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Not in that category really, Avanhelsing c: Do you have any? I'd be more than willing to help you out with those!
Naruto (Mostly stopped watching after Shippuden)
Bleach (Mostly stopped watching after Arrancar arc)
Ace Attorney (Before Apollo Justice)
Batman/DCU (I'm not into the Nolanverse)
Harvest Moon
League of Legends
Legend of the Five Rings

Uh probably some others I'm forgetting if you're curious about a specific one go ahead and ask me c:
Kinda new to this forum but I'm looking for a somewhat casual 1x1. Hopefully a romantic roleplay, that's really my only criterion! I have a couple of fandoms but feel free to ask, I also have a slew of OCs ranging from slice-of-life characters to high fantasy, male and female. I'm pretty flexible!
Hi! I'm Katelin c: I got sick of roleplaying in other places and this place looks really neat so I was like let's join! About me:

I'm 18 and a senior in high school, so sometimes I am super freaking busy and won't reply for a while. I'm very sorry!
I prefer to roleplay original characters but I'm in a lot of fandoms sooo I could try roleplaying canon characters.
I'm more of a casual roleplayer but when I'm actually roleplaying I do 1+ paragraphs of good detail. I prefer third person but I'm not super picky.
I prefer 1x1 roleplays and like to do romantic things.

My Fandoms:
League of Legends
Naruto (Kinda stopped watching after Shippuden)
Bleach (Kinda stopped watching after Arrancar Arc)
Phoenix Wright (Haven't played any of the new ones, including Apollo Justice)
Harvest Moon
Uh probably some others? Ask me c:

Nice to meet everyone!
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