of entrances and how well guarded they were. Since Osmund beat her to it, she instead asked, "What kind of details can you give us about these men? Do you know anything about their weapons or fighting experience?" It wasn't a question that she felt the merchant would be able to easily answer, but she liked to be prepared. It could inform any strategies that they might choose to use.

Kadrin showed no physical discomfort when told the number of men in the fort. Although, it seemed a formidable challenge for a group of that size. She just hoped the merchant’s numbers were accurate, and that there weren’t any surprises. Her eyes fixated on the orc as he spoke. He seemed pretty naive. She didn’t know what she had imagined an orc to be like, but that wasn’t it.

Nyoko immediately became attentive when the staff for the school stepped out to speak. Her parents would approve of a military and government presence within the school. A structured and rigid program was something that she might be able to utilize to her advantage in selling her parents on the idea of letting her stay at the school, and might prevent them from entertaining the notion of trying to interfere with her attendance at UA.

As Zhao-sensei introduced himself and spoke, Nyoko felt a sense of anticipation, but also felt intimidated by him. She got the impression that his military expertise would be unpleasant when it came to helping her hone her abilities, but would also help mold her into a better hero. Perhaps she was wrong, but she assumed those with military backgrounds were disciplined and provided training regiments that seemed harsh and pointless.

After the staff began to lead them towards the arena, Nyoko followed and kept to the back of the group in order to observe as everyone began to debut their Quirks. A part of her was eager to get her demonstration out of the way, but she also knew the repercussions that her demonstration might have. She wasn’t looking forward to dealing with the backlash of her Quirk just yet. She also didn’t mind waiting since she was curious to see what her classmates were capable of.

Ryuujin’s introduction caused her mouth to twitch out of annoyance. His arrogance was something else, but his Quirk was equally as impressive as his ego. The Quirk demonstration that followed his had the opposite effect on her. Nyoko’s admiration towards Zhao was more genuine, perhaps because she felt a sense of camaraderie because of the girl’s ability. However, Nyoko didn’t think they were on the same level. While Nyoko could manipulate energy with her Quirk, she wasn’t able to expel it from her body. There also didn’t seem to be a noticeable backlash.

The way Himaru seemed to lack confidence bothered her. Maybe it was because he had to follow two people with powerful Quirks. She didn’t know whether he had little self esteem in general or if he wasn’t confident in his Quirk, but Nyoko was of the mindset that people should own their Quirk. She could forgive the former, but the latter was a bit harder for her to accept. His Quirk was just as impressive of the previous two. If things kept up then it would become difficult for her to make a good impression.

Nyoko felt a similar kinship with Seto as she did with Zhao. Her ability had a certain familiarity with the use of momentum. With that similarity, she began to feel a bit envious towards the other students. It seemed that her classmates have a better handle on their Quirks, or at least there was no obvious setbacks from the use of them. Seto looked so effortless in the use of her Quirk, and the students before her hadn't seemed to have any limitations. Although perhaps they weren't obvious.

Seeing two water Quirks, especially so close together came as a bit of a surprise. The manipulation of water would have been more impressive to Nyoko if it wasn't for the dance. It cheapened the demonstration with the way that it came across more as a talent show act. It was a display of talent, but not that kind of talent. In a different setting, she may have enjoyed Suihara's act. Even with Mori-san's praise of the effort that went into it, Nyoko couldn't bring herself to properly acknowledge it as a proper Quirk demonstration.
Itsuki’s Quirk wasn’t a particularly flashy display, but Nyoko found the Quirk useful. The fact that she could split herself into two copies of herself wasn’t remarkable on it’s own, but the way that she was the two could act independent of one another and also be connected telepathically was awe inspiring.

Anxiety rattled her when she realized what Himura's Quirk was. The idea of someone being inside of her creeped her out. It also made her worry about him being able to control her, or possibly be able to read her mind. She didn't look forward to the possibility that she might have to fight against him for a training exercise or something.

Nyoko shared Hanazawa's disdain for the protestors out front. However, she was of the impression that punishing the protestors instead of trying to get them to understand those with Quirks wasn't the right answer. Not because she didn't want to punish them, but that she was worried negativity would only cause them to double down rather than become more accepting. If punishing them did cause them to be accepting of Quirks then it would be for the wrong reasons. They would accept out of fear, and not because they were genuinely able to see the positive aspects of Quirk use. Nyoko didn't want to continue to foster negative connotations with Quirk users by letting her anger get the better of her, but she couldn't exactly change Hanazawa's mind on the matter at the moment.

Regardless of her opinion on the protests, Nyoko had a similar feeling about Hanazawa's remarks to Suihara's Quirk demonstration. Such views didn't have a place during a Quirk demonstration. The focus should be on the Quirks themselves. However, she finds Lacara's Quirk impressive. However, she also thought that Hanazawa would be one of the more difficult opponents for her. The lava seemed pretty dangerous.

Yasuhide's Quirk seemed a bit gruesome. It was almost difficult for her to watch due to the sight of the blood. She could probably fight against him, but she wouldn't be happy about it. The manipulation of blood almost made her sick to her stomach. The first impression she had of Yasuhide was made more negative when he talked back to the teacher. The disrespectful attitude bothered her more than the Quirk did.

The lack of confidence that Akizawa had was easy for Nyoko to forget. She didn't see many mutation Quirks and so she was more focused on watching the girl than paying any actual attention to any indicators of personality or what may have been said. It would be interesting to see the ways that the Quirk was used.

Something about the way Ebisugawa presented herself made it difficult for Nyoko to take her seriously. She expected something with little impact in the way of a Quirk demonstration, but was surprised when Ebisugawa was able to topple the pillar. Hattori's Quirk wasn't immediately impressive like the others, but even her Quirk seemed to be useful in its own way.

Each demonstration caused Nyoko's confidence to gradually ebb away more and more. Each Quirk was powerful in its own way and she wasn't certain that she would be able to create the same level of impact. Maybe it was because she knew the inner workings of her own Quirk and the limitations that were in place, but there didn't seem to be any limitations based on what she had seen. The initial plan had been to stand back and wait until it seemed like everyone had demonstrated their Quirk. With her limitations in mind, she knew the repercussions that followed using her Quirk would make it difficult for her to watch the demonstrations that came after hers. She wasn't looking forward to the unavoidable effect of her Quirk either. It was in part why she hadn't used it more, even as proud as she was of it.

In spite of her reasonings for holding off on her Quirk demonstration, Nyoko wanted to show her Quirk before her classmates before she lost the resolve to do so. She took the stage after Hattori’s demonstration had ended. Once she stood in the center of the arena, she felt more nervous than she had expected. She shook away her nerves, summoning false bravado.
“My name is Genki Nyoko. My Quirk doesn’t have a name. It has two uses. I can touch people to take energy from them or give it to them. It’s a bit hard to show you that part of my Quirk.”

“I can also use my energy to be faster by doing something like punching.”

Nyoko stepped towards a pillar. That is the one that was furthest from the other students that Ebisugawa hadn’t previously knocked down. She drew her arm back as she braced herself to punch the cement. She imparted some of her energy at the moment that her fist moved to strike the pillar. A yellow ring formed around her iris for a moment as she utilized her Quirk. Her knuckles clipped the side and created a hairline fracture. She shook out her hand as though shaking away the pain of the punch.

“Or I can use my ability to run.”

Nyoko took to the edge of the arena and assumed the stance of a triathlete before she began to sprint towards the other side. However, she was forced to push her front foot down against the ground as though to brace herself after only moving a few feet and skidded towards the other edge of the arena. Her shoe made a sound of protest much like a car coming to an emergency stop. Through the use of her ability the second time the ring around her iris took on a red color instead, indicating that her energy levels were on the lower end.

Nyoko already knew this was likely to be the case after expending so much energy with punching the pillar. It was why she was only able to run a few feet. Although it may have looked more purposeful as she skidded to a halt and managed to come to a stop at the other edge of the concrete square. It was a mere coincidence.

She moved her hand to her stomach, feeling the hunger pangs begin to make themselves known after expending so much of her energy. In that moment, Nyoko wasn’t particularly interested in how others perceived her presentation. There were only two things she cared about. Food, and a nice nap.
Sorry about the wait with the post. Week was a bit hectic, but should be posting more consistently now.
Kadrin often chafed at the idea of working with others, which made her taking a job that involved a mercenary group an uncommon occurrence. That being said, problems that arose from working in a group were often caused by her. Communication and working as a team were not among her any assets that she possessed. It was the nature of the job that drew Kadrin to accept in the first place. The jobs that involved helping others tended to be the ones that she gravitated towards the most, even if her disposition indicated there was some irony.

As the night began to wind down, Kadrin spent her time preparing for the task ahead of her. However, her preparation didn't deviate much from the way she typically spent her spare moments. She went through her mundane routine, beginning with sharpening her weaponry. After sufficiently preparing her axe and sword, she unpacked her rucksack and carefully returned everything so that she was able to make the most of the space. Kadrin made note of the items at hand so that she would know what she might need to restock on. Upon further thought, Kadrin realized that her supplies would be adequate to get her through the mission. Her rations were enough to get her through five days, but most of her items were questionable. Kadrin was caught between wondering if she could make her supplies stretch or if she should take precautions. Some of the items weren’t even a great benefit. She didn’t exactly have a lantern to use her lantern oil. So the fact that she had a minimal amount wasn’t indication that she should purchase more.

A small bedroll was strapped at the bottom of her bag. Kadrin also had a quarter of a bar of soap, which was wrapped in a leaf and tied with twine. The rope she had was unraveled beyond repair, but Kadrin was loathe to get rid of it. Disposing of it felt wasteful. One could call it hoarding, but she preferred finding a creative use for the item so that she could get the most out of her money and items. Among the items in her pack included an empty canteen, flint and steel, a broken compass, a small knife with a dulled edge, and a piece of wood that she had been whittling away at. Kadrin figured she should probably use her whetstone to sharpen the knife, but she often failed to devote her time to doing so. There wasn’t as much care granted in maintaining much except for her weaponry. Her father would probably have lectured her for her negligence.

After debating whether to replace anything or to stock up on supplies, Kadrin opted to make due with what she had for the time being. She would likely buy anything she needed when the job was finished, especially considering that her coin purse was looking quite apologetic with how empty it was. It had compelled her to take the job more so than her desire to help others. Greed wasn’t a typical motivator, but having a bit more coin was necessary if she didn’t want to start spending every night hunting and sleeping outside. There were other jobs she could take helping someone. She hoped the one she had just accepted would pay a little more handsomely.

When morning came, she ran through some training exercises in part as an obsession with constantly honing her physical abilities. In part it was to help her limber up more quickly since her body typically felt stiff after waking up. Feeling adequately prepared, Kadrin set out for the meeting place that Varian had described. It wasn’t long before she reached the gate.
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“Maybe we should have looked into this program before we agreed to send her there.”

“It's a little late for that now, isn't it?”

Nyoko hadn't been awake long, and they were arguing. Again. Her mother was having second thoughts about the sending her away. That was really no surprise. It didn't change the fact that Nyoko didn't want to listen to it. Instinctively, she reached for her phone and pushed earphones into place. The music would drown out their dispute. At least she wouldn't have to put up with the constant fighting for much longer.

Most of Nyoko's belongings were already sent to her new school. As such, her room was quite barren. It looked more like a hotel room with a lack of clear identity or ownership. Other than her uniform, which she was already wearing except for the blazer, the only thing she had was her phone. Having everything sent away made leaving feel more real, but it wasn't as bittersweet as she anticipated. She was looking forward to not having to come back. As much as she wanted to go to UA, the dorms only made her want to leave even more. The guilt she felt regarding her eagerness to leave was minimal. The bitterness she felt was nearly nonexistent.

As Nyoko prepared to leave her room, her parents were waiting outside the door. She felt every muscle in her body tense, worried that they were going to intervene with her leaving. They had said their goodbyes the previous night. The argument that took place when she woke up was expected. Their sudden presence wasn't. Anxiety overwhelmed her as she worried about what they could possibly want.

Nyoko tugged one of her earbuds loose.
“Is something wrong?”

“It's about your new school,” her father began. “Your mother has concerns.”

“It's the first day. My things are gone, and I already have the uniform,” Nyoko rambled quickly as she tried to make her case before they gave her no opportunity to do so. “If you were going to say I couldn't go, then you shouldn't have waited until the first day of school.”

“That's not it,” her mother stated. There was no reassurance in her voice. Nyoko's parents weren't like that.

“I have to go. I'm going to be late.” Nyoko began to move, attempting to force her way around her parents. “Just text me.”

Her father derailed her by sticking his arm out to block her path. “Your mother is talking to you. You better listen to what she has to say.”

“I don't know about what you told me about this program at your new school,” her mother began. “I want more details, so I want you to update me about what they're doing. If it's not up to my standards, I'm going to pull you out.”

She couldn't be serious. Nyoko knew she wouldn't be permitted to leave the house without agreeing.

“Yeah, sure,” she relented. “I'll update you.”

“Then you can leave as soon as you put your blazer on. If you're going to show up on the first day of school in an incomplete uniform, then I may just change my mind.”

Nyoko scowled as she grabbed her blazer and shoved her arms into the sleeves. Blazers felt heavy and weren't to her liking, but at least her parents had let her out of the house.

The closer Nyoko got to the school, the more her excitement began to grow. Even though she hadn't used her Quirk since waking up, the surge of adrenaline almost made her feel like she had excess energy. It wasn't long before she showed her ID to the teachers standing watch at the side entrance and shuffled her way past classmates to stand in the waiting area. Hopefully they wouldn't be idle for long. Patience wasn't one of her better attributes.
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