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I'm just waiting for my Divine item story so i can start
"Freedom? Never heard of it to be honest"

Relius looks towards the window as the guards open the door, ushering you guys outside using magical barriers to keep you away from them.

There is a table full of simple copper weapons for you to use in the upcoming fight
the kick connects with the back of Relius, his eyes shoot open, and a loud audible clicking noise rings through the cell

"That's my back sorted! What did you do!?"

Relius jumps up, dusts himself off then turns to the two others in the cell

"i'm Relius, Nice to meetchya!"
as the bag falls apart from the frantic action around it, a person curled up into a ball, what seems to be asleep, is revealed. The person has dark blue hair, and a back tribal tattoo across his right hand
as the sack is kicked, a quiet "argh" was heard from inside.
As you finish your speech, the door is flung open, and a large sack is thrown into the room. The sack is bound with ropes, and the door is slammed shut faster than the doors in a Ebola hospital.
The day begins with Lucian and Miles been thrown into a cell together, obviously paired together to fight another pair or group of slaves. The cell is empty bar two straw mats, and a barred window. The guards slam and lock the steel door behind the pair of you, before resuming their game of Juggerboard.
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